Closed RP: Ocean Town AU

Dean pulled his baby into the parking lot of the small garage he worked out, and parked on an end, making sure that his baby could only possibly be doored on one side. Sure he worked at a garage but that didn’t mean he took any chances. His little brother, Sam, was reading in the backseat when Dean opened the door to let him out. The kid was like a sponge, only 5 years old but soaked up information like he wouldn’t be able to get anymore. Dean took out library books nearly every week for the kid and still wasn’t always enough. 

Today was going to be tough though, Sam’s preschool was closed for some weird maintenance reasons and since Dean didn’t have any spare money to pay for a sitter or child care, the poor kid was stuck at th garage with him all day. They had enough books for him, and Dean had an old crappy laptop with him that Sam could play wiht, but still, Dean felt bad. 

“Alright Sammy, you know the rules. Don’t go farther than the lot where I can call you if I need, and if you DO go outside, let me know. Or let Hector know, he’ll be working on the books today and said he’d keep an ear out for you.” Dean grabbed Sam’s backpack, and seriously did the kid keep bricks in there? How was a bunch of books for a preschooler so damn heavy anyway?

“Yeah yeah, Dean I know,” Sam grumbled grabbing his backpack and heading in with Dean. He said hi to a few of the guys he knew and took a seat in the back office’s crummy couch. At least it was comfy. 

Sometime after lunch, Sam began to get bored. Sure he’d had a half hour with Dean, but then his brother had to go back to work so the kid decided to walk around the garage, at least it was something outside. He noticed a man one building down taking pictures of weird things, like cans on the street and falling off building signs. “Hey,” Sam said to the man. “What are you taking pictures of?”



“Dean stop!” you half-whined, half-laughed as you pushed Dean’s camera away from you.

“Come on!” he groaned a little “I specifically asked Sam to go get me a nice camera so that I could take more photos of you, so stop pushing it away. You might damage it” he pouted with a quiet aodrable frown.

“All I want to do is make a collage of you during all these months to remember this” he said like a little child.

You let out a sigh, rolling your eyes and continued on eating some cookies while effectively blancing the book on your belly.

“And stop using my baby as a table for everything that comes to your mind” he looked at you with pursed lips, snapping the book from you and placing it on the table.

You let out another sigh but tried to keep yourself from snapping at him. Despite the pregnancy and all the hormones you had seemed to be pretty calm and collected while Dean- well Dean was the one either freaking out over the slightest thing, whether it be a small groan or huff from you, and of course over-reacting when the baby would kick or you proved to be too careless, like now. And of course let’s not forget him not lettign you make a single move, whether it be to take a book, somethign to eat or just open the door. In the beginning, when he first found out you were pregnant (after he came arounf from passing out) he just went- paranoid to say the least. He would literally carry you everywhere.

Luckily you got rid of that but of course not everything. Meaing him not being able to stop taking pictures of your growing baby bump.

You only rolled your eyes and went back to reading- being pregnant and with DEAN’S child meant only research and having to stay at the bunker, everyday all day.

You shook your head in disbelief, a small laugh leaving your lips.

Your attention was snapped abck to him in a second as a a bright flash appeared for just a second.

“Dean!” you exclaied as you saw him look down at the camera with a proud smile.

“What?!” he shrugged inoccently, looking at you with a sheepish smile.

“Just how many more photos are you going to take?”

“Oh lots! Lots more!” he nodded his head with a big grin and he looked back down at the camera.

“So beautiful” he whispered mostly to himself and it was hard for you to keep your smile off your lips.

You really could blame him after all. It was your first child, you were going to be parents and you knew that was a big deal for him.

“I really don’t want to think how it will be when the baby’s born” you shook your head with a laugh, mostly to yourself.

“Oh you’ll see the, babe. You’ll see” Dean grinned widely, kissing your cheek and you only narrowed your eyes at him.

“Come on now. Just one more”


I’m actually convinced that the reason why the supernatural fandom has a gif for everything is because Gabriel is secretly the god of tumblr and he makes gifs because there’s no way some other stupid show is going to beat Deano, the Moose and his baby bro.

