gold and burgundy

It’s still too hot for furisode in Nagoya, but the heat is just starting to break and it’s time to think about New Year’s Eve and fall weddings!

These four incredibly bold, Taisho-inspired (1920s-1930s) furisode are pairing saturation with saturation, powerful obi with punchy kimono, no holds barred, zigzags with giant flowers, purple bamboo with purple bamboo with lime and blood red, stripes with flowers with cranes, mandala flowers on mandala flowers, this designer is uncontrollable. 

I gotta be honest, as much as I appreciate the restrained wabi-sabi of tea ceremony kimono and the glimmer of grey desaturated silk on tatami, these furisode that are like being punched in both eyes simultaneously by mishandled fireworks give me so much more enjoyment. 


etsyfindoftheday | get ready for thanksgiving | 11.19.16

maple leaf trinket dish in cranberry by dandelionpottery

i’ve featured the golden version of this leaf dish before, but the deep red reminds me of sugar maples in southeastern wisconsin where i grew up. man, i love fall, and all its fun holidays like halloween and thanksgiving!!