Dexholder Youtube Channels?

Red: An avid vlogger. He likes to chat about everything from the berry he tried today to the shopping outing with Green[f] (please help him)

Blue[m]: Has a gaming channel that Red frequently appears on because once Blue levels up he doesn’t understand why he’s playing the game anymore and Red has to make him keep going

Green[f]: She has a fashion channel on which she and her pokemon model cute jewelry and try out new hair products (and sometimes she drags the others into it for kicks)

Yellow: Has a crafting channel where she makes bead necklaces and rainbow looms and has her pokemon try them on!! She has a lot of subscribers

Crystal: Just puts her camera in the grass and catches pokemon. Sometimes she gets new pokeballs made and shows them off.

Gold: Has a “skateboarding” channel where he and his pokemon just get on things with wheels and end up hurting themselves

Silver: Doesn’t have one, but he can be frequently seen on Gold’s as the person saying”not again” and turning off the camera

((Feel free to add more dexholders!! These are the only ones I know))

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