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Have you ever found yourself wanting a metric ton of DAI music? Have you ever thought to yourself, aw man, DAI’s soundtrack was 15 hours shorter than I wanted it to be? If that sounds like you, then this is a link for you.

I’ve ripped all the music from this game - that is, all the ambient snippets of music that you hear while running around in the world, and all the music that happens in cutscenes - and it turns out there’s 16 hours (1.6 gigs) of it.

(- here’s the download link -)

So if you’ve found yourself wishing you had the heaps of music that never made it to the official soundtrack, you can now roll around in hours of it. 


Today’s theme is black and gold in honor of the gold toned pentacle I got Friday!
I’m tired, I feel unprepared, and I’m going back to school today…don’t feel like putting my hair up so let’s hope thats not a bad decision either (more bg clutter because holiday decor is getting put up and there’s an excess of half empty boxes all over)

Day 405 - Itomaru | イトマル | Spinarak

Itomaru is an illusive Pokémon, dwelling in dark spots in forests, caves and tunnels. Their web is some of the strongest material in the world, but they’re quite greedy and don’t like to show others their silk. Scientists are trying to recreate their webbing to make a material stronger than carbon nanotubes.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day. Team commissions $35!

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“Speedpainting” video:

A small question about Dragon Quest Builders

I’ve been searching for a while now, and nothing has helped me so far, so I decided to ask my question here.

Is it possible to get gold in Chapter 1 of Dragon Quest Builders?

I ask this because I really wish to build the Naughty Night Light (I’m curious to see what it does, as I’ve heard people talk about it, but I’ve never actually seen what it does.), and it apparently is possible to do so in Chapter 1.

I have seen footage of people owning the Naughty Night Light in their own Cantlin’s, so I’m certain it’s possible to obtain gold (I mean, why give us the two other materials, but not the final one required?), but the problem is, I don’t know where to look, exactly.

If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated. All I need to know is if I can get gold in Chapter 1, and where.