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everyone’s commentating on that gold chain that linked edgeworth and phoenix together in the opening but I’m not quite over the fact that edgeworth was something out of a freaking gay butt romantic comedy television show

my name is miles edgeworth and i love long, romantic walks on the beach

I am a lone wolf, but I’m looking for an ideal partner who shares this interest

Could it be you? Are you the one? Are we the same? 

All these… unnecessary questions boggle me. 

I love Liam’s ridiculous gold chains for the simple reason that their continued presence will bring Louis such joy. And bringing Louis joy makes Liam very happy. So it’s a beautiful circle of joy (or a gold linked chain of joy, if you will).

Kinktober #12: Master/Slave [Part 2/2, gently nsfw~]

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Everything in Hinata’s new life seems to be going very, very well. He and Tobio slowly but surely have become inseparable, along with Maes (their goat), who has ceased headbutting everyone at first sight, except Tobio. Tobio has grown very attached to him.

Their relationship is unusual all around—Hinata is more a friend to Tobio than a companion of comfort, but as Hinata hasn’t had a friend in years, he finds it to be a welcome change of pace. All in all, it would be the perfect arrangement, but for one small problem.

He thinks he might be in love with Tobio. But Tobio doesn’t want to touch him.

The only thing they’ve ever done in the same bed together is sleep. Hinata has seldom seen Tobio’s father, but he has not forgotten who bought him in the first place. And if his weight in gold is deemed unworthy, nothing good will come of that. At best, he’ll be sold off at a discount, to a less prestigious household. At worst, he’ll be disgraced and cast out to fend for himself.

Whatever they decide to do to him, they will take him away from Tobio. And he can’t let that happen.

So he tries being a bit less subtle.

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