@jinyoung-all-the-way and @tvixx tagged me for the Bias Selfie Tag and after a couple weeks of looking/feeling like shit, I’m finally getting around to it 😅 Since I’m a hoe for everyone, I’ve decided to go with my bias of the day: Hyuk!!

You know what that plaid shirt is made of?

Boyfriend material.

So is the giant dork wearing it.

I’m sorry, that was terrible. Anyways, I’m gonna try tag some new people: @beanhongbin @glamorous-itch @sweetlyincidious @lalisduran @beachtae @chanyeol-fanfiction @of-dragons-and-such @bbaekachu @hunnykai @iknowyounow @lattaek (no pressure if you don’t want to do it!!)

“May our friendship last as long as an Everstone!”
Ilima doodle I forgot about until @maaiikas showed me the Z-Stones he got & let’s just say I’m going to learn the Normalium dance. 😂

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One reason I wish Pokémon were real at age 26:

As a long time fan and wisher of the reality of Pokémon, I can safely admit that there are reasons especially nowadays why I would want Pokémon to be real more than ever.

- my Arcanine would be my protective guardian and my best bed buddy…

- my Clefable would be my best gal pal and we’d tag along on shopping adventures

- my Gallade would be my literal knight in shining armor; protecting me from those who are telling me I need to kill myself or die in a fire…

- my Banette would be my revenge seeker because he wouldn’t dare let anyone hurt me without scaring the life out of them first

- my Bewear would be my comforting ear of reason and the strength to hold me back from irrationality

And every other Pokémon I would possess would have their own role. Mainly, I just want my friends… my loyal and never second-guessing friends…