Night Time Fun (Dean x Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Length: 1014+ words

TW: Condoms

A/N: This just came to me in the middle of the night, and I wrote it literally in 15 minutes. I’ve been so bad with writing Hamilton fics, and I just keep writing Dean fics… I seriously gotta get my Ham jam back. 

“Dean?” she whispered, opening his door a bit, letting the dark room be illuminated by the hallway light. “Dean?”

The man groaned, recognizing her voice, and buried his head in his pillow.


“What?” he snapped, turning his head to her.

“Sorry to bug you, but can I borrow some condoms?”

His eyes narrowed. “Why?”

“Please? I just need a few.”

“A few?! Why the fuck do you need a few condoms?”

“Please, Dean? I know you have a bunch!” She made her way to his bedside drawer, opening the top shelf, and grabbing a few of the packets in her hands. “You don’t mind, right?”

Dean took a few deep breaths. They’ve been playing a game of cat and mouse these past few months, tip-toeing on the border of friendship, and something more. God, he wanted so much more. But he couldn’t. Not without absolute certainty that he wouldn’t be rejected, and even then, it would take a lot for him to put that kind of pressure on her. He wouldn’t do it. Nope. He could never ever tell her of his feelings towar-

“I like you,” he blurted out.

Well… At least he told her.

“What?” She looked taken aback.

“Fuck. I didn’t think I would ever tell you this, but I like you… A lot. So, please don’t go to that guy with those condoms- please don’t- please don’t fuck him, don’t- I know it’s not fair, and if you really want to I won’t stop you, but please don’t.” He ran his hand through his hair, the word vomit he just threw up wasn’t enough to physically showcase his frustration.

“Dean,” she said a little more quietly this time.

He sighed, turning his head away, and taking her silence for rejection. “Sorry for ruining your night, sweetheart. You can go see him. I won’t say anything else, and we can forget this whole conversation happened.” Dean could hear her footsteps approaching the door, and his heart sank. There was a part of him that wished- no, prayed, that he wasn’t reading the signals wrong. That she might actually like him back. That he actually had a chance with her. Alas, some prayers weren’t meant to be answered. That is, until he felt his jeans hit him right in the face. “What the fuck?”

“C’mon,” she motioned for him to follow her. Her eyes gleaming with mischief and excitement. “Get up! I wanna show you something.”


“Dean, c’mon. Please? I’ll make this worth your time!”

There was no force in the world that would make him say no to her. So, he sluggishly got out of bed, putting on his jeans, and picking up his jacket while following her out of his bedroom. They were just leaving the bunker when she spoke again.

“Do you wanna use those condoms with me?”

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A cyclone rose up around Ange. It was a golden swirl of butterflies, just like the one for Beatrice…
‘–I am ANGE Beatrice of 1998, the final Golden Witch! No witch of the past can defeat a witch from the future!!’
The cyclone of gold tore apart, and as leaves scattered around the room, the final witch appeared.

what is it with ange ushiromiya and amazing entrances…………..

We know it’s old news already, but last week when that blue/black/white/gold dress tore the internet and countless marriages and your sense of the ‘90s apart…

…it brought up a theme that we like to talk about a lot at Cracked: how our senses are about as trustworthy as Brian Williams’ war memoirs.

THIS WEEK: Co-hosts Jack O'Brien and Michael Swaim are joined this week by executive editor Jason Pargin (aka David Wong), and use the frenzy over 'the dress’ to dive into a conversation about perception, consciousness and the harm of saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Cracks in Human Perception

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In Honour of Remus Lupin's Birthday 10/03/60


Remus woke up to an off-white colour plastered to his forehead, blocking his entire line of vision. As he sat up, a small piece of parchment fluttered down into his lap.

‘Mr. Padfoot congratulates Mr. Moony on turning one year older. The Marauders have a something special planned for him, but he’ll have to find them first. The fireplace holds directions to the next clue.’

‘What are they up to now?’ Remus questioned silently. He shrugged and decided to play along, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and throwing on his favourite jumper.

The common room was mostly empty due to all the students hanging around the castle. Sure enough, there was another piece of parchment stuck just underneath the smiling portrait of Godric Gryffindor.

'Mr. Prongs wishes Mr. Moony a very happy birthday. He will find the next clue by the Marauders’ usual seat at the Gryffindor table.’

The Marauders’ spot at the Gryffindor table was the farthest away from the Professors’ table and closest to the entrance. It made for quicker escapes from infuriated professors.

Remus walked up to their spot and saw yet another note stuck to where he normally sat.

