i arrive at the henrietta drag strip

dream battle: fought

matthew: saved

kavinsky: dead

i am forcibly removed from the drag strip

ok maybe this is unusual but i would actually love to see hopper and steve interact more in season 2.  i feel like hopper totally could have been that same kind of playboy, charming kid in high school (but not an asshole, more like post-demogorgon-steve will probably be).  like jonathan and hopper already know each other but they don’t have a lot in common but hopper would take one look at steve trying to flirt with nancy and be like “oh great… high school boys… fantastic” because he’ll remember how ridiculous he was back then

Pokémon helped me with my childhood Arachnophobia

Don’t worry, there’s no pictures of real spiders in this post. 

So when I was about 5, I had an irrational fear of spiders. I was never bitten or anything, I just didn’t like things with sharp teeth. So it wasn’t so much Spiders as it was Sharks, Snakes, Wolves, get the idea? 

 Anyway, my first Pokémon game was Pokémon Gold. Generation 2. I got it at night after school from my mom and on the second route you take in the game (route 30), you can find this little guy.


At age 6, I lost my mind when it showed up. I put the game boy down and didn’t touch it for the rest of the night. When I went to sleep I thought about what the horrible beast looked like. I did the mental jumping jacks that kids tend to do in order to make something seem scarier than it actually is. I pictured Spinarak drooling and with blood red eyes. An extreme close up of it’s face and a intimidating screech noise. 

That was my call back to reality. I didn’t even hear what sound it made so…how can I remember something I didn’t hear? I woke up and, risking pissing my mom off by not being in bed at 11 pm, turned my game boy back on. I went back to the route and I walked around until another one appeared. 

Yes, I was scared, but not as much this time. I remember my heart beat racing and trying not to let out a terrified whine seeing the legs and the tiny fangs. But I started to calm down realizing, the legs were small and the fangs looked like little mint candies. Hell, the first time I saw the Pokemon, my attention was on the fangs. Now that I had gotten over that, my next thought was to look at the rest of the body. 

Okay, it’s got a horn. Bad things have horns. But, my favorite Pokemon from the show was Ryhorn. 

The spider’s got a mean face on it’s butt though. But, it’s got a face on it’s butt! LoL! 

Yeah, I laughed at this thing and then I used my Cyndaquil to knock it out. 

Then another one appeared. So I caught it. I was someone who hated spiders…who know owned a spider. Why?

During the process to catch it. It used string shot and poison sting. It did the same thing ‘growl’ and ‘tackle’ did. The first time I saw Spinarak, I thought of it as a disgusting creature instead of something that’s apart of the game. Actually battling the thing showed me that it was apart of the game. It was a Pokemon just like Ryhorn and Cyndaquil. It just so happened to be a spider. 

It was apart of my team now. I poisoned grass types and was a ‘bug’ to fighting types. That was until I got to the elite four and Koga released an Ariados. A BIG spider. With long legs and sharp fangs. 

I’ll admit I was scared…for like two seconds.

My buddy was a big spider too.

I can’t really recall my reaction to every single spider I saw after that. It sure as hell wasn’t a terrified squeal like it was before Pokemon Gold was my jam though.   

So, I may not be a fan of spiders. But I’ve come a long way from when I was a kid and thought they were evil. 

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  And a lot of it is thanks to this cute little guy!