gold blast

  • Belle: Rumple, I'm awake. The curse is broken.
  • Gold: I know, I broke it.
  • Belle: That's great! How did you do it? True love's kiss or--?
  • Gold: I killed my mom.
  • Belle: You--what?
  • Gold: Yeah, I magic blasted her real good. See that pile of dust there? Mom dust.
  • Belle: You know, this should probably give me more pause, but this is very on brand for you.
Slasher Love 4

Somewhere in the same town, Eric L. McKinney was playing Left 4 Dead until the slut he has called would come. Eric knew how women worked, at first they do their bitch because a real man like him shouldn’t have the right to relaxed a little but they instantly shut up with a little pecs bouncing and the view of his giant fuckstick, so easy. He was about to crown a witch when his phone rang, as his avatar was getting his ass savaged, he picked up his phone.

-Yeah… What?! You’re gonna be late! Well fuck you then, I’m gonna jack off before you bring you lazy cunt here, screw you slut!

He hang up at her and ease himself thanks to his video game. At least, his games were always there when he needed them, he quickly return to his pissed off mode when a jockey jump at his avatar which stuck the video game in a glitch where his character was giving a blowjob to an ugly zombie. Throwing his gamepad at the screen, he was startled and jumped out off his bed when he heard someone ringing at his door. Catching his composure and alpha male confidence, he opened the door and mimic one of his sexy face.


Eric screamed in a high-pitched-voice when he saw a ghoulish undead in front of him. Inspecting the person, he tried to see the clue that proved that it was just a costume.

-Is that supposed to be a naughty outfit? Because I’m not really into that…

The cadaver smiled at the jock’s stupidity before rushing at him and pinning him down. Eric’s face was stuck against the floor while his bubble butts were facing his attacker.

-You piece of shit! Leave me alone, I’m a loaded as fuck so don’t you dare raping me or I will sue you!

Sleazy laughter came out of the rotten corpse’s mouth as he opened it and lick with his blueish tongue the reluctant stud’s cheek. Eric wiggled against his strong grip but it was useless as the ghoul’s chest cavity break into a mold hole which revealed a grayish larva-like creature with a big snake mouth who drooled with starvation for the attractive piece of meat in front of him. Eric screamed as the phallus-shaped basilisk bit his back and forced his way into him. Eric’s torso was rumbling as it was invaded by the creature. “Get the fuck out of me! You think some shit like you can overpower me?! I’m stronger than yooouuu Unggg!”. Eric’s barking quickly turned into begging and crying as he struggled for the control of his motor functions but the ravenous critter knew that they would get the upper hand at one moment. “UNNG! Please get out me! I can give you money! PLEEAAASE! ARGGHHHH!”. Suddenly, the creature extended into a dildo-like tentacle around his spine before thrusting his teeth into his brain as the stud screamed in pain one more time. Finally, the athlete suffering face change into a relaxed smirk before turning into a malicious and corrupted version of his usual confident grin. “Eric” quickly get up thanks to his powerful strength as he admire the Greek-like architecture of his new vessel. His devious smile quickly came down when someone else rang.

-Hgg. Just when the fun begin.

The beast inside Eric was so deep into the ecstasy of possessing and enjoying his gorgeous host that they forget that their tail was still hanging out of Eric’s back, so while Eric put on his shirt, the creature’s tail quickly dive into his body.

-Remember Giganteus, be diplomatic with those mortals.

Eric/Giganteus move to the door with annoyance as he opened it, behind it was a beautiful woman who was covered by light and glitz of glamor.

-Get the fuck out!

