Jeremy’s massive thing of Aveeno and tissues. Same.

Will Connolly has nice legs.

Jeremy tucks in his shirt? What a nerd.

The choreography in More Than Survive is legendary.

Chloe is an asshole. Also, I’m pretty sure Jeremy was going to defend Jenna? Good boy.

Jeremy is so gleeful when he sees the sign up sheet? Fuck everyone who says he only signed up for Christine- this boy clearly wanted to do it, he was just too scared to go for it.

The sad look as he realizes that the signup is just going to end in humiliation.

CHRISTINE’S LIP BALM??? Get moisturized!


Brooke’s hair is gorgeous.

Jeremy bops along to Michael’s rap, which is adorable. It also shows that he’s only really comfortable around him- compare Jeremy in the chorus of More Than Survive, where he’s flailing and totally unable to keep with the choreography to Two Player Game, where he and Michael are completely in sync.

Handshake is repeated in Two Player Game! Motif confirmed!

Speaking of which, Michael himself is totally with the choreography. I think this can be taken as either him accepting his place in the hierarchy, or at least having the social skills to navigate it. Either way, it makes sense that he has trouble relating to Jeremy’s frustration with fitting in- in his own way, he already does.

Also, the prop and scene transitions are fantastic? The entire set is ridiculously versatile, and it’s incredible how seamless the transitions are and how they blend into the dancing. Also, the fucking sky bean bags. Who do you think had to stand up on the catwalks and drop those? I wanna know.

At 7:40 we have some quality hand flapping action? I mean, this entire scene is great- Jeremy stands up straighter and looks so genuinely excited, and he runs up to the poster, so ready to get genuinely into this play… and then Rich calls him gay and publically humiliates him.

Speaking of Rich, he’s kind of a dick in this, isn’t he? I mean, the whole bullying thing definitely is not a mild issue- Rich spends most of his time attacking Jeremy. At 2:40 he straight up punches Jeremy in the nuts, he actually lays hands on him during the “BOYF” scene, and when he’s singing to him, at one point he’s clearly about to punch him. Hard.

Speaking of that moment, I want to point out Jeremy’s instantaneous reaction to Rich raising his hand. That’s not a normal reaction. Normal people block their faces, obviously, but the way Jeremy automatically does it before Rich even finishes raising his hand, that’s not normal. That’s what people do when they’ve been hit. A lot.

Anyways, Michael is amazing? Such a supportive friend. So many good friendly touches. 9:45’s little face pat, and the entirety of Two Player Game stick out.


And lemme talk about I Love Play Rehearsal too. I love Christine, and she’s so amazingly extra in everything she does. I also love how happy Jeremy is listening to her, even if he’s too nervous to talk, and how Christine is totally cool with that! They have a lot of great chemistry in this!

I also love how it’s absolutely obvious that Christine is horrible at reading the room and is constantly unaware of the innuendos she’s making. My beautiful, oblivious daughter.

And, she’s so comfortable with him! You go girl! Shout at the sweaty man!

Jeremy is a ball of spastic energy. Constantly. I can relate.

Shout out to Jeremy putting his hands over his lap. It’s okay man. We all have boners for Christine.

Jeremy’s little smile during her song? It’s adorable. 100% wholesome. He’s so in love.

And Christine poking his… like, everywhere? Cute as hell.

And for that matter, Jeremy’s nervous tic of smoothing down his hair? Really cute. He does it a lot too!

Jake is apparently also on the Frisbee Golf Team. Make of that what you will.

Mr. Reyes hugging Christine. Quality comforting. My poor daughter, who then proceeds to harass him during the Hot Pocket Break. Perfect girl.

She also seems really hesitant initially with Jake. Her body language is very much “Leave me alone please.”

Jeremy has canonically had to go to the nurse over breakdowns.

Rich has seen Mr. Reyes urinate. This isn’t important, but like. It happened. Why.

Rich spends the entire discussion before his song urinating while rolling his hips. And doesn’t wash his hands. Then puts said hands all over Jeremy. Jeremy has indirectly touched Rich’s dick.

Rich’s lisp comes back when he shouts at Jeremy, then he slaps himself. Damn, that’s heartbreaking.

Also, irrelevant to Rich, but Jeremy’s hands are in his pockets 85% of the time. Like a bisexual penguin.

