Hey folks!

I’M ALIVE! And I’ve decided to post some of the edits I’ve made in the last few months, some of which I used as mixtape covers on 8tracks.

This was also the first ‘aesthetic’ thing I did back in September, when I was working on a mix for Wilford Warfstache. This was done in GIMP.

Tracklisting will be under the cut for those interested in what the mix looked like!

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I feel so mindlessly absorbed whenever I dance. That’s when I feel the most joy. I want to make my fans happy too with my dance.

anonymous asked:

is it really an advice blog is you never answer questions

this ask made me feel really shitty just so you know. u def could have said this differently

however, i do agree. i dont rly know what happened to our blog but it just kinda fell apart. i think it can be super duper hard for a lot of people to give out advice when they are goinng thru their own shit. idk. i know that for me specifically, it is rly hard for me to see and hear about other people’s issues when i can barely cope w my own yanno? i think ill probably take that link off of my description for now too. i will probs go answer the most recent q’s we have n then maybe ill make a note on my blog that im on a hiatus. anyway. 

I nnever learned how to fform relationshhips properly. I never llearned how to interactt withh peoplle properlly wwithout letting thhem touch me withhout letting thhem control me annd fuck me annd play with mme

I nnever ever learned hhow to ask for help whhen i need it annd i dont tthink ill ever be able tto do it properly ill always rremember how i lleft Kimia to die thhat day ill alwways remember thhat i wasnt thhere for her annd that makes mme as good as fucking murderer i hhate it so much i ccan still see her ssmiling at me annd telling mme it was goinng to be okay annd i will never ever fforget rhe sound of a ssingle bullet being ffired at her ill nnever ever forget hhow pathetic i wwas for lettting her down i shhouldve died in hher pllace she had so mmuch potential annd i have fucking nothhing there is nnothinng here no mmatter how harrd everyone tries tro twll me thhat there is im jjust empty

Lenguage teacher! Yuta

Yuta as your lenguage teacher. 

—Ok lets start with this rn.
—In school you have three options; Learn english, learn chinese or learn japanese.
—You already know english very well, and your teacher know so she says you have to chose between the others two.
—You don’t want, I mean, you already know another lenguage than yours, why you should learn another?
—But obviously you need that class bcs your mark in foreigners lenguages depend on it.
—The only way than your schedule could fit well with that class, is chosing japanese.
—You meet your teacher, a grown man about 45 years or something. He’s kinda cool and even if you get bored in the class, he know how to caught your attention easily with some random things about japanese culture.
—'Y/N are u paying attention?’ ‘hm?’
—So here we go, he starts talking about japanese history and you start paying attention again because oh well, samurais and exciting things.
—One day you go to the class and when you open the door, you say with your usual tone “konnichiwa sense–”
—'My father is sick, today I’m going to be your teacher’ Yuta smile and you practically faint.
—You have seen his smile???? IT’S VERY BEAUTIFUL OMYGOD.
—He starts with the class, some kanjis and about how is the pronunciation
—'Look, is easy’ ‘Yeah, I see, so you read in this way and…’
—It’s normal than you are paying more attention on his hair instead of paying attention on the class?
—Yeah is normal because he’s Nakamoto Yuta and he’s very pretty.
—When you are writing, you write some kanjis in the wrong way
—Yuta come behind you, and take your hand, teach you how to write in the right way and you make a shy smile and force a “thank you” in japanese, yeah, and you say it very bad so he laughs a little
—'You don’t have to be shy with me, I have problems with korean too’ he says. —'Yes but you are very good at korean and I’m an ass in japanese’
—Then he says something in japanese than you didn’t understands but you blushes anyway.
—You try to remember what he says. You kinda write how it sounds in your book, but only when he goes to the desk again.
—Really don’t want the classe to come to the end.
—But the time comes and you stand up of your chair.
—He looks at you and some minutes of silence make the atmosphere weird.
—U make a reverence and say goodbye, you also say thanks for teaching you so good that day.
—'I hope your father gets better’
—'Honestly I hope he ask me for coming next class, so I hope he caught a cold’
—'Ok but u weird’
—Yes he is saying than he want his father to be sick so he can come again to the class.
—But you find between weird and cute so you smile.
—When you go home you just remember he don’t tell you his age
—He looks young so probably he is the same age as you or a pair of years older
—Next class your teacher is best so he comes and yEAH YUTA IS WITH HIM.—That ruin it a little because he is there and he is watching you, and he helps you with somethings biut you want to ask his father what means the thing that Yuta say to you the another class.
—When Yuta goes to the bathroom you ask your teacher real quick.
—'Oh’ 'Oh?’ 'Well the one that tell you this thinks you are cute and beautiful’
—u jusT BLUSH.
—WHAT. ?????
—You look at Yuta when he comes.
—He blush.
—You blush when he look at you and found you looking him.
—Ahhh so pretty.
—'Stop flirting my student’
—Class over and Yuta’s father give you a homework really easy, so you smile.
—Is something that you can do with the kanjis that Yuta teach u.
—'Here, have this, is some lecture you need to do’
—And when you are in the train to get your home, you look at the lecture.
—in the corner of the paper there is a number.
—And is the letter of your teacher.
—'Marry my son please’
—You laugh but you kinda found it weird.
—U call him when you get your home.
—'konnichiwa’ 'new phone who dis?’ 'Y/N’ 'OH’
—You actually already done the homework, but you tell him you need help.
—'Ok but how do you know my number’ 'hum’
—Becaus I don’t care.
—After a time Yuta and you become friends.
—Yeah, study dates. STUDY.
—'And how I can say 'you are an asshole’ in japanese?’
—'What do you mean? Are you calling me asshole?’
—'No, but now yes. Asshole.’
—Yuta tries his best. You learn real quick, so he’s proud like a mom. Like a dad. But he don’t want to be your dad, I mean, dadd- I should stop. oKAY.
—'Ohmy…My cute and little Y/N is goinng to get a 100/100 in the test’
—Everytime he call you cute you blush.
—You still remember when he tell you cute in japanese for first time.
—A week for you final test of japanese.
—Yuta plans EVERYTHING.
—'If you got a 100 I’m going to pay two tickets for the cinema, and food’
—Guess who got a 100?
—Not you.
—You have a 95/100.
—'I’m still paying the tickets because 95 is high too’
—Saturday, you go to watch a movie about zombies.
—Yuta screams a little, you laugh when someone die.
—Because we are talking about u obviously
—'You are like girl oh my god Yuta’
—'Embrace me Y/N’ 'Duh, no’ 'But I’m afraid of zombies’ 'Ugh, ok’
—At the end you two go to a McDonalds and when you are eating your french fries he look at you and he smile.
—Suddenly he pulls from his pocket a box
—A little box, blue velvet. 
—'Open it’ 'You didn’t need to…’ 'Yes, but is because i’m proud and very happy because i could know you. U R cute Y/N’
—'What is this?' 
—'Hmm a confession?’

