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Saiyuki: Ice Cream Paleta Snatch 

From the July 2017 issue of “Otomedia”, this is a really cute picture of Sanzo and Goku, or as I rather say, Papa & Son out on a summer day enjoying some paletas! I really love that Platinum Vision has followed in Minekura’s footsteps and has created A LOT of promotional art with the guys using regular street clothes as opposed to their usual outfits.

Goku is wearing navy-blue short-sleeved hoodie over a basic v-neck, while Sanzo wears instead a black vest over the same type of shirt, plus double long necklaces, giving him a more stylish look compared to Goku’s sporty look. I would figure the outfits are paired with jeans, or at least for Sanzo. I can’t say I know much about men’s fashion, so for me it’s really fun to observe these details through my favorite characters.

Is it me, or those paleta ice cream bars seem to have a Hakkai and a Gojyo color-scheme? Hey Goku! You’ve already got two! Stop snatching Sanzo’s choco-vanilla paleta! But I suppose…a monkey eating a paleta is a happy monkey.

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Drunko-matsu, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Kiki’s Delivery Service Charms are in for Anime Expo!! 

They’ll be at booth K53 (atractor & happy family) in Kentia Hall’s artist alley. Each is about 2″ and double-sided! This was my first time ever making charms and I’m super happy with them!! Thanks to @acornpress for their amazing charm printing work, fast turnaround time, and super friendly service!

epicwingdingz  asked:

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