Dating Dean would include:
  • Long, midnight rides to no where with the radio jamming and windows down
  • Pie. Lots and lots of pie
  • Him walking through the bunker in his robe and boxers
  • Binge watching Dr.Sexy
  • Bars
  • Having delicious burgers for dinner almost every night (made by Dean)
  • Trying to make Sam uncomfortable with you
  • Porn. Just get to him watching it.
  • Maybe… Possibly… trying some of those moves he watched out on you while Sam is gone
  • Not being allowed to go on hunts without him
  • Protective!Dean 24/7
  • “That’s my girl.”
  • Cutting up instead of researching
  • Getting him to talk about his feelings
  • Patching him up after hunts
  • Talking him down from doing something stupid on hunts
  • Arguing with him on which flavor of pie is the best
  • Showing him your favorite music genre/ band
  • Calling him your wanna be badboy
  • Laying in bed the morning after, his arm wrapped around you and his face in the crook of your neck
  • Taking away his alcohol after he’s had too much to drink
  • Him dying, but then coming back too many for you to count
  • “Son of a bitch!”
  • The way he handles weapons
  • Angry!Dean (It’s cute and hot isn’t?)
  • Sex in the back of baby
  • That smile and wink that makes you swoon

(Gifs below)

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 Castiel pointed at at the painting where two babies are behind some kind of old dude as you were walking around the ancient church of prophecies and prophets.

“Those blonde fledgeling angels over there are Gabriel and Lucifer. Lucifer is supposed to be giving the prophet, ‘Zechariah’ “The Fig” which is the old European gesture from today’s middle finger. Michelangelo helped the poor prophet to make this.”

 “Thanks for the little fact, Cas, but we need to go find Sam and Dean before they kill themselves.”

 “I agree.”

Guardian Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, Sam, (Most characters make a brief appearance)

Written: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 1,840

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Gore, Death, 

A/N: Okay so this is going to be based off of this Imagine that cats-and-depression suggested and helped me come up with, I liked it so much I wanted to turn it into a fic! So here’s the first installment. Eventually it’ll be more mature, so brace yourselves, in the mean time enjoy some BabyDean and feelios.

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Extreme Rules

Dean woke up and looked up at the ceiling knowing there was something missing or something he hadn’t done that he needed to do. After a couple of minutes of thinking he hit his palm off his forehead and groaned “Fucking suitcase.” He said quietly then got out of bed trying not to wake Alicia up. Once he was out of bed he stretched then quietly went around the room gathering his clothes and everything else he was going to need for the three days they were going to be away. When he was finally done JJ had some good timing and started crying so Dean walked over to the baby monitor that was on Alicia’s nightstand and turned it off. He walked through into JJ’s room and picked him up “Shh.” He whispered to him to try and sooth him then walked downstairs with him and started making his bottle. 


“Damn it, guys, really?” you mutter, pulling your cell phone out of your clutch and dialing Dean’s number.

He picks up on the first ring. “Everything alright?” he demands.

You roll your eyes. “Go away.”

“What are you talking about?” His tone becomes instantly more casual. “Sammy and I are still at the bunker, having a beer, watching the game -”

“I can see you, you dumb ass,” you cut him off, waving from inside your boyfriend’s car. “The Impala isn’t exactly sneaky.”

There’s a long silence. “We just want to-”

“To make sure your baby sister isn’t running around with some douche canoe. I know.” You sigh. “Look guys, I appreciate the fact that you’re worried about me, but relax. H/n is a great guy, and if that turns out not to be the case, I’ve got salt and holy water in my purse and a pistol strapped to my thigh. I’ll be fine.” You glance out the window, seeing your boyfriend on his way back to the car after stopping by his house to grab some things. “Gotta go.”

You hang up quickly, but as you watch, you see Sam and Dean get out of the car, staring pointedly at your boyfriend. And as soon as H/n sees them, Dean mimes holding a gun to his head, and Sam draws his finger across his throat.

