Twice a year, you may experience some degree of television interference due to sun outages.

RCN I have news for you, if the sun goes out I am not going to be worried about missing Wheel of Fortune.

(Sun Outages are actually when the sun moves directly behind a TV satellite and interferes with its signal, which makes it sound like the sun is photobombing my TV, but “sun outages” just made me lol.)

Sam is always the first one up. He’s a natural morning person, likes getting up with the sun and going for a run in the early haze when the world is quiet and still. It helps with his anxiety, works away some of the panic left over from his nightmares and gets him in the right headspace to function for the rest of the day.

Dean gets up next, fumbling to the kitchen and starting the first pot of coffee not long after Sam leaves. It used to be he could sleep like the dead until noon, so still and quiet Sam would check to make sure he was still breathing. These days he sleeps lighter than ever, and the old aches and pains that have settled in his bones drive him out of bed before seven more often than not.

When Sam gets back from his run sometime before eight, he showers, takes his meds and has a coffee in the kitchen with Dean. Sometimes he flips through the paper and tries not to imagine which news stories might once have been cases to them. Then, around nine, one of them pours a new cup of coffee, loaded with cream and sugar, and takes it back into the bedroom.

When Castiel first settled into being human, Sam and Dean learned that if neither of them brought him coffee, he would gladly sleep all day. This morning, it’s Sam who perches on the edge of the bed, touches Castiel’s shoulder and murmurs, “Come on, Cas. Up and at ‘em.”

Castiel blinks at him blearily from under layers of blankets, his hair sleep-mussed and his eyes clouded with the exhaustion that clings to him like a fog these days. Some mornings he’s irritable when he first wakes, pulling the covers over his head and staunchly refusing to move. Today though, he leans into Sam’s touch like an affectionate cat as he yawns and stretches, hums happily when he accepts the steaming mug of coffee and takes his first sip.

“Good morning, Sam.” The husky sleep-rumble of Castiel’s voice is warm and comfortable in the space between them. “You look well today. Did you enjoy your run?”

The easy praise makes Sam smile. “Yeah, Cas. I feel good.” 

Castiel’s gaze moves past Sam, over his shoulder. “Hello, Dean.”

“Mornin’.” Dean is leaning in the doorway with his arms folded over his chest, watching them. He doesn’t smile much, but his eyes are soft and open, and the lines of tension that usually crease his forehead and the corners of his mouth are smooth, for the moment.

There, in the quiet moment before the day really starts, Sam makes a silent promise to them all. Today will be a good day.

going back to drawing smut again but since it’s been awhile, the first few might look a little stiff (no pun intended)

on the other hand, this is intended as a warning

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codenamexy  asked:

Hey, I was just wondering, what is your college major?

Oh boy! I studied a Bachelor of Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania for two years (majoring in physics and minoring in biology/ecology) and then dropped out because I was Bad At Maths. Now I’m doing a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Deakin and I’m majoring in graphic design and minoring in a whole bunch of stuff, like literature and writing and illustration. I’m in third year next year and I’m PUMPED TO GRADUATE.

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honestly scars are the most underdone thing in homestuck,like, there is 0% chance Vriska wouldent be covered in scars from her frequent lethal battle to feed her lusus, not to mention you know, having an explosion go off in her face, even if the injurys were healed she would likely keep the scars, and if alternias sun is hot enough they cant even go out during the day surely Terezi would have at least some minor burn scars on her face

yeah i agree these kids would mostly all have bunches of scars from their childhoods. i understand hussie’s decision to not include them in the art style tho since its so simplistic

Enchanted Chapter 4

Long-awaited chapter is finally here guys! I know I made you guys wait a long time for this one and I apologize again for that! A lot of stuff is happening in this chapter and I had to make sure everything happened the way I pictured it. So! Hope you guys enjoy! Likes, comments, reblogs are welcome and I appreciate you all thousand times and then some for taking the time to do that! Happy reading! Here we go! 

The California sun peaks through the master suite as Ahsha remains in a peaceful slumber. She sleeps soundly, letting her thoughts wander off into the clouds. It had been a long time since she had a single night with a full 8 hours of sleep. Activities at the arena were busy as usual, the team were in the middle of playoffs and this only put more pressure on Ahsha and Jelena as captains when it came to the Devil girl’s and the intensity of the new routines they are going through. Not only was it that but between the wedding planning, the new guest to the household and the disconnection between the couple, Ahsha was just drained from it all. In the beginning, she and Derek were closer than ever but as the engagement progressed, it became more difficult to find time for each other and neither one of them tried hard enough to change that. The more he worked, the less time they spent together and the more Ahsha felt ignored. Putting her stubborn ways on the table, Derek doesn’t even know this is the way she’s feeling and right now, she wasn’t planning on putting her pride to the side to open up about her feelings of abandonment. These thoughts plagued her mind as she shifted in the bed turning towards where she expected her fiancé to be, reaching for him, only to find him gone. This caused her to wake from her coma. She sat up on the bed, running her fingers through her locks, in disappointment. She reached over the nightstand to check some emails on her phone and found a folded up note with Derek’s prints on it. She reached for the note first, unfolding it to read the contents.

“Hey beautiful, hope my absence didn’t wake you. Went out for my morning walk and got called in for an early meeting at the Arena. I will be back tonight in time for our date night, don’t worry I didn’t forget. Breakfast is ready for you downstairs and I’ve already made arrangements for you to get to work. I’ll be thinking of you. Can’t wait for tonight, love you baby. Derek ♥

She became calmer as she folded the note back in her hand and kissed it. It amazed her how no matter what he did, he always knew how to make her heart flutter. They may have their issues but at the end of the day, Derek was her life and she couldn’t picture a world without him. After checking her emails, she got out of bed, showered and dressed, then headed downstairs to eat. As she walked into the kitchen she was bombarded by Devin causing her to fall.