Eric slammed the door before jumping on his bed and exploring his body. How lucky he was, this host was enough young to last long and enough virile to  contain the sexual hormones of the parasite into his body. Eric flexed his biceps as he licked and chewed his burly biceps. In the passenger seat, Eric was desperately shouting against the invader inside him, even if he was a narcissist, he would have never acted like that. “Hmm, I can’t remember tasting something like that since centuries! You taste like some hunky spartan boy!”. Eric hugged himself as he moaned in pure pleasure, he laughed as he could feel everything that the real Eric was thinking. Then, he grabbed his pecs and bounced them inside his palms, they were so fucking beefy! He pinched his nipples and twitched them as he moaned and close his eyes. His hands passed on his contracting abs before grabbing his member through the fabric. He could felt it growing, so he torn off his underwear with his powerful might. The real Eric begged him to not doing that. “Why boy? You don’t enjoying that? Boo-hoo, too bad because we’re gonna be best mates for a long run you and me!”. Giganteus looked at his dick and was amazed by the size, he groped his balls with one hand while the other was stroking his thick shaft. “Ohhh fuck boy! You must the best host I ever this decade! I wish I could find a spell to make you mine forever! And this voice! So juvenile yet full of manliness! OHHH!”. Soon, Eric’s balls were filled with man juice as precum leaked from his hard rod. The hand grabbing his balls moved to his chest and caressed his shaved torso. “Man! No hair at all! You’re sure a baby boy! Together we’re gonna be real man, hairy and shit!”. Giganteus imagined transforming his host into a more manful version of him which grossed out the real Eric who cried for control. The rush of pleasure and wrestling inside him was so strong that the two Eric both roared as his boner blasted white gold all over his sturdy vigorous thighs and sturdy abs. Tears flowed on the cum shot on his cheek as the real Eric manifested “Please give me back my body! I can’t withstand this! PLEASSUUNNNNGGGG! FUCK! It’s mine! NOOOO!… You fuckboy… UNNNG! Shut the fuck up you pussy! What kind of alpha male cry like that! You pathetic queer! Thankfully, now I am inside you to honor this herculean body!” Eric gripped some cum trickling on his hairy leg, as he opened his hand he saw that some of his leg hair were mixed with his cum. He smiled and devour the mixture with hunger. “Hmm! So salty! It’s tickling my palate! This semen is abounding of boldness and virility! I hope you can’t withstand this because I planned to stay here for a lot of time!”. The beast creamed his toned body with his own cum, giving him a fragrance of an untamed virility, even in his ass or his hairy armpits. “Well baby boy, what about a quick nap… With the Jeeper Creeper’s death, we have enough testosterone possession essence in this town to bring all of my friends… Soon all of your hunky friends would be ours and guess what? All the twinks that you have bullied with them would become our sex slaves! That’s right boy, you’re gonna be into some fag shit! But don’t worry, we’re gonna be a real alpha male! And what would be better than to celebrating this at the Prom? Hahaha!” Eric fell asleep as he snored like a slumbering lion.


Gary was tied up to a chair while his mom was in the kitchen, since Billy’s disappearance, Gary was babbling which was bothering Jake.  

-Gary! Do you hear me?

-Worthless… I am worthless, nobody would love me…

-Gary! Please!

-It’s useless young man, my son is under the spell of the Jeeper Creeper’s pheromones. The only way to stop it is that you have to drink that potion but keeping it in your mouth.

-What is it? Jake began to drink it.

-It’s crocodile’s cum.


-Keep it in your mouth and kiss Gary. Then, pour the potion inside his mouth… If you need me, call me because I would be in the kitchen, I don’t want to see my son in this kind of situation.

Jake leaned toward Gary to kissed him, but he couldn’t stop wiggling, so he grabbed his chin resulting in an eye contact which lulled him.

-J-Jake, is that you?


Jake slowly slipped one of his fingers between Gary’s soft lips and opened them to pour the liquid in his mouth. Soon, all of his fingers were catching Gary’s lower jaw which allowed Jake to close his lips toward Gary’s ones, pushing their each others tongues. The mixture quickly flowed through his lover’s throat. The boy could feel the strong hands of the muscular stud on his jaw and another around his neck, almost choking him. However, he liked that and we was blushing as every marks of his late bully’s toxin were replaced by the potion and his boyfriend’s dominant presence.

-Jake… You kissed me… It was so hot.

-I love you Gary.

-I love you too.

The couple kissed again but Gary’s mom was still anxious.

-Something’s wong M'am Gary’s mother?

-I can feel a dangerous energy outside.


Josh Mitchell had just finished his football training, but unusually he didn’t go to the showers this time. Indeed, the coach was more pissed off than usual because two of the best teammates had just left, so he forced the team to train even more. On top that, the coach punished him by forcing him to do 101 push-ups, of course he could easily do this shit because he was an alpha, but it was more of a humiliation you see. You know, Josh is one more of those stereotyped jocks who had to prove their big balls by insulting others, so when the coach asked where was Billy and Jesse, he answered that they were probably doing a cunnilingus which angered the coach. Also, the coach is Josh’s uncle who is supposed to take care of him as his parents never had time for him. Nevertheless, his uncle was a wreck who envied his dad and abused Josh. Unknown to him, his nephew had planned a prank with his friends, a creative one. In fact, they would paint on the coach’s car ‘Faggot’ and run away. However, Josh created the prank the same day so none of his friends had a paint spray, thus they had to wait until one of Josh’s friends was searching this item. Fortunately, his uncle, was occupied by something else in his office. There was a weird voice in his head, telling him how much his life was nothing compared to his brother’s one, plus his son would be successful like him while he would still had nothing. Suddenly, the voice told him to check his car and when he arrived, he saw his nephew and his friends degrading his car, he shouted which made his Josh’s friends run away but not him as he had earphones. Jock was laughing as he grabbed by the collar and thrown in the locker room.

-You dumb meathead, we share the same car!

-Relax, it’s just a prank.

