i keep seeing art of human peridots now with similar styled hair as the one i did ages ago and i just feel a little self conscious about it now cause

i thought i was being really creative when i drew it and it was kinda special to me but now since everything is the same its just, like another one in the pile i suppose, and idk if im just being whiny or overreacting but ////shrugs, idk


♥ p3r5on4′s Endless List of Favourite Characters. (1/?) ♥

Tales of Zestiria - Mikleo (Luzrov Rulay)

“Get over yourself. 
Do you really think this is your dream alone?"

Chapter 31: Faith to Fall Back On

September 28th – 29th 2019

“Yeah, alright,” I heard Harry sigh from the other side of the island, “Just give me an hour. I don’t know how bad traffics gonna be… Okay, yeah. I’ll do what I can. Bye.”

The phone hit the counter with a resounding clatter, a frustrated groan coming up the back of his throat as one of the chairs scrapped across the tile.

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We’ve Met Before: Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen: Kirkwall Once More

Previous Chapter

Elena practically tumbled out of Dorian’s SUV, aching to stretch her legs. Nearly thirty hours in the car and she was quite sure she never wanted to ride in a vehicle ever again. The drive itself hadn’t been terrible, between Dorian, herself, Bull and their things, there wasn’t much room for anything else, so she didn’t have to worry about Josephine or Leliana interrogating her. Or Cullen glowering the whole way.

In order to make sure they weren’t followed, or that they didn’t alert anyone who might be watching to their movements, they’d all taken different routes, and many of their lower-ranking personnel would be arriving later in the week. Elena had agreed to coordinate everyone’s route and to maintain contact while they drove. Unfortunately for her, that meant she had to call Cullen ever hour and check in with him. Hearing his clipped tones crackled over her phone had sent her heart thundering in her chest, and anxiety roiling everywhere else. Would he ever forgive her? Did she deserve forgiveness?

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Alright, so...

I was going to stay quiet about all of this, but I’ve been seeing a lot of upsetting comments on social media, so I’m going to voice my opinion. I’m sorry if the following offends anyone, but if it does, you should ask yourself why. My ask box is always open if you want to discuss this, want a shoulder to lean on through all this. I promise I won’t bite. 


So, in case you’ve been in hiding and haven’t seen, Kai will not be attending the Dallas show for the North American EXO tour. What?! I know! Supposedly, the host company who’s in charge of putting the tour together screwed up somewhere along the way, and 7/8 visas for the members were good to go, but Kai’s was not. They seem very optimistic that he’ll be able to attend the rest of the shows, which says one thing to me: someone was careless and didn’t pay attention when working on paperwork that might have been needed for this. There was probably a typo or minor information left out, and while I’ve never had to apply for a visa, I do know one thing, you really have to make sure everything on the paperwork is spot on. Regardless of what government you’re working with, they don’t have time to waste on trying to gain correct information, so they want it right the first time. Basically, someone at MMT probably got fired today, which is sad when you think about it.

Why is that sad, Rie? They screwed up! Jongin isn’t coming to the show because someone might have made a careless mistake! They should be fired for not doing their job right. Well, true. If we are to assume this is the situation at hand, it’s true that this is a HUGE mistake. EXO-Ls are not fans you want to piss off. SME isn’t a company you want to piss off. The fact that Kai is EXO’s best dancer, and the one who sort of holds the rest together dance wise isn’t able to go because someone might have fucked up, is a big BIG deal. I get that. However, we also don’t understand the circumstances in which this mistake could have happened. The person could have had a full plate of work to take care of for this concert. They could have been working late into the night, tired, maybe hungry. I know when I’m tired and trying to write some of my fics, story wise that’s when I come up with some of my best plots and ideas, but execution is awful. I usually make a million typos or don’t end up making sense. That person could have been dealing with a bad situation at home. Maybe they lost a family member, maybe their dog died. Whatever the case, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be fired, because in the real world, where thousands of people are looking for jobs, when you’re given a task you’re expected to carry it out the right way. I just feel awful for the person who might have been struggling when working on this and is now suffering consequences for a human mistake.