Rich at 20:33 keeps touching Jeremy’s face. He still has not washed his hands.


Please, someone make a tutorial for the SQUIP hand gestures. I love them.

Rich makes Jeremy stand straight. Foreshadowing much?

When Rich sings “Rule!” at 22:25, he does the rising fist motion from Pitiful Children.

Jeremy’s flailing at 23:09, beautiful anxious deer child. He’s beauty, he is grace, he’s gonna shove a SQUIP in his face.

“Aren’t you gonna wash your hands?”

Rich flashing Jeremy while he shouts about how the SQUIP makes it so he doesn’t get piss on his hands.

Rich is a nasty boy.

Jeremy’s reprise of the SQUIP Song is great.


Michael has reentered the narrative and they both sound so happy to see each other.

Beanbags, our twin heavenly Lords and Saviors, are made with space fabric.

Jeremy and Michael move in perfect tandem, like holy shit. They straight up swap controllers for a bit and keep playing as they talk and dance and annoy each other? Incredible.

This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. So full of holes.

Michael tickles Jeremy? GOOD SHIT.

Jeremy steals Michael’s controller and his face has such glee. So playful. So pure.

Friendly reminder that part of the reason Jeremy took the SQUIP and kept obeying it was fear of become his father- depressed and negligent.

The awkward hell of having to stare at Mr. Heere’s crotch. Every time he shows up. Jeremy, I feel your pain.

Mr. Heere goes in for the hair tussle and is brutally rejected by his son. In general, Jeremy is really upset by his parents, both his dad and his deadbeat mom.

Michael is super insecure.

Honestly, this whole thing is like watching the build up to a tragedy. It’s honestly unnerving to now Jeremy’s going to get the living shit kicked out of him.

Jeremy flipping Michael off at 29:07 is my aesthetic.

Rich and Jake helping with the scene transitions are amazing.

Michael’s constant glaring at Spooky Stock Boy is legendary. Quality moral support here.

Every Time Jeremy’s voice cracks, I triple in power.

The robotic backup singers and theremin during Stock Boy’s reprise are my sexuality.

Tag yourself, I’m massive hat lady.



More quality Jer-flaps at 34:23.


I mean, seriously, that’s an actual goddamn seizure. That’s horrifying.


Christine is so fucking worried, and she pushes Jake away for making fun of Jeremy. I love her.


The condition of existence is to fail, the condition of existence is to fail over and over and over again, because it’s not the failures that define us.

…The amount of times we fail, is the amount of times we have tried. 

Trying, taking risks, taking chances, even though you can tell it’s not going to end well, is what defines you. 

Bravery is not the absence of fear. 

Sadness is not the absence of happiness. 

Be the very best of every emotion you exist in.

Don’t let the sun laugh at you in the middle of the night. Chase the light, until the dawn of a new fight.


You know what really completely and utterly endeared Batman vs Two Face to me?

Throughout  all media Harvey’s been in, he’s either died or had his face healed but not his psychological scars. He ends up relapsing into crime and things return to status quo rather quickly. 

But in here, Harvey is able to finally beat his inner demons once and for all. Yes, I know it’s a Silver Age-type movie, so the ending going to be happy.  And yes, he had to go through a lot of counseling. Nevertheless, it’s still a hopeful and satisfying ending. 

And no matter how much Bruce wanted to fix his buddy’s problems, ultimately, it’s Harvey who had to take control. Again, I know it’s campy as heck, but I think that his struggle to regain his identity was what pulled him through. It had to be his conscious choice to change and to make a new life for himself. No amount of faith in him on Bruce and the doctors’ part can replace his own desire for improvement.

Anyway, I just really love this movie and the ending was what I both needed and deserved. 

