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We Are Young: Chapter 2

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Standing in the middle of the school foyer, Dorian took a moment to stare up at the giant piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling.

The school colours stared back at him. LETS GO ROYALS jumped out, painted in red with a gold outline. Someone had even added red and gold sparkles, causing the banner to shine in the light of the school foyer.

The big game was in just a few days, and already the school was abuzz. Banners were being hung all over - in the hallways, classrooms, and especially around the front of the school - despite the fact that they would all have to come down for the game.

Dorian smirked as he walked by a banner that had been made just for him. “YOU HAVE A GOALIE, BUT WE HAVE A PRINCE!” Prince. A suitable nickname for the star goalie of the Royals. Everyone loved to say he was the best goalie they’d ever had, and if he was being honest with himself, he kind of was. That said, even he would admit the nickname was a bit much. Some girls came up with it his freshman year, and it stuck ever since.

“They sure love their hockey.”

Dorian looked to his left, pulling his lips back into a smile as Chaol stepped up next to him.

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A penny for a thought

From the wild moor

Red and gold , the banner of the brave house is lazily singing in the wind.
The sun is setting.
The hustling world breathes out a relieved sigh and fireflies light up the darkening land.
Bonfires are cracking in the dull light and embers sparkle in the soft evening air.
Someone is humming the tune of the latest song and low guitar cords mingle into it.

Sitting down you stare into the fire.
Warmth engulfs you and for a moment in time you are immortal.

A penny for a thought?

A thought of adventure.
Aren’t there mountains to climb and seas to cross?
Aren’t there fights to fight and minds to blow?
Right now you could jump off a plane with a parachute strapped onto your back.
Can you feel it?
The feeling of your heart plunging into your stomach?
The sound of the wind that whips against your body?
Right now you could be walking through a thousand year old forest.
Can you hear it?
The cries of a monkey, calling out for his mate?
The ever existing rush of life in the jungle?

Does it not make you feel drowsy?

Knowing that all that is out there?
Knowing that you have the possibility to grasp immortality just by LIVING!

Does it not make you feel afraid?

Knowing that all that is out there?
Knowing that you are going against the world just by living?


From glen

Blue and bronze, the colours of the wise house are clothing the sky at dawn.
The world awakes.
The darkness is leaving and makes space for the buzzing day.
The first birds are leaving their nests whilst chirping a greeting to the rising sun.
The sweet east-wind accompanies them and fills the air with promising fragrance.

Walking through the dew you look up into the clear sky. Your skin is still covered in goosebumps from the nightly cold but it wakes you up and clears your mind and
for a moment in time you are immortal.

A penny for a thought?

A thought of philosophy.
Aren’t there minds to fill with knowledge? Aren’t there books to read and worlds to discover?
Aren’t there paintings to finish and poems to recite?
Right now you could use your voice to bring ideas to life!
Can you see it?
A pirate, a knight, a fairy a friend.
You are raising your voice and life streams through the world. In a wirlwind you paint fight and reunions and first kisses and adventures.
You convey emotions and manipulate reality.
Can you feel it?
The power those words hold?
A sentence is enough to end a life. But a word can also let it begin.

Does it not make you feel excited?

Knowing that behind every cover is a new universe to discover?
Knowing that you are creator and destroyer of worlds?

Does it not make you feel scared?

Knowing that you are losing contact to your here and now?


From valley broad

Black and yellow, the banner of the steady house flutters on the wind.
The sun is standing high in the sky, leaving warmth and light in its wake.
The world is here and now. The day came swooping in and grasped your hand to run along. Life is pulsating through the arteries of the earth. The trees are groaning and the weeds are dancing. Bees and bears alike are heading out to follow nature’s call into the wild.

Laying in the grass you look up and shield your eyes from the sun, and for a moment you are immortal.

A penny for a thought?