I am also extremely EXTREMELY pissed off at some supposed “EXO-Ls!” Why? Because Jongin has nothing to do with this. It just happened to be his visa. To say that it seems fishy and like Jongin doesn’t want to come is RIDICULOUS! How could any real EXO-L say that KIM JONGIN, KAI! of all the members doesn’t want to come. I’M NOT EVEN A KAI STAN AND KNOW THIS IS PROBABLY UPSETTING HIM MORE THAN US! Whenever I see photos of the guys out and about or at fan events, Kai is one of the few who ALWAYS seems to give so much love to the fans. He has one of the sweetest, kindest hearts I’ve seen. So for you to turn around and say that 2 days before the concert, when they’re probably slated to leave in a few hours on a plane to Dallas, that he woke up and said “I don’t feel like going” is STUPID. 1. That’s not Kai at all. He wouldn’t spend all this time preparing with the members, leading them on to believe they’d be performing on stage as 8 to just turn around and be like jk guys. 2. If it was something personal with Kai, MMT wouldn’t be taking the blame. MMT fessed up to their mistake and know they fucked up. 3. You really think SM would just pat Kai’s head and be like, that’s okay little Jongin. You can stay home and get some rest… DON’T MAKE ME FUCKING LAUGH! Kai is the best dancer on the tour. They’re already missing Yixing, another great dancer, they can’t lose Kai. That’s money they want in their pockets. DON’T BE STUPID. 

I’m going to go off for a second because I’m just so sick of this bullshit. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF FANS TURNING THINGS AROUND ON THE MEMBERS. Yixing can’t come because of his schedule and it’s “oh well why couldn’t he just move things around?” “What a selfish person, leaving behind EXO for his own gain.” Kai can’t come because of something COMPLETELY OUT OF HIS CONTROL and it’s “I bet he just didn’t want to come.” WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF EXO-L ARE YOU IF YOU ARE GOING TO TREAT THE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP YOU CLAIM TO LOVE AND CARE ABOUT THIS WAY?! GET THE FUCK OUT! SERIOUSLY. I AM SO DONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT AND YOUR NEGATIVITY. In real life, I am one of the most negative people, and right now I’m typing all of this out of impulse because I’m really that mad. I’m tired of assholes who claim to be EXO-Ls making the rest of the fandom look like assholes too. GET OVER YOURSELVES. If you can’t love all 9 members then call yourself a XXX Stan, not an EXO stan. Stop hating on the guys for things they can’t control. Yixing didn’t set his schedule, his management did. Kai didn’t screw up his visa, MMT did. Next thing you know, all of this will be Suho’s fault because he’s the leader of the group and should be making sure his members are on top of things… JUST STOP.

*takes a deep breath*

Okay, I’m sorry for that but I swear this fandom has so much unnecessary drama that can be avoided if people would just stop hating and start loving more. Kai & Yixing are two of the sweetest, most precious members. They don’t deserve to have things like that said by the fans they’re supposed to trust. 

Anyway, the last thing I wanted to say, is that I ENCOURAGE Dallas fans to still go. After the way this whole concert’s been handled, I wouldn’t be surprised if SM keeps EXO from coming for awhile again. Not only that, military enlistments start in 2019 with Xiumin. Don’t let this one thing stop you from going. Does it suck, of course it does! Two days before the concert and you’re finding out the ticket you thought was for 8 members is now only for 7 really is awful. However, this is what Kai would want. He’s already being forced to stay behind, I don’t think he would want EXO-Ls to abandon the other 7 because he’s not there with them. While it sucks, I think the concert will still be great and enjoyable. 

I say all this to say, that I’m proud to be a real EXO-L. I have my favorites (and it’s so obvious) but I genuinely, and I mean GENUINELY, love these guys, each and every one of them. I’ve spent time laughing, crying, dancing, singing with them through videos and shows and road trips across TX. We’ve watched them struggle through bad news after bad news, but somehow, only God knows how, they manage to keep their heads up and carry on. They don’t let their fans know too often how much they are probably struggling with all this negativity that seems to surround them. I did not expect 2016 to start off this way: with injuries, let downs, illnesses, more let downs. It doesn’t have to stay that way though. What better gift could NA EXO-Ls give these boys whom we love so much than to come together to support them through thick and thin. I want us to show SM that we are worth coming back for, regardless of a company who fucked up. 

