Closed RP: Ocean Town AU

Dean pulled his baby into the parking lot of the small garage he worked out, and parked on an end, making sure that his baby could only possibly be doored on one side. Sure he worked at a garage but that didn’t mean he took any chances. His little brother, Sam, was reading in the backseat when Dean opened the door to let him out. The kid was like a sponge, only 5 years old but soaked up information like he wouldn’t be able to get anymore. Dean took out library books nearly every week for the kid and still wasn’t always enough. 

Today was going to be tough though, Sam’s preschool was closed for some weird maintenance reasons and since Dean didn’t have any spare money to pay for a sitter or child care, the poor kid was stuck at th garage with him all day. They had enough books for him, and Dean had an old crappy laptop with him that Sam could play wiht, but still, Dean felt bad. 

“Alright Sammy, you know the rules. Don’t go farther than the lot where I can call you if I need, and if you DO go outside, let me know. Or let Hector know, he’ll be working on the books today and said he’d keep an ear out for you.” Dean grabbed Sam’s backpack, and seriously did the kid keep bricks in there? How was a bunch of books for a preschooler so damn heavy anyway?

“Yeah yeah, Dean I know,” Sam grumbled grabbing his backpack and heading in with Dean. He said hi to a few of the guys he knew and took a seat in the back office’s crummy couch. At least it was comfy. 

Sometime after lunch, Sam began to get bored. Sure he’d had a half hour with Dean, but then his brother had to go back to work so the kid decided to walk around the garage, at least it was something outside. He noticed a man one building down taking pictures of weird things, like cans on the street and falling off building signs. “Hey,” Sam said to the man. “What are you taking pictures of?”


It's A Girl

Anonymous requested: Hey, can you write a one shot where Dean and the reader have a child and Dean is really scared to hold him/her and the reader just watches amused? Family fluff.
Reader gender: female
Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Bobby, your newborn baby (WOO)
Warnings: none
Word count: 1,202


The old leather of the impala squeaked under Dean as he nervously shifted in the driver’s seat while you stared down at the beautiful baby girl in your arms.
“How is she? Is she going okay? Does she need anything?” Dean shot out each question with barely a 0.2 second break.
“She’s fine, Dean,” you placed your free hand on his thigh, making him relax a little, “just focus on the road.”

The drive back to the bunker was a lengthy and calm one. With just you, Dean and your sleepy newborn in the car together, you had some time to think to yourself.
Hi, I’m Dean Winchester,” his first words to you played over in your head. They were accompanied by the image of a young, toothy-smiling Dean. Three long years later and he was still as gorgeous and charming as ever, you couldn’t be happier to be called his girlfriend.

And now, the mother to his kid.

You felt her stirring in your arms, and you couldn’t help but pause and admire her. Already you could tell she had your eyebrows and mouth, but Dean’s fine, mousy hair and button nose. Her eyes were closed as she was sleeping — but you knew underneath those lids she had his stunning green orbs, too.

Her stirring turned into small gasps, and you held her closer to you. Still, it didn’t stop the cries that began to escape her lips for the first time since the hospital.
“Do you want me to pull over?” Dean’s concerned voice perked up from beside you.
“No, no — I got this.” But you didn’t. She wasn’t hungry and she wouldn’t stop crying. “You got any ideas?” You spoke up over the noise. Dean’s hand shot down to the centre console, pulling out out a cassette and shoving it right into the player on the first go. The opening to Beast Of Burden by The Rolling Stones started playing, and the weepy newborn instantly hushed. You and Dean laughed out loud together.
“Making me proud from day 1,” he hit the top of the steering wheel with the heel of his hand.
“Looks like we’re not gonna need a paternity test,” you joked, “she’s definitely your daughter.”

You rolled into the gravel outside the bunker and Dean stopped the gas. He got out first and came around to you, helping you out of the seat and walking you inside. Sam and Bobby greeted you in the living room with open arms and wide smiles.
“Well, look at this,” Bobby slapped Dean’s back, “this kid’s finally got a kid of his own.”
“Bobby Singer, is that jealousy I hear in your voice?” Dean nudged him playfully with his elbow.
“That I don’t have a pooper of my own? Yeah, right.” He gestured to you and the brothers, “I’ve already got you three big babies to look after. But in all seriousness, Dean, you’re goin’a be a great dad, and [Y/N], you’ll be a hell of a mother. John and Mary would be proud of the both of ya.”
“And I’m,” Sam interrupted, leaning down to get closer to the infant, “going to be an excellent uncle. Can you say ‘Uncle Sammy?’” He pouted and put on ‘the baby-talking voice’ that you did not think he had in him.
“Alright, Sam,” Bobby grabbed his big shoulders, “let’s leave the new family to themselves. We have some torturing to do.” And with that, they casually walked to the dungeon together.

