• Sonic: You know,... I found this ring. I couldn't absorb it, and I just felt like it would be such a shame to lose it so... d-do you mind if you keep it safe for me, Amy? -puts on finger-
  • Link: ...Z-...Zelda... -Already on one knee and holding her hand for the rite, he opens his hand under hers, and she feels the ring.-
  • Goku: -puts ring on her finger- It.. it goes on like this right? Hey, Chichi. The man told me that it's the strongest thing in the world. Isn't that cool? It's super strong! Just like us!
  • Sly: I promise, I didn't steal this one. -winks as he pulls out a ring, bending down to one knee- But I promise you... I'll steal every breath, every kiss, and all that love is from none other but your heart, Carmelita. No matter what safe I have to crack, security tight or not, I'm coming for you and only you.
  • James: I couldn't afford a ring, so will this drilled through bottle cap work?
  • #truelove
Scene from Lost in Paradise DBZ Fanfic

Goku didn’t quite know how long he had been under the warm water.  His mind was racing with so many different scenarios of the future; all of them involving his wife and son. He was so emerge in his thoughts that he didn’t even noticed when Chichi walked in, pulled the shower curtain and turned off the water off.

“Hey.”  She whispered as she stepped inside the shower with him.

His blue eyes stopped staring at the wall to look down at the naked woman beside him. “What are you doing here?”

Chichi scoffed. “I live here.”  She said before closing the curtain behind her. “You were taking forever and I wanted to take a shower too.”

“But… Gohan…”

“I think he is old enough to know when his parents need some alone time.”  She answered right back. She grabbed the shampoo bottle and looked up at him with an innocent smile on his face. “Turn around.”

Goku couldn’t help himself. His wondered over her body for a couple of minutes, simply watching her open the bottle, put some shampoo on her hands and moving closer to him, close enough to lather up his hair.

“Uh. Chichi.”

“Shh.”  She interrupted him as she pulled him by the hair. “Bend down, geez I’m not that tall.”

Goku obliged. He moved his head low enough for her to scratch and lather his head. His hand moved to turn the water faucet back on, rising her lower body for his visual pleasure. That same hand moved to touch the wet stomach as Chichi continued to wash his hair. He titled his head to the side, his other hand moving to press itself firmly against the strong abdomen. He was amazed at how quickly she had molded her body to the way it was before she gave birth to Gohan. The small feminine muscles where there in full display for him and him alone.

He remembered how awkward it was for him to see the body slowly change month to month. He didn’t fully understood, all he knew that his son was growing strong inside of her.

“That tickles, Goku.” Chichi said as she grabbed his forearms and moved him under the shower’ rising the suds off of his head.  She had a soft shade of pink across her cheek and nose. Ten years being married and she still got the butterflies and became shy every time she had intimate moments like these with her husband.

“Sorry.”  He mumbled as he continued to roam her body. “ I just…” He grabbed hold of her waist. “ Love you.”  He muttered, moving her closer to him.

Chichi blinked amazed. “Are you okay?”

He nodded and touched his forehead with hers. “I’m fine.”

“You don’t seem like it.” She whispered wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

Goku closed his eyes and shook his head against her. “I am fine, Chi.” He reached forward and captured her lips with his giving a simple and gentle kiss.

Chichi sighed into the kiss, relaxing under her husband’s strong body. Her hands roaming from his head, the back of his neck, his broad shoulders down to his strong chest. Her fingers lingered there, feeling the strong heart beat underneath the skin. She pulled away and looked down, watching the bubbles make trails down to his chest then falling down the deep lines of his abdomen muscles until they became lost in the patch of hair.

Her eyes shot back up to stare at the dark blue eyes that looked intently down at her with want. “Goku?”

He had gotten a hold of her soap; the one that always made her smell like his favorite cake. He ignored her calling to him as he lathered his hands and turned his attention back to her body. He connected his eyes with hers before he took a step forward and began to stroke her hips, covering her in soap suds. He smiled at that. He worked his way to her sides, her breast and then down her arms. He then slowly pulled her towards him, getting her under the shower head as she has done with him.

He got on his knees, his hands working on the strong muscle legs that his wife possessed. First the ankles, then her well defined calves, the back of her knee, which made Chichi shudder and hold herself steady by grabbing his shoulders; later on her luscious thighs.