-A prank?! You know what you are? Just a spoiled kid, you don’t deserve to be in this team!

-Shut up you old fuck! You think that my dad didn’t told me things about you? Boo-hoo, poor Baby John, in love with his brother, sucking his cocks for one coin, haha!

-He told you about that? B-but it was supposed to be a secret!

-A secret? Bwahaha! The whole family know about that you decrepit queer! By the way, if my father told me to come here was also because I had to told you that you were disinherited, so happy bad-day you cocksucker, haha!


John grabbed one more time his nephew and forcefully removed his shirt.

Josh tried to resist but it was useless and his uncle lifted his legs and torn off his pants.  

-You crazy pervert! Let me go!

-I told to shut the fuck up!

Soon, he was naked and ashamed as he was pushed into a shower stall as his uncle deviously smiled at him. Josh tried to escape but his uncle didn’t allow him to.

-Come on my dear nephew, take your shower, you smell like some horny pig!

A terrified Josh took his shower as his depraved uncle admired his wet and tanned body. John couldn’t resist, his nephew looked like his young dad, he was John’s lost brother. How much time John dreamed to fuck his brother, but also to clean this arrogant smile around his face, he was always the favorite son! And his son too. No, he couldn’t let one more jock ruining him, he needed his revenge. Consequently, he was closer and closer toward the scared stud who was trembling.

-Come on Josh! Where’s the alpha male now? Woof Woof! Haha! You’re just like a tiny rabbit! Yeah, you got one hot gym bunny body! I could devour you in one bite, Yum!… Now come on little Johnny, wipe yourself!

John threw a towel against his nephew’s dick who squeaked.

-What’s wrong big boy? Your daddy didn’t teach you that your pee pee was sensitive?

-Please uncle John! Let me go! I promise I will help you to…

-Ooh you will help me, but not the way you think.

As Josh finished to wash his head, he saw that his uncle was also naked.

-What do you think, boy? Nice isn’t it? I bet yours is better than your father’s one!

-Please, I-I’m so sorry! I will do anything for you but…

-Shhhh! You already say all I need to hear my pretty bottom boyslut.

At that moment, John knew what he wanted, he wanted the flesh and blood of his tormentor of a brother, begging him to stop, he wanted the future of the favorite son being his whore, he wanted to break the thing his brother loved the most. What a delightful sensation, his nephew, a manly hunk who was much more muscular than him, was afraid. He was finally his turn to laugh. Thus, he approached his nephew like a starving predator toward his prey.  

-You know what Johnny-boy? I prefer that we let the water running, I’m stinking don’t you think?


-So smell my balls!


-I told you to do that, you filthy swine!

-Alright… *Sniifff* Is that-URGHH!

-Yeah boy! Suck my rod nicely!

John firmly grabbed his nephew’s head with his hands and pushed it back and forth against his cock. Josh was squirming but he couldn’t do anything to stop that. His uncle moaned and closed his eyes as hot water dropped on him,  stimulating every erogenous zones in his body. With the heat, his bursting repressed rage and the arousal of his virgin penis made the coach sweat which flowed on his hapless nephew tanned skin. The coach could felt that his staff was like clay between his submissive nephew’s teeth. His eyelids were glued and he couldn’t open them because he wanted to sense and hear the junior’s yelps for help. Plus, the sweat all over him soon became mixed with the sweltering water, his drooling and both men crying. Josh was obviously bawling because of the disgrace for his manliness while John was crying because he was overjoyed by the whole situation, he was violating and raping not only his nephew, but also everything his brother and his family abased him of. Soon, he climaxed in the athlete’s mouth, but something was weird, the coach’s semen and his dick was spread up to the end of his nephew’s throat even if his member never was that long. After that, the helpless Josh tried to pull of his uncle’s penis from his mouth but John’s hands were still forcing his mouth around his member. Consequently, as the jock moved his head around, the coach’s dick was like rubber as it extended without any pain. The coach looked at his muggy body who was literally melting. Therefore, the coach had an idea, what if he could enter in his hot nephew? Anyway, he has nothing to lose now, he had to try because he was nothing more than a half man half blob creature. Then, he thrusted his jelly crotch into his victim’s esophagus. Josh wailed as his lungs were filled with goo, his washboard abs inflated as he tried to flee. It fruitless for him as he couldn’t run because of his swollen belly and also because there only his uncle’s ooze head left outside. The sludge coach laughed with his new deepened baritone before kissing his nephew’s lips and introduce himself in his howling nephew. Josh tried to catch the intruder inside his body but his hands were quivering because of the unique feeling of being infested by someone of the same flesh. Then, his throbbing larynx was pushing further the slime inside him as he was choking, hollering and stuttering at the same time. “G-GET OUT OF ME! UNNGGG! I-I WILL FUCKING KICK YOU OUT! NOOOOoooOOOHYEAAAH! Finally, this body is mine!”. Josh’s distressing face as now turned into his regular haughty one, but there was something distorted in it. “Josh” inhaled deeply as an air brimming with sweat and hormones infiltrate through his powerful chest as his pecs bloated and his nipples popped out. “Hmm. That’s right boy, you gonna kick out nobody 'cause you and me are the new dream team of this high school! Your play is terrible but now that I am in control I will use those muscles at their full potential! You must be asking, what about papa? This old shit will give us tons of money and after that I reveal that I am a fag to the whole family! Oorrr, maybe I could blackmail him into giving us all of his wealth if he doesn’t want his precious sportsman son to become a cum whore in gay porn? Yesss, I could even force him to suck my dick! I’m pretty sure pop would be keen on giving a blowjob to his dear son!”. John flexed Josh’s body one more time before heading out to the nearby gym. “It’s time to test this new body, boy”. As John was exploring his impressing muscles, Eric was outside, stalking the jock and observing him through a small window as he was biting his lips and masturbating.


