golan and globus



Genre: Gonzo Action/Revenge

Year: 1986

Tagline: When getting even just isn’t enough! 

Released by: Media Home Entertainment

Director: Sam Firstenberg

Plot: Michael Dudikoff (AMERICAN NINJA, BACHELOR PARTY) plays a martial arts expert and ex-secret service agent named Matt Hunter, who has retired to his family’s home in New Orleans. But now he must protect his best friend, a black man who’s running for Senator, from the Pentangle - a secret society of wealthy, racist, right-wing killers. When the ruthless organization shoots his friend’s son, burns down his ranch and kidnaps his little sister, Hunter agrees to compete in a barbaric “man-hunt” in the remote swamplands of Louisiana to even the score and payback the Pentangle with an awesome array of martial arts skills! 

Highlights: It’s a Cannon Film! A ninja wearing a creepy white mask. A killer who wears an S & M bondage outfit. Dudikoff drives an awesome GMC pickup truck. The Pentangle Hunting Fraternity meeting. An assassination attempt during a Mardi Gras parade where many innocent spectators and a small child are gunned down. In one scene, Dudikoff and the young boy he’s holding are knocked off of a roof with an arrow and a very obvious looking dummy is used in place of the child. The terrorists mercilessly kill an entire family. FBI agents that openly criticize their own work. Dudikoff’s kidnapped sister is turned into a twelve year old prostitute by the bad guys. Creepy ninja is impaled on a stalagmite. The main villain discusses his admiration for Hitler during a formal dinner party. Ironically, the same racist bad guy meets his demise by being impaled on a spear held by a statue of an African warrior. This movie is the unofficial sequel (prequel?) to INVASION U.S.A.


On this day in music history: May 4, 1984 - “Breakin’ - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” is released. Music Supervision and Compilation Producers: Russ Regan and Ted Daryll, Produced by Ollie E. Brown, Jerry Knight, Chris “The Glove” Taylor, David Storrs, Curtis Hudson, Lisa Stevens, Allen A. Jones, Russ Titelman, Rod Hui, Charlie Midnight, Dan Hartman and John Punter, it is recorded at Ameraycan Studios in North Hollywood, CA and Various Studios from Early - Late 1983. Issued as the accompanying soundtrack to the Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus produced film, it stars Adolfo “Shabba Doo” Quiñones, Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers and Lucinda Dickey. The ten song album features a combination of new tracks, as well as previously released material. Originally conceived as a quick low budget feature to exploit the explosion of the Hip Hop subculture, it is inspired in part by a 1983 German documentary titled “Breakin’ and Enterin’”. Produced by Cannon Films and released through MGM/UA, the film and soundtrack are both surprise hits, performing way beyond the producers and film studios’ expectations, and having the unexpected bonus of furthering the exposure of Hip Hop into mainstream society. The album features two tracks by former Raydio members Ollie E. Brown and Jerry Knight (aka Ollie & Jerry), The Bar-Kays, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Carol Lynn Townes, Re-Flex, Hot Streak (aka Curtis Hudson and Lisa Stevens, writers of Madonna’s “Holiday”), Chris “The Glove Taylor & David Storrs (Featuring Ice-T) and 3V (aka Dan Hartman and Charlie Midnight). Ollie & Jerry’s title song "Breakin’… There’s No Stoppin’ Us” (#3 R&B, #9 Pop, #1 Club Play) is the soundtrack’s biggest hit with Carol Lynn Townes’ “99 ½” (#22 R&B, #77 Pop, #9 Club Play), and “Reckless” by Chris “The Glove” Taylor & David Storrs also issued as singles. The Bar-Kays’ “Freakshow On The Dance Floor” (#2 R&B, #73 Pop) and Rufus & Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” (#1 R&B, #22 Pop), both recent hits at the time of the film’s release are both prominently featured. Three other songs featured in the film including Kraftwerk’s “Tour De France”, Al Jarreau’s “Boogie Down” and the Art Of Noise’s “Beat Box” are not included on the soundtrack album due to licensing issues and time constraints. Original vinyl copies of “Breakin’” are packaged with a mini poster of the album cover artwork. Also issued on CD, the disc becomes heavily sought after by collectors when Polydor Records’ distributor Polygram deletes it from its catalog, inspiring bootleggers to fill the void with various black market knock off copies. The soundtrack is legitimately reissued on CD in 2011 and on vinyl by Get On Down Records in 2012, also reproducing the bonus poster for both. “Breakin’ - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” peaks at number eight on the Billboard Top 200, number two on the R&B album chart, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.