gold by giles


I met Giles Matthey 😭😭😭 3.29.17

He came out and took pics with as many people as he could but they were still filming so he couldn’t get to everyone but he said he would be back to get to the rest. It was a horrible set day because it was so cold and rainy. But even with the horrible weather he still came back after they were done around 10:30 pm. (I did get an auto but I was stupid and didn’t put it away fast enough the rain kinda washed it away). Happy I got a pic with him. @delintthedarkone drew him a fanart and we all wrote our thanks on the inside. Thankfully we were able to give it to him and he posted it on his insta/twitter the next day! He was so touched.

The next day when they were filming up until 7 AM, he came to the crowd of fans to say hi then later and took a group selfie and was like “thats dedication” to us because it was so late and so damn cold yet we were there lol. Later around 4 am, Colin also came out for a group pic even with his broken foot!


The Cast (and Giles Matthey being himself) on set 3/30/17 for 6.22 The Final Battle Part 2 (x)