And while I’m on that company again, regardless of how much they’ve screwed up, the fact still stands that we are getting to see EXO, whether whole or incomplete. EXO IS COMING HERE BECAUSE OF MMT. There are so many EXO-Ls around the world who still haven’t even been given the opportunity to even attempt to see them. So, regardless of all the shit, we should still be thankful to MMT for one thing: they’re bringing EXO to us.

Back on track. Go to the concert. Support our boys. Scream for them. Scream extra loud when Yixing and Kai come on the screen. Chant their name. Root for the others on stage. Bring a tear to Suho’s eye by singing to them, by screaming saranghae, by filling those damn seats to the brim. Don’t let EXO think they are less than what they really are by making them play to empty venues. 

Dallas Concert Going Kai Stans, FIGHTING! EXO-Ls FIGHTING! I love you all so much, like my brothers and sisters. Let’s love. Let’s support these boys with everything we’ve got. WE ARE ONE!

So let’s finally settle this.

I don’t like Sharon Carter. 

I don’t keep this is a secret, and I know I’ve tried to articulate a thousand times before exactly why I don’t like her, and how goddamn tired I am of being accused of being a misogynist.

So, this is probably nothing new, but there’s been a lot of discussion recently that I think begs some attention.

Let’s remember this:  a character is not a real person.  I character is “a collection of choices” made by writers, directors, etc.  Therefore, most of the time when I criticize characters I’m literally criticizing this said collection of choices.  

For example:  People who hate on Margarita Levieva drive me crazy, especially, whether they admit to it or not, when their dislike of her derives from the fact that she’s dating Sebastian Stan.  Now, I don’t particularly like her.  I don’t know her.  I have absolutely zero context in which to judge her by.  Is she good enough for someone I admire as much as Sebastian Stan?  I have no goddamn idea.  Probably not by unrealistic standards I set for Sebastian, but I’m able to easily recognize that that is not my call to make.  The only two people who have a right to even comment on whether or not Sebastian Stan and Margarita Levieva should be dating are Sebastian Stan and Margarita Leviava.  Now of course, I may make flippant remarks or such as a joke - and even those can be problematic and I try to catch myself on them.  

Even ignoring the “obviously” fangirl obstacles when it comes to IRL Celebrity crushes (I’m married, I don’t know them personally and for all I know we wouldn’t even like each other, he doesn’t know I even exist, etc),  I can’t complain about “heteronormative” tropes about them as a couple, even through its what you see all the time in the movies:  pretty (assumably) cishet white boy dates pretty (assumably) cishet white girl.  Because these are REAL PEOPLE, with real feelings, real sexual orientations, real hopes, dreams, and expectations of what they want out of life and relationships.  So yes, if you wish ill-will on Margarita, or want her to break up with Sebastian Stan …then that’s seriously fucked up.  She’s a real person, a real woman, and you should support her (as all humans should support all humans unless they give you a good reason not to).  

Now, how is that different than a Stucky fan not liking Sharon Carter?  Easy.  Reality.  Sharon Carter is not a real person, she’s a collection of choices (coincidentally, largely choices made by CisHet White Men).  So when I say, “I don’t like Sharon Carter” what I mean is “I don’t like how this character was inserted into the Marvel canon to be used over and over a solely a romantic foil for Captain America because he have to have a CisHet romantic subplot in his story less someone dare get the idea that he may not be the straight alpha-male we set out to create.”  

Her crime isn’t “existing while female” - her crime is “existing as a plot hook.”  And setting their long established history in the 616 aside and focusing solely on the MCU:  What a lot of fans worry about when people whisper about the possible romantic relationship between Sharon and Steve is this not “OH NO! A WOMAN MIGHT GET IN THE WAY OF OUR TWO HANDSOME WHITE PENISES TOUCHING!” its more along the way of “Oh dear lord PLEASE don’t make us choke down another chemistry-less, bland, heteronormative CisHetWhite couple.”  

Trust me, we’re (queer Captain America fans) fucking tired of it.

The fact that Sharon Carter exists, or is part of TeamCap, or is part of the comics/movies is not a problem in and of itself.  I’m also not one of those fans who isn’t prepared for the fact that its quite possible that the movies actually make me like her.  The Russo’s are an amazing directing duo, and so far they have a knack for humanizing characters and making me give a shit.  I’m HOPING they do, because the MCU can use as many ass-kicking females as they’ll give us.  