-So you’re telling us that by letting the Jeeper Creeper living, we’re fucked, and by destroying him, we’re also fucked?

-Language!… But yeah, pretty much… You see, this creature was like a testosterone container and his death resulted in a spreading of this manful energy around the whole town which attracted some vicious beats who know that this territory is now free. Soon, if we do nothing this whole city would be full of horny beefcakes obsessed by having sex with other males.

-And, is that supposed to be a bad thing?

-Well, if it was voluntarily, but all of these creatures are male possessors, so we can’t let these nefarious and horrible body snatchers here… It wasn’t in the aim of insulting you Jake.

-Yeah, no hard feelings.

-But Mom, what if we just saved the “good” ones and let the other being possessed?

-How could you say that?

-I’m sorry… But if the only thing that those creatures want is having gay sex with bodies who are wasting their attractiveness, I can’t blame them for that.

-Gary! Wash your tongue!

-Ohh! I don’t even have the right to say Kim Kardashian…

-So what do we do?

-First, you have to drink this potion, it would definitely protecting you from being possessed, even if you are yourself a possessor.

-What is it?

-Well… It’s also a potion made with various semens…

-No I’m asking myself what are those milk bottles in the fridge. *Drink*. Eww! It tastes like a mix of vegemite and marmite!  

-Yep! It’s because nobody likes those flavours!

-It’s weird, did you put aphrodisiac in those potions M'am Gary’s mom?

-Well… Sadly, those potions have a side effect which fastly excite the one who drink them.

-Mom, is that normal that most of your rituals involve me having gay sex?

-Look, it’s not my fault if my spellbook is telling me that making love is good for your safety!

-I’m sorry M’m Gary’s mother, but I think I would really enjoy having a loud night with your son.  

-Fine. I will sleep in a motel in the fairy dimension. Call me with the crystal ball if you need me.


John/Josh was lifting weights during an hour and he wasn’t tired yet. “UNGG! Impressive! This stud stamina much be better for sex!”. The girls were eyeing at him, so John flashed a handsome smile and flexed his muscles for them, he was gay but he enjoyed being the Casanova chick magnet. Then, before the gym closed, he took a picture of his glistening toned body that he put in a lot of gay sites.

“Yeah boy! It’s me the master of this vigorous body! Think you’re a top dog? You’re nothing but a top cat, a top pussy! But now that I am inside you it’s finished. Whatever happened to Baby Josh? Haha! Now I’m a real alpha male!” The gym owner told him to leave, so Josh took off his tank top and throw it at the bear before he kissed him deeply. As he left, he could hear the muscle mountain squeeing and smelling his sweaty tank. “Shit, I could conquer this whole world with this new body.”. A wicked grin appear on Josh’s pretty face as he headed toward the coach’s house which was a storage locker. John really liked walking shirtless during the night, his body was hot and the contact with the coldness was a real turn on as he could feel every muscles in his body contracting. Suddenly, he looked behind him and noticed a guy photographing him. “It’s okay dude, you want to admire the merchandise? Feel free!” Josh posed in front of the horny paparazzi who seemed to love his job just for this moment.

-You like that, right?

-Yeah the camera love you!  

Soon, Josh perfect tanned skin became paler as his uncle’s presence inside him became stronger but his body was bulging because of his infestation.

-Come on you can do better than that!

-Maybe this?

-Yesss! This is perfection! You’re a porn star, aren’t you?

-Haha, no sorry… Wait, I heard this voice before… It was you in my office?

-Hmm… Well, I can’t pretend anymore. Yeah it was me, clever and hunky, one lucky boy.

-Are you the one who give me those possessions powers?

-Yep! Your brain must be as big as your muscles!

-You’re gonna blackmailing me?

