The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. The Moon is a card of illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears to be. Vigilance and clear perception will be necessary to find that which is hidden before it is too late.

Decided to draw Olympia in the famous Nouveau style!


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inb4: “Professor, someone close to you is an idiot and is (accidentally) doing terrible, terrible things right now.”


Hi! I made this little guide thing because I’ve noticed throughout high school and college that students, including myself, with disabilities often have trouble with teachers that use PowerPoints. Many people do not know how to make an accessible PowerPoint.

Having an accessible PowerPoint benefits everyone! Not to mention, it is a right protected by (Federal and State) law that people with disabilities have accessibility to electronic documents. So please, after reading this little guide, I HIGHLY encourage you to do some research on how to make electronic documents accessible (especially if you are a teacher or college student). Accessible documents do not only apply to PowerPoint, but Word, Excel, and a countless number of other programs.

I want to mention one thing though: I broke a big rule that I didn’t include on my little guide. Try to keep eight or less lines of text per slide. Each line should have less than ten words. I broke this rule because Tumblr allows only 10 photos for photosets, so I couldn’t break the text up anymore. I’m really sorry. :(  Also, this is not a be-all and end-all guide! I seriously encourage you to look into making any and all documents more accessible (go on YouTube, there is a ton of great tutorials).

Okay, one thing I’ve noticed is that people have been complaining that Satoshi didn’t really do too much and wasn’t really the saviour that Gojika-san prophesied, but I think y’all took her words a bit too literally ? Gojika-san, if I remember correctly, said that Satoshi was the key towards saving Kalos, and he was. If you think about it, none of what happened to save Kalos would have happened without Satoshi. 

If Satoshi hadn’t started his journey in Kalos or if, by random chance, he didn’t meet up with Citron and Eureka, then it’s unlikely that Eureka would have met Puni-chan and thus save Kalos through the power of love. If Satoshi hadn’t been there when Alain was trying to save Hari-san, Alain wouldn’t have been able to get to Hari-san because, as we saw, they really needed the three POKéMON to help take down the rocks. If Satoshi hadn’t forged the connections between Serena, Citron, and Eureka, the three teams wouldn’t have been able to complete their tasks. 

Satoshi is the one who got people together, who got through to Alain and made what happened possible. Without Satoshi, well… I doubt things would have turned out so well. 

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Ash using Pikachu to count down the time of Future Sight instead of doing it himself? Does it seem fair to you? Not fair?

I’d prefer him to avoid any kind of borderline tactics, but it’s okay. I definitely wouldn’t count it as cheating (not least because Olympia approved), in any case.

I liked that one user’s arguments that, had Ash used a watch to keep track of the time, no one would’ve said anything (Pikachu fulfilled no further purpose than an alarm clock), plus the fact that Ash was the one who came up with the strategy on his own also must’ve strengthened Olympia’s confidence that Ash used his own mind and skills to overcome the unique difficulties she provided in the battle.

Also, you know… What with her having mastered clairvoyance, an almost otherworldly trait that no one else has had in the anime so far (without the help of a Pokémon) I don’t think she’s in any position to complain about a boy using a Pokémon that did nothing but wave its tail instead of a smartphone.

Finally, I actually liked how the strategy contributed to the Gym match being so theme-oriented. Anistar is heavily connected to time as is Gojika, who even has the word “time” in her name, her Pokémon use timed attacks, the Gym is designed like a clock (which inspired Ash’s idea in the first place), so his stopwatch strategy actually fits in perfectly with the Gym and the city it took place in, as well as the Trainer it was used against.