Message received.

Your boyfriend climbs into the car, looking a little pale.

“So, your brothers…” he starts awkwardly.

You sigh. “I know. Don’t worry. I won’t let them kill you.”

I’m Always Going To Be Your Baby.

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A/N: This is just a little something to put out there… not sure if I want to make this a series or not since Human!Impala has some stuff out there. So yeah, I don’t know just let me know what y’all think! GIF is not mine. So I guess Part 1? Or Intro? Lol 

Dean slammed his bags onto the table as we entered the bunker. Sam  hesitantly followed him as he stormed into the kitchen and grabbed a couple beers.

“I swear to god if I find that witch, I am going to put a bullet straight through her head for taking Baby,” he seethed, ears red and hands shaking as he twisted the cap off and took a swig. Sam didn’t know what to say. He knew how much that car meant to Dean, how much it meant to their family, or at least what was left of it. It was their signature. Wherever that sleek black ‘67 Impala was, the Winchesters were surely there. It was their home before they had the bunker, it was their safety. Baby had been there through it all with the Winchester boys, since the very beginning of their family business. She was there when Dean went to hell, when Sam tried to change it up with high tech that just didn’t suit the classic rock aesthetic that came with the car, it was there when Sam went into the cage, when Dean covered her up and set aside the hunting life because of the promise he made to his brother. Baby was there through it all, and now she was gone because of some witch who thought it would be funny to take their most prized possession.

“Look Dean, we’ll find Baby alright? But it’s not gonna do you any good to have all this pent up anger, I’m gonna get some shut eye and then first thing tomorrow morning, we’ll start looking okay?” Sam asked, his sore muscles screaming in protest at the thought of having to get up early after a hunt that surely tested their limits. Dean absentmindedly nodded, grabbing a sandwich that they had grabbed on the way back to the bunker, he slowly retreated to his room, feeling as if a piece of himself was missing.

                                                 *       *       *

Tears welled in my eyes as I saw the entrance of the bunker, of home. Dressed in black leather tights, a black tank and some black booties, I was in no condition to walk anymore than I had. Everything was so different when having two legs, and long black hair. Had I been in my original form, it would have only taken me a couple hours to reach the bunker rather than 9. After ganking the witch that turned me, I knew I had to go back home and find the Winchesters, find Dean. It was unusually cold outside, the ground hard with frost and ice. My tan skin paled as the weather made everything numb, made my lips blue underneath what was left of my smeared red lipstick. I grabbed the key from my pocket, the one Dean had lost underneath the backseat many months ago, and opened the door to the bunker, nearly sobbing at the warmth of inside. It was only 5 in the morning. Sam wouldn’t be up for another hour, and Dean… well it would be forever until he woke up. How was I going to explain this to the boys? That I was Dean’s beloved car and had escaped and killed the witch who whooped their asses and turned me into a …human girl. I gripped my side where the witch had stabbed me, the bruises on my side seemed to worsen with each step I took. I had obviously never been inside the bunker, and couldn’t help but marvel at how…home it truly did feel. Hell, if I liked the garage, I was in love with the inside. I dragged myself down the stairs, reaching a long wooden table where books were laid out. A groan escaped my lips as I finally looked down to see the damage of the wound. It seemed pretty deep, and blood had yet to stop leaking from it. Anymore and I was sure to faint or something. I needed help fast but I had no idea what to do or where to go.

“You have 10 seconds to tell me who the hell are you and how the hell you got in here,” A familiar voice demanded from behind me. I felt the coldness of a gun press against the side of my head but all I could do was let a strangled sigh of relief.

“Dean, oh my… thank fuck,” I let out in relief, but as a tried to turn around to face him, the gun was pressed even further into my temple, making me wince. This idiot was gonna leave a bruise on my face.

“Who. Are. You?”

 I let out a shaky laugh, knowing this was going to be interesting.

