gold and lee


“If print Journalism is dead, why am I doing here?” The start of Betty & Jughead as the sleuthing reporters for the Blue and Gold ~ love how they compromise with each other on the creative freedom and Betty’s happy face is adorable!

Covers by Kpop artist that you should listen
  • (Kard) Jiwoo ft JSeph: Bitch better have my money
  • (Ladies Code) Sojung: Chandelier, Don't be shy
  • Lee Hi ft 2000won: Love the way you lie
  • Kim JaeJoong: Glamorous Sky
  • Ladies Code: All that jazz
  • Spica: Men came down like the rain
  • Ailee: I will always love you
  • Dreamcatcher: Lucky Strike
  • Day6: Nobody, Stop and Stare
  • (Exo) Chen: Imagine
  • (Shinee) Jonghyun: Y si fuera ella
  • Nam Taehyun: Creep
Pitch Perfect cast is gold

I’m so glad that the girls don’t make fun of us for shipping Bechloe, we’re so lucky, you know that, right? After all the shit going on with the cast of supergirl and their comments about Supercorp I realise how lucky we are… I mean, they listen to us and talk about it (especially Kendrick). Fuck, they EVEN SHIP THEM. I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH, THEY’RE AMAZING.

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