Yes it’s a book but The Hunger Games doesn’t exist in real life. AND people didn’t start up The Hunger Games in real life. It’s unrealistic

50 Shades of Grey has had a huge influence of thousands (maybe more) on women and men. They believe that the way Christian Grey treats Anastasia is the right way even though it’s NOT. At one point Christian ignores the safeword Ana says as she struggles. On their first time he’s too rough. You all say it’s “hot” and “exciting” but if you try it their way it’s just going to be painful.

This is how it should be


(Idk why I’m ranting about this but I just disslike the book so much in my own opinion.)

i’ve had this horrible art block + this awful insecurity in my art…i feel the need for it to be perfect and i don’t really have like. a style. so i feel shitty every time i don’t draw anything observational. but i’ve managed to doodle this, so yeah. remember my ocs? yeah haha. labrys (right) and cassandra (left). they’re girlfriends