-Noo! Don’t worry! We have more in common than you think… My real name is Giganteus, but my vessel’s name is Eric.

-Hmm, nice choice… Not as good as my nephew, but still sexy. *Drool*… So what do you want from me?

-Oh, I want you to enjoy this second youth, to have fun as much as you want. But most of all, I want you to be my soul mate.

-S-soul mate?

-Yeesss! Together we can be stronger! Don’t you think that bullying must be over? Now it’s the turn of the preys to become and possessed the predators! I will be the one who will led this and you could the one by my side if you accept my proposal!

-I don’t know… There is one way to see if I can’t trust you.

-What is it?

-Let’s see how much of a man you are, big boy!

John opened his storage locker which was in fact a sex dungeon, he pushed Eric on the waterbed as both men smiled deviously and undressed.  

-You think you can teach me how to be the dominant mister sweaty coach?

-I think you will see what really mean the word Giganteus!

The studs wrestled for being at the top as Eric bit Josh’s neck who groaned. The slime-filled stud pinched the parasitized jock’s nipples who moaned and punched his rock hard abs.

-Your belly is solid, that’s good.

-How, there’s harder in me!

John dived his dick straight inside Eric’s boycunt who grabbed his squared shoulders and yelled.

-Oh fuck yeah! I want more!

-You admit that I am the dominant?

-Yeah! Fuck me please!

John/Josh grinned and pushed his tongue inside Eric’s barking mouth as he thrusted deeper and deeper inside his hole. Then, Eric grabbed Josh’s bubble butts and slapped his firm cheeks. Their saliva mixed together as they struggled together for being the dominant.

-Hmm! This feel so good!  

-You’re not as bad I thought.

-Ohh!… Asshole.

-Ung! Right now, it’s me who is inside yours.  

Eric bit bottom Josh’s lips and licked two of his fingers which were dug into Josh’s anus as he stretched his virgin hole with both of his hands. Josh’s sweat was slipping on his glistening pecs to the peak of his pink nipples as they fell and slided between Eric’s chiseled six pack. Josh caressed Eric’s brawny back and clawed it every time his lover’s hole strengthen around his dick.  

-Ooh shit! I feel it coming!

-UNNG! Don’t you dare cumming before me, bottom slut! UNngfuckAHHHH!

Josh and Eric roared as they climaxed together, covering their toned bodies with jizz which sprayed on Eric’s bouncing pecs as Josh embraced him closer with his muscular biceps. Then, he rubbed his fingers on Eric’s wet boypussy and put them in his mouth before kissing him with semen between their tongues.

-Hmm. Nice taste.

-You’re joking? My manjuice is pure manliness.

-Our hosts will lean how to appreciate gay sex…

-… Because, why in the world we would leave these stallions? Haha.


The following day, Gary and Jake were running to their high school, Gary’s hair was messy because of the wild night which get them sound asleep, waking up late for school and prevented Gary to fix his hair.

-Gary? Have you enjoyed our night?

-Of course! We cummed at the same time, it was so hot!

-Yeah… Also, it was good when with your fingers and my butts, you…

-Fingered you?

-Yes… And did liked that I kissed and thrusted into you?

-Obviously! Your muscles were so sweaty!  

-And you were barking like a little puppy!


-Miss me, miss me, now you have to kiss me!

Jake began to run faster than Gary who tried to catch him. The two were soon in a race as Gary was laughing. Jake loved seeing Gary happy, the sunshine was sparking into his tangled hair. His boy began to tire, thus Jake lifted him and carried him into a bridal pose as both of them chuckled before kissing again.

Meanwhile, at Lake Flaccid, Eric and Josh were swimming and making out in the water. Giganteus was appreciating the sun on his ripped body while John was doing an “underwater exploration”.

Eric was taking pleasure as the light was warming up every parts of his perfect skin and penetrate the muscles in it. His enjoyment was soon dismissed when Josh called him.

-Hey Colossus, stop playing the model and bring your nice ass down here!

Eric rolled his eyes before diving into the lake as Josh came and hugged him.

-I don’t know what this lake is named Flaccid, my morning wood is real hard right now!

-It’s because of a legend. They said that a crocodilian monster was living in this lake and that only the semen of manly men could appease his wraith.

-Hmm, manly men? Like us, haha. Well, let’s give to this crocodile some hibernation.

Josh lifted Eric and kissed his abs, his pecs and his sublime lips. Eric smirked but quickly look away which worried Josh.

-What’s wrong?

Eric was looking at Gary and Jake who were going through here at their way to the high school.

-Eric, who are they?


