“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

to recap not today

  • it was late
  • awkward walking
  • people in black
  • weird warehouse (?)
  • dancing
  • dancing on the roof
  • people in black casually stripping
  • hobi looking fine as always (what r those pants)
  • a lot of jungkook close ups
  • running (on a hill?)
  • dancing on a big round see through thing
  • you can play beginners level “spot suga”
  • jin leaving mid dance
  • jungkook shooting everybody and then being shocked (doppelganger?)
  • nice af rapmon moments
  • jimin being the absolute cutest
  • tae being rude
  • running in a very sloppy triangle formation

anonymous asked:

"when hit by direct sunlight they kinda like to knockout and photosynthesize" does that mean that all of superman's enemies have been going about it wrong the whole time? you don't need red sun lamps and kryptonite. All you need to do is move your evil operation to the mohave. It's like superman's snooze button.

like, in a danger scenario, he can work through it. but sitting in the office, next to the window, with the sun slanting directly on him? excuse him, lois, he’s photosynthesizing. it’s like sleep, but for plant people. you know when you’re in a car and the sun hits the glass and it’s comfortably warm, and you feel like you’re perfect? that, times a thousand. 

so, first, you must lure superman to the mohave. and then you have to make him feel safe enough to just float around and soak up the sunlight. on the downside, this kinda increases his power level by 600%

my mom bought me a “pokemon go battle tips and tricks” book for christmas before i even had pokemon go because she thought pokemon go was pokemon sun?

she’s trying really hard haha

207k  asked:

ace discourse but every time an ace compares their oppression™ to racial or LGBT oppression it gets faster

They go so fast they hurtle into the sun

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Favourite memory?

I have so many wonderful memories! Just about all of them are about Evan from when he was younger :-) If I had to pick a favorite…

I know! When Evan was just a little bit younger, I took the weekend off so we could go camping. He complained about it a little bit, but he got excited when he saw how many trees we would be surrounded by. We set up our tent near this cliff side and sat together while we watched the sun go down, and after that, we just looked up at the stars. There are so many stars in the sky when you’re away from the lights of the cities and towns! We lost ourselves in staring up at them. And he talked to me about trees and flowers and a bunch of other things that made him happy…

I really miss spending time with my little guy.

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Did Watson enjoy seeing the ducks? You mentioned that she went with Connie.

They didn’t get to see the ducks, all that much because the sun was setting, and they were going to roost. but apparently she did meet a dog, a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who she was very enamoured with.  I wish I’d been there.  I’m glad she likes dogs.

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waaiit what's going on ?? Please catch me up 😰 I'm confused

the sun released an article confirming the restart of elounor, which we’ve all been suspecting and dreading the past few days, and it’s all very upsetting as it confirms further perpetuation of louis (and harry’s) closet