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Writing Advice™

Do it.

Go write now.

Go write.

Put words on a page. Put bad words on a page. Put stupid words on a page. Put silly words on a page. Put stuff that makes no sense on a page.

Don’t forget punctuation.

Put words on a page. Fill the page with words. Write 250 pages.

Look back on your writing and cry.

Congratulations, you are a writer.

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If the red queen characters attended school,what would be their favorite subject?

I’m gonna do this by university major cause it’s so much easier. 

Cal: mechanical engineering (with a political science minor cause he doesn’t actually want to be doing that… but he’d gonna have to take over for dad some day.)

Mare: electrical engineering with a minor is ass kicking (she and cal meet in lab for the first time when she moves his project cause she wants to use the tools he’s using and she breaks the project by mistake and he literally almost cries about it) (then he sees that she took his tools and he’s like “um excuse me… thief! and she’s just like sitting there holding the tools and without looking up from her project says “obvi.”) 

Kilorn: environmental studies (he just wants to save the fish, literally has a shirt that says “save the fish” has thrown multiple rallies to save the fish, all of which only mare and shade have shown up to)

Maven: political science and psychology (wants to be pres. cause mom says so)

Farley: composition government while double majoring in anthropology while also minoring in sociology. (the ultimate try hard that shade oogles in all his classes and drools about when he day dreams)

Shade: the art of being alive. (but in all seriousness double majoring in philosophy and literature) (he may or may not have stalked Diana Farley through the library once and pretending to be reading books on anthropology for a paper (it depends if you ask him or mare))

Evangeline: art major (she’s an art hoe who wears big sweaters, and beenies everyday and just looks down on everyone)(has a strange obsession with metal welding, aspires to be an underwater welder)

Elane: art major (Concentration in drawing and painting) (Evangeline has asked her before to draw her like one of her french girls) (she and Evangeline have their own art closet that no one goes into cause someone once did and caught them making out and it was not a pretty picture what came next. 

Ptolemus: finance and management double major (with a minor in being a frat boy extraordinaire) 

I’m going to go write a college fic now. 

#26 [Dean Ambrose]

Requested, #26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” (Prompt from here.)

AUTHOR NOTE: This is shorter than my usual stuff. Just something cute and fluffy.

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“We’re getting married in a couple days.”

We are?”

You narrowed your eyes at your fiancé’s sarcastic response. The typical rueful grin came to his face at your look, making him appear years younger, and entirely nonthreatening. Taking it a step further, you kicked at him lightly, your foot making contact with his thigh. You were settled back against the arm of the couch, taking up one cushion, as Dean was seated on the next cushion, leaned back and legs wide.

“Hey! Be nice,” he demanded at your action. You pushed harder at this leg, grinning. “I’ll leave you at the altar if you keep it up darlin’.”

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Hey sana? Can i get a jungkook spam? I got some bad news and now im in a shitty mood - guess who anon

jfdjdskfn im sorry babe, i hope the bad news blows over and you get good news soon. now here’s nochu comin’ thru

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baby boi doesnt want to wake up because youre not beside him :((

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the buttons on his shirt are stronger than my will to live tbh

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how is this stylist alive right now? im 100% at least one of their stylist has a crush on one of them

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ive seen this video so i can literally the sound coming out of his mouth lmao

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WOW i think its so hot that hes passionate about exercising

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Datacow40’s Totally, 100% Safe-for-Work Yu-gi-oh! Writing Contest

What? A YGO (and YGOTAS) writing contest where the objective is to mention sex as little as possible. No smut. No suggestive themes. No characters wishing they could do smexy things to another (or have smexy things done to them.) Period. End of story.

What if I’m a horrible troll who likes to send porn to asexual minors? Don’t. Official Contest Kinkshamer™ Charlie ( @somegrumpynerd) is being gracious enough to pre-read all entries. He will inform me if there are any entries that don’t meet this guild line.

Fair enough. When is this thing due? Submissions are due March 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm Central Time. Entries can be submitted earlier than the final due date. Winners will be (hopefully) announced before April.

Winners? With an S?! Yes! There will be three (3) winners in total. Each winner will get a piece of fanart based on their story (and drawn by yours truly) I don’t know when I will get these prizes done, but it will be sooner rather than later.