'Mr. Wormtail offers Mr. Moony the pleasure of being granted another “happy birthday.” He will find the next clue if he follows Mr. Wormtail.“

A loud squeak by his feet caused Remus to jump slightly in surprise. A small rat stood there, staring up at him with jet black eyes, its ears twitching.

It took off running down the corridor towards the entrance of the castle.

“Wormtail!” Remus called after it. Other students only glanced up. It was nothing out of the ordinary to see one of the Marauders acting strangely. The rat didn’t turn back, forcing Remus to chase after it. “Where are we going?!”

The rat ran out the large front doors of the castle, towards the tree that the Marauders hung out by.

Stuck to one of the lower branches was another piece of parchment.

'Mr. Padfoot assumes Mr. Moony is starting to become tired. He assures Mr. Moony that it will not be much farther. The next clue is located with a certain aubern-haired Head Girl. If she hasn’t left her station, she should be outside the hospital wing.’

Remus groaned. He looked at the rat. “The hospital wing’s on the other side of the castle! Did you have to make it so far?”

He could’ve sworn the rat nodded before running off.

Sighing, Remus trudged up seven flights of stairs to the hospital wing, a trip he had taken many times before.

There, standing just outside the doors was Lily Evans, waiting patiently for him to arrive.

She smiled at him, her emerald green eyes shining happily. “There you are! I’ve been waiting here forever!” She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. “Happy birthday!”

Remus smiled. “Thanks, Lily.”

Lily pulled a small scroll out of her robe pocket. “Sirius told me to give you this.”

'Mr. Prongs holds the final clue to Mr. Moony’s scavenger hunt. Find the room where the Marauders’ Map was completed in. Ms. Evans knows the password. Mr. Prongs suggests Mr. Moony takes Ms. Evans with him.’

Remus looked to Lily who shrugged innocently. “I’m not allowed to tell you until we get there. You have to figure it out yourself.”

Remus already knew where the final location was. The Room of Requirements. They had completed the map in there. It was a lot more private than the common room and had more work space than their dormitory. They used a password every time, ensuring no one would walk in on their work.

“I’ve got it,” Remus said.
Lily smiled. “Let’s get going then!”


“Ready for this, Remus?” Lily asked.
“I’m not sure,” Remus joked. “Knowing them, they either planned something brilliant and over the top or something kind of…what’s the word? Lame.”
Lily laughed. “Yeah, it’s actually not as awesome as I’m making it seem.”

Lily said 'I solemnly swear that I will make this the best birthday Moony has ever had.’ Quite a long password for something that Remus considered to be fairly unimportant.

A large oak door appeared. Lily gestured for Remus to open it.

As soon as the door was opened, Remus was tackled in a hug by his three best friends.

“Happy birthday!” Peter squeaked once they’d released him.

Sirius pretended to tear up saying, “Our little Moony’s all grown up!” To which Remus replied, “Your little Moony who’s four inches taller than you.”

James laughed at that. “Awe, come on Remus. You know you’ll always be our little Moony.”

“I can’t pretend like I’m not happy about that,” Remus smiled.

Lily joined James, who casually slung his arm around her shoulder. “Are we starting this party or what?”

Sirius grinned. “Of course we are! What better way to kick off a party than to start with presents?”

He handed Remus a large gift wrapped in red and gold paper.

Remus slowly tore it away, revealing a briefcase with letters spelling out 'Professor R. J. Lupin’.

“You’ve always talked about how your dream is to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts,” James grinned. “We figured we’d get you the trunk for it.”

Remus smiled at all of his friends. “It’s brilliant. Thank you all.”

Sirius chuckled and patted his shoulder.

“Happy Birthday, Moony.”

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Lol in the last two gifs of "today's encore" soo is so pissed with taekai that he tore the gold thing in his hand into half xDD #jealoussoo

poor baby… but I’m sure jongin got his punishment ;)

A Night to Remember Chapter 7

Sorry it’s been so long. Life, work, other fics, a disobedient muse, and other things all kept me away from this story. But here is a brand new, oh so pretty chapter. This should be the last chapter with flashbacks to the Titanic as I’m pretty much out of time in that regard (Hey the ship was only afloat for 5 days, can’t avoid that, LOL). I still hope you enjoy this chapter and all the stuff it is building up to.

Also found on and A03

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I Nominate Belle French

[AU ice bucket challenge]

“You have to do it.”

Mr. Gold glared at the PR rep and growled, “And why is that, dearie?”

“Because it’s for ALS!” Regina leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms. “If you don’t do it, you’ll look like the most insensitive bastard in Hollywood.”

“I am the most insensitive bastard in Hollywood.”

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