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hey, so! i live in yeg, and received an invite in my mailbox to a series of lectures by Tim Roosenberg. the content of the lectures is re: how Islam is going to bring about the end of the world, and how all the Good, Pure Christians will save us! the lectures are from Oct. 27-Nov 5. with bill 62 and whatnot, i just feel it's important to point out that racism and islamaphobia is still alive and active in Canada, and anyone who says otherwise is either white or deluding themselves

yeg = Edmonton, Alberta.


the lectures are sponsored by “Christ the Way Seventh-Day Adventist Church” and will be hosted at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. i can send shots of the flyer, it’s covered in pictures of isis and the pope and even trump lmfao

i think the whole thing is so indicative on just how much white+Christian Canadians still don’t want to accept Muslims into the mainstream. additionally, i find that being sponsored by the Church is so hypocritical bc you can’t even imagine the uproar if a Mosque tried to do the same! not that any mosque would spread hateful rhetoric, that seems to be the Church’s job

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You know what really pisses me off about the whole thing? In the end M will have her bar, her BF, her money & connections and what will D have? Backlash! I just don’t understand how this could happen? He deserves so much better than this! I just have a terrible feeling than things are going to get so much worse. This is going to end badly or it will not end at all. It’s heartbreaking to watch 🙁. Where is D’s support system/family? They have money and connections too like WTH?

breathe with me anon. Trust me, i feel you. I woke up this morning and saw that photo and started internally screaming. Perhaps it is the stress of my real life seeping through, my work week is going to be hell. But I don’t think so. 

Not only is 5 bearding outings in 8 days taking a physical toll on a person who has a REAL JOB TO GO TO REGULARLY. It is emotionally tolling to deal with a person that treats him deplorably and acts out constantly.  It completely ridiculous.

I just have to hope this is truly leading to the end. That the bar will be open by next Tuesday night at the latest, as promised. and that things will start to wind down in terms of bearding.

On your concerns. I know it appears to be the case. But I am confident that woman will walk away with absolutely nothing.  

It won’t be apparent at first. She will be riding high on her bar opening and eventually her new connection to D as his BFF. That is going to barely last.  Her fans are going to walk as soon as they realize that her presence in D’s life can no longer feed their straight Darren fantasies. It is the only reason she matters.  And it will not take long for everything to break down. Sure she will always have her family money, but money does not buy love or happiness.  Hard to know on Ben, the man appears to be seriously brainwashed. I think it will be interesting to see how the end of miarren will effects their relationship. I have a feeling Ben is going to be learing a lot about the woman in his life that he has been denying for quite some time.

On D, I am confident his family has been supporting him. I am confident that have tried to straighten out this mess legally.  And right now, they are doing as required to provide emotional support as he tries to get to the finish line. that is critical. he has the most devoted partner a person could ask for in life. His brother helped him with CG and promoting her. And his parents have been a constant support for years.

As for his career, he wins.  I have no doubt. He has spent years making the right connections and he is taking his career in a direction that will yield tons of new fans. If the old ones seriously cannot handle that he was forced to lie and that he is in love with a person who happens to be male, let them walk.   

I am not trying to make light of this situation. The initial hit is going to be tough. But he will persevere, just like he has for 7 long years. and he will have people standing firmly by his side supporting him in every manner.

And he has a really strong group of fans. I think most will stick by his side.  I think very few are going to truly walk away once they get over the initial shock. I can’t even imagine there are truly that many who will be genuinely shocked. He has been warning them for years.

On Saturday we had the Grand Opening for my Work. Marvel and Pants came along as my trick dogs for a demo. Events didn’t really go as planned and I ended up bringing Marvel out to the training info booth to lure people in with his cuteness and good manners. As you can see above , the chaos really stressed him out . I am just amazed by how bombproof this guy is.

During the day we encountered a woman and her “service dog” who hung around the entire event. This event was dog friendly so really there was no need to fake a SD. The dog was a 3 year old Border Collie mix. He spent the day rudely greeting every dog that walked by , ripping off people’s bait bags, and jumping up on people. All the while his handler raved about him being a rescue and being so amazingly trained and a SD. The dog was hanging by the training booth and had a bizarre obsession with Marvel, continuously trying to mount him , even though Marvel has no issue (politely) telling him off. Handler did nothing about it. At one point Marvel was sitting on my bosses lap after being invited up for snuggles and the dog began to jump Marvel and my bosses leg. I had to remove the dog , it was ridiculous . And very frustrating , why fake a SD at a store that welcomes dogs ?

