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Themis had been walking around a strang looking forest for quite some time now. He’d escaped a couple of days ago and was laying low for a while, living in the forest. He wasn’t so sure he should travel into a populated area yet. He knew nothing about the beings that inhabited this planet. The poor thing was only 3 feet tall and had no way of defending himself.

He still hadn’t found a place to hide in this forest. Nights were the hardest on this planet, he hardly ever got sleep. Everything here was so scary and the sun was already down, only a little light poking through the horizon now.

He gulped as he watched the sun slowly disappear, a shiver going down his spin as he heard a wolf howl. He continued walking for a bit, every once in a while stepping on a leaf, making him jump when he heard the crackling sound of it crunching under his foot. He tried his best not to touch anything because he new nothing of this planet and anything could jump out and grab him.

The grass is green. - CH

The grass is green, summer is in full swing and when you look out of your window, the streets are filled. You watch the world go by and see families enjoying the sun, you watch couples old and young fall more and more in love yet you stay the same. Glued to your bedroom floor, standing and thinking about the jobs you need to do, when you are going to finally clean out the spare room or the laundry that needs to be collected. Your mind wanders to the new TV show you had promised yourself to start or the books sitting downstairs which beg to be read. Plans, ideas and dreams fill your head, new memories constantly evolving and memories that are fading day by day.

He’s gone. It hits you again, this time worse than it ever has. Like a wave and in that moment you wish the waves would drag you under.

Shouting. It’s all you can remember, the heated arguments and harsh words which brought you to an end. “Calum’s gone” you whisper, as if saying it out loud might help you accept it.

In these moments you swear you can still feel him, his scent, his laughter, and the way you two would be at peace when around each other. Sometimes no words needed, just the silence speaking instead. But the silences became longer, the distance became too much. Too many missed calls, too many texts to say you loved each other but couldn’t speak tonight. Too many tears and forgotten kisses.

And in that moment, home doesn’t feel like home anymore, nothing does. Your skin feels foreign and the place where you sleep is haunted by his touch. There used to be a comfort of his clothes in your wardrobe or the name in your phone that would listen when you needed and arms which you thought would always be yours.

You are trapped, stuck again in your time zone of nostalgia and this time you think you may never escape. The thought of him feels foreign, the idea of tracing his tattoos whilst in bed feels like a dream. His laugh rings through your head, pleading for you to remember. You can’t remember how you got here, how you went from so in love to strangers. It’s too much. Deep breaths you try tell yourself. Deep Breaths.

The grass is green, summer is in full swing and when you look out of your window there is nothing but the past staring straight back. The ten minutes you allowed yourself to think about him is up, you’re going to breathe in and out and walk away. You’re going to be fine. You have to be.

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I know this is a positivity blog but I've seen your helpful responses to some questions and I need some help. I got a job the beginning of August and since then everyone thinks I'm a girl once I'm not yet on testosterone. I already have a male name on my name tag and wear a binder but they still refer to me as she/her. I want to tell them I'm ftm but I only work with one person a shift so I'm never in one room with all of them. Any suggestions?

Well, the easiest way is to tell each person before a shift ‘’Good morning/day/evening, how are you? by the way, Im trans, I identify as y and I go by x pronouns’’ as normal as the sun coming up in the morning. 

Or you can ask your boss to tell the staff about it, if you want it just to be said and done. But if you dont go by the latter option its optimal to have a list of people you have to tell so you know which people know and which who don’t. Good luck!

160827 Fansign at Gwanhwamun book store

Fan: Taeil-ah, how old do you think I am?
Taeil: Hm.. 21?
Fan: I’m your noona actually!!
Taeil: Wait, really?
Fan: Taeil-ah, when you go to Hawaii, are you going to lay under the sun and get some tan?
Taeil: (with a very funny expression): Ahhh oh no I won’t!

So he isn’t gonna just lay under the sun lol

♡ source: @_0214cheese
♡ translation by @moonlighting94​  
♡ take out with credit!
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Also, the first time they go outside simon basically dies bc the sun is so bright, so please imagine that bobby let simon wear his glasses

This is one of the cutest blackbright headcanons ever!! :’D It does live up to bobby being an ultimate pursuer of JUSTICE!! (>u< ) there’s something like it in a blackbright fanfic The Road Less Traveled by a friend of mine on AO3 i definitely suggest you read!