A thought of perspective.
Aren’t we already sad enough?
Aren’t there little things to enjoy?
The perfect meal, prepared by a friend for a friend?
Watching animals work and realising that they are just as hardworking and down to earth as we are?
Tuning out the world to take care of yourself because you are worth to be looked after, and firstly by yourself?
Can you hear it?
The laughter or you and your friends because you understand the meaning and worth of your friendship?
Can you see it?
How that smile you gave to a stranger made their day because they thought they were hated by or for their own blood?

Does it not make you feel happy?

Knowing that your hardships will be honoured? Knowing that there is more to life than your success?

Does it not make you feel helpless?

Knowing that some people won’t understand the true feeling of joy?


From fen

Silver and green, the colours of the proud house adorn the nightly northern sky.
The moon and the stars are carefully watching over the sleeping world.
Silence has drowned out the never ending fuss of the day and finally thoughts are able to wander and sprout and bloom.
Only the wolfs howl in the night, their ancient song of hardship and pride. A tune that is as loud as thunder and trice as beautiful.

Walking through the darkness with only the moon as light you listen to the silent noise of secret life. And for a moment you feel immortal.

A penny for a thought.

A thought of freedom.

Aren’t there already enough heroes in this world?
Aren’t there other people that can be chess figures on a board?
Right now you could be running with wolves and dancing with snakes. You could be swimming against the current and tame the sharks in the water.
Right now you could be proving them wrong and yourself worthy.
Right now you could be reaching for the stars and leave your head in the clouds.
Can you feel it?
When the shackles of oppression fall apart?
When you can finally choose your own way?
The rain on your face, the wind in your hair as you run through the world and pursue your dreams?
Can you see it?
The future that you always wanted?
Painted in the colours of the milkyway, sparkling and bright and never fading.

Does it not make you feel giddy?

Knowing that you can go wherever you want to?
Knowing that you are your own person?

Does it not break your heart?

Knowing that the loneliness can be crushing?






AC/DC-Remus Lupin Imagine

Request: Can i make a request please where remus lupin is in love with a hufflepuff and everyone expects her to be all shy but when they play a prank in the hufflepuff common room they see her dancing to rock (ac/dc or something) so they push him to ask her out

Warnings: none

Hope you all enjoy! xo 

“A prank in the Hufflepuff common room?” Remus repeated, turning to face Sirius and James with a disconcerted look on his face. 

“Yep, tonight,” Sirius replied, grinning mischievously.

“Don’t worry, we know Y/N will be there, so we won’t touch a hair on her head,” James added, clapping a hand to Remus’ shoulder. 

“Pfft, why would I be worried?” He asked, leaning against the table in an attempt to look nonchalant, but nearly falling off his chair.

“You’re in love with Y/N, duh,” Sirius said.

“Is it that obvious?”

“As obvious as James obsessing over Lily.” A slap echoed around the common room.  

“Just tell him the plan, you git,” James grumbled.

“So,” Sirius began, rubbing the back of his head with a scowl, “we go into their common room and hide some Dungbombs while they’re all at dinner. Then, we turn everything red and gold and put Gryffindor banners up on the walls. After dinner, when they’re trying to clean up, we set off the Dungbombs.”

“At least this is better than the Slytherin prank that nearly got us all expelled,” Remus said with a shrug.

“It’s not my fault those girls were scared of pixies. I thought they were cute.”

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cheap back to school amazon finds

hello everyone! i compiled a looong list of cute and aesthetic supplies to help you guys pick out things for your back to school shopping. most of this stuff is not neccisarry at all for having a studyblr, or a succesful school year, but is a lot of fun to have. this list is very long so feel free to do what im going to and pick out a few favorites!! at the end i will link the amazon wish list so you can see it all in one place. 

the “amazon finds” are sectioned into the categories, “writing, highlighting, and coloring”, “supplies” which includes everything from notebooks to stickers and washi tape to pencil cases, “backpacks”. “lunch and snack supplies” and “daily carry” which has cute stuff to have at your desk, stuff to make your life easier and cute self care goods. 

have a great year!!