“Okay, hey injured over here, hotshot. Ease it up on the gun. You’re gonna think I’m insane,” I waited for him to say something, but I was met with silence. Dean Winchester you stubborn asshole. “It’s me…Baby, The Impala.” I let out quietly. Immediately I could hear his breathing stop. A whimper escaped my lips as the pain from my wound increased.

“You’re kidding right? What sick joke is this?” he demanded before yelling Sam’s name, his rough voice echoing around the bunker. Sam quickly came into what I assumed was the Dining room. His eyes widened as he glanced at me, taking in my hurt state.

“Dean? What the hell? She’s hurt?” the youngest Winchester asked in disbelief. He quickly knelt in front of me, lifting my hands only to see that the wound was much worse than he predicted.

“Sa-Sam. Sam. Sam!” Dean tried to get the attention of his brother, but Sam had already went to retrieve supplies in order to stitch me up. “Don’t move,” he ordered from behind me. I scoffed, as if I was able to move anywhere, or even want to. It slightly hurt that Dean didn’t believe me, but it made since. I mean a random chick shows up to your home telling you you’re his car? Yeah I wouldn’t think that will go so well. Both Winchester’s came jogging back, Sam looking less inclined to help me out. It was Dean though, that made my heart stop. He was even more gorgeous than I had thought. It was different when I was a car, only being able to see certain things and having to rely on different senses. But now, everything was in HD and Dean, with his forest green eyes, and his tall stature, I was so thankful for having already been sitting down or else I surely would have melted on to the floor. Dean stood in front of me, as if unable to form sentences, I was sure it was because of my wound, that seemed to make all three of us uneasy. Where the hell was Castiel? Surely he would be able to heal me no problem?

“Hey boys, um, not to be a bitch of anything but I’m not a huge fan of whisky and dental floss, having watched you two perform surgery on yourselves numerous times, so is there any way Castiel could come down here?” I shakily smiled.

“Hold up did you just… nevermind. Castiel is currently MIA, I’m sorry but we’re gonna have to close that wound up,” Sam smiled sympathetically, I groaned in annoyance at the angel before ripping the whiskey bottle out of Dean’s hand, taking a long chug from it before handing it to Sam, giving him the go to stitch me up….

A Night With Dean

Characters: Dean x Reader x Sam (Polyamory)
Words: 2364
This is Part Six in the “Sharing” series, the spin off of the “Tongue Lashing” series.

  Tongue Lashing     No More Teasing     Between Me And The Devil
Hi, Luci     Sneaking Around     Second Guessing     Used
Sharing Is Caring     Reverse A Deal     Working To Live     Free

Warning: Smut…only with Dean. (I promise, Sam gets his turn too)

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           “I’m not making the decision,” you shook your head, “It was your idea, so you guys can hash it out.”

           Dean laughed, “Baby, it’s not going to hurt our feelings. You can pick whoever you want to go first. But we’d both like to be able to take you out on a date and spend some alone time with you. We think we should do it every once in a while.”

           “I think it’s a good idea. But I don’t want to choose. I’ll be in my room changing. Whoever you guys choose can come find me when they’re ready to go to dinner,” you said decidedly, walking out of the room.

           Sam and Dean had both decided it would be a good idea if each of them took you on a date separately every once in a while. You didn’t mind the idea, but you didn’t want to pick who went first because you didn’t want them to think you were picking favorites. It would have been impossible for you to pick.

           You had already showered, so all you had to do was change into something that wasn’t something you would lounge in. You pulled on your white denim shorts and black tank top. You would decide the actual shirt you would wear depending on who was going to be the one to take you out.

           You had been in your room for about fifteen minutes before there was a knock on the door. You knew who it was. You knew your boys well.

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Life was hard. You were going on a hunt with your best friends, Sam & Dean Winchester, to demolish some vampire clan. And of course, being the geek that you were, you needed to put on a shirt that matched the occasion. You did this regularly, it was your way of making things easier and more fun. And today, you were stuck between a shirt with a vamp on it that said ‘You Suck’ or one from Van Helsing. Eventually, you chose the first one. You didn’t want to ruin your baby from Van Helsing, because that was one of your favourite movies all time. Plus, Dean and you sometimes watched it and you needed to wear that shirt. There was no explanation needed for that, you just needed to wear it.