Book of the Week

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley 

“Thaniel Steepleton returns home to his tiny London apartment to find a gold pocket watch on his pillow. Six months later, the mysterious timepiece saves his life, drawing him away from a blast that destroys Scotland Yard. At last, he goes in search of its maker, Keita Mori, a kind, lonely immigrant from Japan. Although Mori seems harmless, a chain of unexplainable events soon suggests he must be unexplainable events . When Grace Carrow, an Oxford physicist, unwittingly interferes, Thaniel is torn between opposing loyalties.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street is a sweeping, atmospheric narrative that takes the reader on an unexpected journey through Victorian London, Japan as its civil war crumbles long-standing traditions, and beyond. Blending historical events with dazzling flights of fancy, it opens doors to a strange and magical past. “ 


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The Darker The Night...

Summary : The brighter one burns, the faster they light out. But for Zeref Dragneel, the darkness that followed was only the beginning of a new chapter, that would inevitably lead to his last. For like a moth to the flame, Mavis was his light, but she was his darkness. Exorcist AU part 1. Zervis.

AN: Ohhhh boy, strap on yer seat belts people, for this is yet another collab fic with ma amazing evil twin/master @nanakoblaze ! Strapped in? Great! Now get ready, and welcome aboard the great angst and feels ride of hell! You can find the cover art on her page here and more amazing art from this AU here!

Parts: ???

“Hurry up, Zeref-sama, Natsu-sama!”

The world fell into a blur of smoke and fire as the trio dashed through the ravaged town, lungs burning with exhaustion and the desperate need for oxygen, they continued running into the endless night.

Terror-filled screams and shrieks filled the air along with the mocking crackle of the dark-winged invaders from the depths of Tartaros, blocking out the light of the moon and stars as nothing but darkness and black feathers rained from the skies. The sickening stench of blood and bodily excrement hung heavily in the smoke dense air.

The retainer’s grip on his hand tightened, face as pale as his robe, and he continued hurling them forward, muttering words of assurance more for himself rather than the two he was protecting.

“We’re almost there…We’re almost there…”

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Here is my baby with a blast of gold on her. 💫💫💫 #wonderwomancosplay #cosplay #cast4art #worbla #tiara #wonderwoman #wonderwomantiara #dceu #worblasfinestart @cast4art #prettyfeministprincess

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Best Way To End by Jeff Hamm
Via Flickr:
My fiance (still weird saying that) Jenea told me I had to post one of these soon. I figured today was as good as any. On our last night, we were in Animal Kingdom doing some shooting in Asia, we decided a bit before 5:30 to have dinner at Yak and Yeti. I will say to anyone who hasn’t tried this restaurant, though it is pretty normal Asian style fair, it was very good and we had a great view from the upstairs windows. After we left the restaurant, this was about 6:20, I wanted to shoot Everest from across the water. We made our through around to the Flame Tree BBQ seating area. It was totally empty due to the park closing at 6:00. It was kind of cloudy and it didn’t look like anything was going to happen. Jenea looked back as we were walking away, and Everest is getting blasted by gold light! Then everything turned beautiful shades of gold, purple, and pink. I of course ran right to the Tree of Life after shooting Everest and got this. In my opinion, this is the best one from the night. This was quite easily the most epic sunset I’ve ever gotten to shoot. Lucky enough for me I was in one of my favorite parks in my favorite place. This was the best was to end what was the best trip I’ve ever had to Walt Disney World. Please let me know what you all think as any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy!

  • Regina: You have to let me go. I'm going to lock myself in my vault for the protection of everyone else.
  • Robin: Won't you just break out once the curse hits?
  • Regina: I'm locking myself in with magic.
  • Robin: You're telling me that you, all angry and with no inhibitions, won't be able to break your own magic? Besides, I've been in that vault. It's full of all kinds of magical mojo you could use to wreck havoc from in there, not to mention the hearts of what seems like half the town.
  • Regina:
  • Regina:
  • Regina: Well, if you have a Plan B, I'd love to hear it.

The other day I wrote a poem, and you read it like you understood. The day before I broke down on camera and you watched the whole thing but for the middle bit, when you left to get popcorn and think up some strong, decisive words to say. And the day before that you had me pegged for an anarchist and a liar and still you said you got it. You got it. Three words.


You who read my two-cents, you who digs through my vitriol, picking, choosing the flashiest and the boldest pennies and filtering that through static colors so that the blurred lines I tread turn to gold. Alternately I am blasted with your frigid heat and passionate ice for my extremes; my middle tones, it seems, are not beautiful or bad enough for you to care. We live in a world of superlatives, and to You I am but the two poles, all one end or the other. Never a third option. A middle ground. Three words.

If you’d look closer you’d realize I am the juggernaut between cinnamon roll and problematic fave. I bridge the gap. That’s what I am, a swinging rope bridge stretched thin and warped by your weight. I haven’t snapped yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. 

