gold beats

choosing to side with hoshido must have hurt her too

i watched up and coming theater’s heathers and i loved it wtf



It was an incredible experience! Not my best performance if I’m going to be honest here, but considering this is my first public exhibition, first competition in figure skating and I was really nervous it was fun! 

For those wondering, I’ve been skating for nine months, having rehearsed this solo for roughly three months. I hope to come back to it some day and perform it even better! 


5.8.17 (78/100 days of productivity)

For breakfast I’m having a bowl of oats with apples, blueberries, and strawberries. And I’m drinking a matcha latte made with coconut milk! I’m just spending this morning catching up on YouTube. Yesterday, in one of the videos on a channel I follow another channel was recommended, and now I’m obsessed! It’s Niomi Smart, and she’s adorable, fashionable, and it’s fun to watch her vlog about her day to day life (especially since it’s a lot more interesting than mine right now). 

Also featured in this post is the lovely view of my parents unkept garden patch in our back yard, lol