Dean snorted when he saw you rush over to the Impala while Sam just smiled and shook his head.

“What?” You climbed into the back-seat, knowing full well that even the boys appreciated your fashion-sense. Dean met your eyes through the mirror and he shot you a grin that you returned. Sam often called you both little kids, but you didn’t see why that was necessarily a bad thing. You loved the way Dean knew exactly what you found funny and how he would join in on the fun. Sam was often more in the adult shoes, making sure we all had eaten enough vegetables and brushed our teeth before bed. But that didn’t mean you didn’t love him too, because you did.

“Hey Y/n,” your grin died a little when you heard Dean’s serious voice over Gun’s 'N Roses. Even Sam frowned and looked over at him, but his eyes were back on the road, 

“You be careful alright?” Sam deemed it not interesting enough and returned to look at the scenery. For a moment, the only sound in the car was the soft purr of baby’s motor.
“I always am Dean,” you too turned to look out of the window, the light-hearted atmosphere gone and replaced by something else. Worry, unresolved and unmentioned tension, “I always am.”

“I though you were going to be careful, Y/n!” You rolled your eyes as Dean stitched the gaping hole on your arm. What had he expected? That you’d just stand by and watch that vampire sneak up on Dean and rip his head off? Nope, you liked him too much for that.

“Dean, it’s fine, really,” Dean stopped moving and took a step back, narrowing his eyes at you with parted lips. You were looking up at him, like always, since he had literally put you down on the table at the bunker. Your feet were swinging back and forth since you couldn’t reach the floor.

“It’s not fine!” Dean rarely raised his voice with you, if ever. And him doing it now made you wonder where you had gone wrong? 

“I was just trying to protect you,” you murmured and looked down to the floor with furrowed brows. For a moment, it just stayed silent and you refused to look up. You clenched your jaw and kept a steady glare on the ground. You didn’t do anything wrong and you didn’t care what Dean said about it. You just did what you felt you needed to do. Fine, maybe you didn’t think it completely through, but at least Dean was alive now. And you’d rather have him chewing out your ass than being six feet under.

You head Dean sigh and saw him step closer to you, placing his hands on either side of you on the table. He levelled his head with your, looking at you through his lashes and you locked eyes. You both stayed like that for a while and when you wanted to tell him you were sorry, he leaned in. 

Softly, he planted his lips against yours out of nowhere. You froze for a second, eyes widen and cheeks burning scarlet. But Dean didn’t stop. He placed his hand on the small of your back and straightened up, straightening you up with him. And when you realised what was happening, you closed your eyes and melted into the kiss.

You hooked your ankles around Dean’s legs, pulling him closer to you, and reached up to pull him down. As uncomfortable as the table was, you weren’t really bothered by it. All you were focussed on, was Dean and how good he made you feel between your legs.

“I don’t need your protecting, darlin’,”



Sam and Gabriel's Conversations No. 24

Sam: Hey, Gabe, where’s Dean and Cas?

G: Not sure, I think they’re in their bedroom.
S: Oh okay then. *snickers a little*
(Three hours later)
S: Hey, where are Dean and Cas?
G: Still in their room I think.
S: *smiles and walks off*
(Three hours later)
S: *walks in*
G: You would think they would at least come up for air! Or food!
S: *smiles*
G: And they complain when we spend all day going at it! I think they’re determined to make some angelic babies in there!
S: *covering mouth with hand*
G: I knocked on the door earlier and Dean-o started screaming at me to go away. Seriously, what is-
S: *bursts into laughter*
G: Sam? What did you do?
S: Yesterday, Dean asked me for Vaseline! *laughing*
G: Yes?
S: *falls out of chair* I GAVE HIM SUPER GLUE!