writing, highlighting, and coloring:

pilot soft color highlighters $6.18

pastel mechanical pencil set $8.99

primacolor 48 pencil set (great deal i spent much more on these a few years back) $24.50

sakura stardust galaxy 6-piece gelly roll pens $7.88

zebra mildliners all colors set $14.25

pilot G2 metallic gel roller ball pen set $9.98

zebra eco zebrite double ended highlighter set $7.65

staedtlr textsurfer highlighter set $11.95

black pilot juice gel pen set of 10 $10.70

pilot juice pastel gel pen set of 6 $8.39

zebra sasura ball point pen set of 8 $8.48

sakura brush pen set  $13.33

tombow double sided brush tip markers $13.29


pusheen “take notes take naps” notebook $6.29

set of 5 muji a5 spiral bound notebooks $13.21

strawberry washi tape $4.33

floral, raspberry and cactus washi tape set $8.95

happy animals washi tape $1.59

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cheap as heck washi tapes of the whole rainbow $1.38

bullet journal stencil set $9.98

a different bullet journal stencil set $8.99

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pig and cat planner sticker 12 pack $6.59

6 pack planner sticker set $5.50

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earthy canvas and leather hiking backpack $37.99

jansport hatchet hiking backpack (I have it, its wonderful)  $45.97

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lunch and snack supplies:

bicycle print lunch bag $27.99

sriracha water bottle $8.95

pusheen print tumbler $13.85

“ocean sea and wave” print lunch bag $19.97

“ocean sea and wave” print reusable sandwich and snack bags $19.97

white reusable sandwich and snack bags $11.95

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mermaid scale print sandwich and snack bags $19.97

daily carry:

baby pink foldable on ear headphones $16.95

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mint external battery $14.95

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kikerland cat pomodoro timer $4.99

cafe latte candle $9.99

pusheen sleep mask $6.59

pusheen sock set $12.99

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions $10.53

thanks for reading my long post! here is the amazon wishlist link

i have it enabled so that people may send me something from the list if they really want to, but my no means should you feel like you have too! make sure when you put something in your cart you are sending it to yourself and not me by accident! 

It’s hard to watch a world burn—even harder when its home.

Krypton doesn’t go anywhere, it isn’t consumed by hellish fire, or blown into the black of space—no, it sits there and exists.

Even if she can’t recognize it anymore.

Somehow that’s worse.

The gold and white banners of El have been torn down, the towering monuments to war heroes pulled to the ground with lengths of recoil-rope—whole cities bristling blue-white with artificial fire.

The news coverage doesn’t miss anything—a pale blue woman with turquois hair from the chamber floor of Earth’s senate recites numbers as if they have no meaning. 103,654,013 confirmed dead, 47,211,980 missing.

“Today,” the speaker says, finally blinking away the distance to actually look at the camera. “Argo City burns.”

—unnamed supercat future!space au, sneak peek.


Darkness from Stupid Mario Brothers stimboard!
🌑this request was submitted before character themed requests were closed🌑

Chinese New Year Headcanons

- None of the Crows have celebrated Chinese New Years before but Kuwei has celebrated it ever since he was little
-Cue Kuwei teaching everyone about the holiday
- Wylan makes firecrackers and they all stand in the street setting them off
- Nina and Kuwei decorate Wylan’s house with red and gold banners
- basically the entire crew dressed in red celebrating New Years
- Kuwei teaching the crew how to say “Happy New Year” in Chinese
- Wylan gives everyone red envelopes

In a Name 29

ARGHaefkleajlekjfeoajieojs Here is excitement ramped up for the ball and oh boy and I just blew it… just… yea *waves hands at this* I’m more excited for what I have planned next but like, I feel like I’ve been building up for soo long and then this is what I come up with and like, shouldn’t it be better? I don’t know, please enjoy if you can…

The people @ladytaissa @xordinaryxwomanx @megasimpleplan4ever @stace1394 @thebookisbtr @lucifer-the-cuddler @xdebora @hannah-caitlynn @graysonmalfoy @falltoashes @solsticestorm @bingewatchingmylifegoby @elenoranave @incadinkadoo @melanin—senpai @juuliiaa05 @sigridlaufeyson @ihaveanobsessenproblem @oneweirdfangirl @kristenscamander @pabegay1

And before you truly realized it, the day of the ball was upon you. You were summoned early from your chambers, brought to the queen’s private rooms to be scrubbed and coifed and primped and preened and all around made beautiful. Your hair was done up, makeup added and as you looked in the mirror, for a moment you might’ve believed you were a princess; but when your mind turned to Loki, you knew it would never be enough.

