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A Family We Chose For Ourselves (Skam)
“So you and Chris, huh?” The voice is awkwardly familiar, Eva doesn’t know whether to turn around and smile courteously or gather up her skirt and curtsy the fuck out of there.

Everything’s Fine My Cherry Wine (Skam)
Isak hasn’t been to school in two days.

(lol the first line of my fics are so fucking short they tell you absolutely nothing)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap (Suicide Squad)
Rick Flag would begrudgingly admit to having developed a bit of a soft spot for his newly acquired and rather unruly in a violent murderous manner subordinates.

Safewords (Shadowhunters)
After twenty plus years of suffering through hours of repetitive, boring official meetings filled with monotone ramblings and a lot of dead air, Alec has perfected both the art of detached interest and incognito texting. 

Dreams and Reality (Ginban Kaleidoscope)
“Was it real?” Tazusa couldn’t stop herself from wondering from time to time.

(psa: misadventures of Tazusa and the ghost of a tomato hating American pilot she has inhabiting her body in an ice skating anime way before yuri on ice. seriously if anyone here knows/has seen this anime I will seriously give you a giant cookie)

some of the ones below link to my fanfiction.net account, but don’t let that scare you off.

OK, Karaoke (ROOKIES) JDrama
It was eight o'clock on a Friday night and Nikogaku baseball team had won their very first game against Megurogawa; the night was young and unfortunately so were the members.

There’s Something about Shinjo (ROOKIES) JDrama
Everyone always asked her the same questions; “Aren’t you afraid?”

Chronicles of Jealousy, by Aniya Keiichi (ROOKIES) JDrama
“I still say we should have worn a trench coat, or at least one of those hats like Holmes. Spying is serious business, guys.”

The Pursuit of Happiness (Ikebukuro West Gate Park) JDrama
People think Takashi is complicated and hard to figure out.

(legit guys, this is the first and I’m pretty sure the only fanfiction ever written for this show)

667: Neighbour of The Beast (ROOKIES/Gokusen 3) JDrama Crossover
It was a beautiful morning. 


I reiterate, the first lines of my stories tell you next to nothing about the fic. I guess similarities is that it usually always starts with the character the fic centers around. But seriously, why am I like this??

Umm, everyone I could tag has been tagged so I’ll switch it up a little.

rules: list the first lines of your favourite 10 stories. see if there are any patterns. then tag some of your favorite readers!

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