All right, so there’s been this awesome Hawkeye fanart going around, I mean absolutely awesome. It’s by a guy named Carlos Abdu and if you haven’t seen the drawing I’m talking about, check it out here. I’m not gonna repost it ‘cuz that’s not cool. 

Anyway, since I’ve been in a cosplaying mood all day, I really wanted to try my hand at doing one based on this dude’s art. So here’s a casual Clint…complete with wallet chain. XD

I wonder….when Sonic is running in super speed, does he view the rest of the world in slow motion?

Well considering the way I work, my upload schedule, and sheer negligence of all my social media and art pages, maybe that is how the rest of the world looks at me: SLOW-MOTION. Or perhaps I’m standing still while the world passes me by.

Regardless, enough self-aggravating. I’ll have more tumblr posts to that later. Just letting you know I’m still alive (or in some form that resembles life according to upload schedules)

Here is a late present for Sonic’s 24th anniversary. Fat Classic Sonic, Mediocre Modern Sonic and Donut Steel Boom Sonic, all together.

This is the best and last thing I ever made in Mischief. Man once you go Manga Studio is hard to go back…though Corel 2015 is tempting.


A couple of years ago, me and my friend Gabe came up with the idea to make a comic about a martial art school. Not some school for bad ass kung fu high schoolers or some ninja academy. Not even a sports comic about some karate team that works their way to a championship.

Just a regular, run of the mill karate school: You know, the ones that are around the neighborhood, in a small building with little air conditioning and no place to put your stuff. Where you send your kids to learn self-defense and probably practice kickboxing or aerobics on the weekends. NOT the ones like Tiger Schullmans or any other BIG name “McDojo” that promises “progression” if you keep your monthly dues, but the small Mom+Pop shops; probably near an urban environment.

We wanted to tell a story about how is it like to run one of these small dojos, and do it from the perspectives of the teachers and the students. But It was going to be a compliment to a bigger comic that I should you some other time, selling at an anime convention and I’m not good at slice of life.

The following story is about what happens when little kids join martial arts schools only because they watched a lot of anime…..possibly autobiographical.

Maybe when i have a stronger concept and a better script I’ll do another DOJOWORKS.

Oops, almost forgot. Check out my commissions page!

Things I learned at NYCC 2013
  1. Punctuality is Key - Get there on time; doesn’t matter if you’re bloody tired and you have to wake up @ 6am to go from Brooklyn to the Javitz for 4 days straight. You’re not there, you lose sales. Simple as that.
  2. Don’t arrange like you’re deranged - First time me and my friend Indira set up the grids for our table, it was aesthetically pleasing…but not eye catching. Simply by arranging the products you want to really sell in a way that they can stand out from the rest of your stuff will guarantee a boost in sales and in audience.
  3. Transcend your mind beyond the convention - As a professional, or even an aspiring professional, you have to concentrate on the task at hand and learn to give up all those wonderful distractions that you once enjoyed as a fan. Trust me, the universe will not allow you…not even for a bathroom break. (But I managed to sneak in some game time with two games, so bite me universe!)
  4. Ride the wave of interest - Know your audience, know your fads. Understand that anything your promote can be easily outdated within a week. So know when to get off the hype train before it derails. I was lucky to have made the Sonic Lost World pic while the game hasn’t been released yet.
  5. Don’t Generalize Your Fans - Just because someone is wearing Sonic on his head, dresses like Captain Marvel or looks like Clint Barton had a lousy day, does not mean they are interested in  your Sonic, Cap. Marvel or Hawkeye merch respectfully. If they want to buy it, it will be based on the art alone. That being said…
  7. Things don’t always go your way - I wanted to play a lot of games. I didn’t. I wanted to meet Kelly Sue DeConnic and hand her a Captain Marvel poster. Had to man the table. I really wanted the Carol poster to sell. It barely sold a few. There was a great Carol fan who pointed out that it wasn’t reaching the same heights as the Hawkguy pic. At least I know that I have to try harder and get more feedback from the fans.
  8. Nobody buys combos - Putting two pictures together in a 2- in one sale will make it more likely that the customer will buy one picture instead. Even if it was a good f$%king deal. 
  9. Expect the unexpected - Every con is different. No matter how much you learn from the previous outing, a convention will always throw tons of curveballs at you, so you gotta be ready.
  10. Seriously…EVERYONE LOVES F$%^ING HAWKGUY! - People demanded him so much that I almost got sick of the word “Hawkguy”….almost.
The slow painful death of Gokulio

Like I stated on my deviantart journal, I’m going to start replacing all the sites with my classic dA handle, GOKULIO, with my real name, CARLOS ABDU.

This is a conscious decision to rebrand myself in order to give myself a little credibility as an artist and a better chance to get my Tumblr noticed by web searches. 

So if anyone here knows me only by Gokulio, please refer any post to this tumblr or tag me with my full name.

Ironically, the only place I can’t change my deviantart handle is DeviantART. (grumble,grumble, 4.99justtochangemyusername, grumble). I just hope people start to realize that I chose my name because i was drunk and not because I have any affection to the Dragonball Z character