Your eyes flickered to Dean’s who then said, “We should go get her settled in.” He led you by the arm to the room you shared and sat on the bed, fatigued.
“I am exhausted,” you breathed, “could you please hold her for a sec?” Dean stood awkwardly by the door. “Dean,” you repeated, trying to get his attention.
“I- uh,” he stumbled on his own words.
“You what?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” You were shocked. What was he talking about?
“What do you mean?” your voice was fringing with hurt. He stared at her longingly in your arms; a soft look having taken over his stern features.
“[Y/N], my whole life I’ve been hunting, killing and having it all backfire. One good thing in my life comes along and I’m not going to ruin it.”
“You’re not going to ruin it by holding your own daughter.” You snickered, “Just come here, you big goose, and I’ll help you out.”

He shuffled to you and sat down, careful not to rattle her. 
“Dean Winchester,” you sarcastically marveled him, “fights demons, ghosts and paranormal occurrences. Stopped the apocalypse, saved the world. But can’t hold a baby.”
“Can it, you. Wanna show me how to do this thing, or not?” You warmly set her down in his arms, mindful to make sure he was supporting her head. “[Y/N], I’m still not sure if this is a good idea…” His worried face darted to yours in attempt to find an answer. You just scoffed at him lightly. 
“Ease into it,” you assured him, “just relax. Look at her, Dean — she’s your daughter.”

This seemed to help, because you gaped at what you saw. The Dean that fought in violent acts against evil had miraculously turned into a gigantic baby-loving teddy bear. He stroked her hair with his thumb and giggled when she hiccuped.
"She has my hair,” he mumbled.
“I know,” you still smiled at the sight. He seemed to notice you gazing at them, and he leaned in to kiss you.
He pulled away with a cheesy grin, “You’re my two beautiful girls.”
You smoothed your hand on the back of his neck, “This beautiful girl needs to go make you some lunch. Will you be okay with her for a bit?”
“I think so, yeah.” A slight sense of angst rang in his voice, but his quick smile egged you to go to the kitchen anyway.

When you returned, sandwich in hand, you silently opened the door.
“Shh, little Mary, don’t cry, please.” Dean’s paced up and down with his back to you, “Mommy’s gonna be back soon and daddy doesn’t want her to see you like this.” Her little cries became louder and you tiptoed up behind him.
“De-ean,” you sing-songed. He almost jumped out of his skin.
“Jesus, [Y/N],” he exhaled, offering you the upset newborn, “that scared me.”
“Seems to be happening a lot today,” you winked at him, taking the baby and sitting down to give her a feed. Her cries were muffled and eventually died down, and you looked back up at Dean, who stood above you, twirling a piece of your hair.
“So,” you began, “sounds to me like she has a name now, hey?”
“I still had to run in past you,” he reasoned, sitting beside you again, “I wasn’t sure what you’d think, but, yeah. Mary.”
“I think it’s perfect.”
As soon as you’d said it, you could see in his eyes how much it meant to him. He kissed you again and wrapped your hand in his.
“Mary Winchester.” He cleared his throat nervously, “and while we’re at it, how about [Y/N] Winchester?”


 Castiel pointed at at the painting where two babies are behind some kind of old dude as you were walking around the ancient church of prophecies and prophets.

“Those blonde fledgeling angels over there are Gabriel and Lucifer. Lucifer is supposed to be giving the prophet, ‘Zechariah’ “The Fig” which is the old European gesture from today’s middle finger. Michelangelo helped the poor prophet to make this.”

 “Thanks for the little fact, Cas, but we need to go find Sam and Dean before they kill themselves.”

 “I agree.”

Guardian Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, Sam, (Most characters make a brief appearance)

Written: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 1,840

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Gore, Death, 

A/N: Okay so this is going to be based off of this Imagine that cats-and-depression suggested and helped me come up with, I liked it so much I wanted to turn it into a fic! So here’s the first installment. Eventually it’ll be more mature, so brace yourselves, in the mean time enjoy some BabyDean and feelios.

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Extreme Rules

Dean woke up and looked up at the ceiling knowing there was something missing or something he hadn’t done that he needed to do. After a couple of minutes of thinking he hit his palm off his forehead and groaned “Fucking suitcase.” He said quietly then got out of bed trying not to wake Alicia up. Once he was out of bed he stretched then quietly went around the room gathering his clothes and everything else he was going to need for the three days they were going to be away. When he was finally done JJ had some good timing and started crying so Dean walked over to the baby monitor that was on Alicia’s nightstand and turned it off. He walked through into JJ’s room and picked him up “Shh.” He whispered to him to try and sooth him then walked downstairs with him and started making his bottle. 


”Hey, Y/N, what’s wrong?” Dean walked into the bedroom you shared with him. You couldn’t hold back the tears anymore, hands covering your face as sobs burst from your lips. 
Today had been particularly stressful. Little things that went wrong pilled up until you just exploded. Having shrugged off your annoyance for most of the day, you had finally had enough. Dean asking what was going on was the catalyst. 
“Whoa, whoa, hey,” you felt his warmth surround you has he took you into his embrace, lips pressing to your temple. “It’s okay, what’s wrong?”
“It’s just, it’s been a stressful day and I missed you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face in his warm skin.
“I missed you, baby,” he smiled softly, threading his fingers through your hair. “What do you say I make some dinner and we cuddle up in bed, watch a few movies?”
“Okay,” you nodded slowly. 
“Awesome,” he pecked your cheek and squeezed you before letting you go. “Now, just lay back and read or do something for a bit. I’ll be back with food.”
“Thanks, Dean,” you smiled gratefully at him.
“Anything for my girl,” he winked as he stood up, sending a kiss your way.

Gif credit goes to owner. Imagine Requests are opened!


Life was hard. You were going on a hunt with your best friends, Sam & Dean Winchester, to demolish some vampire clan. And of course, being the geek that you were, you needed to put on a shirt that matched the occasion. You did this regularly, it was your way of making things easier and more fun. And today, you were stuck between a shirt with a vamp on it that said ‘You Suck’ or one from Van Helsing. Eventually, you chose the first one. You didn’t want to ruin your baby from Van Helsing, because that was one of your favourite movies all time. Plus, Dean and you sometimes watched it and you needed to wear that shirt. There was no explanation needed for that, you just needed to wear it.

Dean snorted when he saw you rush over to the Impala while Sam just smiled and shook his head.

“What?” You climbed into the back-seat, knowing full well that even the boys appreciated your fashion-sense. Dean met your eyes through the mirror and he shot you a grin that you returned. Sam often called you both little kids, but you didn’t see why that was necessarily a bad thing. You loved the way Dean knew exactly what you found funny and how he would join in on the fun. Sam was often more in the adult shoes, making sure we all had eaten enough vegetables and brushed our teeth before bed. But that didn’t mean you didn’t love him too, because you did.

“Hey Y/n,” your grin died a little when you heard Dean’s serious voice over Gun’s 'N Roses. Even Sam frowned and looked over at him, but his eyes were back on the road, 

“You be careful alright?” Sam deemed it not interesting enough and returned to look at the scenery. For a moment, the only sound in the car was the soft purr of baby’s motor.
“I always am Dean,” you too turned to look out of the window, the light-hearted atmosphere gone and replaced by something else. Worry, unresolved and unmentioned tension, “I always am.”

“I though you were going to be careful, Y/n!” You rolled your eyes as Dean stitched the gaping hole on your arm. What had he expected? That you’d just stand by and watch that vampire sneak up on Dean and rip his head off? Nope, you liked him too much for that.

“Dean, it’s fine, really,” Dean stopped moving and took a step back, narrowing his eyes at you with parted lips. You were looking up at him, like always, since he had literally put you down on the table at the bunker. Your feet were swinging back and forth since you couldn’t reach the floor.

“It’s not fine!” Dean rarely raised his voice with you, if ever. And him doing it now made you wonder where you had gone wrong? 

“I was just trying to protect you,” you murmured and looked down to the floor with furrowed brows. For a moment, it just stayed silent and you refused to look up. You clenched your jaw and kept a steady glare on the ground. You didn’t do anything wrong and you didn’t care what Dean said about it. You just did what you felt you needed to do. Fine, maybe you didn’t think it completely through, but at least Dean was alive now. And you’d rather have him chewing out your ass than being six feet under.

You head Dean sigh and saw him step closer to you, placing his hands on either side of you on the table. He levelled his head with your, looking at you through his lashes and you locked eyes. You both stayed like that for a while and when you wanted to tell him you were sorry, he leaned in. 

