Francisco Goitia, Zacatecas Landscape with Hanged Men II, c.1914, oil on canvas, 194 x 109.7 cm, Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City. Source

I first saw this haunting landscape at last year’s Royal Academy show titled ’Mexico: A Revolution in Art, 1910-1940’. Painted by the Mexican Revolution’s only official war artist, Goitia’s piece is compositionally steady, yet the hanged figures set everything off-balance.

From 20 Years After the 1994 Cuban Raft Exodus, one of 20 photos. Cubans leave their country in a makeshift wooden boat during a mass exodus of rafters in this August, 1994 photo. In mid-August 1994, after a string of boat hijackings, unprecedented rioting and the killing of a Cuban navy lieutenant prompted President Fidel Castro to suggest that those wanting to leave, could. Over about five weeks, more than 35,000 Cubans took Castro at his word and sailed away on makeshift rafts while authorities stood by. (AP Photo/Jose Goitia)