“Oh my bad, Ahsha, here let me help you” Devin expresses grabbing her hands pulling her back up.

“You straight?”

“Yeah, I’m good, thanks”

“No problem” He replies.

“Kinda early for you to be around. Does Derek know you’re here?”

“He officially hired me as your personal bodyguard a few days ago. It’s my first day and I’m supposed to take you to work after breakfast” Devin explained. Ahsha gave no clear response as she stared back at him.

“He told you right?” She remained quiet putting a hand on her hip.

“Does it look like he told me?”

“Oh. Well, I’m sure he meant to, maybe it slipped his mind”

“It sure doesn’t seem that way when he wants me to give him some. Nothing slips his mind unless he wants it to. Trust me, that’s not why he didn’t tell me” She retorts with a hint of irritation in her voice.

“Well whatever his reasoning was, I’m sure it was a good one” Her lips formed a straight line not believing the hype Devin was trying to speak.

“Yeah, you could be right. Listen I’m going to go ahead and eat then we can go” Ahsha tells the man. He nods in agreement walking out of the kitchen before Ahsha grabs his arm.

“Hey you can’t work on an empty stomach. Why don’t you eat with me before we go” She propositioned him.

“That’s nice for you to offer, but it’s okay I already ate before I came”

“Well alright then. Give me about 10 minutes or less and I’ll be ready”

“Sounds good. I’m going to just use the bathroom and wait for you in the car”

“Ok” She said.

He leaves the room, leaving the lady to eat her breakfast. Shortly after that, Ahsha sat down at the dining table and stuffed her face quickly then went up the stairs to grab her phone, gym bag, and purse before walking out the door. The sunshine was very bright prompting her to throw her sunglasses on. Her heels clicked as she strutted towards the car jumping in the backseat. As they drove off, she sent a text out to Derek.

I see you failed to tell me something else. We got to talk when you get home.

She sent it not expecting a response knowing he was in the middle of practice. Twenty minutes in the car, and they finally were at the Arena. Collecting her things, Ahsha gets out the car and Devin drives off. Walking into the Arena she spotted her two favorite Devil boys although one was on her list at the moment.

“Uh-oh, wifey alert”

“Bro what you talking about?” Derek asked Terrence completely oblivious of a very fiery Ahsha walking towards them.

“Hey T” She sang approaching him wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Hey there little sis”

Wrapping his arms around her waist, giving her a squeeze while Derek stood looking like a lost puppy. They quickly broke their embrace as they both saw him giving Terrence a death glare.

“And how are you doing?”

“Hey baby, do I get a kiss?” Derek intruded.

“Oh well you know, I’m always good but I could be better” Making a reference to her fiancé rolling her eyes at him, ignoring his request.

“Are you really going to act like I’m not standing here Ahsha?” She cocks her head fast to him, flipping her hair.

“I’m talking to my brother right now. So anyway, how are you doing these days?” Still ignoring him making no eye-contact as she turns back to Terrence.

“Besides Jelena blowing up my phone every hour of the day, I’ve been straight. I just want this season to be over you know? So I can have time to relax”

“What does she want?”

“Honestly I don’t know sis” Shrugging his shoulders.

“Maybe if you returned my phone calls you would” The petite dancer announces approaching the group. Her eyes remained on Terrence as his facial expression turned glum.

“Return your phone calls? For what?”

“To talk”

“We have nothing to talk about. I loved you, you didn’t love me. You screwed me over twice, didn’t want a future with me. See, we’ve talked” Terrence says to her indirectly. Jelena interjects.

“That wasn’t a talk that was you being an ass. I get it, I hurt you and I’m sorry. But that doesn’t change the fac-“Terrence interrupted her.

YOU’RE SORRY! THAT’S ALL YOU GOT?” Clapping his hands slowly.



“Don’t you dare! I ALWAYS put you first Terrence”

“When? When you drugged me? When you fucked Zero? All of that was for my benefit huh? Riiightt

Terrence continues to scream while Derek and Ahsha watch the scene play out in front of them. As funny as the scene was to them, Ahsha was still pissed at her man and his inability to keep her in the loop about the things that were going on. As they watched the argument unfold, Derek took the opportunity to pull his lady to the side to talk. She shoved his hand away before he took matters into his own hands knowing she was going to make this hard for him. He grabbed her by the waist pulling her into the locker room leaving Terrence and Jelena to continue bickering. He locks the door behind him before saying

“Now that I finally got you alone come here”

“You can lock all the doors you want, doesn’t mean I’m going to talk to you”

“Oh come on babe you can’t seriously be mad at me about this” He pleads reaching for her hand. She slaps it away.

“Uh-uh you don’t get to keep secrets and touch me” She rejects.

“I was going to tell you Ahsha”

“Oh? Were you going to tell me before? Or after I found him downstairs while I was sleep?”

“Baby” He sighs.

“No? Please enlighten me here. If you were going to tell me before that then just say it. I’ll wait” He got real quiet.

“That’s what I thought. You just love keeping me in the dark about everything its fine”

“No I don’t! It’s not that at all. It’s just I’d rather not bother you with these types of things if I’m already handling it on my own”

“Derek…” She starts to pace the floor.

“Devin is going to be around us, around the house, driving me every damn where and possibly spending a lot of time around the Arena. That’s not what bothers me, what bothers me is the fact that you don’t think I should know”

She said to him turning her back, folding her arms across her chest. He paused, then crept up behind his woman wrapping his arms lovingly around her waist. She tilts her head to the side, fidgeting in his arms, still upset.