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SVT - Click a Prince: Jun (Ending)

Originally posted by changkyu-n

Series: Click a Prince (intro

Member/s: OT13  - Jun x Reader 

Words: 560 

He laid all alone on the stage, remembering all the words he had learned, knowing that they had no meaning to him.

You walked entered stage right, your slippers making virtually no sound, and you displacing no air. His eyes were closed, and he breathed through his nose, he felt near peace.

“I know you’re there.” He mumbled without opening his eyes.

“And how do you know that?” You said, kneeling down next to him.

“A good actor knows how to feel the presence around him.”

“Ah - but if you’re such a great actor should you not know what the atmosphere is?” His eyes shot open at your words. But with a hand on his torso, and your face near his he stayed on the floor, his breathing hitching.

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for @feysandbooks

Falling For You: A Feyre + Rhysand Playlist

i. james bay - if you ever want to be in love | ii. the civil wars - poson and wine | iii. gabrielle aplin - savlation | iv. hozier - like real people do | v. the 1975 - robbers | vi. halsey - is there somewhere | vii. the 1975 - fallingforyou | viii. banners - gold dust | ix. aaron krause - jade | x. sleeping at last - every little thing she does is magic

Listen Here

i recommend listening to gold dust ;)

to request an acomaf edit or fanfic idea, send me an ask.

So in the Isle Legacy I’ve got a head-canon that the Windenburg Island is like one of those small New England islands you always see either really cheesy romance films or horror films filmed on. (There is no inbetween) You know the ones sort of a little out of time that’s barely a few dozen people and a general store and that’s it? And you have the obligatory scene where the main character is on the beach being dramatic with good back-lighting while watching tide pools?

Well anyway I started writing out a little opening just to pair with some screenshots if I can manage to get the angles right and suddenly I’ve got like 4k words of ridiculous romance novel intro. Someone save me from this sims elf hell.

In other news: I’ll hopefully have some stuff? I’m working on getting more poses and animations set up for storytelling and I gotta skill up Bo a bit so their painting and finances are where they need to be.


Kirby banners!! (Sorry the first one is a different typeface!)

No need to credit me, you just have to reblog/like beforehand!!


Ten Kirby-themed banners that each say “Please Don’t Interact If: kink/nsfw/ddlg/cgl/littlespace/etc. or terf/swerf/aphobe/biphobe/truscum/reg/etc.!

The first two use artwork of Kirby from Kirby Mass Attack. The first one is a mild blue with cyan text and the second one is cyan with pink text. 

The third banner has a picture of Kirby riding his warp star, leaving behind a trail of smaller, glowing stars. It is on a dark blue background with gold text.

The fourth banner uses a picture of a pastel, minimalized Kirby. The background is an even lighter pink than his body and the text is magenta.

The fifth one uses artwork of Kirby in the floaty tube he uses on the surface of the water. The background is a water texture and the text is gold.

The sixth one uses artwork of Hypernova Kirby. The background is a pastel rainbow gradient and the text is light pink.

The seventh one uses artwork of Kirby using his Paint Copy Ability. The background is a watercolor splatter on white paper with dark blue text.

The eighth one uses artwork of the Skully enemies from Kirby Mass Attack. They are on a purple space background with periwinkle text.

The ninth one uses artwork of Gordos, also from Kirby Mass Attack. They are on a metallic blue background and use white text.

The tenth and last one uses artwork of Beanbons, anotyher enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. The background is light green and the text is a slightly more saturated green.]