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It’s hard to watch a world burn—even harder when its home.

Krypton doesn’t go anywhere, it isn’t consumed by hellish fire, or blown into the black of space—no, it sits there and exists.

Even if she can’t recognize it anymore.

Somehow that’s worse.

The gold and white banners of El have been torn down, the towering monuments to war heroes pulled to the ground with lengths of recoil-rope—whole cities bristling blue-white with artificial fire.

The news coverage doesn’t miss anything—a pale blue woman with turquois hair from the chamber floor of Earth’s senate recites numbers as if they have no meaning. 103,654,013 confirmed dead, 47,211,980 missing.

“Today,” the speaker says, finally blinking away the distance to actually look at the camera. “Argo City burns.”

—unnamed supercat future!space au, sneak peek.
Black and Gold Banner -- Charcoal Gray, Gold Foil, Birthday Banner, Party Banner, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Printable, Instant Download
This listing is for a printable black and gold foil pennant banner. This is a digital file that will be available for immediate download once payment is received and cleared. This design includes 52 individual JPG & PDF files with the following characters: ☛ Letters A-Z ☛ Individual Numbers 0-9 ☛ Ordinal Numbers 1st-10th ☛ Special Characters &, ?, !, + ☛ Black Spacer Flag & Gold Foil Spacer Flag Each pennant banner fills an entire page and measures approximately 7 across the top and 8.75 from top to bottom, at its widest point. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • If you would like to order it in another color or design, send me a convo so I can create a custom listing for you. Customization fees will apply and vary depending on how many individual banners you are requesting. Do not purchase this listing if you would like this in a different color or design, as I cannot refund your purchase since the file is available for immediate download. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Disclaimer This digital file may only be used by the purchaser and may not be distributed in any way electronically. However, once you purchase this design, you are free to print it as you please. It is completely okay to give this as a printed gift. Anchor and Salt retains the copyright to this design and it may not be sold by the buyer or anyone else in digital or printed format. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • This listing is for a DIGITAL FILE only. All purchases are either made available by instant download or will be sent via email/convo. No physical items will ever be shipped. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Falling For You: A Feyre + Rhysand Playlist

i. james bay - if you ever want to be in love | ii. the civil wars - poson and wine | iii. gabrielle aplin - savlation | iv. hozier - like real people do | v. the 1975 - robbers | vi. halsey - is there somewhere | vii. the 1975 - fallingforyou | viii. banners - gold dust | ix. aaron krause - jade | x. sleeping at last - every little thing she does is magic

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i recommend listening to gold dust ;)

