gold bugatti veyron

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hey can u draw dick and jason car shopping or something<? that would be nice

This was a request from 2 years ago (shame on me), but it got me thinking, what kind of cars would the batfam drive as their civilian “get around” cars? So here’s a list of what they drive in the reboot comic I’ll be doing, just for fun!

Bruce: 2017 Lamborghini Gallardo, because he is just extra and rich, and wants everyone to know it. (Not really, he just likes the car)

Alfred: 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith, because it’s Alfred. He’s one classy dude.

Selina: 2017 Bugatti Veyron, gold plated. Selina, you are so extra. As in very very VERY extra. This thing probably has diamond studded leather seats for crying out loud. It also features a cabin customized for feline comfort.

Dick: 2015 Audi a4, because he likes nice things, but doesn’t want to over do it. Jason calls it a “douchebag car”, ironic coming from him. “Come on Jason, it’s a good car!”

Barbara: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, because she likes having lots of room (it’s great for family trips). After her accident, she had it modified so the acceleration and brakes are behind the steering wheel so she can still drive.

Jason: 2010 Honda “Her name is ROSA!!!” Odyssey. Badmouth his baby and he’ll calmly open the hatch to reveal the large stockpile of guns and various other weapons in the back. And that’s just a fraction of his collection.

Luke: 2017 Ford F150. It’s great for the outdoors, but also really nice inside. And you can bet he’ll be making his own upgrades (he’ll probably try to make it fly?? Who knows).

Kate: 2016 Nissan Sentra. All she needs is something that’s comfy to get around town. If she needs to be quick, she’ll just use her motorcycle.

Tim: 1990 Toyota Camry. He inherited this clunker from his dad, and refuses to give it up, despite it falling apart at the seams. It has close to half a million miles and he follows the philosophy of “maybe if I ignore that weird clunking noise it will go away.”

Stephanie: 2016 Mazda 3. Manual, because the only good memories of her dad were him teaching her how to drive. She doesn’t need a speed demon, just a fun car. She’ll probably have it painted purple soon.

Cassandra: 2017 Jaguar F. She might seem quiet and sweet, but like when she fights, this girl is a demon on the road. Her grin when she floors the gas pedal might scare you a little. *maniacal laughter*

Duke: 2009 Subaru Outback. Simple, practical, but a touch of fun, especially in the outdoors. Subaru has a nice minimalistic yet modern design (I should write car ads I’m amazing). Duke isn’t flashy, and doesn’t feel the need to be. He doesn’t understand everyone’s obsession with being “cool”.

Harper: 1999 Honda Civic. She loves cars, and loves fixing them even more. Her goal with this one is to get it past a million miles. Let’s face it, if anyone can do it, it’s Harper. No doubt she has also added her own personal touches to the engine to improve efficiency.

Damian (16 yo, obviously): 2019 Lucid Air. As an artist, he appreciates it’s design. It’s also luxurious and futuristic, but not too far overboard. The fact that it’s electric (and powerful) is a bonus to him. He will definitely replace the glass with Wayne tech bulletproof glass, you know,  just in case.