gold 160

Wide Eyes Open

Norita66 Noritar 80mm/f2.0 + Hasselblad 2000FCW +  Kodak Ektacolor Gold II 160(220 Film, Expired 02.1996) 

tonights session was SO fun holy fucking shit… my fav moments (THERE WERE SO MANY IT WAS SO FUNNY) 

  • the goat milk soap that cezall cut with his axe
  • bell exasperatedly trying to explain contract law to cezall
  • keen trying to pull bell into the water and i got (i kid you not) my best fucking roll of the entire night preventing her from doing it
  • bell Opened Up a little bc his insecurity from everyone pranking him won over his fears of opening up
  • spending like 15 fucking minutes trying to come up with a group name and settling on keciorsesecebe (kc for short). other options were cck boss (pronounced kick) and WANLAWDWTBA (i think)
  • bell spending 160 gold on clothes when he only had 167 because he has no fucking idea how money management works (including 15 gp JUST on hair ribbons) 
  • keen trying on the ugliest dress she could find

So i’m gonna sell my

-Benedict cumberbatch autograph (full name and signed on a sherlock photo of season 1)

-2 binders filled with Supernatural cards.

- some cell cards all with Loki on it and 2 others, Loki memorabilia cards with pieces of clothing used in Thor and The Avengers.

- A binder with the Thor movie cards and the Avengers card. A special card is included (drawn hulk artist card and i think I also have a captain marvel one)

- A Avengers piecework card with pieces of clothing worn by Scarlett, chris Evans , robert downey jr. And Mark.

- a This Is War poster signed by the three members of 30 Seconds To Mars. I also have rare singles and stickers, plectrums and just a lot.

- also 2 thor piecework cards.

- a 14ct rose gold bangle bracelet. (Asking 160 euro. Brand is Fjory.)

- a 9 ct antique signet ring (16mm size). (6, 3 grams heavy asking a 100 )

- A Mass Effect Garrus statue (has damage) with box. Very rare and go for high prices on the bay.

- A MSI 840m laptop. With box charger and all the stuff. ( asking 400 euro. Not even 2 years old and is ready to be used).

- A 925 Sterling silver Damon salvatore ring replica of the vampire diaries.

- a small 4 door impala replica from True Scale Models in removable case. ( not the cheaper versions)

I think that’s it for now. Send me and ask or message if you might be interested. I own a lot of collector stuff.

Introverted Chord

Norita66 Noritar 80mm/f2.0 + Hasselblad 2000FCW +  Kodak Ektacolor Gold II 160(220 Film, Expired 02.1996)