*rubbing hands together* here we gO

James “Jim” Lake Jr.

  • Okay so first off the amount of cooking shows that this precious boy has watched is #insane. He can list every winner of Chopped in order.
  • Probably writes little notes for his mom on the lunch bags/Tupperware (’love you!,’ ‘I have rehearsal tonight,’ ‘METAL FORK!!!’).
  • Gets really hype watching Jr. because look mom that child is shorter than the table??? He started cooking before he could do long division and he gets so excited to see other kids cooking/baking competitively. Doing so has been a dream of his for quite some time. 
  • Totally got Blinky a Father’s Day card.
  • His ‘12-year old emo phase’ lasted all of 3 months but he went through like 10 pairs of earbuds and all of his mother’s old grunge/hair metal cassettes. 
  • Probably picked up a lot of (somewhat random, mostly helpful) medical knowledge because Dr. Lake would have him with her at the hospital from time to time. 
  • Adores science fiction novels. He’s read the Hitchhiker’s Guide series no less than three times
  • Will fall asleep anywhere if tired enough. This has led to being found in odd places around Trollmarket by his fellow hunters, including atop multiple shop awnings and curled between the bookcases at the far end of Blinky’s study. 
  • Wants to learn troll cuisine/teach human cuisine in the underground.