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Imagine: The Clown Family At The Beach

Request: ( @spacebabeofglitterplanet)  How about the clown family at the beach? 

  • They pick one of the darkest and rainiest days to go because they think the water looks much more beautiful then.
  • The goons are sent early to clear out the beach so the clown family has it all to themselves.
  • Anyone who resists gets a warning with the barrel of a gun in the mouths, and lose their heads if they don’t take that warning.
  • Joker is torn between is gold bathing suit with purple bat symbols or purple with gold bat symbols.
  • The clown princess and her mother have hundreds of choices spread out helping each other pick.
  • Joker refuses to go into the water because she doesn’t want his lipstick or eye makeup to get washed off.
  • Harley does her makeup specifically to go in the water and have it washed down her face.
  • Harley and her daughter splash in the water together as Joker looks on, enjoying his power and ability to make this all possible. 
  • Frost, always the professional and still in a suit on the beach, takes Polaroids for them.
  • The clown princess runs back to her father and pulls on his hand asking him to come in the water with them.
  • Harley sees her struggling and joins her, Joker finally giving in.
  • He picks up his girls, one in each arm and walks out to the ocean throwing them in before diving himself.
  • The goons stand along the edge of the beach with custom gold guns as a signal to anyone who may be thinking about going on the beach.
  • The clown family sits on their batman towel in the sand enjoying the view.
  • Harley pulls lipstick from her purse and reapplies it on Joker for him.
  • Their daughter takes a towel and dries her dads hair so it flows free, taking the opportunity not to see it slicked back.
  • Joker helps her build a sand castle to replicate belle reve, so Harley can knock it down as a symbol she won’t go back and they won’t let her.
  • The clown princess falls asleep in her dads arms as they’re relaxing and he covers her with his purple coat.
  • They let her sleep and take the opportunity for a romantic moment in the water.
  • Joker orders Frost to get him a civilian from the street. Frost drags them screaming to Joker.
  • Joker pulls out a golden knife, from where Harley is fascinated by, and cuts the persons stomach right open. 
  • The blood pours into the ocean around them turning the water red for the color of love, Joker smiles and kisses his Queen.
  • Oh Puddin! I knew there was a romantic under there!”
  • The clown princess peaks her eyes open to watch her parents fall even more in love, tugging on Frost’s arm to make sure he’s getting a photo.
  • The goons warn of the gcpd coming and the clown family runs back to the purple Lamborghini, shooting back all the way home. 

lauriverkatiefan87  asked:

"Your going out like that?" "It's called a bikini Lawson & we are on our honeymoon which just so happens to involve a beach"

Mike lay resting on the lounge chair, sweatpants and a white t-shirt hung from his frame, a discarded magazine from Ginny’s bag plopped open on his lap.  The wind from the beach right outside their villa created a series of echoes that rung out over him, casting a spell of music that made any guest feel instantly more calm, serene than their hectic lives back home.

He can hear bare feet crunching in the sand when he peeks up from the magazine, to see Ginny soaking wet, her curls weighed down with water, the dripping of droplets cascading down every inch of her body that wasn’t covered in the gold bathing suit she had on, which if he were being honest, wasn’t very much hidden.  She looked like some kind of sea goddess having emerged from the sea, gracing him with her presence.

“Get off your ass, old man.  We’re going swimming,” she says, kicking his leg on the chair, getting his foot wet.  But he remains frozen, unable to function with her standing in front of him…like that.

“You uhh,” he tries to form words, and a small grin appears on her face watching him fumble.  “You going out like that?”  He finally asks her, and her face falls.

“It’s called a bikini, Lawson.  We’re on our honeymoon, which just so happens to involve a beach,” she reasons, gesturing towards the ocean that she just came from.  “So uhh, yeah, I went swimming in a bathing suit.  You gotta problem with that?”

“Nope,” he says, tossing the magazine to the side.  “Just was waiting for my invitation to join you,” he says with a cock of his head.

“Is that right?” She says, moving closer to his chair, the water dripping from her hair in stray patterns on his shirt, until she sits down on his lap, his arms immediately coming to wrap around her waist, her toes digging into the sand.

“You know when I suggested the beach for our honeymoon, I didn’t actually expect to see the water all that much,” he jokes with a waggle of his eyebrows.

She smiles a dimpled laugh, pushing at his chest.

“Should’ve known better, Lawson.  I love the beach,” she says, her forehead coming to rest on his.

“Noted.  Baker, loves the beach,” he sighs.

She shakes her head against him, her hands coming to rest on the sides of his face, resting on his beard.

“Baker-Lawson,” she horsely whispers, before punctuating the meaning with a kiss, that has him pulling her closer by the hips.  Her words sinking into him, the realization that she was his wife, a notion he still couldn’t quite grasp, despite his grip on her.

Ginny leans back, biting her bottom lip.

“Race you to the water,” she says, hopping up from him, running backwards for a moment to see if he was coming, a bright smile radiating her face, the sun threatening to dry her.

“Come on, old man,” she teases.

He pretends to slowly get out of the chair, until he gets close to her, and then takes off in a run, and she chases after him.

“Not fair, Lawson,” she yells, as he makes it to the water.

“Funny, that’s exactly what I was thinking,” he teases with a nod to her bikini.

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Please make Rumple in the kitchen trying to make Belle a cake but failing miserably. By the way, LOVE your drawing style!!!

Doodle o’ the day!

RumpleBumpe attempts a Belated wedding cake and fails horribly.
(Bonus Giggling BG wife and animated Rumbelle cake toppers)