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6 Fruits You Should Try

  • Dragon Fruit

This fruit is an excellent supplement for the liver as well as contains vital minerals that assist in weight-loss and balancing body weight without compromising health. For people suffering from diabetes, a dry or fresh dragon fruit guarantees blood glucose control. 

  • Star Fruit

This fruit is an excellent source of ascorbic acid, which is important to the fitness of your body, as it assists in maintaining bones, teeth, mucus membranes, skin and improves the immune system. It also contains beta-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in your body for good vision and appetite.

  • Kiwano

This fruit is very rich in vitamin c and fibre. These help the red bloods cells, skin, muscles, nerves and heart. Vitamin E works in the body by helping to neutralize the damage from free radicals which can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease.

  • Mangosteen

This fruit has a very high concentration of xanthones that is one of the most powerful anti-oxidents in the world. The fruit also boosts the body’s immune systems and helps increase energy levels.

  • Sugar Apple

This fruit helps regulate the menstrual cycle, and contains a large amount of rosemary oil which can help fight off depression. This fruit also contains cineole which aids the body’s nervous system, helps in blood circulation, and improves concentration. This fruit as well aids in reducing the severity of asthma. 

  • Goji Berry

Goji berries are called the world’s most nutritional powerful anti-aging food. Goji berries are the highest rated antioxidant and have more vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, more protein than whole wheat and more iron than steak.

Things your meal doesn’t have to include in order to be balanced and healthy:

1. Designer protein powder
2. “Superfoods” that will “change your life” including but not limited to: maca powder, bootstrap molasses, acai, chia seeds, coconut oil, dandelion greens, brazil nuts, turmeric, tart cherries, kombucha, spirulina, goji berries*…
3. 30 ingredients
4. Any one ingredient that you never usually buy and will only use in this one recipe
5. Any one ingredient that you never usually buy and which will sabotage your entire grocery budget for the week
6. Spiralized vegetables
7. “Detox” ANYTHING.

All this shit does is make healthy eating seem expensive and unattainable. IT’S NOT. 

You can get $25 worth of fruits, vegetables, rice, and lean protein at the grocery store and you’re set for a week or two. You don’t have to eat maca-spiked spiralized-zucchini avocado protein muffins (or whatever the fuck). You don’t have to rush out and buy fennel or tabbouleh or bison.

Just try to eat mostly real food, a lot of it, treat yourself when you feel like it, drink a lot of water, and you’re set. 

It’s cheap, it’s attainable, it’s accessible. Don’t let anyone - your parents, your friends, a girl trying to make money off of instagram - tell you differently!!!

Goji berries, a lil dry miracle???

Goji is a berry from a plant called Lycium Barbarum, native from the Himalayas, this fruit has been very notorious lately.  Every day a new study comes out about this miraculous lil berry.

It is widely known as the “happy berry” for its laughing and smiling stimulating proprieties. 

It benefits as a protection against aging, promote energy, promote fertility, increase the libido and the sexual performance, etc.

This berry can help you lose weight (but again, they won’t work a miracle if you sit on the couch drinking diet coke expecting for a miracle to happen). Its weight-loss qualities work as a water drain, it cleanses your body from toxins by draining water, that way it makes you drink more water (which is great and super healthy to regulate your organism), and consequently to urinate and eliminate all toxins.

Goji berries can be eaten in its natural form, they often have a bitter-sweet kind of taste. The most common form seen is stores, is nevertheless, the dry form, as nutritive as the natural berry, just more versatile. You can add gojis to your morning cereal, your afternoon yogurt, in your tea or even in a salad.

Among other minerals it contains a lot of iron and vitamin C.

The daily advised dose is 15 to 45 grams a day, or more or less half a handful.

It is easily found in supermarkets, but the bio version tends to taste better and have more nutrients.  

This was my breakfast before work this morning.
So good.
Recipe: Smoothie bowl. Kale, beans of choice and banana. Overnight oats with chia seeds.
Topping: Apple, melon, pumpkin seeds, coconut, chia seeds, oats and goji berries.

Detox green smoothie bowl this morning 💚 ❄️ (Definitely had to drink this in bed with layers of blankets) The recipe is super easy :
2 bananas 🍌
1 kiwi 🥝
1 cup spinach 🍃
1 cup soy milk
1 tablespoon wheatgrass powder from @hemafrance
1 tablespoon green powder from @philosophielove
Toppings : more banana and kiwi, goji and frozen berries

ᔕᑌᑭEᖇᖴOOᗪ ᗷOᗯᒪ

•acai blended with blueberries and mango -acai and blueberries are both filled with antioxidants
•pomegranate seeds -also known for high levels of antioxidants
•goji berries -excellent source of fiber, and vitamin C (they have 250% of your daily value), and antioxidants
•dried white mulberries - in ¼ cup serving these berries give you 140% of your daily vitamin C, 6% calcium, and 20% iron, along with many other micro nutrients +++ antioxidant properties!
all of these foods aid in fighting diseases, weight loss, metabolism, eye sight, brain function, blood circulation, lowered cholesterol, immune & nervous system functions + so much more 🔮💟 #vegan #rawvegan #plantbased #plantpower

anonymous asked:

HOMEMADE CEREAL WOW Ally! plz share how you make it and help spread cereal love 💛

It’s the simplest thing ever!! I only used like 4 ingredients today and you can see it on my IG story ☺💛 I just threw together Puffed Brown Rice, Buckwheat Flakes, Goji Berries and Buckwheat Kernels (topped with fruit! Coconut yogurt also optional but recommended). This sounds super fancy but I got the ingredients from my local supermarket for around $3-5 each and they last for ages xx