gold chain link

everyone’s commentating on that gold chain that linked edgeworth and phoenix together in the opening but I’m not quite over the fact that edgeworth was something out of a freaking gay butt romantic comedy television show

my name is miles edgeworth and i love long, romantic walks on the beach

I am a lone wolf, but I’m looking for an ideal partner who shares this interest

Could it be you? Are you the one? Are we the same? 

All these… unnecessary questions boggle me. 

I’m honestly curious to what the gold chain linking Phoenix and Miles together is suppose to represent. I mean, yes the animators could of gone full gay and just put it there for shipping purposes but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I honestly think that the gold chain linking them is trying to represent justice.

Both of them are pulling the chain, trying to achieve their view of Justice. Phoenix trying to get his clients a ‘not-guilty’ verdict as he believes in them, that they didn’t commit the crime. Miles trying to get the defendant the ‘guilty’ verdict because… well, if he doesn’t, Manfred Von Asshat is probably going to shove his stupid cane up where the sun doesn’t shine.

I also think that the whole ‘pillar/scales of light’ thing is trying to represent both their battle in the courtroom?

They both have their ups and down, but at the end of the section we see their pillars both levelling out at the top, which I kind of like to see as them both reaching the truth of said case.

….what, it was just an interesting idea which I thought I might share ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .