❝John’s always going to the beach, Mick’s always going to the Renaissance Faire, Lindsey’s always going to visit his tailor, I’m always going to a Halloween party and Christine is like… Chrisitne always looks in her kind of cool clothes. It’s funny to see us before we go onstage, standing in a circle. We look ridiculous! Totally absolutely ridiculous!❞ - Stevie Nicks

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im in love with ur tumblr's playlist !!!! i neeed of the tracks !! much looooove

First 20

Common - The Light

Kelela x TInk - Want It

Alina Baraz x Galimatias - Fantasy

Jhene Aiko - It’s Cool

Kelela - Send Me Out

Drake x James Fauntleroy - Girls Love Beyonce

Miguel - Simplethings

J. Cole - Wet Dreamz

PartyNextDoor - Lets Get Married

PartyNextDoor x Miguel - Girl w| The Tattoo

Majid Jordan - All I Do

Dom Kennedy - After School

Kelela - Bankhead

PartyNextDoor - FWU

PartyNextDoor - Thirsty

Omarion x Jeremih - Show Me

Drake - Good Ones Go (Interlude)

PartyNextDoor - Sex On The Beach

SchoolBoy Q - Sexting

SZA - HiiJack

sending love and good vibes your way (:

That’s it! I’m done! I am a free woman!!! I have taken my last final and to celebrate I am spending the entire day at the beach. Then tonight I’m going out and drinking it up like it’s nobody’s business. I don’t know if you can tell but I’m super excited to be done with school for the school year.

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If it was allowed, in this current stage of our society, would you go topless to the beach? I feel that even if it wasn't illegal everywhere women still wouldn't go topless due to the whole sexualizing of breasts. But some generation is going to have to be brave enough to crush that. That's why I ask, for a females PoV.

Yeah man, I want boobs to be a normal thing that people don’t shit themselves over. I’d go topless to the beach if it wasn’t fuckin illegal to do so

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Is it weird to go to a 5sos concert alone?

Not at all!

from dead-as-hell-feller: to the person that asked if it was weird to go alone to a 5sos concert, ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT!! I went alone to the concert on monday and met some amazing people and had lots of fun :D

from another anon: If you ever get the chance to see 5sos live, even if it’s by yourself, TAKE THAT CHANCE! They are INCREDIBLE live and you should take every opportunity you can to see them live! Go alone, go with everyone you know, or go with a dinosaur. Just go!

front another anon: hi im the anon that asked if its weird to go to the concert alone! i might go to the west palm beach show alone! im seeing them in tampa but i might be able to get better seats in west palm. so i may go alone. :p if i do go alone, im gonna be looking to meet new people! :D

i was trying on some swimsuits today and i’ve decided i’m going back tomorrow and getting myself a fatkini, just try and stop me. ill look fucking adorable and ill fucking post pictures. i dont give a fuck let me just love my fat rolls okay

but imagine going on your first vacation with luke. you two would rent a beach house and he’d make all these plans for the two of you but really you guys would end up laying in the dimly lit bedroom most days. you would be tangled up in the soft sheets with luke planting little kisses all over your body. he’d keep you close and whisper “i love you princess” before climbing on top of you. and the sex would be slow and sweet with lots of sloppy kisses and small groans. paradise would be the only way he could describe it when he inevitably wrote a song about it the following week.

Japan Beach Party! 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 Nihon we go hard!! Definitely best show I’ve played in Tokyo with the best crowd. Tag your tomodachi I’ve tagged mine @dvbbs @miharayasuhiro @alisaueno @hiromi_instagram @kryoman #naokishimizu #creativeman

I’ve spent so much time in the music room today, all I want to do now is throw on a bikini and find me some Mexican food before I go out on the beach. I’m not really used to how things are in Miami, so do you want to come with me just in case I get lost?

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We're in LA the land of pap shots. I want to see some variety here, maybe leaving Starbucks, shopping on Rodeo, eating froyo, going to the beach. They should try and mix it up, take some pictures in the daylight.

Yes because Louis Tomlinson Eats Frozen Yogurt makes headlines.

This isn’t for you.