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I’ve joked about this before eons ago, but Tintin being Extra™ and dramatic while fainting from heat exhaustion has always been kind of hilarious to me

also, that art progression tho!! 💯👌✨


White Gold, S3 E23  //  Preventative Medicine, S7 E22

this moment is so small and weirdly lit that there’s really nothing to be done with it gifset-wise but i had to gif it anyway bc it’s the only shot of sabo in film gold that i hadn’t been spoiled for before watching it and even tho it’s only like 2 sec his beauty in it blows me away

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What do you think the Cluster would have looked like if it had taken form?

I’m so glad you asked!!!

I’ve seen a couple of models on it that give it a roughly humanoid form, which I’ve always thought was kinda cheap. There was something really otherworldly and awe-inspiring about the Cluster when we saw just its gem.

I do like the idea that we could very well get to see it just by teleporting the bubble outside of the Earth.

My mental image is that it would make a form that’s shaped kind of like a spiral galaxy? There’s a rough “nexus” where the gem is, and the gem sticks out both top and bottom because of its size, but what branches out from the rest of the core are these huge tendrils that at a closer look are composed entirely of a massive number of normal-sized hands. It also has a huge number of eyes that it can open on any viable surface on its body. So getting the Cluster’s attention it’d just bring over a bunch of hands and a bunch of eyes to point at you, since it doesn’t have a face. 

Its form has a consistent color that’s this kind of shimmery, opalescent purple-white-blue-gold depending on angle and lighting because of how Steven helped it intercommunicate. I don’t think it’d have any particular gem powers, but it’s just incredibly strong. And huge. Like, if it’s out in Earth’s orbit it could just pull an arm out and poke the surface of the planet.

Also @birdbrainweird had the single best idea that since it’d be big enough, it would have its own gravity and accumulate like… an asteroid belt. That it can throw at people who upset it.

the signs as aesthetics

aries: Gatsby aesthetic. Gold and black. Angles and sharp lines. Dancing. Flowing fabric.

taurus: teen witch aesthetic. Black sunhats. Glittery eyelids. Chipped nail polish. Human skulls.

gemini: librarian aesthetic. Circular glasses. Candlelight. The smell of old books. Evergreen and maroon.

cancer: techno aesthetic. Hot pink and lime green. Grids. Laptops in bathtubs. Static.

leo: big city aesthetic. Round dark sunglasses. Pencil skirts. Skyscrapers. Museums.

virgo: 40s aesthetic. Victory curls. Denim and cotton. Red and white. Quiet smiles.

libra: space aesthetic. Comet trails. Black holes. Supernovas. Tattoos of the constellations.

scorpio: sk8erboi aesthetic. Loose clothing. Neon and black. The sound of wheels on pavement. Snapbacks.

sagittarius: nature hoe aesthetic. Weeds swallowing up abandoned houses. Mustard yellow tank tops. Wilting sunflowers. Little green beetles.

capricorn: photography aesthetic. Statues of the greek gods. Marble. Fountains. Cheekbones.

aquarius: 70s aesthetic. Turquoise and red. Bellbottoms. Long braided hair. Lava lamps.

pisces: the Plathsthetic. Oversized beige sweaters. Raindrops pummeling windows. Tattered copies of The Bell Jar. Unmade beds.

About the similarities between Magnus and Jace

Third chapter of the “About Magnus” series.
I mentioned in the previous meta that I wanted to focus on Magnus’s relationship with the characters in “The Mortal Instruments” trilogy. I would have loved to do something shorter and more coherent but then, someone (*cough @alyxhavok cough*), pointed out some interesting aspects and nudged me in a certain direction. And here I am, writing a whole meta focusing on Magnus and Jace. This is not much about their relationship per se: it’s about the similarities in their vulnerabilty as characters.

I’m not talking about their physical appearance, of course. I’m referring to their personality, behaviour and past. There are certainly more aspects to cover but I decided to address five.

Thanks again to @alyxhavok who started this (<3), @reivenesque who metaed my meta and killed me with Magnus feelings all over again, and to @sfjessii who’s basically a saint, because she reads everything and puts up with all the metas and fangirling.

Quotes and gifs from:

“City of Bones” (first book of the “Mortal Instruments”)
“City of Heavenly Fire” (sixth book of the “Mortal Instruments”)
“The Bane Chronicles”
Shadowhunters TV Show – Season 1, Episode 12 “Malec”
Shadowhunters TV Show – Season 2, Episode 02 “A Door Into the Dark”
Shadowhunters TV Show – Season 2, Episode 08 “Love is the Devil” 

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A voice, and then a hand pressing at his right shoulder coaxed Glace out of his sleep.  He wasn’t sure how long he’d been out, much less why he was sleeping sitting up in a chair.  Cracking one eye open, he noted that he was in what must have been a waiting room somewhere.  Most of the chairs in the room were empty, there were some strange, fake potted plants in the corners. 

