gold bracelet

Elaborate golden bracelet 

This golden bracelet was meant as a fertility talisman, or amulet, and many powerful goddesses have been woven into the bracelet. The snakes are woven as a herculian knot. The snake on the left is Agathodaimon and on the right is Terenouthis. The goddess Isis-Fortuna and Aphrodite are standing on the knot. 

4cm by 5.5cm (1 9/16 x 2 3/16 inch.) 

Roman, Early Imperial Period, 1st century AD. 

Source: Metropolitan Museum


Hellenistic Gold ‘Alexander The Great’ Bracelet, 3rd-2nd Century BC

Composed of two rows of minute die-struck four-petaled and eight-petaled rosettes, connected with fine gold wire links, with four round and two larger rectangular gold sheet elements, now misshapen, each decorated with lotus flower and lotus bud pendants, the central element decorated in repoussé with the head of Alexander the Great.