Softly, he planted his lips against yours out of nowhere. You froze for a second, eyes widen and cheeks burning scarlet. But Dean didn’t stop. He placed his hand on the small of your back and straightened up, straightening you up with him. And when you realised what was happening, you closed your eyes and melted into the kiss.

You hooked your ankles around Dean’s legs, pulling him closer to you, and reached up to pull him down. As uncomfortable as the table was, you weren’t really bothered by it. All you were focussed on, was Dean and how good he made you feel between your legs.

“I don’t need your protecting, darlin’,”



A Night With Dean

Characters: Dean x Reader x Sam (Polyamory)
Words: 2364
This is Part Six in the “Sharing” series, the spin off of the “Tongue Lashing” series.

  Tongue Lashing     No More Teasing     Between Me And The Devil
Hi, Luci     Sneaking Around     Second Guessing     Used
Sharing Is Caring     Reverse A Deal     Working To Live     Free

Warning: Smut…only with Dean. (I promise, Sam gets his turn too)

Originally posted by fics-to-make-a-winchester-blush

           “I’m not making the decision,” you shook your head, “It was your idea, so you guys can hash it out.”

           Dean laughed, “Baby, it’s not going to hurt our feelings. You can pick whoever you want to go first. But we’d both like to be able to take you out on a date and spend some alone time with you. We think we should do it every once in a while.”

           “I think it’s a good idea. But I don’t want to choose. I’ll be in my room changing. Whoever you guys choose can come find me when they’re ready to go to dinner,” you said decidedly, walking out of the room.

           Sam and Dean had both decided it would be a good idea if each of them took you on a date separately every once in a while. You didn’t mind the idea, but you didn’t want to pick who went first because you didn’t want them to think you were picking favorites. It would have been impossible for you to pick.

           You had already showered, so all you had to do was change into something that wasn’t something you would lounge in. You pulled on your white denim shorts and black tank top. You would decide the actual shirt you would wear depending on who was going to be the one to take you out.

           You had been in your room for about fifteen minutes before there was a knock on the door. You knew who it was. You knew your boys well.

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You looked down at your arms and chest, tears slowly running down your cheek as you stood facing the mirror in your bathroom. They were covered in black and blue bruises, and it had been about an hour, but they still hurt pretty bad. The sink in front of you was filled with blood-covered tissues from the cuts and bruises on your face.

There was a knock on the bathroom door that startled you, but you recognized Dean’s voice immediately. “Y/n, we’re back. I’m going to make some food. Do you want anything?”

You took a deep breath to make it sound like you weren’t crying. “Um, no. I’m okay.”

“Y/n, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m fine.”

“Bullshit. I can hear it in your voice.”

“Really, Dean. I’m fine.”

You heard him take a step forward, and then twist the handle, but the door was locked.

“Baby, open the door.


“Y/n I’m not kidding open the door. I’m not leaving until you do.”

You hesitated, but slowly unlocked the door and then backed away from it once again. Dean turned the knob and forced the door open before you had time to change your mind. You wrapped your arms around yourself, attempting to hide the bruising on your arms and stomach.

“Jesus Crist! What the hell happened?”

“It’s not a big deal…”

“Will you stop it. Just talk to me. What happened?”

You were about to open your mouth when you couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. You held your face in your hands as the tears began to flow uncontrollably. Dean pulled you into his arms and brought you close to his chest.

You only managed to get one word out before you felt your chest get tight again. “Chris.”

“Son of  a bitch.” Dean’s grip on you got tight with anger. “Don’t worry, y/n, I’m not going to let him hurt you ever again.”

Sam and Gabriel's Conversations No. 24

Sam: Hey, Gabe, where’s Dean and Cas?

G: Not sure, I think they’re in their bedroom.
S: Oh okay then. *snickers a little*
(Three hours later)
S: Hey, where are Dean and Cas?
G: Still in their room I think.
S: *smiles and walks off*
(Three hours later)
S: *walks in*
G: You would think they would at least come up for air! Or food!
S: *smiles*
G: And they complain when we spend all day going at it! I think they’re determined to make some angelic babies in there!
S: *covering mouth with hand*
G: I knocked on the door earlier and Dean-o started screaming at me to go away. Seriously, what is-
S: *bursts into laughter*
G: Sam? What did you do?
S: Yesterday, Dean asked me for Vaseline! *laughing*
G: Yes?
S: *falls out of chair* I GAVE HIM SUPER GLUE!