So yes,
You read my words, you repost my ideas with pride or disgust in the tags, you decry my opinions as gospel or satanic lies; yes, you
Can name the street I lived on when I was three, could profile me in three words in a tumblr tag; yes, 
You call me precious, my voice a gift. Or dismiss me as a liar for the only truths I know.

But I guarantee at the end of the day none of you will know me.
And if your three words weren’t ‘another human being’ then I’m sorry to disappoint you. 

You are wrong.
Three words.

—  englishclassmeltdown, “Superlative”

Miners in South Africa have some of the highest rates of silicosis in the world. Silicosis is an incurable and degenerative lung disease caused by breathing in silica dust, which is created in gold mining during blasting. Now, thousands of current and former South African miners are asking the country’s highest court for the right to proceed with a lawsuit against the gold mining industry. They argue that mining companies failed to protect their health. If it’s certified, the class action would be the biggest ever brought in the country.

Siporono Phahlam lives in a rural village in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. He knows the impact of silicosis firsthand. For 32 years, Phahlam worked in a South African gold mine owned by mining Giant Anglo American. But when he was 51, he failed the mine’s annual medical exam. Phahlam says he was told he had silicosis and should leave.

Gold Miners Breathe The Dust, Fall Ill: ‘They Did Not Give Me Nothing’

Photo: Thom Pierce
Caption: Patrick Sitwayi, 57, lives in Upper Mcambalala and has silicosis from working in the gold mines for 22 years. Photographer Thom Pierce has been covering the miners.

I Don’t Want to be Right Anymore


Barry was so vindicated when Aliens became common knowledge. He had always said that they were out there. The impossible always something that he was drawn too. Even after he became the flash though a lot of people would mock him over his insistence that there were Aliens. Until you know the big guy in blue and red showed up. No one argued with him about Aliens again. He had been right all along. 


He wasn’t sure he wanted to be right anymore. Sure the Krytonians were cool, even the martian but that doesn’t mean all the Aliens were nice, or safe. This danger wasn’t like an invasion though. It was an accident. A common cold on one planet to one species is a whole different ball game to another. Barry isn’t sure on all the details, his team still doing recon, but zombies were a thing now. 

Some Alien somewhere on earth sneezed on someone, that someone got on a plan, infected everyone on the plane somehow, then all the infected got off said plane and… well you get the picture. It was spreading fast and they weren’t even sure how it spreads yet. This first incident started in Europe. It took a little while for them to release the information to the states but it pays to know people. Oliver had called in and warned Barry. One of the passengers who was infected worked for a shipping company that is stationed out of Central City. 

Odds were that one of the many ships coming in and out of the docks had some infected. This whole problem, was made worse by the delay. Infected could be walking around normally for days before they suddenly just turn. Who knows how many were within his city’s limits already. 

Then Cisco just had to point out who hangs out at the docks. “Hey man… meta zombies would be all kinds of bad. You should get down to Saints and Sinners and make sure they don’t get turned…”

As if on cue the  CCPD alert blared out all over their screens in STAR labs. There was a confirmed outbreak in Central, at the docks. Barry was gone in a red blur heading straight for the dive bar he knew was the rogues hangout. He strides in fully flashed out, “Snart. You need to get out of this area immediately.” Barry commands a slight vibration to his voice. He was putting all his power into this order. It couldn’t turn into an argument. They didn’t have time.

So of course Mardon had to turn it into a fight. The sharp edged icicle that comes hurdling at Barry’s head was easy enough to dodge. It was the flame thrower that almost got him. Barry rushes over to Len and grips the fluffy collar of his Parka. “Metas… suck, Zombies… suck. I don’t want a combo. Outbreak. Docks. Move. OUT. NOW!”

Then the gold blast came and he had to release Len and dodge. He growls at Lisa because this wasn’t the time. He could explain as soon as they get out of here. He just needed them to listen right now. He looks back towards Len just in time to see the waitress who had ducked for cover lunge towards Captain Cold. There was something wrong in the way she looked. It was hard to pinpoint but goosebumps ran up and down Barry’s arm and he leapt into action without a second thought.

He pushes Len out of the way and takes the bite. He had thrown up his arm to block her but she had just chopped right down and through his suit. That was kind of scary. How sharp were her teeth? The thought didn’t get much more attention though because it started to burn, and Barry started to scream. The girl, whose name tag said Sara pulled her head back like a wild coyote munching down on it’s prey. She took a chunk of Barry’s flesh with her causing Barry to let out another blood curdling scream. 

“FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” he managed an actual word this time but it wasn’t enough. Everyone was moving too slow so it probably didn’t sound like anything to them. He kicks poor Sara in the gut getting her off of him well she munches on a chunk of his arm. He is on the floor gripping his arm in absolute agony when he slides away from the speed force. 