“Ahsha listen. I do think you should know, but it’s just that…I want to be the one that does all the worrying for you. I want to be the one that protects you” She rolls her eyes.

“Derek, I’m a grown-ass woman, I can take care of myself very well, I don’t need this extra protection but I’m going with it because my fiancé asked me to. It’s called compromise. You keep me informed and I agree to have the extra protection. That’s not asking for much, I just want you to tell me things so I’m not walking around blind sighted. I don’t want to be the last to know when something’s going on. Is that too much to ask?”

Derek responds by squeezing her waist a little tighter and kisses her neck tenderly.

“No, it’s not too much to ask for, and I’m sorry for making you feel this way. That wasn’t my intention”

“Well intention or not, you still did it” She pouts.

He bends down kissing her neck once more, longer this time. Her arms fall to her sides as he reaches down to intertwine his fingers with hers.

“I’m sorry. So. So. So. So. Sorry” Peppering her jaw with a kiss between every single word spoken.

“How can I make it better?” He asks her as she turns around to face him.

“Hmm, make sure you’re not late for our date tonight”

“I won’t be, I give you my word”

“Promise?” She questions. He places his hand on her neck kissing her lips softly.

“Yes I promise”

“We gone see” Wrapping an arm around his neck. He lets out a smile.

“Alright Tiger I gotta get to practice in half-hour, and so do you”

“I can have us ready in 20. And there’s so…”

He smirks backing her into the lockers.

“So much you can do in ten minutes” And without warning, he captures her lips. He ravages her mouth like a wild animal, biting and tugging on her bottom lip before sticking his tongue down her throat. Getting lost in the kiss, she massages her tongue with his, moaning in his mouth before stopping herself.

“You know ten minutes won’t be enough for us so let’s not start something we can’t finish right now”

“Woman, you can’t but I can”

“Save for that tonight mister” She laughs while he groans pulling away before being pulled back in close, by his shirt.

“Heey, mama will make it up to you, Daddy just gotta be patient” Biting his earlobe. He presses his hand against her stomach.

“Make sure she does. Cuz Daddy’s gone tear that ass up later” Whispering in her ear. She grins pulling his face to hers, kissing his soft lips.

“Alright woman, get your pretty ass out of here before I change my mind”

“Fine, fine Mr. Roman, I’m going. See you tonight?” She quizzes walking away from him making sure he got a glimpse of her apple bottom.

“It’s a date, Mrs. RomanHe answers slapping her bottom as she walks past him leaving the locker room. Married or not, that was his wife and nobody could tell him different, documented on a piece of paper or not either. She gives him a quick wink before disappearing.


Practice had ran longer than usual and Jelena was tense as ever after her argument with Terrence so all the girls were exhausted.

“Alright ladies, that will be all for today. Remember, practice early tomorrow morning” Jelena dismisses the girls.

“Hey Carebear, I’m in need of a refuge, want to do a little shopping and grab some food?”

“A refuge? Isn’t that a sign of a nonexistent sex life?” Ahsha taunts.

“Carebear pweasee, you know this blonde beauty always gets hers. Enough of your slick remarks, you down or what?”

“You know I’m always down to pay a visit to our favorite spot”

“Sushi and lingerie and sex toys it is” The besties laugh together before being interrupted by Jelena.

“Sorry for the interruption this won’t take long. Ahsha, do you think you would want to help me choreograph the dance for our next away game?” Ahsha and Kyle look at each other than back at Jelena.

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely, I could use the…help” Jelena confesses.


“So, you game or what?”  Jelena repeats.

“Ok, yeah sure I guess”

“K. I’ll text you more details in the next couple of days and we can find a day to meet”

“Sounds golden. Thanks”

“Please don’t mention it” Jelena says walking away from the duo.

“Boy I tell you, that woman’s a piece of work”

“At least she’s not yelling at us”

“Guess your right”

“Ready to go?”


Both ladies get up off the dance floor grabbing their belongings and water bottles taking large gulps as they walk out the arena together.

“My cars over here Carebear”

“Oh, no girl we don’t have to take your car, Devin’s going to take us”

“Devin? Who in the hell is that?” Dragging her words.

Kyle questions curiously as her answer slowly pulls up into the arena. The car comes to a stop as Ahsha grabs Kyle’s hand leading her to the driver’s window. The girls back up a little once they notice Devin opening the door.

“Hi Ahsha, I’m so sorry I’m late, I had some important errands to run before picking you up”

“That’s okay, were not going straight home right now anyway. I need you to take me and my best-friend Kyle to the mall”

“That’s quite alright. Is this her?”

“Yeah, excuse her silence, she’s never this quiet around the opposite sex”

Ahsha joked as Kyle just stared the bodyguard up and down.  The man had the blonde mesmerized by how sexy he was. It was clear that she would be holding a torch for him very soon.

“Kyle is it? Hi, I’m Devin, Ahsha’s new bodyguard?” Devin tells the speechless dancer extending his hand. She clasps it in her hand, receiving the handshake.

“Hi, I’m um, Kyle, her best-friend”

“Nice to meet you, you’re very beautiful I might add”

“Oh you don’t have to tell me, but thank you for pointing out facts”

She blushed a little. Ahsha watched in disbelief as her bestie flirted with her protection.

“You’re very welcome”

Winking at her from the corner of his eye,

“Ok, ok, ok you two. Kyle get your ass in the car, Devin, take us to Westside Pavilion” Shoving Kyle in the backseat.

“Right away”

He laughs hopping into the driver’s seat. It only took him half-hour before they got to the mall. As the car came to a halt, the girl’s jumped out quickly. Ahsha walked to the other side of the car as Devin rolls down the window.