He sighed at the contact. He massaged her before moving forward and pressing his lips to the wet skin. His ears picked her moan. He smiled and gave her another kiss, slowly moving higher.

She was leaning against the wall, her hands grabbing fistfuls of Goku’s blonde hair as she tried her best to control her elaborated breathing. She opened her eyes and looked down when she felt him stop all together. She looked down and found the gentle saiyan looking up at her with that spark in his eyes, the one she knew well.


He nodded. She really didn’t need to say anything else. He licked his lips, stood up and went in for a breathtaking kiss. There it was again; that scent that threw him over the cliff and that evoked the most primordial needs inside of him.

The simple taste of her lips and the softness of her wet skin drew him mad with need. He wanted and need more of her. He cupped her cheeks and pried her mouth open, deepening the kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his waist, pushing herself closer, if it was even possible. Her knees shaking with want.

Without thinking it twice, Goku picked her by her waist, feeling her muscular legs wrap themselves around him. He pulled back from the kiss and turned the water off.

“How thoughtful..” She whispered in his ear before she turned his face back to hers and kissed his lower lip.

“You know me, always trying to save the planet.” He chuckled as he slowly made his way to their bedroom.

He settled her down on the bed and coming to rest beside her, looking down on her, his hand laying over her stomach. Million things came rushing to his head. Should he tell her? Should he let her know that there was a big possibility that she was pregnant and if she wasn’t pregnant…

His thoughts were interrupted when Chichi pulled his face down for a kiss, holding him steady as she covered every inch of his lips with soft caresses, her strong scent, engulfing him like a ravenous fire.

He pulled away and cupped her face, looking down at her soft features. If she wasn’t pregnant… He sighed and covered her mouth with his. If we keep this up…

“Goku…”  She whimpered almost pleading when he pulled away yet again from the kiss.

So many things could happen. He wanted to make love to her. His body was definitely showing off the effect she had on him but If he did and she became pregnant? What if I die?

“Goku?”  She brushed her lips against his earlobe as she called out his name, pulling him down to stroke her entire wet body against him.

How could he just die knowing that she was carrying his child? Could he hurt her like that?

“Would you be kind enough to kiss me once again?” She asked staring at his cloudy blue eyes. In all the years she had know Goku she had never seen him with such a troubled expression on his face. Not even when that time on the tournament when Piccolo had drilled a hole to his chest and all hopes of winning had faded away.

He looked like he really was worried about something. She cupped his face in her hands, rubbed his cheeks sweetly. He closed his eyes and shook his head as if he was thinking and making decisions. Chichi frowned and pulled his face in for a kiss.

This time, he did answer her. He squeezed her a little too hard for her liking, earning a gasp of air from his wife. He watched her dark eyes spark with that hint of passion he knew of so well. Her hands made a trail down to his hips making him suddenly shudder with need.

His first thought was to completely forget everything and notice the woman that touched him. He wanted her; the scent she was carrying was driving him completely and utterly mad. There she was, touching his hips, trailing soft circles over his sensitive skin, forgetting all together of the strength he carried in his Super Saiyan form.

She didn’t care. She wanted him and that’s all that matter right at that exact moment. He could hurt her, there was no doubt in her sane mind that he possessed the strength to kill millions with one just ki blast, yet there he was, concentrating, looking at her, kissing her so softly that it made her tremble.

He could never hurt her like the way he was about to do now. Yes, many times he had forgotten about his own strength and things had gotten out of hands. Even when they were intimate as if they were now, he thought with his instincts not with his head.  At the end of it all, when she laid in his arms, gasping for air, waiting for both of their heart beats to come back to their normal rate, it never matter. He was there to hold her; she was there to love him. It didn’t matter if there were a bruise here or there. It was part of what made their relationship work.

How could he lie to her, or rather, keep information from her? It was his child for goodness sakes; she needed to know what was going on with her body. But what if he told her right now? What if she found out later?

They needed to win the Cell games…

He pressed his face to her neck, inhaling that essence she always carried his hands trailing over her sides making her hot just for him.

“What’s wrong, Goku?” She asked; when he pulled away to gently kiss her upper lip. She could make out some tears that had began to gather at the corner of her husband’s eyes. She froze under his body. He had never cried, or at least show that he was about to…


“I love you.”  He blurted out, hiding his face between her breasts, his hand pressed to her stomach, as if wanting to protect it from the future. “Don’t you ever think otherwise. I love you and Gohan more than anything in this universe.”

