gold and bronze!

pepin-the-short  asked:

More metallic wings?! Please?? I am obsessed. Also what is the "wing hierarchy" like which colors are supposedly ment to pair with each other?

The supposed best pairings are:

Platinum, silver, white gold go together.

Yellow gold, bronze, rose gold go together.

There really is no scientific basis for this except that as single people get older and start to worry about being alone forever, they tend to search for what is familiar. If I have bronze wings I will probably also look for bronze or similar colors because I see it everyday and I am unconsciously more comfortable with it. And other people do it too.

And people see this and think “Ah, yes, that makes sense that cool tones and warm tones stick together” despite the fact that there are tons of perfectly happy silvers dating bronze, or various golds dating each other, or yellow golds dating platinums. Tony’s a little older than most single people (barring Pepper, his relationships rarely lasted longer than a couple months) and as much as he likes to think that it’s all nonsense, he can’t help but wonder if he should just join one of those groups whose metallic feathers never come in and try his hand with one of them. He knows that he shouldn’t give up hope finding someone himself, but… it’s hard.

More Precious Than Silver or Gold

Found this on the wikia page for Hufflepuff. Really like this analogy and insight.

“The fact that Hufflepuff’s secondary colour is black and emblematic of the soil is symbolic of the fact that unlike the other three houses whose secondary colours are those of precious metals, Hufflepuff house is humble, down-to-earth, and enduring, unlike gold, silver, and bronze, which are soft metals that are easily broken or warped. It shows the Hufflepuff house’s ability to act as a shield, protecting the precious metals, which in this analogy are the other houses’ students, and serves as the humble foundations of their unified strength.”


Greek Bronze and Gold Short Sword and Dagger, C. 1450-1300 BC

The daggers and early swords of the Aegean Bronze Age represent some of the most striking artifacts of the period in terms of their opulence, craftsmanship and display of technical virtuosity. Whilst some were used solely for ceremonial use, many were functional instruments of war, attested by the clear developments in form, according to fighting preferences and practices. The short sword, which developed from the dagger, is one of the most interesting innovations of the Bronze Age, often signifying social status in societies in which hierarchy and one-on-one combat were primary concerns. The present dagger and short sword probably originate from Crete, in the locality of the great palaces at Knossos, or from Mycenae. The Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations were renowned for their wealth, richness of culture, technical sophistication, and strong influence across the Greek world for centuries to come. These are the weapons of the fabled heroes of Troy, the great treasures of powerful kings like Agamemnon, who ruled over the kingdom of Mycenae.

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Whenever the other wears the other’s color, they love each other a little bit more.

My headcanon is Katara as a Fire Lady only wears her husband’s colors during important/formal events (and Zuko respects her choice) as well as Zuko humbling himself with not wearing his crown and only wearing Southern Water tribe clothing during their visits in the south. Her betrothal necklace is carved from gold and bronze (cause zuko’s a doting lover) with the shape of the flower Milk Vetch cause I love its meaning