I still hope they don’t just hook her up with Cap because its what’s expected.  I think Sharon Carter has an amazing opportunity here to establish herself in the MCU as her OWN character, instead of constantly being associated as “Cap’s probably will-be-lover.”  I’d LOVE to see her pop up in other Marvel movies, too, in cameos and just generally remind the audience she exists outside of just in relation to Captain America.  

But ultimately, we get down the fact that she’s a collection of choices, not a real person.  I have a right to question and critique those choices, especially with my queer eye.  To me, she represents everyone wrong with our culture’s OBSESSION with shoe-horning in a romance where there’s no actual chemistry or lead up, ESPECIALLY when there are several other relationships that Cap has that pull out a lot more intriguing and genuine chemistry than we’ve yet to see with Sharon.  

If Sharon and Steve are going to end up together, so be it, but I WILL NOT be happy about it until I see the real chemistry and connection there.  

NOW ALL THAT BEING SAID… the door swings both ways.  I can bitch and moan about her “collection of choices” all day long and how it rubs me the wrong way as heteronormative BS.  BUT… we can look at other choices in the MCU and be critical of different things.  For example, why the fuck didn’t Sharon get her own emoji on Twitter while the rest of the major players did?  Don’t get me wrong, so far the marketing for Civil War seems to have VASTLY improved when it comes to including Black Widow in its merchandising, but I think I have yet to see a single damn promotional item that as BOTH Sharon Carter and Scarlet Witch in them.  What the hell is up with that?  Is there some “One woman per team” rule that Marvel just can’t pull its head out its ass long enough to realize how tiresome this is.  It’s like they’re asking us to be happy there are TWO or THREE woman in this movie in major roles, but there’s only room for one of them per team at a time?

We’ve yet to see hide nor hair of Sharon in actual Civil War footage, so I’m wondering if she’s not as major of a player in this movie as we’ve been led to believe, but the fact that they have some merchandise with her in combat gear, she’s probably going to be around for the climax at least, kicking ass and taking names.  They have several Sharon Carter merchandise they seem happy enough to sell us, but why are they cockblocking her from the promotional material man?!       

*and one last aside, I’m not going to debate you on how I feel about her.  If you like her, or you’re a Ster0n shipper or whatever, good for you!  I’m not demanding you change, nor am I going to accuse you of being a homophobe or something.  I’m not demanding you agree with my opinion, I’m just stating why I’m allowed to say I don’t like a character without being bombarded with accusations of misogyny.  It’s all a matter of how YOU interpret the media.  Someone I very much admire doesn’t like Peggy for basically all the same reasons I don’t like Sharon and while I don’t agree, we’re still friends because we’re two adults who realize that people have different opinions and as long as those opinion are informed and rational than that’s the spice of life and all is well with the world.  Ok?  Ok.  

*I lied again, I’m probably going to repost just the BS about her not being featured in the promo material as a separate post because I think that’s something all Marvel fans should be talking about, regardless how you feel about her personally as a character  

anonymous asked:

With gravity falls ending I'm worried all the great stanchez art is going to stop. Will you still be posting after the show ends?

It is safe to say that Gravity Falls is and always will be one of my favourite cartoons of all time. It’s been a massive inspiration in my life for the past few years and will live in my heart forever. You’ll be happy to hear I have no plans of slowing down my content output on this blog because of one of the shows involved in the ship is ending. More rambling on fandom stuff under the cut.

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BWW Exclusive: Catching up with Michael Crawford on His Return to the West End in THE GO-BETWEEN; Broadway Possibilities & More
I wasn't surprised when the reaction to the announcement that Michael Crawford would return to the stage, immediately started to trend on Twitter in the UK and to generate internet traffic across the globe. Here, in his own words Michael Crawford, brings us up to date.
By Robert Diamond

Alright folks, looks like I gained a number of new followers over the past week (thanks new followers!) and I wanted to throw it out there that I take art requests and trades. I’m not the fastest producer of results, but if you want to see me draw a specific character, or you just want to say hi, feel free to send a message.