“Be back in about two hours and we have to take Kyle back to the arena before we head back home”

“Ok, I will shoot you a text when I’m close”

“Sounds great to me”

“Let me know if you two need anything”

“OH! She won’t but I will!”

Kyle screams in the background. Devin cackles to himself at her friend.

“I’ll hold you to that Ms. Hart, have fun ladies”

His last words before driving away.

“Daamn Ahsh that is one fine piece of ass!”

“Girl if you don’t quit acting so damn thirsty and get in this mall”

“Yess I’m thirsty and he’s going to quench my thirst”

Kyle smirks sticking her tongue out moving it from side to side.

“You so nasty, I can’t with you! I swear that’s all your ass thinks about!”

“Oh don’t act like you weren’t thinking the same thing! You can admit it, it’ll be our little secret, you know I won’t tell D!” Shyly winking at the dancer.  

“Kyle! That’s ridiculous, I have a fiancéeee remember”

She recants dangling the ring in her face.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t look!”

“There’s nothing to look at”

She lied. She didn’t want to admit it but the man was definitely good-looking, not drop your panties sexy like Derek but he was pretty close to it. She felt guilty for even thinking that but then she just realized that she was only looking, and there’s no harm in looking as long as you don’t touch.

“You’re a lying wonder Carebear! But I feel it, hey, more for me! Let’s get in this mall though. I got some new pieces I definitely want now”

The blue-eyed blonde comments as they walk into the double doors. Meanwhile, over on the other side of town, the young man was having a very open phone conversation.

“Yes, it’s only my first day but everything’s been going pretty smooth”

“That’s great baby. How are you adjusting to the changes?”

“Ehh, I mean its okay I guess. Besides driving her around, he doesn’t have me doing anything else except watching the house while he’s gone”

“Oh, so he’ gone pretty often then?” The caller asks him.

“No, just away games for specific weekends at a time. He only stays gone 3-4 days usually”

“That’s plenty of time. Maybe you’ll get your chance then”

“Nah, nah. It’s too soon. I gotta plan out my moment, I can’t just spring it out on them like that. I need more time”

“Well baby don’t take too much time but there’s no rush. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay and you didn’t forget about what we discussed previously”

“I haven’t. Trust me I know what I’m doing”

“When are you coming home?”

“I can’t tell you exactly when”

“Ok. But soon though?”

“Yes. Very”


“So what made Derek want to hire a bodyguard for you?”

Kyle fishes while rummaging through the lingerie section at Victoria’s.

“Well after the incident from the engagement party, he just wanted to play it safe. Of course he made the move without talking to me first but after he explained why, it actually makes sense. So we talked it over and came to an agreement and I’m okay with what we came up with”

“Hmm, so I’m guessing you two made up then?”

“Well of course we did why wouldn’t we?”

“How was it?”

The blonde investigates. The dancer grins hard eyeing her best-friend.

“How do you think it was?”

“Point taken, I’m jealous”

“Maybe commitment to one piece isn’t as bad as you think” Raising her eye-brow.

Ahsha reasons while picking out a red and black lace ensemble.

“I’m going to pay for this”

Ignoring her besties effort in changing her perspective about relationships and men. Kyle had only been married once before and that one time was enough for her not to want to do it again. Committed relationships isn’t the language she speaks.

“Ok, I got one more thing I want to grab”

“Hurry up procrastinator”

Kyle teases before walking up to the counter to pay for her items. After they paid for their things, they ate at their favorite sushi spot. After about two hours had passed, Devin had arrived to take Kyle back to the arena and Ahsha back home. Derek had texted Ahsha to let her know that he would be released from practice around 8 which was enough time for her to set everything up. Devin had already left the car and went in the house while Ahsha walked to the mailbox. Looking through the pile all she saw was bills on top of more bills until she came across a letter written to her from a New York dance studio. No thoughts beforehand she ripped the envelope open.

Dear Ms. Hayes,

We are happy to inform you that you’ve been personally invited and accepted for an audition with us. Auditions will be placed the last two weeks of October. Make sure to bring an picture of yourself as well as proof of identification and a video of choreography you have put together. Please confirm your audition date by next Friday. We hope to hear from you soon!

Diana Cross, C/O Of New York City Studios

Completely stunned, she quickly folded the letter putting it back in the envelope. She had completely forgot about applying. It was last spring when she and Derek were still broken up and she was thinking about leaving L.A, leaving him behind in her past. She didn’t expect to get accepted but now that she was, she was excited about the opportunity. Opportunity came knocking but all she could think about was how it would affect her relationship with Derek. The wedding wasn’t too far away and neither was her audition. She knows she has to tell him and she would, tonight. This is something important that could change the dynamic of their relationship and she can’t keep this information from him and she wouldn’t. She walks back inside and bumps into Devin yet again.

“You’re literally everywhere”

“I don’t mean to be” Devin replies fast kind of offended by what she just said.

“Don’t take everything so serious, I’m just messing with you. The look on your face though, priceless” She laughs out loud.

“Oh you think that’s funny?”

“Yeah, I do actually” Laughing some more.

“Quite the comedian. By the way Derek told me to let you know that he should be home around 8 ish”

“I know, he texted me before we got back”

“Oh okay, well if you don’t mind I’m just going to stay here, until he gets back and then I’ll head on home” Devin requests.

“That’s’ fine, I’m going to take a nap. By the time I wake up, he should be heading this way. You’re welcome to anything in the kitchen. Remotes on the couch”

“Ok thanks Ahsha”

“You say thank you a lot, but you’re welcome Devin. Make yourself at home” Walking up the stairs to the master suite, shutting the door.

