BTS bon voyage was uploaded on PORNHUB by ARMYs to avoid copyright: Imagine the dudes willing to masturbate and finding “7 koreans make p*ssies pop” but it’s just 7 asians dancing on the streets of Hawaii and saying aloha to every stranger they meet. However, they will keep on watching because they are cute. Then by the end of the ep they hear BTS are going to the beach “finally some live action and naked bodies”. BUTTTT NOP BTS are still wearing their clothes, falling of their surfing board and drinking salty water … 

Dear Journal,

Hey it’s Teddy again! Today my dads were leaving for their little wedding anniversary trip. Regulus visited his girlfriend in Ireland so I guess it’ll just be me for a few days. The potters said that James Sirius could stay with me to keep me company. I was actually very excited for us to have the house to ourselves.

“Okay we have everything packed. Oh baby I don’t want to leave you..” Remus said, giving me a big hug.

“Dadda I’ll be okay. I’ll be with James Sirius and we can skype anytime.” I said, trying to help him leave without worrying about me.

“Okay.. But promise you’ll call if you miss us or if something’s wrong okay?” He said, strocking my cheek with his thumb.

“I promise. Now go have fun at the beach and don’t worry about me.”

“Okay.. I love you baby.” He said, giving me a kiss.

“I love you too.” I responded.

Remus sat in the car and Sirius closed the trunk, walking up to me.

“I left you some money on the counter if you feel like ordering food.” He said.

“Okay, thanks.” I smiled.

“Ah i’ll miss you Teddy bear!” He said hugging me.

“Me too. But you need to go now! I’ll be fine.” I smiled.

“Okay love you muffin!” He said, getting into the car.

“Love you too!”

He closed the door and rolled down the window.

“Have fun and use protection!” He winked.

“Daaaad!” I laughed.

“Bye!!” They said, waving.


I walked back into the house and ran to my bedroom, where James Sirius was. He was still laying there in his pyjama pants. I jumped next to him and he stood over me, giving me a loving kiss.

“We have the house to ourselves..” I smirked.

“You know what that means..” he smirked too.

So here we were, dancing around the house to some of our favorite songs. We put on fluffy socks so we could slide easier. It was so funny. We must’ve looked riddiculous! We were twirling eachother around and laughing. Then a slow song came on and James Sirius looked up at me with a smile and shinning eyes. He was the cutest thing ever.

“Can I have this dance my love?” I asked him, presenting him my hand.

He smiled brightly and blushed. He layed his small hand into mine and I softly pulled him closer to my chest. He layed his head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around his waist.

“Teddy you make me feel so happy..” He whispered.

“You make me happy too my love.” I said, leaving a kiss on his forehead.

“Do you think that one day we will get married?” He asked, pulling away and looking at me seriously.

I smiled and looked into his bright eyes. I brushed my thumb on his cheekbone and gave him a slow kiss. I had to bend a bit to be able to kiss him because he’s so short.

“I think we will and I can’t wait for that day..” I said, my lips brushing on his.

He bit his lip with a big shy smile on his face.

“You’re so adorable.” i laughed.

“That’s because you make me have butterflies in my tummy and I love you very much.” He chuckled.

“C'mere, i love you too.” I said, hugging him close to me.

“Wanna go watch a movie?” He asked.

“Good idea.” I smiled.

June 27th 2014

guardguy1030  asked:

Sanders sides romantuc beach getaway


Well, Roman was supposed to, but he forgot -.-

They end up staying in an expensive as all heck hotel, of course the top floor suite with the greatest view, largest bed, and giant jacuzzi tub. So, its not all bad.

The hotel is only ten minutes from the beach *cough* that’s why it’s so expensive *cough* and they go to the beach six days out of the week they stay there.

Anxiety doesn’t swim, he doesn’t know how, but he hangs out in the shallows and tide pools with the others.

Patton can swim but doesn’t like to, the ocean scares him, so he spends a lot of time making sand castles and the likes, sometimes playing the the tide pools and splashing in the shallows.

Prince can surf (kinda) and like to do so when able. He also loves throwing Logic under the water (which is funny until the fourth day when Logic forgets to take his glasses off and they get swept away).

Logic likes swimming, its a great exercise and the water is amazing. He also snorkels, and loves seeing the underwater wildlife.

All together though, The four spend the most time they can with each other. They went on long walks on the sunset (until Prince ended up being shoved into the water and Anxiety stormed off annoyed).

Anxiety ends up burning the very first day they’re there, Patton manages to make it to the evening of the second, Logan the fifth, and gosh darn it, how did Prince only tan- he doesn’t even wear sunscreen?!

They collect shells, build sand castles, walk the piers, do way more shopping than they need to (“especially with the hotel they’re staying in, way to go Prince”) eat out every night and on the last day got to set off fireworks and play with sparklers.

Without a doubt though, there favorite thing was collapsing together on the large bed at the end of the day, exhausted, warm, and happy to be in each others arms.

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Hi! So, my mother and I are going to the beach tomorrow and I'm thinking about coming out to her there... she accepts and supports the LGBT community but I'm still scared that she won't accept me, should I tell her at the beach?

Do not come out with your mother in a public place. You do not know how she will react.

The Beach (Part 1)

I guess you could call this an AU (Alternate Univers) because this happens in a timeline in my head when All the drama died down and Cerise’s secret is already known, and not a big deal anymore. 

On a hot sunny summer day, the EAH cast decided to go to the beach.

Everything was peaceful untill Cerise spotted the Charming brothers coming towards her.

“hay Daring, Whats up?”

“Come on cerise, everyone alredy knows your secret, why are you still hiding under the hood” Daring asked as he gentally coerced Cerise to take it off. 

“Habit…” Cerise replied simply, as she gave into the request and took the hood off.

“hey do you want to have a volleyballl match? two on two!” asked Daring with challenge in his eyes which Ceris answered back with the same challenge and a confident smirk. 

Realising what was going to happen, Dexter tried to exit the scene. He wasn’t quick enough though as Daring grabbed his arm, giving him a princely smile. 

Cerise looked back at her friend Raven,


Thought so.. her freind dosent like to be in the sun, it was hard enough to convince her to come to the beach with her. Oh well she just have to look around. 

Target acquired!

“Can I borrow Hunter for a moment?” Cerise asked, 

but without even waiting for an answer, Hunter was already dragged away his bookball team mate.

And so… [Part2] because it’s too Long to fit in one post. 


This is so random but I can’t wait to get settled down with my future husband. I don’t know why am I thinking about this right now but seriously, I just can’t wait for that to happen. Yung gigising ako ng umaga and cook breakfast for him habang suot suot yung big shirt niya, prepare his clothes for work, go to the grocery together, sing along with our favorites songs while driving, go to the beach on weekends, play video games, make love all night (haha) and alot more! Gosh, I think I’ll be the best wife my future husband will ever have. Yay! Ang sarap mag imagine kapag ganitong maulan eh. Saka nakakatuwa din kapag may nakikita akong married couple na nagtatawagan ng “Ma, Pa”, “Daddy, Mommy”, “Honey” or “Hubby, Wifey” haha ang cu cute nila sobra. HAYS….

theres people frm my high school on a post grad group vacation to portugal rn and all their instas are pictures of them drinking red wine and mimosas and going to the beach and its like cool, nice, today i ate box mix cake with MY friends at home and drank gin and orange juice. like i know we’re all messy but can we at least all be on the same level here

Mind Games || Matty Healy Oneshot

Word Count: 2,046
Summary: “Can you do an imagine where matty helps the reader face her fear?? she’s scared of water (like lakes and oceans) and he tries to bring her in and shes crying the whole time but she eventually gets over it and isnt scared anymore?” “Could you please write a matty x reader one shot where the reader and the boys go to the beach and they get in to a water fight?
Author’s Note: I LOVED writing this. I think it turned out really, really cute. I hope you feel the same! Be sure to throw in a like or comment if you liked it! I love seeing feedback from you all. Please feel free to read my other work here! Enjoy!

Fears are simply your mind playing tricks on you.

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Do you ever wonder who would be your godly parent in the pjo universe? Would you be a Roman demigod or a Greek one? (Sorry for the geek question)

ok let’s do this by parts:

i love the sea. i love it since i was a kid. i grew my hair reeeeally long so i could pretend i was ariel. the beach is like my favorite place. i’m brazilian, i go to the beach every year - new year’s eve, especially - so poseidon. plus i have green eyes, i felt a lot closer to percy for that

but people usually say i’m a apollo’s kid. i literally do anything related to art. i draw, paint, sing, write, play a little piano, love acting. and i’m blonde, so

AND my cousin says i’m a zeus kid - she says i’m female version of jason grace, which is like the best complimment i’ve ever heard -. AND my name is juliana, that literally means “daughter of jupiter” ? LIKE

so it’s a very complicated question haha but i think my love for sea/water is stronger that everything, so i go with poseidon