goku's voice actor is in here!


The Wonderful Voices of Dragon Ball - Masako Nozawa

Voice of Goku, Gohan, Goten, Goku Black, Turles, and Bardock


I know he gets this a lot, but Sean is apart of my childhood.

Sean, you did an amazing job as goku yet again. I cannot wait for the future dragon ball super episodes.
As long as you have fun being Goku, we’re all happy that you’re still with us.
Sean, Chris and all the original voice actors. I appreciate their work, and thankful that they’re still here continuing with the story for the English dub.

Here is a fun fact for you Dragon Ball Z fans. For those that don’t know Masako Nozawa is the voice actor for Goku in the Japan version of Dragon Ball Z. How she got the role is usually the number one question people have about her but how she got the role is actually a incredible story. She was originally the voice actor for Goku in Dragon Ball. Most if not all Japanese studios prefer having a female to do the voice for young male characters because of how they naturally have a high pitch voice and not having to worry about their voice changing dramatically as they got older unlike young males. It’s also a tradition for male voice actors to take over the voice of a male character as they reach adulthood and this includes Goku. But why didn’t they? It’s because the studio believed that no one else could fill the role of Goku other than Nozawa which is why Goku still has his high pitch voice even after reaching adulthood. The reason why this is incredible is because Nozawa was the first, or one of the very few, female voice actor to continue the role of a male character despite the character reaching adulthood.