Neato! How will our fics be judged? There will be one winner in each of the three categories. There will be a category for angst, for fluff, and for comedy. As for how their judged, I’ll be taking into account spelling, grammar, story flow, and proper word usage.

Okay, who am I writing about? Either Thiefshipping (Marik x Yami Bakura) or Deathshipping (Ryou x Yami Marik). They can be based on manga, anime, dub, abridged, or even your own interpretations of the characters!! Just so long as it’s one of those two pairings.

Alrighty. Is there a theme? Heck yeah! The theme is music based, because Marilyn is a music-loving nerd. I have created a playlist with 5 songs. Pick one of the songs, and write a story based on it. Try to incorporate the feeling the song gives you, or the characters.

I think I can work with that, what’s the minimum word count? 1,500 words or more. I will, sadly, have to disqualify entries that fall below the minimum. (note: if you get in the 1485-1499 range, and you feel like you cannot add any more, that’s okay! I just don’t want to end up with a bunch of entries that are 500 words, you know?)

Awesome sauce. How do I submit an entry? Post it on your blog, in the format shown below. Make the first tag #datacow’scontest <— I will be tracking this hashtag.

This sounds like fun, but I’m not a writer :c Please don’t feel discouraged!! This contest is for fun, and hopefully it will be a platform for all writers to improve their skills! And even if your entry doesn’t win, I’d still be happy to read it! We always need more creativity in our fandom, in my opinion c:

I have a question you didn’t answer here. Help? Feel free to drop an ask in my inbox! I will responds as soon as possible ^^

Okay! I’m going to go write my story now!! Best of luck my friend!

Fuck you @madamelibrarian. (she just sent me ^^ that shit.)

Fuck you with a 30-inch dick made of snow.



thank you

i want to just thank everyone on here that’s ever sent me a message of support, that’s sent me feedback on something, that's replied to a post that i never replied to, or that even follows me even when i don’t follow them back.

please believe me when i say i really really really fucking appreciate each and everyone of those messages and every one of you. i literally can not believe i’m almost at 1000 freaking followers. for someone like me that’s never had more than 3 friends at once, if any at all? someone that was bullied into homeschool? someone that was literally a mistake? yeah, it means the fucking world to me.

i appreciate when you stick around during my bad days and negative posts (and i understand when you don’t) but it’s beyond comforting to know i have people that voluntarily listen to me, be it my rants, my mass effect ramblings, or just general blabbering. i thrive off every note, every message, every follower.

i hate that majority of you live on the other side of the world where i can’t just meet you or thank you hug you or feel welcome/loved/appreciated or even be there to support you. (but at the same time i’m a nervous awkward yucky wreck in person so it’s probably just as well)

but all of you guys are my friends. i can not express enough how graeful i am. i know that doesn’t seem like much when all i am is just words on a screen, but i hope you remember that someone gives a fuck about you, and from the bottom of my heart i’m sorry if that’s the only love and appreciation you receive when it damn well should be coming from the people around you as well.

i was super depressed when i started writing this but right now i feel invigorated to uplift my spirits and press on and remind you guys that you are loved so fucking much from someone you don’t even know, someone that WANTS to know you. don’t ever EVER feel like you’re meant for loneliness when all the right people are just in the wrong places. it’s a big world, and while the distance sucks, these bonds can reach even further and deeper.

i love you. thank you. keep going. <3

My Shippings: Dramione

So I’m so tired of peoples bullshit, questioning my beliefs in my ships. I mean the amount of questions I have got, about how I ship Dramione, Harmony, Tomione and or Jamione. These are the ships I get questioned about the most so I have come to tumblr to express my feelings. Twitter comments are really getting to me.


1. Emma Watson and Tom Felton are the hottest creatures to ever grace our planet.

That should be the only reason I need because can you imagine them cuddling beside the Black Lake, or laughing together in the Great Hall? Because I can. 

2. So whatever, they ‘hate’ each other. He called her a Mudblood what about it. He was raised that way. How was he supposed to know any different?

And may I just point out that Ron is the one who sneered at Malfoy first on the train. If you were 11 and trying to introduce yourself to someone who was considered a celebrity and then someone sneered when you said your name, I think you’d bite back too. Then, Draco obviously not liking Ron tried to make friends with Harry when Harry was the one who shot him down.

Obviously, Draco going home to his father telling him all about the ’great and annoying Potter’. If I was Draco I’d be pretty angry too!