Imagine How the Guys would react when you got hurt on a hunt

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“Y/n I’ve told you to be more careful” Sam said in a semi-sad voice, you looked at him and hung your head, wincing slightly, to which he came rushing to your side, asking If you were okay and if you needed anything. “Sammy I’m fine, just a little sore, Ill be okay, promise.” You said with a sweet smile. Sam blushed lightly as he scratched the back of his neck. “Want me to make some popcorn then maybe movie night since you can’t go out?” he asked. “Sam if you wanna go out I’m good by myself-“ “No y/n I want to stay with you, and I’m not gonna go out with dean and leave you here by yourself.” He said, throwing a bag of popcorn into the microwave. “I’m a big girl Sammy, I’m not a baby” you said, making yourself comfortable as you looked through the movies on PPV. “I know, I honestly don’t want to go out though…” he said, walking back over and taking a seat on the edge of our bed. “I wanna be here with you” He said softly, leaning over you, cupping your face before placing a soft kiss upon your lips.

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“Kid what have I told you” Dean  said, some what angry as he looked back at you in the review mirror, you were laying down in the back seat of baby with a bandage wrapped around your ribs. Your eyes met his in the mirror and you rolled them. “Dean Ive been hurt worse-””I don’t care Y/N! I don’t like you being hurt at all! What if it was something more serious then a few cracked ribs?” He argued, turning off onto the back roads and bringing baby to a stop. He threw his arm over the seat and turned to look at you. “Kid you know I cant stand you being hurt, and with Cas not answering my calls you have to be more careful.” Dean said in a softer tone. “Ill stop and get some burgers then how about we marathon F/s?” He asked, you smiled and nodded, almost noticing the light pink tinting Deans cheeks. 

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“Where does it hurt? I’ll heal it for you” Cas said, looking over your body. You pulled up your shirt and revealed the gash to him. “Might have cracked some ribs too” You stated, grunting slightly as cas put his hand over the cut, a dull blue light covering your wound. Within seconds you felt better, you went to sit up but Cas pushed you back down. “You need to rest, you are still tired” “Cas I am fiiineeee” You argued. The angle only grunted and crawled into the bed next to you, holding you close. “Nobody else is going to hurt you while I’m here”

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“Where the bloody blases is she!” Crowley yelled, his servants cowering. Yes you were only a mere human but the king of hell cared deeply for you, and when news had gotten to him that Squirrel and Moose had let you get hurt, he was furious and concerned. “Bring her to ME. NOW!” He ordered. Two of his demons left and he fell back onto his throne, shooting back the rest of his whiskey. Within minutes, the two returned, one of them carrying your bloodyd form. Crowley rose and rushed to your side. “To my chambers” He ordered, making the demons follow behind him. 

They placed you on Crowley’s bed and left. “Princess are you okay?” He asked, now speaking in a soft tone. You laughed and winced slightly, nodding. The fact that a few cracked ribs and a cut could get the King of Hell this worked up amused you. He brushed some of your hair out of your face, snapping his fingers. In an instant, your rubs and cut didn’t hurt, you were clean and in a silk shirt (Crowley’s of course). “I just made the pain go away, they arn’t healed yet love” He cooed, crawling onto the bed next to you, kissing your forehead. “Please be more careful darling”

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He looked at you with slight disappointment, slight worry, slight amusement. “See, this is what you get for hanging around the Winchesters after I say its a bad idea~” He sang, walking to the couch, taking a seat. Rolling your eyes, you limped to bottle of tequila, taking out the cork, struggling of course, before taking two large ‘Sips’ of it, making a disgusted face as you shook your head, of course this amused Lucifer even more. “Never get used to the taste” You mutter, turning to him. “Can you help me please?” You ask, he just gives you an amused look and crosses his legs.