Anyway, one last story about how amazing my dog is. So before he was laying under my bosses chair he was just hanging out behind the booth. A family walks in mom, baby, and toddler- and they bring a fucking bird in on a leash. IMO not a good idea when the store is filled with strange Dogs (and even some cats). Originally the bird was sitting on the moms shoulders but she started passing the bird around and it ended up sitting on the toddler- not very high off the ground. It was also squawking up a storm which was getting some Dogs (fake SD included) all riled up. Made me incredibly nervous , I’m truly shocked the bird survived this event. So they approach the training booth and the bird is screeching away, I wasn’t holding Marvels leash at this point , but I was close by to step in if he got excited by the bird. Now Marvel has only seen outside birds which he happily chases every morning . He was tilting his head whenever the bird squawked and finally the toddler comes around the corner and bends right down to pet Marv, putting the little bird at eye level. And it squawks . Marvel sees it , looks at me, and doesn’t break his down stay. He just laid there being petted and glancing at the bird when it made noise . I didn’t have to remind him to stay. I didn’t have to pick up my leash. He takes everything in stride and just does with the flow. It truly amazes me . And I wanted to point at my dog and yell to fake SD girl “you see this ? This is how a sd acts , even when he’s off duty.” But I refrained and just appreciated my awesome dog.

Yes , I am bragging a bit . But this boy deserves it. He is the best 💕

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Any headcanons about post aogiri touken?

I’m always thinking of how things would have been had Kaneki just gone back with Touka after what happened with Aogiri or gone back soon after…so many possibilities…but here we go:



[Taking place a couple of weeks after the events of Aogiri when Kaneki does come back to Anteiku to “visit”]

Touka could hear the commotion. She could hear everyone excited to see Kaneki back, visiting Anteiku like he said he would. But here she was, holed up in her room, not wanting to be any part of it. 

Nishiki had gone to tell her about Kaneki dropping by, but she was quick to shrug her shoulders and mumble: “And?” Clearly showing she had no interest. 

Why should she care? He’s the one who apparently had something else more important to take care of rather than going back to a place she thought he considered home. 

A family…

Screw him. He was an idiot and worse…a liar.

“I don’t want to be alone.”

“You won’t be.”

Asshole, she thought. 

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Here are some Before the Storm thoughts I came up with high. Spoilers below ⚠️

My theory is that there is going to be two endings. One leads to LiS, the other implying it leads to different events where Rachel and Chloe DON’T die.

I think the ending that leads to LiS could be the FRIENDSHIP route.

Chloe is queer. That’s canon. It doesn’t matter if you choose friendship options and play her as straight as you can, she’s at least bi.

If you choose to play the game as Chloe being honest with herself and pursuing Rachel, we start to see her coming to terms with her sexuality. There’s her journal posts, starting to talk to Steph about it, and best of all - really acting on it! I think that’s only going to grow further in ep 3. In LiS Chloe seems waaaay more closeted, even in comparison to the content we’ve seen so far. The difference is crazy.

In LiS Chloe dares Max to kiss her and pulls away quick/seems flustered if you do it. If this game was following BtS with the gay content, you’d think she’d be used to “girl-on-girl action” by then.

Chloe refers to Rachel as a friend in LiS. If she sucked face with Rachel, and with how damn romantic this game is, you’d think she’d tell her best friend that Rachel was more than that. Especially considering she writes to Max about having feelings and making out with Rachel in her journal.

From what I’ve seen/read of the friendship angles (too gay to play it that way) LiS makes way more sense to follow that.

You’ve probably been thinking DIFFERENT DEVELOPERS this whole post.

I know!

BUT! Deck Nine was tasked to make a game that makes sense before LiS, and from the romance angle so far (unless things get really drastic next ep) I don’t see it.

Also everyone keeps talking about Rachel Amber and what’s going to happen to her, but this game is about Chloe and the choices she’s making during a sensitive time in her life. If things went this way I’m theorizing I think it would send a nice message to accept yourself, the choices you make and how you handle issues in life matter, or else you might wind up at a point of no return (LiS). Max’s powers couldn’t control Chloe’s choices.

And then Chloe and Rachel could be (kinda) off the tragically long list of dead lesbians in the media!

Maybe! 🤷‍♀️

In for a Penny, In for a Pound by lutalica

Originally posted by kookminxs

Author Summary:

What Jimin wants, Hoseok would go to the ends of the Earth to obtain, figuratively speaking. It just so happens that what Jimin wants this time isn’t as simple to acquire as going down to the nearest convenience store or mall and swiping a credit card a few times. That’s okay though, Hoseok has totally got this.