—He get scared because he thinks you don’t like him.
—You llet the box for a side, and look him in the eyes, smiling.
—'I like you, I really really want you Yuta’
—'Also, I know you call me cute that day, in japanese. You are a silly bitch, I didn’t know japanese for that time’
—'oh did you notice it? Who tell you?’
—'Your father ??’
—Then Yuta look at the box, and then look at you.
—You open the box.
—There is a necklace and a pendant with ur name writing in japanese.
—You go to him, embrace him and kiss him. Like really a kiss.
—'Miss, you can’t do that here, there are kids…’
—You two get out of the mcdonalds.
—And then you kiss him again.
—'I kinda love you, u know?’

Hi, so I was practicing my english and I made this. I hope is everything good ;-; Well, I hope you all enjoy. :’)

My bbody knnows whhat im tryying tto do…. thhis is thhe time of nnight i woulld alwayss do it i ccan feel my sstomach churning annd the ttaste is back in mmy mouth annd multiples of 25 are rrunning thhrough my head. I ccant stop ffucking shaking i jjust need to sit annd relax annd not do anytthing fir a ccouple minutes. Im goinng to gathher up thhe strength tto do thhis im goingg to stick to it 24 hhours at a time….. im almmost thhere in ttwo hourss ill ghavbe ggone for a full dday without gettinng high or drunk for thhe first time in ttwo whole weeks. Thhat victory is sso small i know i knnow how fucking ppathetic thhis is i never tthought it woulld end up like thhis but i am ggoing to make it thhe fuck thhrough this its okay pplease just bbreathe its okay

Yes it’s a book but The Hunger Games doesn’t exist in real life. AND people didn’t start up The Hunger Games in real life. It’s unrealistic

50 Shades of Grey has had a huge influence of thousands (maybe more) on women and men. They believe that the way Christian Grey treats Anastasia is the right way even though it’s NOT. At one point Christian ignores the safeword Ana says as she struggles. On their first time he’s too rough. You all say it’s “hot” and “exciting” but if you try it their way it’s just going to be painful.

This is how it should be


(Idk why I’m ranting about this but I just disslike the book so much in my own opinion.)