Her hands scratched the back of his neck, feeling the tension building up inside of him. His grip on the bed sheet was almost painful to watch, she was glad that that one hand touching her was being as soft as it was. Why in the world did he felt the need to proclaim his love for her? He almost never did. He was a man that rather shows his love through actions, not words.

She liked hearing him say it though. She loved hearing those words escape his lips and then be followed by actions. Who wouldn’t?

“I know you do.”  She answered him back, coaxing him to relax. “You don’t need to tell me.”

“Good.”  He nodded. “I want you to always remember that, no matter what happens, okay?”

“I will.”  She whispered, pulling his blonde hair and jerking his face up so he could face her. “Will you stop acting weird?”

With a seductive smile he gathered his young wife in his arms and settled her on his lap. His lips seek hers as he dove in and let himself be engulfed in the fire that was his own desire. He touched her ever so gently, igniting that same flame that she was producing deep inside of him.

He tasted her, with every kiss he gave her he let his worry be washed away by the softness of her skin, the skin he had grown to love and adore over the years. The skin he had learned to call home

He pressed her chest to his strong one, her moans echoing in his mouths as his hands trailed a path of goose bumps on her sides. Evoking feelings that she thought would never wake up inside of her.

She was scared. Scared of losing the one person she had learned to love so deeply. She clung to his face, her tongue sneaking its way inside his mouth as her breathing became labored. His hands found their way to her breasts, cupping them ever so gently, scared that he might just hurt her with his new found Super saiyan strength.

Her moans told him otherwise. He had finally master control over his own body. She pulled away from him and gasped for air her own hands trailing and scratching the skin of his powerful arms. When did he manage to get so strong?

Just some years ago he wasn’t as big as he was presented to her now. He even looked taller than when they became husband and wife. She didn’t mind. Right now, her husband’s changed appearance was the last thing in her mind. All she wanted to feel was him, inside of her, loving her and stroking her in places only he had access to.

“Please.”  She moaned into his moist lips. She could feel him pressed hot and hard against her inner thighs.  She shuddered with need and grabbed hold of his face again. “Please.” She whispered it this time as she moved about and positioned herself over him.

He pressed his lips to her neck, feeling the strong pulse underneath her skin. It was fast and strong, strong enough to remind him why he was fighting Cell in the first place. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to come back and kiss her right on that spot when he could feel the proof that she was alive, she was alive and she was his for the keep.

Goku closed his eyes tightly as she encased him with her body completely, claiming him as hers one more time. His hands came to rest on her bottom guiding her in her almost erratic movements. The other pressed her chest tightly to his, almost not giving her enough space to catch her breath.

He kissed her one more time, holding her so close to him as they engaged in a soft rhythm as he bounced her strong body against his own, receiving soft moans against his ears while his lips nipped and sucked at her soft white shoulder. He felt her hands on his hair, pulling at it as she speed up their movements, her strong legs helping her maintain the Saiyan’s rapid thrusts.

Chichi pulled back, held his face to hers and watched his mouth parted with the deep moans he produced from deep his chest. His eyes, concentrated on satisfying her first above all, loving her just the way that she deserved to be loved. Her hips turned slowly against his making her throw her head back by the sheer pleasure that movement alone produced her.

He wrapped one arm securely around her waist while the other one moved from her bottom up to her hair, grabbing a fist full of it. He leaned her back enough to have a better access to her neck in order to attack the soft skin, poisoning himself with her taste.

It wasn’t soon until he pulled her back up into a sitting position, looked up at her half closed, lust filled black eyes. He bounced her faster, stronger, trying to get her in that moment he loved seeing her in. “ I love you.”  He muttered against her wet lips. His eyelids half closing as he felt his release coming up.

She cradled his face, gawking at his eyes, brushing her lips against him as they breathed in each other’s air.  She loved him so much that it was scaring her. It scared her that in one day she might wake up and find herself alone in an empty bed, without this man holding her the way he was, without this man making love the way he was doing right now.

She tried her best to hide it, she tried so hard to hold in the tears that began to gather at the corner of her eyes but with every brush of his skin against her and every graze of their lips, her control was slipping away.

