gold bathing suit

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Please make Rumple in the kitchen trying to make Belle a cake but failing miserably. By the way, LOVE your drawing style!!!

Doodle o’ the day!

RumpleBumpe attempts a Belated wedding cake and fails horribly.
(Bonus Giggling BG wife and animated Rumbelle cake toppers)

Aelin struts down the beach, gold threads of her bathing suit hanging down, attracting attention and the sunlight.  Her hair is matted with salt water, sandy and curling with the dampness of the ocean.  She runs through the waves, Lysandra by her side in silver, dark hair pulled up to avoid getting water on it.  Aelin doesn’t care about her intentions, however, and cups the waves in her hands, dumping water all over Lysandra’s hair.  With a couple of shrieks, they are engaged in a full of splash war.

From the sand, Rowan, Dorian, Aedion, and Chaol watch, the four boys playing an intense game of volleyball, until their lingering gazes cause Nesryn to kick them off of the court.  Instead of playing, they watch the girls douse themselves in water, and proceed to join them.  Nesryn goes to bother Lysandra and Aelin as well, sick of the boy’s staring and doting.  

So they splash away, the bright sun tanning their skin, salt staining each limb.  And it’s brilliant, beautifully bringing the gang together.  It is only but a summer’s day.