Dean in 1x21 - Salvation

Ok, so because I knew I was going to make a lot of you uhh….sad and upset about the way Rest Now ended, I made you all this peace offering of some mmmm and cute Dean gifs from Salvation. PEACE OFFERING! PLEASE ACCEPT. Love you all.

And plenty more where these came from. Look forward to many gifs made with love by Mandy in the future. <3

gifs by supernaturalfreewill

but dean being seven months pregnant and unable to fit behind the impala’s wheel so cas has to drive and ofc dean’s grumpy as fuck about it. he never even wanted to leave the goddamn bunker today in the first place but cas is being annoyingly insistent on making the drive over to jody’s so they can go through some of her old baby shit in the attic and see if they can salvage anything for the bun in dean’s oven because babies are fucking expensive man. 

to make matters worse, since cas is driving, he’s also claiming that he should at least get to listen to the kind of music he wants to listen to for at least part of the trip even though it’s clearly dean’s fucking car but ~whatever “shotgun shuts his perfectly-shaped piehole.” and cas has always had a shitty taste in music by dean’s standards, but when he selects some crappy top 40 radio station, dean thinks he’d rather have twins than suffer through this disney pop princess nightmare (oh god he better not be having twins).

so naturally, dean bitches as much as he can so cas is just as miserable as he is, but then dean eventually gets tired and gives up and figures maybe he should at least try to save up a little bit of energy for the inevitable mom-ing jody’s gonna do on their asses.

and just as dean’s about to grab a pillow and get comfy he happens to catch a few lyrics from some american idol washout:

but piece by piece you collected me
up off the ground but you abandoned things
and piece by piece you filled the holes that you burned in me
at six years old and no
he never walks away
he never asks for money
he takes care of me
he loves me
piece by piece
he restored my faith
that a man can be kind
and a father could stay

and honestly dean doesn’t even know that he hasn’t said a single word for the past five minutes until cas reaches over with a hand on his thigh and says, “you’re being unusually quiet. are you okay?”

“you drive like a goddamn grandma,” is all dean ends up saying. “you better speed up or we’re not getting to sioux falls until next year.”

cas is probably making some retort about how they have to be careful now that there’s a baby on board (and god, does dean hate that yellow eyesore suctioned to the back window of the impala), but dean’s not really hearing it. 

he just focuses on the wedding band on his finger, the hand on his thigh, and squeezes it.

I should sleep now!!! It’s almost 1 AM! Help! ;w;

But instead of sleeping I’ll make a summary of the things posted this long Easter weekend:

Dean doesn’t trust Michael, even if he’s just a baby.

Demon Dean wants to conquer the world armed with a hammer

Cas is probably going to stop him by making sad eyes at him.

Alpha and Omega~ (the same as the above two pics but with more a/b/o)

Omega Sam is frowning for some reason.

A black tiny bean called Castiel.

Tiny dragons go shopping for home decoration (mpreg cw)

Pagan God Sam thinks that hugs heal everything.

Pagan God Dean shouldn’t be allowed to manage finances.

Pagan God Dean cuddles with Cas before… (slightly nsfw)

… the have sex. Obviously. (nswf, bottom!Cas)

Kiwi is out to give Dean a heart attack.

Sam likes Kiwi. Kiwi likes Sam.

The Freckled Fluff Baby isn’t really good for Dean’s health.

Also a pregnant!Cas fanfic~!

Wow, and now I wasted even more time instead of sleeping. This is ridiculous, I’m sending myself to bed. 


Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Just get my Dean wig today (and finished my jacket last week! <3) so here’s my wigtest! :D 
I look so much younger than my friend as Castiel… Baby Dean going to hunt things and saving people… xD (But Cas is wayyyyyy older so it works maybe? *out* xD)

I’ll wear him for the first time next week at Halloween with, hopefully, some friends as monsters and eren-hunter as Castiel. <3  (Want to wear him at the con next week too ;o; xD)

So now I’m going to watch the third episode of season 10 ! Goodnight guys! :D >w<

(Sorry I couldn’t resist the need to make stupid gifs xD I miss making gifs ;o;)

worldlyshuku replied to your post:While preparing tea I was turning some of the…

Well, fertility is about making babies, so… yeah, not really going to get pregnant with dicks in your mouth (unless that’s something that fertility!god!Dean could arrange…). XD

Yes, but young adult Dean’s idea of being a fertility god was debauchery, so I’m sure was lots of sex, but maybe just not as much sex with guys as with women. *lol* (I think Dean’s got a preference for women.)

(Yeeeeaaaah. No idea if he could! I don’t think he’s really up to testing his powers like that *lol*)