So who is finally ready for Vol. 4 of RWBY? Here is the special I promised for the Premiere of Volume 4 from The Happy RWBY Au! Looking forward to the amazing story thus far~

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Canciones de martin garrix para cada signo (?

Aries - Tremor

Tauro -  Poison

Cáncer -  Now That I’ve Found You

Géminis -  Turn Up The Speakers

Leo -  Sun Is Never Going Down

Virgo - Wizard

Libra - In The Name Of Love 

Escorpio - Animals

Sagitario - Virus

Capricornio - The Only Way Is Up

Acuario -  Forbidden Voices 

Piscis - Don’t Look Down  

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Since it’s finally reached its recipient, I may as well post the comic I drew back in September for @lyssa-fer when I sent her some Pokemon Zukan figures! This was around the time we were going crazy over Alolan Exeggutors and their super necks. 

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61- The Breach

I envy anyone who gets to go into Sun and Moon with no knowledge of spoilers.

I’ve always wanted to go into a Pokemon game “blind” again (last time I got to was the original RS), but in today’s day and age, it’s difficult. You’d effectively have to stay away from the parts of the internet you frequent, and to do that for months at a time? Eesh.

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Mystic messenger as PKMN trainers!

Jumin: Espeon is his top star, he’s a business man trainer so he only battles people within I his company on break time. Jaehee is the battle referee.

Jaehee: Hitmonlee is her number one Pokemon, it has a fighting spirit as strong as her own. When she’s not battling she’s training with Jumin.

Yoosung: Shinx is his sparky little babe, he hates it when he gets so excited he shocks him but he loves him all the same. He travels out of his ball and Yoosung carries him around.

Zen: Absol is his number one beauty, he loves to mega evolve it while performing contest. He’s a surprisingly popular contest star. Absol is a boy but loves wearing dresses because it makes him feel pretty.

Luciel: Growlithe is this big lug that lays on his back waiting for belly rubs while 707’s working and is a beast in battle to the point it’s almost terrifying to look at.

V: Lapras is V’s best friend, she always knows how to cheer him up, since he has a hard time seeing the water is the best place to be. He spends his time traveling to take pictures of the beautiful regions.

Saeran: Alolan ninetails, an ice type to counter Saeyoungs. It’s cool and aloof but just as deadly as Saeran himself. It’s frozen heart will make sure to freeze you too.

Rika: she has an evil Sandslash because she’ll stab you in the back.

M/c: Eevee(evolves based on route)

*Jumin: Espeon
*Jaehee: Sylveon
*Yoosung: Jolteon
*Zen: Umbreon
*Luciel: Flareon
*V: Vaporeon
*Saeran: Glaceon

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"So I guess if it bothers you, don’t look at my twitter account? I don’t know what else to say." Maybe take your own advice and don't look at Sam's. He's not going to change.

Well considering I blog and tweet about the show, kind of hard to not follow the lead actor? Not to mention, even if I didn’t follow him, I would still see it everywhere because it pisses off a lot of people who tweet about it. Go dive into the sun and get off my blog, anon.

i pretty much universally love all raw tomatos and hate all cooked ones
so WOW I didnt know there was a way to cook them that made them NOT go all mushy and tasteless!
do they actually dry them in the sun? cos that feels like itd take ages and theyd go mouldy first. Is it just a name for some kind of special cooking technique that dries it out rather than boiling it? or are there countries where the sun is actually hot enough to cook a tomato that fast?
maaaaan… I’m so lucky i live in cold old britain! i am really fragile in sunny weather lol. maybe its because of my cold dead heart XD

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my crush and i went to a bonfire with our friends this past summer and we ended up going on a walk along the beach as the sun was setting and we just talked for forever and when the sun set he gave me the warmest and tightest hug :') i could actually hear his heart thumping away. i kissed his cheek and it kinda just melted into a real kiss and it was like a dream!! why did i have to move away two days later :(


Ambivalent towards the Opening.

Like, some shots work great, but the Blake shot is like, what? Why is Sun even there? Why is he tagging along? It literally goes against everything about why she even left in the first place. And Blake having what I assume is family? I hope not, because it was literally never ever ever brought up in the show and would go against what we know of her. Seriously though why is Sun even there in that shot? Don’t shoehorn a character for sake of hetero-romance teasing again, show. That did not work in Volume 2 and it is not going to work now. Let Blake actually have a storyline. Having her journey with random “romance interest” literally defeats the purpose of her characterization(getting away from a toxic relationship and attaining independence in terms of her own actions)

The song is okay. Not as good as Vol2 op or Vol3 op. might grow on me.