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“Gohan, take care of your mother for me. She needs you.”

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“Goten, you gonna take care of Mom for me?”

At first, this is just like normal stuff you’d expect him to say, but after my latest chapter I was thinking…

Chi-Chi was kinda left alone for a year when Goku dies the first time - she didn’t have Gohan b/c Piccolo took him, and none of Goku’s friends were particularly close or nice enough to really check in on her (except Krillin but he was only doing it b/c he needed to tell her that Goku was dead and Gohan was w/ Piccolo, tho technically that’s not in the manga but I’m not one of those people so I had to mention how Krillin popped in at least once). I mean, yeah, she had her dad, but that can only go so far for so long, especially considering how he’s kinda got a kingdom to run and whatnot. SO. ANYWAY.

After that and how upset Chi-Chi clearly was over the whole ordeal cause she was SO PISSED at him - Goku makes sure to tell his sons to watch over Chi-Chi, first when he sacrifices himself against Cell, and then when they all think Gohan is dead in Buu and he tells Goten to watch over her for him, and like…

Even during the Namek/Frieza stuff she’s kinda shown hanging out with the others at Capsule Corp and whatnot so I get the impression that they were asked to watch over her, too, but I’m not sure if that’s actually true or not - that’s just a suspicion/headcanon. (I mean, she did want to rush after her husband and son and was on Dr. Brief’s ass all the time about getting a spaceship to send her up there after them)