gold boom


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here have some badly drawn slimes 

i made a bunch of teeny tiny pixel slimes :D they can be used as dividers, bullet points, or just for decoration!! feel free to use them but please credit me if you do! all of the individual ones are under the cut :3c

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I blame @therealjacksepticeye for my love of slime rancher and these adorable little bouncing babies

I’ve been feeling very uninspired recently but thinking about Sean’s slime rancher videos made me want to draw them, so here they are!

Gold: I admit it. I still can’t swim! I never took those lessons at the community pool.

Crystal: Gold, you promised!

Gold: They wanted to put in me in the beginner’s class with the little kids! I can’t be swimming around with a bunch of five year olds! They can be so cruel when they sense weakness.

Silver: That’s why on the first day you have to beat up the biggest one in the yard

Crystal: Silver, that’s prison

Silver: Only if you let it be.

  • Ryuji: So we’re gonna go over the plan one more time, so YOU don’t screw it all up!
  • Morgana: *Annoyed stare* …
  • Ryuji: Alright, first: We LIGHT THE FUSE! Then, we put on our inconspicuous disguises, and sneak into the Metaverse! After that, we get our glorious, blinged-out boom trolley right up to the bosses’ place, reveal our INGENIOUS deception, and BOOM!! They’ll NEVER see it coming! BWAHAHAhahaha…
  • Morgana:
  • Ryuji: ……Oh, right! We need an escape plan! Heh. Take two: Light the fuse, inconspicuous, sneak into Metaverse, front door, reveal our deception, THEN… RUN LIKE HELL and… BOOM!! It’s foolproof!
  • Morgana:
  • Ryuji: …….Riiiiiight! The gold! No point in blowing it up, sooo: *deep inhale*… Fuse-inconspicuous-trolley-front-door-reveal-GRAB THE GOLD!!! AND… boom?
  • Morgana:
  • Ryuji:
  • Morgana: …*nod*
  • Ryuji: *SQUEE*!