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Why Super Saiyan God is my favourite?

As of right now my favourite Saiyan transformation is Super Saiyan God. If I had to guess most people would probably favour Super Saiyan 1 or Super Saiyan 3 or Super Saiyan Blue. I could be all wrong but basically the ones that are easy to remember, also were introduced in the story in an epic way, or looked cool. Everyone has their reasons.  

I have many reasons why I’m so infatuated by SSGod first of all the way it was introduced in the anime. Saiyans had to form a ritual and entrust their power to one Saiyan to rise above the others and become something else entirely. It`s like you had to be worthy of that power to achieve it, it`s as if one can’t get it just by sheer hard work and training. It has to be bestowed upon you; to achieve it by the help of others. It`s the original Saiyan transformation to become a god, I like that you ascend and attain godly ki, so you can sense deities and posses a higher power. Also mask your presence to non deities.

Now my favourite part the look of SSGod. I like that Goku`s hair turns a different color to the usual yellow. The hair turns magenta/red. It looks so pretty on the eyes especially when the light hits Goku`s hair, it looks mesmerising. Also the hair color makes Goku look visually fiery and ready to battle. I find it interesting that Goku`s hairstyle stays the same as his normal form, it doesn’t spike up like SS1. It takes a different direction to the other transformations, you can easily tell it`s Goku from far away just by looking at his hair, so it`s easily recognisable. The shape of Goku`s eyes look bigger making him look more friendly and less aggressive unlike SS1 or SSBlue kind of Kawaii (I can imagine the opponents thinking this Kawaii eyes person is beating me up LOL). His eyes change to the same color as his hair and not the usual green like SS1. The color of his aura is orange making him look like he`s covered in flames looks intimidating. 

Goku`s body changes he looks younger and his body looks thinner. But still he has muscle definition. I like that he doesn’t look bulked up massive with muscles everywhere like the other transformations like SS1 and the others. He looks like he has a realistic martial arts fighter like body similar to Bruce Lee; making Goku look fast agile and flexible, different to the usual strong powerful and lumbering body (I’m not saying big muscles would be slow, but visually it looks like it would be slower in a fight). Don’t get me wrong the others look cool but this is a nice change.

Super Sayian God is quite different to the other forms that`s why I like it so much. It stands out and doesn’t look like it blends with most of the other transformations. But of course the memorable Super Saiyan 4 is pretty cool in its own way as well. 

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It was proven using the power of math that ssg and ss4 are the same strength. Since blue is weaker than god (i think) ss4 would be more powerful.

I’m pretty sure it is still up for debate which of SSJ4 or SSJG is more powerful. A nice article with good points can be found here and it basically concludes that there isn’t enough information to know for sure. 

It’s not like SSJ4 Goku and SSJG Goku had a common enemy/battle to compare accurately. 

Super Saiyan Blue is just the short name for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, as in a God ascended to Super Saiyan. But since that was such a mouthful it was shortened. This form is certainly more powerful than SSJG. By how much, I’m not sure. 

That being said, I’m not the kind of fan who gets super fussed about power levels and which form is stronger, etc etc. So I really don’t know anything or really mind. 

I like that the characters progress in power as their enemies become more and more challenging.

And I wish some of the other characters had a chance of catching up to Goku, but I’m happy that Vegeta is close to him in strength.

One thing I know for sure. 

SSJ4 is more powerful than SSJG and SSJB in terms of raw sexiness. 

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