She was going to lunge at someone else and that was not okay, “IN THE HEAD! SHOOT HER IN THE HEAD NOW!” he screamed trying his best to remain at a normal speed so they could all understand him. Hopefully someone was packing an actual gun because he did not want to deal with an undead infectious zombie who was on fire.

Probably an unpopular opinion

I’m actually really happy about the finale. I have long since learned to not get my hopes up for anything in any fandom so I wasn’t at all surprised that we didn’t get an ILY or a TLK for CS tonight. This episode was about aligning the characters with good or evil. Hero or Villain. It’s establishing where the characters will be in 4b.

This episode wasn’t about one ship in particular but many.

Emma’s wall is still there. You bet your ass she’s probably going to have trouble opening her heart completely throughout 4b because of what happened. He almost died, and we haven’t seen the last of that issue for sure. It’s why it felt rushed tonight. Emma’s not dealing with the fact he almost died. She’s glad he’s alive but she’s not dealing with how she feels about it. It’s classic Emma. She just got her memories back about Ingrid and those memories are bittersweet. Happy and sad. It shows that while both Emma was wanted it was by someone who only saw her as a replacement for the sisters she’d lost. The minute Ingrid felt she had her original sisters’ love she abandoned her plans and sacrificed herself even at Emma’s plea that they could find another way. Again demonstrating that Emma was not enough. It’s going to take time for Emma to realize that she’s more than enough for Killian and for her to really understand his actions always come from a place of wanting to be worthy of her. Even when he does things that are wrong, that are mistakes that come back to bite him in the ass, she’s always his central focus. 

Did you see Emma swing into action, ready to blast Gold to hell for hurting Killian? She was only stopped because Rumple is more powerful than she is. 

If anything tonight’s episode was about Rumple getting some cold hard reality. Yet has he learned from this? We see that in fact he has not and will not learn.

Again it’s all about aligning the characters with one of two columns. Hero or villain. Let’s take a headcount….

Villains: Rumple, Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent

Heroes: Regina (as much as she sees herself as a villain she’s clearly on the hero side now with being willing to give up her true love to save an innocent woman’s life. Villains don’t do that), Snow, Charming (and their entourage of dwarves, Granny, Archie, etc), Belle, Emma, Killian, Henry, Robin Hood and the Merry Men.

This was what the episode was about. It was aligning the heroes together, and bringing the villains together too. As a shipper I feel lucky that we even got some resolution at all to Killian’s heart issue. It could have gone through to 4B. What was really significant was that Emma didn’t blame him. She didn’t get mad at him or push him away like she did when he went after Ingrid. You could see in her face that she’s glad he’s alive, that they figured out the problem before it was too late and that Belle came to his rescue before his heart was dust.

I for one am really happy that they’ll go into 4B with Emma and Hook happy and together. It may not be the resolution you hoped for but its at least some resolution with of course conversations and confessions to come later on. 

His Promise To Keep.

A/N: I decided that I wanted to take this ficlet , I wrote last week and  redo/fix-it/extend it. So I did. And I really love it now.

This takes place at the end of 4B.

Also, I’m only a little sorry for the feels :)

She gets pushed to the side almost immediately because she’s not the one who needs help. He is. Regardless of how much blood is on her face, her hands, in her hair. She’s not the one that’s barely holding on. He is.

She watches in disbelief as they roll the gurney he’s lying on into one of the open trauma bays.  A shuffle of doctors and nurses run past her, shouting words she doesn’t understand. What she does understand, is that the rise and fall of his chest is too shallow. His face has lost its color and the machine tracking his heart rate is singing a song that no one wants to hear. They’re ripping open his shirt, attaching wires and tubs and plastic bags to help him breath. And it’s in that moment that one of the nurses catches her eye and quickly draws the curtain closed.

“Miss, you’re covered in blood! Are you hurt?”

She turns her gaze quickly to the woman in scrubs that’s now at her side. “No – I…” She looks back at the curtain and watches as his hook falls to the floor. “It’s not mine.” It comes out in an almost inaudible whisper. The world starts to fade out around her and the only thing she can hear is yelling. Something about blood and O.R. rooms and bullet fragments.

Minutes pass and rapidly the curtain flies open and in a blur of white and blue they’re all gone and the E.R. sounds almost quiet. Slowly, she makes her way to the trauma bay. She looks from the machines, to the blood stained blue shirt and gauze, to his brace thrown haphazardly on a medical tray. Her now shaking hand reaches for the black leather and her fingers delicately wrap around it. Another minute passes, her mind playing a game of catch-up, and she remembers his hook falling to the ground. She spins clumsily, scanning the ground until she sees it.

She can feel her whole body shake as she bends down to pick it up. He’s supposed to be different. He’s supposed to be her survivor. And the moment her hand finally touches the cool metal, she feels her heart begin to shatter. He’s supposed to be different.  

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