Alphonza Watson, 38-year-old transgender woman, killed in Baltimore

  • Transgender woman Alphonza Watson, 38, was found dead after being shot in Baltimore early Wednesday morning, the Baltimore Sun reported.
  • “At this time, we don’t have a lot to go on,” Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith told the Baltimore Sun. “What we know is that there was apparently some sort of argument that took place.”
  • Watson was shot in the stomach at about 4:15 a.m. and taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. 
  • Witnesses told police they heard someone yelling for help, followed by gunshots. Two men were seen running away before getting into a “dark-colored vehicle.” Read more (3/22/17 4:30 PM)

pixel tarot vi


Here I go again with this conundrum,
Of an unsafe gamble at improbability.
Losing the struggle to find happiness,
Not from within but likely with another.
Shackled to fear of the vast unknown,
With the prison known as the present.
Another few hours of disappointment,
Before I find myself back to the same.
The days are getting longer as we go,
Nights slip by before I seem to dream.
Harsh is the sun on my blurred vision,
And my will to care remains uninviting.
But once again I push against fatigue,
Tiring at the thought of expelled effort.
Though I know it will mean something,
It’s a future of an uncertain nightmare.

  • Rachel: So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4000 degrees for 1 minute.
  • Rachel: FLOOR IT?
  • Joe: RACHEL, NO
  • Rachel: HOW ABOUT 4,000,000 DEGREES FOR 1 SECOND
  • Joe: RACH. PLEASE.

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Holy shit your nsfw piece is just amazing i cannot articulate how much i love it like not only is it sexy af its incredibly sweet and like you can see how much they love eachother in that one piece and man im just going to backflip into the sun because im filled with love for thqt one drawing its also amazingly drawn youre so tqlented i cry over your art i beg for more nsfw viktuuri in the future

Ahhh thank you so much I’m gonna cry!! I’ll definitely do more nsfw in the future bc viktuuri is so wholesome djfjjdjsjs

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I guess you could say, Bendy shops at the gAP!! (My puns are bad and i should feel bad)

BRUH! NO!That was a quality pun!I make bad puns all the time, my dude! In fact Sun is going to punch me 376 times, if she ever comes to Texas, for making said bad puns!

today I really miss my mom, sister and niece. I miss the sound of their laughter, their smell, their silly faces. I miss my mom’s hands and her nagging to eat more or wear a jacket or go outside to get some sun. I miss the warm Miami sun and clear blue skies with perfect fluffy clouds. I miss being annoyed at never being able to be alone because they were always there. I miss going home to someone,something, anything. I miss having a family. I think I’m homesick or lonely. Maybe it’s just the constant reminder at work that finding people you connect with is a thing that becomes more rare with each passing year. And the years do keep passing.

at the air and space museum there’s a scale that’ll tell you how much you weigh on earth and how much you’d weigh on the moon. i stepped on it and i weigh 195, which is more than the last time i paid attention to a scale, so i had a little tiny fit of self-loathing, as one does

but then i thought about the moon number and then i thought about the moon and how i got to touch a Moon Rock; and how humans have stood on the moon; and how close she is; and how far away everything else is

and how the universe is contradicting itself by being both infinite and expanding; and how the sun’s going to consume the earth before it puts itself out; and how long that’ll take; and how little time we all get

by that point i didn’t care about weighing 195 anymore

i think it worked the way museums and science and wonder are supposed to work: you lose yourself in awe at how small you are, and how grand a system you’re suspended in. 195 isn’t much in the grand scheme of things

what a gift it is to be a speck in all this, right

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Guzma: I'm gonna beat you down til ya blue, boy! Sun: Whatever man, that prize is as good as mine! *Later in the Ultra Beast arc* Lillie: Will you please help Nebby and my mother? Moon: Of course Lillie, because I... I love yo- Sun: So, you'll promise something nice in return Ms. Daughter of a wealthy organization, right :D (Sorry, not sorry, cause of the description of Sun getting real for a valuable prize that can fetch a high price)


Well, Sun has shown that he’s willing to forgo a profit if it means helping someone out…

Kinda hoping that Moon and Lillie go to Ultra Space while Sun and Gladion stay behind for the UB hunt tho’. Catboy will get a nice fat paycheck that way.

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Personally that's what your sun in 7th does to you? Like along with your libra placements, there's that need to have company of the romantic sort or that it's hard to be without someone after a relationship ends even shortly? Does that mean there's also a tendency to simply settle for a future partner in someone who shows you the slightest bit of interest?

Meh… How things go with my Sun and my 7th House is really weird. I can’t really explain it for sure myself. It’s almost like I need someone else to do it for me (lol)

I used to want company a lot back in the day, both platonic and romantic. With my Libra Rising, I’ve attracted a lot of friends and lovers, but the problem with me (and maybe for other Libra Risings) was that I accepted all company, even bad company… and I kept it because being alone is terrifying for me. With my Aries Sun, I kind of selfishly expected everyone to accept my overly aggressive and straightforward attitude - but I often presented that aggressiveness nicely to where people didn’t like me, but they didn’t want to leave me either. I still do this somewhat, but nowadays, I just don’t say anything anymore.

And nah, with my Aries Sun, I’m not gonna settle with someone who shows me the slightest of interests because I need way more than that as someone with a stellium in the 7th. People usually don’t stay with me anyway if shallow interests is the only thing present… It’s hard to stay with me!

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Hi Sophie! Im going to Europe this summer but idk what to bring. What essential wardrobe items would you take?

hey me too! where about are you going?

i’d say bring:

  • lots and lots and lots of sun dresses so you don’t have to think about arranging outfits every day
  • a good straw hat!
  • a nice sized sturdy straw bag. if you don’t have one you can probably find a shop that sells one in europe! they’re great cos theyre neutral and fit all the things you need to walk around with for a day!
  • espadrilles and/or menorquinas cos theyre classic
  • hiking boots so you can walk through fields and over mountains
  • a slip for the night!
Unpopular opinions on the “Beauty and the Beast” remake
  • Belle’s most overlooked personality trait - her sense of humour - is erased entirely. Emma Watson is also just a dire actor. I’m sorry, but I can’t excuse it anymore.
  • “I just don’t deserve you, Gaston!” is now “I’m never going to marry you, Gaston!” - see the above point on humourless Belle for why this annoys me.
  • LeFou. From the moment he’s introduced I knew exactly what they intended to do with the character, and it was the same predictable subplot for a queer character who embodies all the tropes with minimal development or resolution.
  • Gaston’s inconsistent characterisation, going from dim-witted and desperate to scheming and vicious.
  • “Days in the Sun” instead of just using the far better number “Human Again.”
  • Why wasn’t Cogsworth the LGBTQ character though?
  • Why did the Beast imprison Maurice? In the original tale, his crime is taking the rose from the castle gardens, and in the 1991 movie it’s simply the act of “trespassing” because the rose is devised as part of the curse plot. This version combines both elements, so the reason for Maurice’s incarceration is unclear.