2 Hours Later

It was now 6pm and that leaves two hours for Ahsha to set up everything before Derek gets home. She decided to cook dinner first and then fix herself up after. She went for something not too complicated for dinner. She stuck with baked chicken, rice and gravy with green beans. No dessert needed to be made since she planned on serving herself to him on a platter for the night. After setting up the table, she sped back upstairs to take a shower, completely ignoring the fact that Devin was still there, sleeping peacefully on the couch. She showered quickly and put her black and red ensemble on and slipped her black six inch heels to top her look. She splashed some perfume on her neck, between her legs, her breasts, and her wrists before covering herself up with the black silk robe. She took a look at herself in the bathroom mirror, gawking at herself until she received a text from yours truly. Licking her lips in anticipation and excitement, she opened up the text message. After reading, her excitement turned to anger. She slapped her hand on the counter dialing him. It rang five times until he finally picked up.

“Baby I really can’t talk right now”

“Fuck that! You’re going to hear me this time! Did you not hear me earlier?”

“Of course I did”

“So why am I just now finding out about this? You could have called”

“I wanted to but I-“

“You wanted to but you didn’t anyway right?” Cutting him off.

“Come on Ahsha you know how it is, we’ve talked about this before”

“We’ve talked about a lot of things including not keeping things from each other yet here you are doing the exact thing you promised me you wouldn’t do” Flaring up, raising her voice.

“It was an emergency meeting. There wasn’t enough time to call and tell you”

“Emergency? OUT OF TOWN DEREK! REALLY? All it takes is a phone call, hey babe I’m not coming home tonight because the team got called in to go to an out of town emergency meeting. Simple, straight to the point and I would’ve been fine”

“Well I’m telling you now!”

“After you got caught keeping it from me!” She scoffs.

“You’re overreacting and I’m not about to entertain your shenanigans”

“Overreacting, about what? The fact that you won’t spend time with me? Love on me like you used to?

He sighs loudly.

“Like I said we’ll talk when I get back tomorrow”

“Or not”

“Ahsha! I’m not getting into this with you”

“That’s the problem Derek, you NEVER do!” She spitted and you hear the dial tone.


Yet another unsuccessful night. This proved their communication needed some improvement. She still couldn’t believe after their conversation from earlier, he still didn’t get it. She thought they were past this, obviously not. Her eyes welled up and she let one tear fall before wiping it out of her face quickly. She pulled herself together but she was still very angry with him. She wasn’t thinking clearly but the one thing she knew was that this outfit she had on was making her angrier and so she unzipped it from the back and wiggled her body out of it. She went into her drawers pulling out some shorts and a tank top, putting it on, walking downstairs ranting to herself. She takes a breather, making little steps toward the refrigerator, still fuming and venting to herself. She stops herself after recognizing a certain someone was awake and listening in on her thoughts.

“Uggh! & you’re still here!”

“Derek’s still not here so yes I am” He responds back.

“Well he’s not going to be here tonight. He left town for an emergency meeting so you can leave”

“Ahsha, you know I can’t do that”

“Trust me you can. You open the door and walk out of it” She spat.

But she realized she was directing her attitude towards the wrong person and instantly felt bad.

“Oh goodness I’m sorry Devin for the way I’m acting towards you. It’s not you, it’s Derek”

Rubbing her temples together grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge.

“Do you mind if I ask?”

“Be my guest”

“What happened?”

“We were supposed to have a date tonight but he failed to tell me that he got pulled into going to an emergency meeting out of town” She explains.

“Well Ahsha I’m sure he was going to tell you but he is an athlete, he’s bound to get pulled in different directions without his consent” Defending Derek.

“He waited until the last minute”

“He’s a basketball player, the people in charge always do that. They probably didn’t inform him about it until right before they were getting ready to take off”

“Well I should’ve known the next minute. Urgh! I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about this. You’re clueless about this I’m sure”

“I know more than you think woman”

“Excuse me?” He paused trying to get his point across.

“All I’m saying is this won’t be the first and last time this will happen. This comes with the territory when you marry a basketball player”

“Were not married yet” She notifies.

“You will be. Just cut the guy some slack. Maybe evaluate and revise how you handle things with him”

“And what would you know about relationships?” Rebuffing his advice.

“Let’s just say I’ve been there before”

“Tell me something I don’t know”

“I don’t want to get into that”

“Why not? I mean you had soo much to say about me and Derek so why not share some stuff yourself?”

“I gave a woman my all and she took me for granted”

“Oh” Speechless.

“Yea. Just think about it, alright. At least you know he loves you”

“Ok. I’ll keep that in mind” Clearing her throat.

“I’m going to bed. If you’re staying until the morning, the blankets are in the closet and you can use any of the pillows on the couch”

She briefed him not waiting for him to respond and darted back upstairs. He watched her as she disappeared to the stairs. Going into the closet, he grabbed a blanket and made a pallet on the couch. He rested his head on the pillow and put his phone on the table.

3 Hours Later

A loud noise sounds, waking the sleepy man up. Possibly, just a noise outside or the weather, no it was his phone. He lifts his eyes, still out of it, reaching for his phone.

“Hello?” In his groggy voice.

“Is this Devin Hall?”

“Yes, who’s this?” The bodyguard inquests completely confused.

“This is a bartender from Beverly Hills Bar and Dance. I have an Ahsha Hayes here with me. Is there a way you can get someone to pick her up? You know her right?” Devin sits up immediately.

“Yes I do. What happened?”

“Well she came in around 11:30 and started taking shots after shot. She was ranting all night about some guy named Derek and now she’s here very intoxicated. She tried to leave but we wouldn’t let her. She mentioned that she had a “bodyguard Derek hired for her without her consent” and gave me this number. Isn’t she his wife?”

