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GCC!! <3 <3 <3

  • what was their first kiss like: I’m thinking it was their wedding kiss. Either Chi Chi reached up and kissed Goku, with him being kind of intrigued (that might be the wrong word) yet embarrassed (since he’s not fond of PDA), or… well if it was before the wedding it’d be like that, too. XD Except Chi Chi could’ve gotten him to kiss her, too.
  • where were they their first time having sex: Their bedroom. Probably a few weeks after the wedding.
  • who’s louder: Goku. At least after Gohan was born. I’m not sure about before that, though. XD But yeah, Chi Chi would probably be quiet so the kids don’t hear, and Goku wouldn’t care much.
  • who wakes up first: Chi Chi, to make breakfast.
  • who performs/receives oral more often: Goku preforms, Chi Chi receives. He has a strong nose, and I have the feeling he’d like the smell, and taste of her.
  • who tries new things more often: I can’t decide. I have a feeling that Chi Chi would be too embarrassed, but then where would Goku learn stuff? So I can’t decide. ._.
  • if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would they include: Krillin or Bulma, maybe? XD

To those, who are complaining about NaruHina and SasuSaku
Let me remind you one thing: Kishimoto created Naruto inspired by Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. Have any of you watched/readed DB? Because there are many similarities between this two series, even when it comes to shipping.
In Dragon Ball, the protagonist married a girl, who was only a supporting character. It was a dark haired girl, who loved him from the very beginning. Yeah, Chi-Chi and Hinata aren’t really similiar when it comes to personality, but I think, that the fact they both are supporting characters is important.

Next, a friend/rival of the protagonist married the female protagonist. He wasn’t showing any affection to that girl before, but it just happend. Bulma and Sakura can be really similiar sometimes, and I don’t mean only their personalities. They both are helping the main character, but not with fighting (Sakura - healer, Bulma - mechanic).

I think, that the comparision between GokuxChi-Chi/NarutoxHinata and VegetaxBulma/SasukexSakura is an obvious thing. Knowing that Kishimoto was inspired by DB we could see it coming. Naruto always was similiar to that series, so we can be almost sure, that the ships similarities was planned too.
If you don’t agree with me, just ignore. I don’t want to pick a fight, just share my thoughs