Golby2’s Shockwave vs Scorponok by Natephoenix

So recently I promised Golby that I would colour one of her pieces as a thank you for the colours she did on my portfolio Transformers comic.
So here we are.

The image Golby drew is a redraw of the Marvel Comic’s Transformers issue 72 cover, so I coloured it to match.  The original has a yellow sky and red buildings, so I figured it must be a sunset, right?

Hope she likes it!

Overview of my print purchases during AA. Both from artists Milne and John Paul Bove (Nautica, so gorgeous!) and amazing fanart from Golby2, axylhart and Rorby. Unfortunately don’t know who was behind the Arcee one, but it looks stunning.

…Scavengers trash? Whatever gave you the idea?