Phoenician Silver Gilt Bowl, Mid-7th Century BC

Decorated in repoussé with outlines and details incised, the central medallion with scene of hero attacking a lion, the lion leaping over a stylized mound towards the hero who wears an animal skin and holds a spear aloft, papyrus thicket in the background with nine large flowers and eight buds, the middle register with animal hunt, two horsemen and three warriors on foot pursue an ibex, stylized plant and two date palms between, a large falcon overlooking the scene, the outer register with a lion hunt, 11 warriors on foot carrying spears and shields and two horsemen, pursue a leaping lion, birds and stylized trees in between, each register divided by a band of punched dots, a band of larger dots around the exterior, rim folded over, remains of gilding.

Neck Deep - Gold Steps

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  • Me:Watching Inuyasha
  • Sesshomaru:Kohaku was there wasn't he?
  • Rin:*Is Lord Sesshomaru really gonna try and kill Kohaku?* Yeah but he saved me from demons in the cave
  • Sesshomaru:*sudden interest* Demons in the cave?
  • Me:And that is how you lure Sesshomaru off killing your friends. Distract him with something else. Next time watch as Rin jingles keys in front of him so Kohaku can ditch out the back window!