proud of my baby boy focusing bringing his grade point average up!!!! I DONT BREED QUITTERS LETS DO THIS!!!!!! GOOOOOO RAILS!!!!! ‪#‎baseballseason‬ ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ #proudmommy #horails #gojay
(at River Rouge, MI)

Ahhhh! I’m so proud of you @hernandizzo!!! 😄 You finally graduated college! I give you props & I wish you The Best for your career as a producer, or filmmaker! Jay was sooo helpful to me when it comes to working at the pet store, when I didn’t have a clue about the products or information of the pets, he was there. Even when I had personal problems, he was there to listen. When conversations were about God, he knew what to say cus he was once a grace group leader. I’m so thankful that God placed him in my life for a period of time. HE DESERVES NOTHING BUT THE BEST. He is nice, smart, caring, funny, weird, & pretty humble. Thanks for being there for me, & I’ll be there for you too when you need a shoulder to lean on. You’re like a big brother I never had! 😃😁😊😉😎💗 #JayHernandez #24YrsOld #BachelorsDegree #FilmMaking ##WeWillBeGoingOurSeperateWaysNow #IWillTrulyMissWorkingWithHim #ProudOfYou #DontForgetMe #GodWillDoWonderfulThingsInYourLife #TimeForBiggerAndBetterThings #IWantToGraduateToo #Someday #Yay #GoJay