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Dans live show 10/4/16

•he has shitty Internet at the moment
•it’s cold in England
•somebody In chat: you look like the dancing pumpkin gif
•"SOMEBODYS feeling ‘choke me please’“
•he’s excited to watch the documentary again
•"it’s like I squeezed out an egg with PHIL”
•watch the stage show first and then the documentary
•TATINOF is a celebration of dan and PHILS history
•it’s also an epic roast of everything they’ve ever put on the Internet
•they forgot to film a “hello” for PHILS newest video talking about it so they used the one from dans
-great theme
-“it looks snazzy”
~talks about the new banners~
•they might use more glitter jacket pictures in the future
•it was dans idea for them to be to be in gold jackets exploding in space
•"everybody’s saying #getphil, and I not good enough for you?“
•PHILS busy
•he would never wear blue jeans
•he hasn’t seen SHREK the musical
~googles it to see if it’s still in London~
•listen to gorilla (the band)
•they will do something for DAPGO(not a signing)
•THEYRE trying to think outside of the box
•he wants lasers and a Kanye performance at his funeral
•"make dans funeral lit”
•"you’re not ready, I’m not ready, wherever phil is, he’s not ready"
~talks about Bon IVERS Album~
(I listened to it, its weird but super relaxing)
•he only listened to a short clip of “this town”
•he tabbed it for later
•after TATINOF will be undertale and then maybe DIL
•he forgot what he was talking about
*violently dabs*
•after spooky week they will finish undertale
(#playlpiano is in the chat)
•battle star galatica is one of the best shows he’s ever watched
•"everybody’s saying #playpiano WELL HASHTAG FUCK OFF"
(Wow ok dans sassy)
(People started #PlayPianoYouAss)
(I love the phandom)
•"I have good taste, you can trust me"- talking about battle star galatica
•he finished food wars
•no llamas in 2017
•he said he will stop price signs
•he needs a new twitter icon that he will hate and that all of us will hate
•he said (contradicting himself) that he will probably not actually stop piece signs
•THEYRE a coping mechanism to his awkwardness
•he said Bon Iver was influenced by Kanye
•he did outside after two weeks
~talks about Felix using dans icon and name on twitter~
•"I love Felix so much"
•they watched the Pokémon trailer in Japanese
•"sardonic"- dan is using bigs words
(He’s really good at killing us all)
•somebody asked if the whiskers are ending and he said no
•they have too much meaning
•chat:get Phil to drag me
Dan: does Phil drag people
•he hates Alberta and that she’s gross
•PHILS making him watch X factor
•Matt is his favorite
•apparently Matt looks like Louis Tomlinson
•he’s offended by honey G
(#talkaboutclowns is now in the chat)
•"whenever anything gets too emotional, burn it to the ground"
•he knows nothing about the clowns
•we all deserve to die according to
•he’s hasn’t done a live show that doesn’t mention Sherlock since summer of 2012
•Apparently there’s gunna be new Mario kart tracks
•he might change his branding and make it spooky during spooky week
•he watched a documentary on Scientology
(#pumpkinhowell is trending in ten chat) he started that one himself
~talks about harambe~
•he cares very deeply about us because we mean a lot to him
~has a really deep conversation about how he hopes we’re all happy~
•he got distracted and started talking about somebody’s dog
•he likes Troyes music
•he needs more storage
(#danneedastorage is the hashtag now)
•"finally a hashtag that makes sense"
•people are telling him to move into a bigger apartment
•"I feel strangely calm"- about TATINOF
•YOUTUBE color corrected the seven second video they did and now they look pink
•YOUTUBE also photoshopped PHILS eyes and he looks like an alien in the thumbnail
•he said phil looked fine before
•tomorrow will mark the beginning of us living in a post TATINOF world
•"goodbye ducklings"

December 31, 2015

How I’m spending the last day of 2015:

  • Went for a 3 mile marathon training run
  • Got breakfast with Megan and dad at Waffle House.  They accidentally put butter on my grits and toast but it was good and the coffee was good and it felt familiar.
  • Rn I’m making a pink and gold glitter banner for my dorm that says “uh huh honey” and I’ll show you all when I’m done
  • Writing lots and lots to finish up my journal from this year
  • Picking up more calendars from the print shop and half of them have already been sold ????!?
  • Getting ready with Meg and I’m gonna nicely ask her to curl my hair bc she does it best
  • Going to Al’s for a bit then we might go to a party or two.  I’ve been getting pretty good at doing my own makeup and I look forward to it every day so I’m extra excited to do somethin fancy with it tonight

How I spent the other 364 days or so:

