gold and red weddings

Black for hunting through the night

For death and mourning the colorโ€™s white

Gold for a bride in her wedding gown

And red to call the enchantment down

White silk when our bodies burn

Blue banners when the lost return

Flame for the birth of a Nephilim

And to wash away our sins.

Gray for the knowledge best untold

Bone for those who donโ€™t grow old

Saffron lights the victory march

Green to mend our broken hearts

Silver for the demon towers

And bronze to summon wicked powers

—  Shadowhunter childrenโ€™s rhyme; City of Heavenly Fire

frostediron  asked:

YO YO YO! Any frostiron wedding headcannons?? Thanks boo!

❄️ they spend weeks both edging around proposing even though the other one doesn’t know it. i’m not sure who i think actually manages to pop the question first, but the other one is definitely kinda pissed off that they got beat to it, and the proposer instantly thinks they’re being rejected until they a reassured ‘no no you ass i was planning it too and you did it first what the fuck’ and pulls out their ring. so Tony and Loki both have engagement rings and when people ask, they act like it was intentionally planned 💍💍

❄️ i’m still like permanently obsessed with the idea of Loki telling Tony he’s willing to take the last name Stark, and Tony is kinda stunned and so flattered he can barely breathe even tho he puts on an air of confidence about it he just can’t believe Loki is going to take HIS last name Loki finds his excitement adorable

❄️ they decide that using red and gold and green wedding colors can totally be made to look classy (and not Christmasy, Tony says. Loki asks ‘what’s Christmas’. Tony tells him. Loki ends up wanting to ‘reclaim the winter season’ away from this ‘Christmas thing’ but doesn’t like winter because he’s still a bit insecure about being a frost giant. Tony talks him into a December wedding anyways so they can just reclaim winter into a positive memory, for both of them)

❄️ they definitely have two ceremonies bc theyre both extra af. the first one is a swanky rooftop Stark Tower wedding even tho Loki is hyperpicky about who even gets to come so it’s small (and cold/snowing bc December!), but he enjoys watching Tony try to impress him with fancy Midgardian wedding suggestions/decor. the final ceremony is Asgardian, and Thor insists on officiating :D

❄️ the Asgard wedding is out on the bifrost to symbolize Tony and Loki being basically a joining of two worlds. the scenery blows Tony’s mind because they’re out under billions of stars on a windy bridge IN SPACE and god Tony wants take a chunk of the bifrost straight back to his lab to study it, but Loki is so stunning walking toward him that even all of that fades in comparison

❄️ their honeymoon is a year long. Loki wants Tony to tour the 9 realms with him. Tony is so excited to see it all and fuck in every realm bc he bets no one in the universe can say that

❄️ but a few months of that year are spent with Tony showing Loki more places on Earth. It’s not as impressive as all the cosmos and magic stuff, but Loki married Tony for a reason–different is good. Tony’s human life is still fascinating to Loki because of the way Tony talks about it and shows it to him, and he likes seeing the world from Tony’s POV because it’s so refreshing and it feels safe exactly because to him it feels small and secret and ‘hidden away’ compared to everything he grew up with.

❄️ Loki offers Tony immortality every night after the weddings, not because he wants to pull Tony into his world but because he knows Tony will always be himself no matter how long he exists or where, and Loki knows he needs that assurance, that partnership for the rest of his days ~