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Title: The Upside Down Sky
Author: Amazonia_8
Artist: Dogsled
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Violence, Pining, Mild Angst, Protective Dean, BAMF Cas
Posting Date: 11/15/2017

Summary:  Despite having every resource the government could throw at them, within the vast wealth of lore protected and researched by the Federal Bureau of Letters and Arcanae, there were only five obscurely written entries on angels. And the number of actual angels ever encountered by humans? One, and that guy was a dick. So when intel indicates an genuine, living angel has been captured, with dire consequences to the universal balance, the FBLA send their best agents undercover to a clandestine freak show, where black market monster are brought in for the enjoyment of those with the means to afford it. The mission is one they’ve done a thousand times: extract the entity and bring it in.

And Agent Dean Winchester’s seen it all, but he’s never seen anything like Castiel.

- - -

He’d heard of people doing something like this, capturing creatures and posting videos online, keeping them in a cage to poke with a stick until the thing died of starvation or broke free and had a nice warm meal. The FBLA never tried to suppress any of it. Monsters were never, officially, confirmed, the line of response had always been that the Bureau’s purview was in the research and management of ‘anomalies’. but that didn’t mean they weren’t public knowledge. Denying they existed had totally backfired in Roswell, besides, there were just too many of them to keep people ignorant. The average Joe would never run into anything bitey in his lifetime, much to his relief, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a public appetite for Witch Week on the Discovery Channel, or non-stop marathons of Finding Bigfoot (Dean knew, for a fact, they were never gonna find that thing).

So these people knew what they were gawping at, at least they thought they did, and Dean couldn’t believe they were still stupid enough to willingly crowd themselves into a room with a dozen of the most pissed off monster he’d ever seen. Money and polish gave it all a sheen of safety and there was nothing more in the whole world Dean wanted to do at that moment than snap the chains of one of these creatures and sit back with a beer while it tore these morons to ribbons.

But instead, he tittered on cue and shared appreciative words with the other guests over what a very good job their host had done procuring these oddities for their pleasure.

They moved as a group around the room, clustering and weaving until they came to the centerpiece, best for last. The real reason the brothers were here. Crowley drew out the tension as long as he could, devious smile and eyeliner. When the curtain lifted, everyone gasped in shock, including Dean and not just as part of his cover.

He was beautiful. Wild dark hair, wild blue eyes, and oil slick iridescent black wings that spanned out to the edges of his gilded cage in fear. He wore white linen pants and nothing else, the better to see the authenticity of wing bone and muscle flexing at his back. Fine wrought gold chains glinted as they linked a leather collar to cuffs the brothers could see from here were scrolled with some of the markings Gabriel had told them about. the poor thing looked terrified and furious and the louder the crowd became, the harder he struggled against his bonds. There was something about him that broke Dean’s heart straight in half and the strength of it was stealing his breath away. A beautiful, divine thing, captured and trussed for an evening’s distraction and money on the barrel.

Without realizing it, Dean had shouldered his way to the front of the crowd. The angel was looking at all of them and none of them, there was no way out but his need to search anyway consuming him.

Until his gaze fell on Dean.

@mclaughneal smooth-chested college!link climbing up on college!rhett’s lap one night after a lil bit of drinkin’ - straddling his thighs atop the living room armchair while the lights are low and everyone else is studying, but link’s got one thing on his mind and it happens to be rhett’s mouth, so he leans in with that cocky smirk and teases rhett with wiggling hips, begging rhett to kiss him, and rhett’s hands sweep under his thin white tshirt and up his smooth tan chest and he raises his lips just barely grazing link’s before stripping link’s shirt off completely, gripping his trim little waist, and kissing his neck, collarbone, and beautiful chest instead (after link blushes and whines and writhes a little he finally gets the wet smooch he’s been asking for)

everyone’s commentating on that gold chain that linked edgeworth and phoenix together in the opening but I’m not quite over the fact that edgeworth was something out of a freaking gay butt romantic comedy television show

my name is miles edgeworth and i love long, romantic walks on the beach

I am a lone wolf, but I’m looking for an ideal partner who shares this interest

Could it be you? Are you the one? Are we the same? 

All these… unnecessary questions boggle me. 

