some jonnor headcanons/aus

  • jude and connor going to pride parades and jude hanging out with the trans/non binary people while connor parties it up with the gays and lesbians
  • going to any gay events and jude doing the face he does @ the word gay but going bc connor really wants to go
  • jude getting called a fag at school and connor literally beating the living shit out of the fuckboy who said it resulting in detention; lena fighting the school rules and saying that offensive terms should be banned
  • jude insisting that they need to pay more attention to trans rights and getting connor super informed on all the problems having to do with trans violence
  • connor writing out long ass instagram captions for jude’s birthday and jude just liking the picture; jude posting a sneaky pic of connor with a simple ‘happy birthday *heart emoji*’ and connor typing out a long ass response
  • on the instagram note, half of connor’s posts being rainbows and #lovewins and jude having like three posts on his entire page 
  • connor dragging jude to gay clubs where all the gays instantly fall in love with connor and he gets dragged on stage while jude takes videos but then connor pulls him up on stage