 “I don’t know, can I?” he says, knowing his smart ass side will get on your nerves. You groan and mimic him before taking a seat next to him, whimpering in pain. He gives a sigh of defeat and turns to you, snapping his fingers and poof there goes your shirt. A blush floods onto your face as you glare at him. “Oh calm down I’m looking at your cut” He says, rolling his eyes. He snaps his fingers once more and the wound begins to close up. “Your ribs will take longer so don’t go hurting yourself more” he says, you nod and stand, going to find a shirt. “What I don’t get a thank you?”he asks, pouting. You roll your eyes and lean down, pressing your lips to his. He smirks against yours and as you leave slaps your ass, making you squeak. “Still cute as ever” He mummers to himself.

So this is my first Imagine, I hope it was good, if you have suggestions send them in and I’ll probably do them, I don’t have many ideas for them so help is very much appreciated

Dating Dean Winchester includes:

~Holding hands (you swinging your arms back and forth)

 ~piggy back rides 

~sharing pie 

~him letting you drive baby

 ~both having Castiel as your bestie 

~laying your head on his chest

 ~Making cheesy jokes together

 ~annoying Sam together 

~listing to rock music while going to a hunt 

~him being really protective over you (like overly protective) 

~him only having eyes for you 

~going to bars together (if some other man hits on you Dean walks right up and threatens him)

 ~Dean throwing you over his shoulder all the time 


 ~Saying son of a bitch at the same time 

 ~hugs all the time

~Him calling you gorgeous and baby

 ~Sam being like a brother to you

 ~Sam also being protective of you 

~Bobby being like your father 

 ~Charlie being like a sister

 ~Dean winking at you from across the room 

~If someone looks at you the wrong way Dean will put them in their place 

~Dean talking to you about cars 

 Those eyes though O.O

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Surprise | Kwon Hyuk

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It was three am when Hyuk walked through the front door. By the look on his face he must have expected for you to be asleep. You weren’t. You’d been up making lesson plans for your class tomorrow and the time got away from you. Instead of going to sleep you put the tea kettle on so you could make both of you some hot chocolate when he got home.

“How’s the recording going?” 

“We’re almost finished baby.” He shrugged off his coat just as the kettle began to shout. Hyuk met you in the kitchen, He watched you finish up with the hot chocolate and couldn’t help but smile. The little things you always do was one of the reasons he fell for you. Nurturing him came natural to you and even though your work schedule was crazy as hell you still stayed up to make time for him. Hyuk wrapped his arm around you from behind while planting small kisses on your neck. 

“Have I told you I love you today?” Hyuk asked teasingly. “Only about a hundred times in just about every way, in both English and Korean.” You teased back. Handing him his cup of coco and dragging him to the couch. “Lets snuggle Hyuk” you said “I missed you.” He kissed you on the forehead before taking a sip of coco he arranged himself so that you could fit against him perfectly. 

“I have something to say” you whispered as you snuggled in closer. “Whats up baby?” 

“I’m pregnant oppa.” 

Hyuk didn’t say anything for  at least five minutes. You were starting to he wasn’t happy about it. Clearing his throat he asked “Is it confirmed?”  “I had an appointment yesterday.” You explained starting to feel uneasy you tried to sit up in the nook you’d created between him and the couch cushion. 

“Should you be moving like that?” Hyuk asked “Baby wait let me help you, move slowly.” Hyuk sounded like he was about to have an anxiety attack. “Hyuk I’m ok to do this besides I’m not that far along.” 

 He looked puzzled for a moment. “Isn’t that all the more reason to be extra careful. Don’t move for a minute” he held you down with a hand. bending forward he lifted you princess style and carried you to the bedroom.  “Hyuk I can walk.”

“Why walk when you don’t have to” he spoke so sure. “You won’t be doing anything until you doctor clears it. We’ll need a list of foods that you need to eat through out the pregnancies.” 

“KWON HYUK” you shouted “take a deep breath and relax.”

“We’re having a baby.” 

“Yes, we’re having a baby” you replied. “In like seven months so just breathe.”

“I’m scared” he spoke quietly.

“So am I Hyuk.” You held his hand. “I’m also very excited” he exclaimed with a smile. He laid down next to you, one hand on your stomach.