About Joseph Kavinsky

From The Dream Thieves

(words in parentheses are mine/my comments; I can’t help it)

  1. Kavinsky was Henrietta’s most notorious recreational forger
  2. Kavinsky’s infamous Mitsubishi Evo was a thing of boyish beauty, moon-white with a voracious black mouth of a grille and an immense splattered graphic of a knife on either side of the body
  3. Kavinsky’s The Mitsubishi had just been released from a month-long stint in the police impound (at the start of TDT)
  4. Rumor had it Kavinsky’s father had bought off Henrietta’s sheriff
  5. Rumar had it Kavinsky had just put three coats of antilaser paint on the headlights and bought himself a new radar detector to celebrate the Mitsubishi’s release from impound
  6. Kavinsky wore white-rimmed sunglasses and gold chain links around his neck
  7. Kavinsky had a refugee’s face, hollow-eyed and innocent
  8. There was nothing about Kavinsky that wasn’t despicable
  9. Kavinsky was not a dirtbag; he was an asshole (according to Blue)
  10. Kavinsky was unmistakable: the sort of raven boy who was clearly an import from elsewhere: the long nose; the hollowed-out, heavy-lidded eyes; the dark arch of his eyebrows 
  11. The usual Kavinsky getup included massive sunglasses, spiked hair, a small earring, a chain around his neck, and a white tank top
  12. Kavinsky terrified Blue (“There was something erratic and vulgar about the full line of his lips, like he’d swallow her if he got close enough. She hated the smell of him.”)
  13. Kavinsky was infamous

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Ninja Turtles, NSFW Kragdu, Fun Alien Anatomy

“Don’t freak out,” said Yondu. A cuff of blue fingers sealed on Kraglin’s wrist. The thumbnail – naturally pointed and, Kraglin assumed, in need of regular filing, like a rodent’s tooth – dug into his pulsepoint.

Kraglin wondered if cap'n felt it thump at those words. In his experience, pre-coital warnings meant he was in for fun.

“I won’t,” he promised, and managed not to sound like his mouth was watering.

 He eyed the bulge in his captain’s pants, the one he’d set his sights on when he first got assigned to the 99th Regiment: a Nova deserter from the colonies, sour-faced and cynical, too old for his seventeen years. At the time, he thought that he’d seen enough of the galaxy to get his measure of it. He’d been wrong. But now, five years later, a Ravager (part of a banished faction any self-respecting scumbag would spit at), and a first mate at that (to a captain whose prowess on the battlefield was only marginally less infamous than his greatest sin: the breaking of Ogordian code) Kraglin’s cocksure confidence had returned.

He’d fucked his way through a decent selection of species. Been fucked by a couple as well – because hey, you had to try it, at least once. He was mature enough now, at the grand old age of twenty-two, to know his tastes. These were, in order: blue skin, attitude, a cock to suck, and something tight to dip his dick in. 

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Jay Z, as seen in the Anthony Mandler-directed visual for his and Justin Timberlake’s 4x Platinum-selling single “Holy Grail,” filmed in Los Angeles in August 2013.

The video premiered on Facebook on August 29, almost two months after it was released as a single. The video’s premiere made social media history, as it was the first video by a major artist to debut strictly on the platform.

The opulent piece was dark and dramatic, with Hov and Timberlake surrounded by both the successes and the pitfalls of fame. The musical arrangement used in the video was different than the album version the track, with pitch shifted vocals and Hov’s first verse coming before JT’s gut-wrenching solo.

Styled by June Ambrose, Hov is wearing a 11-pound/5kg gold Cuban Link chain made exclusively for him by Rafaello & Co., and an Audemars Piguet “Royal Oak Openworked Perpetual Calendar” timepiece ($136,500). It is a favorite among serious collectors for the incredible ultra-thin perpetual movement, the open-worked dial, and the wearability of the classic Royal Oak case.

Kinktober #12: Master/Slave [Part 2/2, gently nsfw~]

<< Part 1

Everything in Hinata’s new life seems to be going very, very well. He and Tobio slowly but surely have become inseparable, along with Maes (their goat), who has ceased headbutting everyone at first sight, except Tobio. Tobio has grown very attached to him.

Their relationship is unusual all around—Hinata is more a friend to Tobio than a companion of comfort, but as Hinata hasn’t had a friend in years, he finds it to be a welcome change of pace. All in all, it would be the perfect arrangement, but for one small problem.

He thinks he might be in love with Tobio. But Tobio doesn’t want to touch him.

The only thing they’ve ever done in the same bed together is sleep. Hinata has seldom seen Tobio’s father, but he has not forgotten who bought him in the first place. And if his weight in gold is deemed unworthy, nothing good will come of that. At best, he’ll be sold off at a discount, to a less prestigious household. At worst, he’ll be disgraced and cast out to fend for himself.

Whatever they decide to do to him, they will take him away from Tobio. And he can’t let that happen.

So he tries being a bit less subtle.

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I love Liam’s ridiculous gold chains for the simple reason that their continued presence will bring Louis such joy. And bringing Louis joy makes Liam very happy. So it’s a beautiful circle of joy (or a gold linked chain of joy, if you will).