“Fiancée” He told him instantly correcting him. In the midst of this conversation, he realized she waited for him to fall asleep so she could leave the house without him breathing down her neck or trying to stop her.

“I’m sorry to call you this late but we are prepping for closing and we can’t do anything until she leaves. She’s too under the influence to drive”

“I’ll be there” He said hanging up, grabbing the car keys and dashing out the door. He sped rapidly through the freeway to the Hill’s and found the bar. He got out of the car walking into the bar, in pursuit of her. He finally spotted her and made steps toward her figure. She was sitting on the bar stool, taking shots of what looked like her 8th shot of patron to the head. She stumbled over the area before he touched her shoulder lightly.

“Ahsha” He calls her and her head turns.

“Deviinn haaaay. I didn’t know you were here. Come sit, have a drink” Patting the seat next to her.

“No, I don’t and you’ve had enough. Let’s get you home”

“Home? Ha bitch whereeeee?? Who are you anyway, my daddy? I don’t think so” She slurs.

“Come on Ahsha I just want to take you home”

“Why is that? He told you to do that, because his fiancée out drunk off her ass isn’t a good look for him right? Whelp, that image is shot straight to hell now isn’t it?” Shrugging her shoulders taking her 9th shot still slurring again standing up before almost falling to her feet. Devin catches her before she hits the ground.

“Goodness Ahsha, you’re a mess right now”

“Yeeeep. Completely faded but you know what, he wouldn’t even care if he saw me like this. I bet you he wou-“She stops midsentence.  

“Ahsha what’s wrong?” She looks him in the eye.

“You have really pretty eyes” And just like that her eyelids close.

“Ok, ok, it’s alright”

Devin thinks to himself collecting her in his arms carrying her out of the bar. They get home and he carries her up to the master bedroom, laying her down in the bed. He removes her heels, takes her jacket off and undresses her, covering her body with the covers. Before he can escape out the room, she speaks.

“Devin help me get up”

“No you need to rest”

“I have to throw up, please help me!” She urges.

He walks back over to the bed helping her to the bathroom. She positions herself lifting the seat up and empties out her stomach. Hesitantly, he bends down grabbing full fist of her hair placing it at the top of her head, holding it while she continued vomiting. Once she stopped, he let her hair go and she washed her mouth out with water and climbed back into bed.

“Are you okay? Need some water or something?”

“No, I’m fine”

“Well I’m going back downstairs. You get some sleep. Derek says he will be back in the morning”

“I don’t care”

“Ok. Goodnight then” Turning towards the door.


“Yeah?” Facing her again.

“Thank you”

“For what?”

“Taking care of me tonight and being the one to pick me up” Laughing lightly.

“Don’t mention it” He reassures her.


“Goodnight Devin” She sounds, resting her head on the pillow as he briskly closes the door.

Walking down the hallway he gets an alert on his phone. TMZ post. He opens it as it reads:

Trouble in paradise for the Roman Emperor and Princess? It appears that way as Derek Roman’s fiancée Ahsha Hayes was seen intoxicated being carried out of a nearby bar with a mysterious, handsome young man tonight. New man? Engagement on the rocks? He closed up his phone in horror.

“The media’s going to have a field day with this, great” He mumbles to himself. And so it begins.

The Next Day

Devin is lying on the couch KO’d as he’s woken up by an angelic face staring him in the face hovering over his figure.

“Aye, wake yo ass up!”

“You’re in no grave danger Ahsh” He mumbles with his eyes still closed.

“How would you know that if you’re sleep? You’re here to protect me not to sleep”

“You don’t need protecting, you’re like a firecracker that hasn’t been lit” He snorts. She snatches the pillow from under his head smacking him in the face with it repeatedly.

“Wake up!”

“Aight! Aight! I’m up!” He surrenders to the woman, sitting up.

“How’d you sleep captain save a hoe?”

“Better than you. How are you feeling anyway?” He asks concerned.

“Better, although I’m feeling a little nauseated”

“You want me to get you some water or something?”

“No that’s okay you’ve done enough” Thanking him.

“Ok. So, you’re better than last night though right?”

“Definitely better than last night that’s for sure”

“That’s good” Creating silence.

“Okay why are you so quiet?”

“I’m not” Brushing her off.

“Yes you are, looking like you seen a ghost or something what’s up?”

“I have to show you something” Dragging out his phone. He passes the device to her. Holding it carefully, she glues her eyes to the screen but stops and gives it back to him while sitting on the coffee table.

“I already saw it”

“And you’re not upset?”

“Not the first time I’ve been in the public eye and it won’t be the last. I am marrying the captain and MVP of one of the best NBA teams in LA” She gloats.

“Well I mean that’s true Ahsha but I know Derek’s seen it and he’s probably going to be pis-“Hindering his sentence.

“He’s going to be upset, I know that. Yes it’s a bad look for him and the team, and I couldn’t care less. I didn’t do this on purpose, it was just a wrong example of what a woman does when she’s no longer the center of her man’s world. When she’s no longer a priority” She vocalizes fiddling with her fingers. She removes a strand of hair and slides it behind her ear.

“Ahsha, you are a priority to him. I’m certain he knows that”

“Well if he did, he has a funny way of showing it” Turning towards him, head hanging low as a tear leaves the corner of her eye. She wipes it away instantly. Devin wasn’t sure if he should say something but it was pretty clear that this woman standing before him had her feelings hurt by the man she loves. He could see it in her eyes without even looking at her. Whether it was his place or not, he couldn’t stand by and watch this. Cautiously, he positioned his palm over hers.

“It’ll be okay Ahsha” She twists her head, looking up at him.