“I put a baby in you” he whispered in your ear before nibbling on it. “That’s so hot.” Hyuk rolled on top of you and reminded you exactly how your baby was conceived.


Dean in 1x21 - Salvation

Ok, so because I knew I was going to make a lot of you uhh….sad and upset about the way Rest Now ended, I made you all this peace offering of some mmmm and cute Dean gifs from Salvation. PEACE OFFERING! PLEASE ACCEPT. Love you all.

And plenty more where these came from. Look forward to many gifs made with love by Mandy in the future. <3

gifs by supernaturalfreewill

but dean being seven months pregnant and unable to fit behind the impala’s wheel so cas has to drive and ofc dean’s grumpy as fuck about it. he never even wanted to leave the goddamn bunker today in the first place but cas is being annoyingly insistent on making the drive over to jody’s so they can go through some of her old baby shit in the attic and see if they can salvage anything for the bun in dean’s oven because babies are fucking expensive man. 

to make matters worse, since cas is driving, he’s also claiming that he should at least get to listen to the kind of music he wants to listen to for at least part of the trip even though it’s clearly dean’s fucking car but ~whatever “shotgun shuts his perfectly-shaped piehole.” and cas has always had a shitty taste in music by dean’s standards, but when he selects some crappy top 40 radio station, dean thinks he’d rather have twins than suffer through this disney pop princess nightmare (oh god he better not be having twins).

so naturally, dean bitches as much as he can so cas is just as miserable as he is, but then dean eventually gets tired and gives up and figures maybe he should at least try to save up a little bit of energy for the inevitable mom-ing jody’s gonna do on their asses.

and just as dean’s about to grab a pillow and get comfy he happens to catch a few lyrics from some american idol washout:

but piece by piece you collected me
up off the ground but you abandoned things
and piece by piece you filled the holes that you burned in me
at six years old and no
he never walks away
he never asks for money
he takes care of me
he loves me
piece by piece
he restored my faith
that a man can be kind
and a father could stay

and honestly dean doesn’t even know that he hasn’t said a single word for the past five minutes until cas reaches over with a hand on his thigh and says, “you’re being unusually quiet. are you okay?”

“you drive like a goddamn grandma,” is all dean ends up saying. “you better speed up or we’re not getting to sioux falls until next year.”

cas is probably making some retort about how they have to be careful now that there’s a baby on board (and god, does dean hate that yellow eyesore suctioned to the back window of the impala), but dean’s not really hearing it. 

he just focuses on the wedding band on his finger, the hand on his thigh, and squeezes it.

Im Sorry - Part 1 (Edited)

A/N: So I’m planning on making this a mini series, So this first part is going to be a little short because i have some planning out to do of where i want this to go and if you have any ideas feel free to give your input of where you think or would like this to go! Enjoy xx

Warnings: Alcohol?

Word Count: 800

Im Sorry Masterlist


You were all currently sitting in an open field only a few feet from the Impala, where Dean was grabbing you three a few beers from the cooler in the trunk. For the first time in forever everything was so peaceful and you were actually enjoying yourself, letting yourself get lost in the stars, your eyes slowly started to shut, leaning on Sam for support.

“God y/n you stink” Sam teased

Sitting up properly, shoving him over “Like you smell any better Winchester” you scoffed

“Now, now children behave, Daddy’s back” Dean smirked

“You’re so gross” you said while reaching, or more like grabbing a beer from Dean’s hands.

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Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Just get my Dean wig today (and finished my jacket last week! <3) so here’s my wigtest! :D 
I look so much younger than my friend as Castiel… Baby Dean going to hunt things and saving people… xD (But Cas is wayyyyyy older so it works maybe? *out* xD)

I’ll wear him for the first time next week at Halloween with, hopefully, some friends as monsters and eren-hunter as Castiel. <3  (Want to wear him at the con next week too ;o; xD)

So now I’m going to watch the third episode of season 10 ! Goodnight guys! :D >w<

(Sorry I couldn’t resist the need to make stupid gifs xD I miss making gifs ;o;)