“I love you too.”  She said, the tears freely running down her cheeks. “I love you so much.”

It wasn’t long now. He grabbed hold of her thigh and held her in place as she felt her release wash over him, hugging him and releasing him continuously before he too succumbed to the pleasure her body was giving him. He let out an animalistic roar, muffled by his wife’s soft breasts.

Her tremors brought him back to reality. He found himself laying over her, arms over her waist as she petted his sweaty face, lovingly.

He lifted himself off her with his elbows, giving her enough space to breathe deeply. He sometimes forgot he was much heavier than before. “Chichi?”  He frowned deeply as he saw Chichi covering her eyes with her arm. “Hey…” He noticed the wet trail on her cheek. “Hey, no no. Don’t cry.”  He gathered her up in his arms and pulled her in for a hug. “What’s wrong, Chi?”  He tried to give her his best goofy smile.

She was wiping the tears away with the back of her hands. “Nothing.”

“You don’t cry over nothing, Chichi.” He smiled, gently grabbing her wrist and pulling her hands away from her face. “Chi, come on.”  He kissed her forehead, the afterglow of their love making still lingering in his core. Every touch and every kiss spiked up his want and need for his wife.

“How can we be having a moment like this when you could just…”  She shocked on her words. “You could just die in a day!”  

Goku chuckled and cupped her cheeks. “Chichi.”

She sobbed loud and tried to pry his callused hands away from her face.

“Chichi, listen to me.” He grabbed her hands and placed them both over his chest, her right hand lingered over his still fast beating heart. “I am alive now, Chichi.”  He smiled tenderly as he pressed her right hand to his chest. “See? You feel that?”

She nodded as she stared at his well defined chest, her tears still flowing down her red cheeks.

“That’s because of you.” He said as he sat down in front of her and trapped her with his long legs. “It’s beating like that because of you.”  He grinned.

Chichi looked up at his goody face and couldn’t help but smile. How could he be so simple? She shook her head. That was one of the things she loved about him; his simplicity. “I’m just worried…”

Goku nodded. “And I understand. I am worried too. I would be a complete liar if I said I wasn’t.” His hand moved to her cheeks. “Please stop crying. Don’t worry about what might happen when it hasn’t happened yet.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a soft kiss. “Let’s just enjoy each other. We are together and that’s the only thing that matters to me right now, Chichi. What matters is that you are here and so am I and; tomorrow I will be here.” He rested his forehead against hers. “Please stop crying.”

She did stop crying. The sadness was replaced by a familiar wanted she had experience a couple of minutes ago and by the looks of it, Goku had picked on her thoughts.

He had began to kiss her with the same fire as before, laying her down at the beds feet  his mind going back to her intoxicating scent. He sighed in the kiss and decided to push that thought to the back of his mind as he began to make love to his wife again…

What’s up with this? :/ (Part 2)

Gohan: *gets mad and embarrassed at the thought of letting Old Kai touch Videl*
Fandom: Aww! What a cutiepie, he doesn’t want others touching the girl he likes! *squee*

Vegeta: *flips his shit at the thought of letting Old Kai see dirty pictures of Bulma*
Fandom: Omg!!! He’s protecting his territory! He loves Bulma! *squee*

Goku: *leaves Chichi out of the choices for sacrifice to Old Kai and nervously makes up excuses when Vegeta calls him out on it*
Fandom: HA! CALLED IT! Goku doesn’t love his wife and thinks she’s unattractive! *smug face*

Lol, seriously! Why would anyone offer their own wife? 

Before anyone pulls out the Goku-is-just-ignorant card, let me mention that he actually demonstrates that he is fully aware that men do not want their women touched by other men. 

He tells Gohan, “You have a girlfriend, right? That Videl girl? I hate to ask this of you, but can you have Old Kai touch her a little?”

Why would Goku phrase it that way if he thought having one’s wife or girlfriend groped by another man is no big deal? Why would he try to hide the deal from Vegeta? Why would he look so nervous upon realizing that Vegeta has realized that the sacrificial woman being offered is Bulma? 

Goku’s not an idiot; let’s give him more credit.

(Part 1 here)

After ep 61…after talking to @dbzebra and @coolman229 I had a HORRIBLE thought guys





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