“No, I don’t think it will”

“Yes it will, trust me”

“What do I do now?”

“Talk to him”

“And say what?”

“What he doesn’t already know” He states his case removing his hand, rushing up from the sofa as he hears the front door bell ring.

“I’ll get it”

He walks to open the front door and sees a very pissed off Derek Roman with bags in tow.

“Where is she?!”

“On the sofa”

“You been here all night?”

“Yeah, but I was just leaving anyway. Figured I give you two some space. Same time next week?” Devin tells the man. Derek nods his head sliding over as he watches Devin walk out hurriedly. Derek drops his bags on the floor walking to where Ahsha was. He stops stepping towards her recognizing her reflecting to herself silently until she notices he’s there.

“Oh, look who decided to come home” Jumping swiftly off the couch headed towards the kitchen.

“Had no choice since you wanted to be Christopher Columbus and explore the damn neighborhood alone!”

“That’s right! Ahsha Hayes went out, to a bar, got drunk, without the Roman emperor! Well won’t you look at God! Arrest me” She banters him throwing her hands up in exaggeration.

“Drop the commentary Ahsha cuz I’m not in the mood for this bullshit!”

“Great cuz neither am I” Getting a water bottle from the fridge strutting past him. He clutches her arm before she can get away fully. Her hair whips in his face as he grabs her. She glares at him intensely.

“What if you got hurt?”

“I didn’t. Now get your damn hands off me” Jerking her hand away, walking up the stairs.

“Walk away all you want this conversation ain’t over tho”

“This conversation is so over. Believe that Roman” Making her way upstairs. She was done with him and his failed effort trying to check her about last night’s activities. It’s no secret she was stubborn but this had nothing to do with the way she was acting today. She was tired of him not putting her feelings in consideration. She didn’t feel included and as important in his life the way he made it look to everybody else. If he wanted to make things right he was going to have to work for it and she wasn’t backing down this time. Derek’s hands balled into two perfect fists and he felt his chest rise as he got angrier.

“Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you Ahsha! Ahsha! Ahsha!” Following her while she proceeds to tune him out. She strolls in the bedroom dropping her water bottle on the dresser striding into the walk-in closet in pursuit of her shoes. Derek peeps in seeing her movement on the floor.

“Ahsha I’m not done talking to you”

“Yeah? Well, I’m done talking to you”

He sighs sharply.

“Do you not understand what this could do for our image?” Standing up to her feet, having found her shoes, putting them on her feet.

Our image or yours?” Maneuvering around the room collecting her watch, her purse and car keys.

“Both! What if something would’ve occurred last night while you were out? Huh, that would have changed our lives forever!”

“Yeah? Like marriage!”

“Ahsha I know, I know were getting married I’m talking about basketball, my career!”

“Why of course it’s just yours cause it seems you’re the only one in this relationship with goals and dreams and apparently the only thing I want is your babies and a license to fuck you! Sorry I’m not that desperate Derek” Antagonizing him.

“I’m the face of the team, what the fuck do you expect me to do huh?”

“& that’s all you seem to care about lately! DEVILS! DEVILS! ALL HAIL THE DEVILS! Blah! Blah! WHAT ABOUT ME?! US?! Know what don’t even answer that, I’m out. I can’t even be around you right now” She shouted violently and bitterly. For the first time in their argument, Derek looks up at her, her eyes red full of the tears that were now falling from her face. He forms small steps towards her trying to gather her in his arms and is viciously pushed away.

“Stop! Don’t come near me” Getting out of his grip, stalking to the door.

“Ahsha wait!” He cops a plea. She turns around expeditiously, one hand on the door knob, the other holding her purse.

“Your future as a basketball player is totally secure, but your future as my husband not so much!”

Slamming the door, storming out in tears leaving him standing in the center of the room.

Thank you for reading! Buckle up, things are about to get crazy for everyone in Devil’s nation ! 


Crutchie: Hufflepuff

With Newsies’ tour having it’s final performance this weekend, I thought I’d try to get in some Newsies characters, so today we have Crutchie!

Hufflepuffs are a lot of things, they’re loyal, true, just, and unafraid of hard work. Crutchie fits the bill on every single one of them.

Let’s start with unafraid of hard work, because that actually fits every single newsie (though of course they are not all Hufflepuffs) as established in Jack’s speech:

Not one of us complains if the work we do is hard. All we ask is a square deal.

Crutchie would be included in that, as he is one of them. Arguably, he actually has a harder go than the rest of them because of his disability, but every day you still see him out there with the rest of them- in fact, he’s the first one ready to go, up with the sun.

As for loyal, you can see that in almost everything he does, but particularly the letter. He has been beaten down, he has been arrested, he is at his absolute lowest. and in that moment, he’s still dreaming of how he and Jack will escape to Santa Fe, and then there’s the last thought, his final prayer for the change he wants to try and effect from inside:

There’s one thing I need you to do,
On the rooftop you said that a family looks out for each other
So you tell all the fellas from me to protect one another

For being true, we can look to the scene before The World Will Know. He’s actually willing to accept the fee hike- he doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t think they can fight it. He wants to just get his papers and get to the streets while he still can. But even though he doesn’t want to fight it initially, when his friends, his family, decides they want to strike, he doesn’t fight them on it. He stands beside them and remains loyal and faithful to them, and does not become a scab.

Musicalssorted official stamp on Crutchie is that he is a Hufflepuff! We are off for the weekend but we’ll be back on Monday with a Gryffindor!

