Jackson Pollock Mani.  Really pleased with the splatter technique, and I really was going for a Pollock color palate.  Overall I would say this is successful.  My least favorite fingers are the middle finger and the pinky.  The splatter is so hard to control sometimes, but I suppose that is what really makes it Pollock-esque. 

annafestdestiny asked:

I'm literally freaking out over your frank stella nails. literally. he is my favorite artist I wrote my high school senior thesis on him (went to a weird h.s.... heh)!!!!!! OMGGG sorry just had to let you know i've wanted to do a frank stella mani for so long but never had the balls to omg i am in awe thank you amazing

Wow, thank you so much! You are so nice!

I love Frank Stella too! His lines are so clean, the colors so vibrant. 

Hahaha it doesn’t really require any balls to do, just try it! If it doesn’t work, try again! Practice makes perfect :D