Standing over him was a young woman with mousy brown hair, and she was wearing… perhaps it was a lab coat, but it wasn’t any design he recognized.  It was crimson, and there were too many sharp black and gold angles in the decorative details.  She had, cradled in one arm, a blanket-wrapped bundle, which she held out to him as he woke.

“It’s a boy!  Congratulations on your son!” she chirped merrily, furthering Glace’s befuddlement.

“Uhm…” quickly, he stole another look around at the room, finding no one else there.  Still, he said, “You’ve got the wrong guy, lady.  There’s no possible way–”

“Oh, but you’re the father, alright!  You’re Glace aren’t you?“

His mouth opened to answer but no sound came out and he closed it again.  His jaw tightened.  His mind immediately raced over all possibilities of how this could have happened and why he was only just finding out about it.  He did everything he was supposed to to make sure it wouldn’t happen, but….

The nurse - or so he assumed she was a nurse - all but shoved the small bundle into his arms and took a step back, all the while still beaming with joy to some strange, sickening degree about getting to introduce a new father to his son. 

Glace only stared at her, and he felt his blood run cold and his skin turn from midnight to ash.  Slowly, uncertainly, he lowered his eyes to greet the face peeking out from its soft swaddling.

Before he knew it, a monstrously large set of jaws erupted and latched onto his face.  He made no sound, and stared confusedly into the dark, damp, sharp tooth-lined maw of whatever the Hells kind of abomination his mate brought into the world when he wasn’t looking.

“Aww, that’s perfect! He loves you!” he heard the nurse cooing over the sound of the bones in his skull starting to crack under the pressure of the thing’s jaws.

“This is fine,” he thought as he exhaled a resigned sigh.  “No.  Fuck.  This is beyond fine, this would be my normal…

Glace grabbed hold of the creature, still mostly tucked safely within the confines of the blanket, pried it off of his face, and tossed it back at the nurse.  The next sounds he heard were a surprised shriek and a mighty clatter like something crashing into a suit of armor.

He sat bolt upright on the inn room bed and looked around, and sure enough, it looked like calamity had come.  The inn keeper wasn’t going to like it. He wasn’t sure exactly what happened until he looked across the room and saw a small, round, orange shape bounding out from under the toppled suit of samurai armor.  It stopped suddenly in the middle of the room and looked over at him.

Glace swung his feet to the floor, palms scrubbing over his face while staring back at the animal’s wide amber eyes. He then noticed a small damp patch on the side of his face and warmth where, he assumed, it was licking while he slept, drawn by the lingering scent of his sushi snack a few bells earlier. 

The inn room window was still open.  He reasoned that this must have been how the beast got in.

“This isn’t my cat…”


Samoa Joe attacks Paul Heyman
[June 5th, 2017]

At Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay per view, former NXT Champion Samoa Joe withstood the challenge of Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, and Roman Reigns in a 5-Man melee to become the new number one contender to the WWE Universal Championship. That title, held by Brock Lesnar, is one that Joe now has in his sights, and thus, would address Monday on Raw. When Lesnar’s manager/advocate Paul Heyman addressed the new number one contender, Samoa Joe had a message for Lesnar, which he wanted to ensure would be delivered correctly.

In this very emotional, uncomfortable segment, Joe has proven that he’s a man without fear. He’s done one thing that nobody before him had the guts to do, and deliberately assaulted and choked out Paul Heyman with his signature Coquina Clutch. Now, while it’s entirely possible that what Joe has done is awoken an angrier version of “The Beast Incarnate”. As of this typing (6/6), Lesnar hasn’t appeared on television since winning the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33, where he defeated Goldberg to begin his fifth championship reign. In that match, Lesnar became the first man to not only defeat Goldberg clean, but also to kick out of his signature Jackhammer. While Joe’s Coquina Clutch is an immensely effective maneuver, Lesnar’s comfort zone is mixed martial arts, so perhaps this is a bout that will test the fortitude of both men to a higher degree than they’ve been tested in some time.

At Great Balls Of Fire (I still can’t believe that’s real), Lesnar defends the Universal Championship against “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. Both men are former World Heavyweight Champions, both men have proven themselves against the Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, and both have a penchant for hand-to-hand combat and pure violence. Despite what the rest of the card may hold, this match may be the one that completely sells it for me.