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The way Yang and Sun contrast helping Blake is... interesting. Yang's final attempt seems to have been her finally making Blake listen as her team had been trying less forceful methods. Sun seems to have been using the same tact repeatedly. Sun made Blake talk about herself. Yang gave a story of herself, either those two will get along well or will absolutely hate each other

Yang shows she understands Blake, she can relate to her and 2x06 was Yang trying to get through by showing Blake that, that she’s been in that place and she’s pushed herself too far and it ended poorly - showing Blake that she really does know what she’s going through and giving her advice some weight that Blake can trust

Sun though, beyond wanting to get to know her - Blake specifically said “so you want to know more about me” in 1x15, which wasn’t really specific to why Blake was upset at that point, implying he was badgering her during that time to try and find out more about her (and not asking why she was upset) and probably got more than he bargained for when she unloaded all that history. his immediate response to that was ‘have you told your friends any of this’ like he’s trying to pass the heavy stuff off on them, a trend that continues in volume 2 (coming in in 2x06 asking if Blake’s being ‘all Blakey’ in a way that both trivialises what she was going through and implies he’s expecting RWY to have dealt with it for him) - Sun really doesn’t seem to care all that much about her. he certainly doesn’t understand her, as he’s clearly had a wholly different life experience than she has (growing up in Vacuo and Haven versus growing up outside the kingdoms)

he seems to like the idea of her more than her as a person, because unless she’s being ‘fun’, he’s not interested. he trivialises her issues, make fun of her traumatic past that took her three days to work up to telling him and when she’s clearly upset with him, he makes it her fault for not thinking it was funny (”too soon”), and even asking her out showed he really didn’t care if she was okay or not because he took her affirmative at face value and didn’t press even when she clearly wasn’t okay; he was more interested in asking her out

he doesn’t respect her enough to actually keep her being a Faunus secret from his friend, who Blake didn’t know, and then never apologised to or even told Blake about it

he also invades Blake’s privacy by hanging outside team RWBY’s room with Neptune and never explaining why either of them were up there, and then forces his company on them and involves himself with their plans without asking (even calling them dumb for not wanting to get friends involved) - we don’t even know the reason why he was there at the fountain in 1x15, for all we know he was following her

Sun’s a jackass, and not a particularly nice guy for what little character he has. and some of those few character traits are like, watered down versions of some of Adam’s traits - trivialising Blake’s concerns, only really caring about her in context to himself and not her as a person, shifting blame when he is the one at fault - with the context that Adam was abusive, those go from just being jackassery to being outright concerning that Blake put up with it and never called him on it. that she never spoke about what Adam did to her, only what he did to others, is possibly an indication that she’s having trouble admitting to herself that he was abusive. and putting up with Sun’s behaviour is a result of it being familiar and perhaps not understanding that this behaviour is bad because her perception of what normal is has been so warped by Adam

Sun doesn’t so much contrast with Yang as he does fall in a spectrum between the contrasts of Yang and Adam, and he’s too superficial to really hold up because he’s really not that substantial a character, but what is there leans more on the Adam side of things than the Yang side (only difference is Sun is portrayed like a ‘good guy’, and he has the best of all character traits, abs, which renders him a perfect person, obviously, so the audience is willing to ignore his many moments of jackassery)

@ride-the-storm tagged me to do this questioning (thank you! :) )

Rules: Answer questions about yourself using the song titles of only one artist.

Artist: I’ve chosen Manilla Road this time

1. What is your gender? Shadow in the Black 

2. Describe yourself. The Riddle Master 

3. How do you feel? She’s Fading 

4. Where do you want to go? Far Side of the Sun 

5. Favorite mode of transportation? Flight of the Ravens 

6. Your Best Friend? Mystification 

7. Favorite time of day. Hour of the Dragon 

8. If your life was a television show? Centurian War Games 

9. Relationship Status: Rest in Pieces 

10. Your fear? Weavers of the Web

That’s it. 

I tag (if you don’t mind): @dutchthrashman@steelheart-80s@steelforce97​ @hellbentforglon@ourlovebecomeafuneralpyre@bierserker@claudia-warner@crawlinginvomits@highway-rider@metalkilltheking@metaladdiction@imfeelingreckless@earthhawkwindandfire@rockhard-ridefree@anvil-metal-forces@death-is-only-everlasting@dissidentaggressor77@captin-metal-head​​

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I wonder if the show will continue the Yang helps Blake, Sun enjoys happy Blake's company, Yang watches/enjoys the fact that Blake is enjoying herself pattern. At least until pointing out that Sun needs yang to help Blake, and that Yabg doesn't need Sun to help Blake

Sun makes fun of people, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up making some off colour remark about Yang only having one arm and not being of much use, and that being the point where he has gone too far and call him out for it because it wasn’t funny, it’s never been funny - and at that point he’s either got to realise he’s being a dick or he’s going to make it someone elses fault and end up alone

Sun doesn’t need Yang to help Blake, because Sun doesn’t try to help Blake, and expected Yang and the others to do so for him. he doesn’t care about Blake, not really, he doesn’t care about her issues beyond them being an inconvenience to him having a fun time with a pretty girl, that he doesn’t know how to deal with, doesn’t try, and instead makes fun of

i mean, it’s telling that when we see him in 2x01, one of the first things he says is that the ‘best part’ about Blake is that she’s a Faunus. then in a flashback in 2x02, we see her making it clear to Ozpin that she wants to be seen for who she is, not for her species

but yeah, what happened with the dance, Yang helping Blake, Blake ending up in the company of Sun (she specifically says they’re only technically going to the dance together, in that they’re arriving together, but her first dance is spoken for. we then see him step in immediately after Yang and Blake are done, with Yang bowing out, but no real indication Blake actually wanted his company, and then he keeps her to himself for the rest of the night), and Yang watching from afar, happy that Blake seems happy - could be a pattern we see repeat until Sun eventually goes too far