SK: I'mm actually goinng to shtick mmy nneck out for Jerannd

SK: Yesh it'sh enntertainninng to shea himm ash a shcalemmate, annd to put hish face onn a shkateboard…

SK: But donn’t you thinnk that'sh beenn donne before?

SK: Hish early life wash a nnightmmare, evenn to Alteriann shtanndardsh. Ash a wriggler, there wash hordesh of mmisshhhapenn or deformmed grubsh literally throwinng themmshelvesh at himm. He fought for daysh at a timme, with the onnly food annd drinnk beinng the fleshh annd blood of thoshe he’d shlainn.

SK: Turnnsh out, hish lushush founnd the unnworthy grubsh annd corrupted their mminndsh with honney sho that they were all unnder the commmmannd of a shinngle shcarab.

SK: Jerannd'sh lushush raished himm to be a warrior, taught himm to kill, annd to shhow nno mmercy.

SK: If he werenn’t a goldblood he would have beenn the besht Orphanner to exisht, shurpasshhinng Ahab annd Dualshcar by leaguesh

SK: But innshtead, shuch potenntial wash washted inn shlavework.

SK: Jerannd had shuch powerfull pshiionniicsh, that everyfinn he touched with it wash crushhed.

SK: Whenn he heard that he had beenn labled a freak, he killed everyonne inn the shlave cammp, inncludinng the twennty or sho highbloodsh runnnninng the place.

SK: Whenn put onn trial by the legishlaceratorsh, he killed themm inn cold blood

SK: He refushed to die. He vowed to be at the top of the hemmoshpectrumm annd ennd hish pershonnal nnightmmare

SK: No mmatter what the cosht