Back to Dramione, he obviously hated the fact that she was a muggle-born yet getting better grades than him. Lucius obviously beat him for losing to a 'Mudblood’.

I definitely think his hate was for his father and pureblood traditions and prejudices. He hated that fact that his blood said he needed to be better than her. He hated that her blood meant she had to been weaker and lesser in all aspects of life than him. Yeah sure sometimes he got angry and took it out on her but I’m sure he regretted it.

3. They have so much in common yet are total opposites. She’s a Gryffindor, he’s in Slytherin, he’s a pureblood she’s a muggleborn. Yet both of them are exceptionally smart, and have a certain class about them. I kinda feel bad saying this but I mean, Hermione isn’t hilarious and I feel she would very much appreciate Draco’s sarcastic, dry humour as I feel that’s more her style.

4. The sexual tension. Can you imagine Romione doing it? It would be all cute and awkward and disgusting. Dramione doing it? They would do it everywhere…I can see them sneaking off down corridors and then of course they would be parried with each other for nightly patrols and they would make a list of all the teacher’s desk they had done it on.  Their sex life would be explosive and hot and amazing…..if you’ve ever read a Dramione fan fiction you know what I’m talking about.

5. Can you imagine the bromance between Draco and Harry. And may I just say, it would be pretty fucking amazing. They’d call each other by their surnames but it would be all in good fun and they’d fight over quidditch and their kids. Both of their sons would be forced to be seekers and wow I’m going to go write a fan fiction now.

6. Thie I feel is the most important point. Every single relationship in the trio’s era, was safe. Ron and Hermione= Safe. Harry and Ginny= Safe. There was no relationships that we knew of between any Gryffindor and Slytherin. In the Marauder’s era we had Severus and Lily and even at that it wasn’t anything major but an unrequited love.

For me, like I said, it was all played safe. Can you imagine how interesting and more exciting it would have been had there been a Gryffindor and Slytherin dating either before of after the war?

Dramione would have been Romeo and Juliet; a revised edition. A forbidden yet romantic love that would have gone down in history.

Harry shipped it. Well he definitely didn’t ship Romione anyway :D

7. If Dramione happened, Draco would have slightly redeemed himself after the war.  Hermione is the only one that would have been kind enough to forgive him at first then everyone else would and BOOM Dramione!

8.Points in which Dramione totally should have happened….

1st Year-The train, Hermione would have been looking for Trevor and went into his compartment. Not a great example but I mean they are 11 so they just would have been friends if anything.

2nd Year-Uneventful in the Dramione spectrum. He totally could have dropped into the hospital wing to check on her when she was petrified though because I imagine when he wished death upon her he didn’t actually mean it and then he must have felt bad for her.

3rd Year- Ah the year it all began. Why was Hermione so worried about Draco when he got hit by Buckbeak and she was always gone. I know she had a time-turner but she could have used it for more than classes…if you know what I’m saying ;)

4th Year- Yule Ball year whoop! I mean they couldn’t do anything because everyone was there but I imaging he had a nice long look at Hermione that night, all anyone could talk about that night was how beautiful she was.

5th Year-Pretty uneventful once again but I’m sure Draco goes to the library some nights too.

6th Year- Wow sixth year. This is where shit got real. I mean, Hermione needed a place to cry over the idiot that is Ron. I recon she would have checked out the Room of Requirements. Draco would have been there, they would have both been really upset and stuff. They could have leaned on each other you know?

7th Year- Ok camping, and Malfoy Manor. The pain Draco went through having to listen to her screams. He never turned them in. Oh gosh the feels!

I hope I helped a few people realise why people I ship Dramione because I think a lot of people just think it’s because they’s look good together. I mean they do, but Dramione has depth.

Rant Over!

i had too much coffee today and work has been anxiety inducing for weeks. so excuse this post. but it’s weird being back. i took a hiatus because of well, many incidents. i have the worst luck writing robb. i am a bloody magnet for awful people. none of the people are around anymore so it’s not important the incidents just that it’s weird. i feel weird. there was a true point to this post but idk anymore, tbh. i guess i feel unfriendly to the people who knew me before who attempted to chat or are new now attempting to chat. 

okay, i’m done. this was a weird, mostly random, but i felt like i should say it post. whatever it’s my blog i can do what i want.