**Notes: Jimin wants to get pregnant. And what better person to can there be to help him than Jungkook? 👏🏼😊so, first of all, this is a hybrid AU. This may or may not be your thing (and didn’t use to be mine, but really good fics changed my mind when I gave them the chance), but either way, READ THIS. It’s an implied mpreg, just a warning as well. I love tsundere Jungkook being soft for cute Jimin. If you do too, READ. THIS. Idk what else I can say to express my love for this fic. It’s wonderfully written. Hoseok and Yoongi’s love for their hybrid’s is a heart warming touch ❤️I want a sequel so bad for this fic. Come join me in this desire (maybe if we all ask the author nicely we’ll get a surprise!).


Oh Virginia drivers, how I hate thee. Let me count the ways…

1. Driving 10 miles under the speed limit in the left lane.

2. Forever riding your brakes.

3. Cutting people off because the person in front of you is going too slow and end up getting no where in the process.

4. Refusing to let people over even when you see they clearly need to.

5. Being way over in the opposite lane knowing full well you have make a turn but choose to wait to the last minute to get over and shoot across as much as FOUR lanes of traffic to make your turn when you can just make a u-turn at the next light.

6. Speeding up when someone tires to pass you because you’re driving under the speed limit in the LEFT LANE.


8. Taking 2.5 years to make a turn.

9. Slowing down a million miles from the red light or stop sign.

10. Finally and this is my personal favorite thing, RIDING! MY!! BUMPER!!!

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20,14, and 4 for Lea!

  • 20. Are there any tell-tale signs that they’re feeling unwell?

Warning I’m going to go completely off the topic here.

He doesn’t get unwell. Hasn’t gotten as much as a sniffle or a bout of real nausea since he entered his teens.
His physical condition does get markedly first during Corypheus’ false calling that catches him unawares. Not because he thinks he’s actually going to die - as soon as he found out that all Grey Wardens are hearing it, he eases up a little. And then panics again, because what on earth has gotten loose? Does it mean the end for all Wardens? God forbid, it can’t be Morrigan’s child he helped father and imbue with an Old God’s soul, can it?

 He already sleeps very little, but he’ll go days on end on zero sleep. Add to that the emotional burden as he prepares to look both for the source of this Calling, and a cure for it, his physical situation deteriorates regardless.

HERE THERE BE A MAGIC UPDATE FOR LEA SURANA: because he clearly wasn’t already nerfed enough and I clearly wasn’t frustrated enough by feeling that my protagonist is too crappy to ever end up in a “Warden” situation in the first place:

I’ve always maintained that Lea Surana eats very little, but I’m rectifying it right here because there’s a new headcanon reason as to why he’s so thin. His magic heals him constantly by leeching life from others, but the body needs resources to keep up with the excess stimulation. From now on, Lea Surana is a big eater and as long as he eats a lot, he’s fine. But he’s still thin because his miasma’s a blessing and a curse: it makes the body cannibalise itself for resources. (Spells that don’t heal him require no such dietary needs).

He can suck all life out of surrounding bioorganisms, but it’s always a magical-organical process.  For a body to heal via Lea’s magic, it must have some resources of its own to draw for as accelerated physical processes take place. Doesn’t have to be much (because magic), but with Lea Surana especially there’s a danger of serious organ damage and muscle atrophy since he already eats so little and when his aura steals life force from others, his body begins eating its own organs and muscles to keep up with the magic-fortified processes.

And the first sign is always hollow, blue-ringed eyes. That way even those who know that he sleeps and eats very little know that lately he hasn’t been doing any of these things at all, and that the next step is thinness, and if no food is crammed down Lea’s throat soon, his organs are next.

  • 14. Have they ever fainted?

Sure. Not even a Grey Warden is immune to sleep deprivation and malnutrition, though Lea Surana fares far better than most with sleep anyway. But I touched upon his own miasma that siphons life from others also burning through his own body’s energy and nutrient stores as it constantly heals him, so when he’s forgotten to eat for too long, he will conk out. Besides, Grey Wardens are extra hungry.

  • 4. Are they easy to take care of?

Yes. As said before, if he’s fed, he doesn’t get ill, ever. 
Just…. don’t ever get stranded on a boat with him. He’ll eat you before you’re even dead.

Maybe I wanted to draw some younger Keith and Lance getting to know each other, maybe I just wanted to draw Keith in a band shirt.