  • Didn’t get accepted to my dream school and felt okay about it eventually
  • Graduated from high school even tho the last few weeks were hell???
    • SPOKE AT GRADUATION even though my school vp tried to kick me off stuco a week before grad
  • Made it to state with my lax team for the first time EVER in our team history
  • Did lots of things as class president that I was very proud of - most notably, worked my ass off to plan prom with my co-pres in spite of petty opposition from our vice principal
    • it was so good yall man you should’ve seen it
  • Won a few writing awards for pieces that I was incredibly proud of, finally accepted that I am a writer in spite of my self doubt
  • Made the wrong college choice, made (and am making) the very best of it while having the courage to find the best place for me no matter how hard and scary it is. 
    • Have made a bunch of incredible, lovely friends in the process
  • Got a 4.0 my first semester of college, became more certain than ever that English is where I need to be
  • Trained for a half marathon twice, finally ran one and DIDN’T INJURE MY HIP
  • Began training for my first full
  • Read a book every week of this summer
  • Survived the hardest month of my life in which I:
    • got kicked out of my house
    • had my best friend of nearly ten years end our friendship and deliberately isolate me from the rest of my friend group, nearly uprooting my life, eliminating my support system, and decimating my sense of self & self esteem
    • moved in with my dad thereby ending 18 years of abuse from my mom
    • rebuilt my life a little bit at a time and ended up having a really lovely summer. finally felt safe and happy; sought healthier, purer, and more productive friendships elsewhere
  • Celebrated another year with my favorite person in the universe.  Had lots of good times and got to grow together in ways I never imagined.
  • Got my first professionally commissioned illustration published !!!!!
  • Made lots of art and ran my own business for the second year in a row
  • Found ways to glorify in the little things and live the life I want regardless of circumstance.  Loved my job, grocery shopping, cooking for myself, playing with makeup, reading books, rediscovered myself as an artist, made myself at home at my dad’s and in BG, became a full-fledged PLANT MOM. 
  • Met Taylor (@hippieadvisor) who has changed my life in so many important ways
  • Went vegan and took care of my body and became so much stronger and healthier

I wrote in my journal that I hardly feel like the same person as I did yesterday let alone a year ago.  We talked a lot about the significance of a year in my English class in relation to Sir Gawain because G has to wait a year before completing his task - specifically how endings never reflect their beginnings and life is never a perfect circle.  This year I’m very, very grateful for that.  I’m grateful for where I am right now.  I’m reading journal entries from June that I wrote on nights that I wanted (and truly intended) to end my life.  There are suicide notes I wrote in October and September.  But even when I felt the most alone I’ve ever felt in my life, I had Alex and Hannah and Rachel who did anything and everything to make sure I was okay.  I’m really really fucking proud of myself for thriving this year in spite of it all.  I feel like I’ve healed.  Honestly it feels like such a victory to still be alive.

Heading into 2016, I’m filling out transfer applications, training for a marathon, replenishing a stock of sold out calendars, and planning lots of new art and writing projects for the coming weeks.  I’m very in love with someone who makes me feel safe and inspired and excited to be a person.  I love my class schedule for the spring semester.  I’ve got lots of new friends who I love to pieces waiting for me when I move back to school.  I’m happier and more sure of myself than I’ve been in ages.  I’m happy and excited to be alive.
(can I say that or is the cheese factor too revolting???)
Thank you all for the consistent encouragement and support.  Having an audience look up to me and actively hold me accountable for my attitude has made all the difference.  Y’all always say that you look up to me for being so positive, but it’s less that I’m inherently a positive person and much more that you all have set such high standards, expectation, and examples for me to react to my life with strength, grace, and positivity.  Thank you.  All of the compliments you give me are a reflection of you, not me.  Please continue to be such wonderful and vivid presences in the world.  Your efforts are not in vain.  Know that you have impacted at least one life this year in such a large and important way.  I love you and Im grateful for you.

Love always and happy new year,

Hannah xx


҉    S U N R I D G E     ҉     M A N O R    ҉

“It wasn’t until I was in my second century that I saw our great city; the tall stone walls with gold trim and thick banners of cloth that draped throughout the streets was a sight to steal any mans breath away from them. Taking me through the spire we twisted and turned at every corner until I was home. My father pulled me into him and our juniper eyes met for the first time since the news broke free; ‘This will be yours some day boy, no matter what she’s done, she can not strip you of your birth right. No woman should ever hold such power over the Rha’veran men, and you are that my son, you are Rha’veran.’ I grew up only knowing the fields I plowed and the rivers I swam in to cool off after a hard days worth of work. To drink water from cupped hands and eat moldy bread if that was all we could muster for a short amount of time. I refused to beg and some nights I would go hungry so she could eat. Once I was of age I enlisted into the Thalassian military so she would not have to suffer through another hard winter again. The woman who selfishly betrayed me, stealing me away from everything I could have been. A life of splendor is not the one I would choose yet I wear this diadem upon my head with pride for the sake of my father. I live in their homes and uphold their traditions so that I will not forsake who and what they are like she did. The day you hung, was the day I was freed.”