A Miracle

Jessika walked over to a crowd of flustered nuns that were in the garden. The was setting which only seemed to make them more worried. The holy didn’t do much after dark. 

She went gently moved through the small crowd to see one of the older nuns had had an accident with a pair of pruning sheers. There was a large gash on her forearm that was bleeding heavily. Her fangs slid out at the smell of her fresh blood, but Jess concentrated and then disappeared again. She moved to crouch down to the woman, who looked somewhat afraid of having the little demon so close to her. 

The nun was mumbling a prayer as others went to find help. Jessika sighed and put her finger in her mouth, cutting it with one sharp tooth so that it bled. She gently grabbed the nun’s arm and began to spread her own blood across the wound. 

It quickly healed, leaving the nun and others watching in awe. She then realized that most of them probably didn’t know what she was. Jess started to panic then, as the once wounded nun thanked her profusely, calling her an angel of the Lord. She would have laughed had she not thought that she was in trouble now. 

Jess only managed to glamour a few of the onlookers before feeling tired. She was weak to begin with and it took a lot of energy of energy for her to just glamour one person. In the end she decided that she would face Nuallan and ask him to clean up another mess. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too angry…

The nun stood up with Jessika’s help. Blessing and thanking her. It felt weird, the positive attention. A good weird, but weird. Uncomfortable now she excused her self and retreated back into her room for some peace.