Started discussions about doing IUI this November.

If it’s successful I would give birth in July and would have 6 months at home before my clinicals back up. Dean would be getting ready to start his bachelors program and would have some control over his schedule and we would be able to make sure things were off set and we would be able to always be home with the baby or at least we would only need very small a,pints of child care.

I brought it up to Dean and he is going to think about it. His appointment with the urologist beginning of September and we will decide to do by then.

Has anyone gone through this process that could offer some advice or wisdom?

qwelianiop asked:

Omg Cas baby calm calm, you can cross that bridge when you get to it okay? Dont worry about after the birth stuff just yet. Enjoy being pregnant, cuddle up to Dean and just chill. Did you guys check baby clothes yet? I bet that will calm you down.

“You’re right, you’re right. It’s easy to get ‘carried away’, as you all like to say. I do enjoy being pregnant though it is quite crazy. And baby clothes? I’ve been making some, but we’re getting ready to go shopping again. Now that Charlie is back, I hope she can come with us.”

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Slave Trade || O P E N8

Dean had been in the trade since he was five. His dad had left him alone in some motel room to go do some job and he’d left to grab some food for him and his baby brother. That’s when the traders had spotted him and plucked him. (Even if all his papers said it was done the legal way of parents selling him) They’d trained him since he was just a kid. Trying to make him perfect to be sold.

Early on he was a favourite among the traders. Obedient, smart, attractive and very good at all slave tasks. But, once he began seeing the darker side of things as a teen and realized it was wrong he became rebellious and hard to work with. Now, a long six years later. Dean was twenty two, obviously starved, multiple scars (some old others fresh), wearing only ripped and dirty sweatpants, and chained. It was bidding night.

They explained that he was good as a slave but had trouble taking commands. That he may need to have the rules “re-inforced”. But, honestly if it meant getting out of the trade he’d be the perfect little slave. He only hoped he was bought for household duties and not the more common reason. He didn’t want to be some sex toy.

He was surprised when there was more than one bid for him. But, it was a short thing and soon enough he was being dragged by his chains to a room. His chains were removed only to be replaced by a collar, leash and handcuffs just to be safe.

His new “owner” came in and signed the paperwork, the leash and keys to the handcuffs were passed to him with a simple “He’s your problem now.” And, then he was left alone with the stranger.

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Sam tugged at his coat, shifting a bit in his place, shrugging. "Out. There's a club in Lawrence I wanted to check out. I figured since we're here for a while, I could go out for a night." He didn't add that he was planning on making money at said club. No point pissing big brother off. "I figure I'll be drinking, and I thought I'd get a room. Sleep it off, come home in the morning, unless you need me here before then."

Dean had to fight to keep his eyebrows from shooting up in shock.

“You’re going to a club? You mean like an actual night club and not just some nerd group or something? Who are you and what have you done to my baby brother?”

Dean shook his head almost in wonder, letting that replace the jealousy that sparked up as he wondered why Sam was so eager to get a room by himself way off out of town.

babybrotherdean asked:

(whispers imagine little baby Sam and Dean making a habit of sneaking out to watch the stars like, all the time during the summer. finding some abandoned field, some empty building, somewhere away on the outskirts of town, away from the artificial lights, lying down in the grass. Dean pointing out constellations for Sam, tracing them with his fingertips, hugging his brother close when he starts to shiver.) also I hope you feel better soon <3

Ah! My heart just fucking melted. Sam would remember this all the time. Through all the bad things they go through, he’d remember watching the stars with his big brother.

Thank you for the well wishes, dude!