Japan rolled out a monstrous red carpet for the premiere of Godzilla: Resurgence, as you can see in the aerial photo above. The film opens in Japan this Friday, July 29. It’s expected out later this year in the US via Funimation.

Co-directed by Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (Attack on Titan), Toho’s 29th Godzilla film stars Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, and Satomi Ishihara. Watch the trailer here.

After Drumpf’s miserable defeat, plan B swings into action…

…turns out not only is the screaming spawn of filth attempting to destroy America, but he is from the very Dark Gas Nebula in the Orion constellation that once spat Hedorah to Earth! Once again Hedorah is unleashed upon the world, laying waste to Texas, and it’s up to Godzilla to save the planet - this time with the aid of an unlikely ally!

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In another twist (exposed by a goofy human sleuth team, which for some reason takes up most of the movie and is generally pretty boring) we learn that Drumpf is in fact fleeing the aliens of the Third Planet from the Black Hole - having lost an intergalactic war. Teaming up with a once bitter enemy, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla battle together to put a stop to the Smog monster once and for all in the barren wastelands of Texas.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch this. You would.


On this day in 1954, the first Godzilla film was released in Japanese cinemas. Spanning over 28 sequels in 60 years along with more announced on the way, Godzilla remains to be one of Japan’s most popular film franchises.