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Dragon Ball Super ep. 86: Uub confirmed for series!

It has been confirmed; the first mention of Uub has happened in this episode by Dende’s voice. As much as I’d like to see him in action, I doubt this will happen. It would take some great timeskip as Uub is probably just a small kid, roughly the same age as Pan. But it is no surprise to see him confirmed in the Super series since the producers are trying to bring some elements from GT to the DBS. 

Android 17 VS. Goku: amazing!! And it finally is confirmed that Goku held back!

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My favorite anime of all time, Dragon Ball Z (yes, still <3) is releasing a three chapter manga introduction/adaptation to April’s Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” anime movie! ON MY BIRTHDAY, Feb 21st! Fate confirmed. Must buy. Will buy.

Source: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/02/18-1/v-jump-prepares-to-launch-dragon-ball-revival-of-f-manga-adaptation (minor spoiler alert)


Almost time boyzzzzzzzzzzzzz


guys if you can read this put your hands up in the air I need your spirit energy so we can fucking spirit bomb nintendo hq to hell if goku isn’t confirmed for smash bros in today’s nintendo direct