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I don’t know if anyone noticed, but in this interview at 3:05ish she asks Louis and Liam if there is anything left on their personal bucket list and Liam immediately says skydiving and Louis explains that they have wanted to do it for 5 years but haven’t been able to do so. And then at 3:18, Louis says that they had planned to do it once but the weather didn’t allow them to, and Liam chimes in saying, “In Dubai. It was in Dubai bro.”

So basically what they are tell me is that while they were in Dubai, the two of them were supposed to go skydiving but couldn’t because of the weather. Well, that is very interesting, because on April 4th 2015 while in Dubai, Harry just happened to pose with this guy (wearing Louis’ sunglasses) at Skydive Dubai…

And then shortly after that he posed with these ladies…

And those women just happened to have an article written about them after that and it talked about how they were supposed to go skydiving that day, but due to an unexpected sandstorm their jump got cancelled. So they didn’t get to go skydiving because of the weather? I think you see where I am going with this.

Harry was with Louis that day.


i guess? this is an au? idk i just want harley englishes to be hot lifeguards whatever, people always draw dirk swimming but jade and jake grew up on a pacific island? LET THEM BE THE SWIM

♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOMAEDA !!!   ♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧

it’s also my 1 year anniversary for starting SDR2…a hope-filled day…