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Could you describe the theatre nerd of each house?

Gryffindors give each other nicknames based on their favourite characters to the point where nobody’s even sure who’s who anymore. A group of friends naming themselves after the von trapp children and arguing about who gets to be who ‘I don’t want to be Louisa nobody gives a shit about her!’ ‘well I’m older than you so I have to be Liesl. Sorry I don’t make the rules’. Will defend high school musical to the death.

Slytherins have to sit through weeks of failed high notes because there’s no way they’re going to let this song beat them. Their friends all breathe a sigh of relief when the finally belt out the entirety of defying gravity without a hitch, because they actually really like that song and it’ll be nice to hear their friend make a good job of it. But naturally as soon as they’ve mastered the song they move onto something else that’s equally challenging and everyone buries their heads in their hands because you know nothing about rap and there’s no way I’m yelling lafayette for the next few months just so you can butcher guns and ships

Ravenclaws are a nightmare in the common room because when a group of them decide they like a show there will be nothing else playing for the next few months. Parts will be divided up and a fully fledged orchestra is likely to emerge  to accompany the students. Ravenclaws tend to be particularly fond of layers and musical themes (when they discovered les mis it was commonplace for a rousing chorus of one day more to spontaneously occur at least once a week)

Hufflepuffs all meet up in London over the holidays to try and see as many shows as they can, because nothing beats live theatre. They love seeing how muggles can put on such spectacular shows without magic and absolutely fell in love with the puppets of war horse (though they had to chuckle at the supposed ‘magic’ in wicked). They’re also big fans of theatre that talks about current issues and staged an ‘impromtu’ performance of la vie boheme in the great hall one night. They all ended up in detention but the smile on dumbledore’s face suggested he secretly approved

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Fic prompt: nursey/dex where noone believes they're in a relationship

When Dex finally kisses Nursey and the two of them start dating, they make a choice.  Rather than flat out tell everyone, they just won’t make an effort to hide, and let everyone figure it out for themselves.

That turns out to be a huge mistake.

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Strangeness and Charm (16/24)

Killian Jones is a pirate captain down on his luck after a falling out with the Evil Queen. Emma Swan just found out she is the Savior. Their shared goals bring them on an epic quest to liberate the kingdom once and for all. It’s a lot easier said than done.

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 

AO3 & FF.Net

Saying goodbye doesn’t get much easier.

You would think, after multiple times of doing just that, it would. But Ingrid’s eyes are still a little watery when she hugs Emma goodbye. She embraces Ingrid tightly, arms pressing so hard against her back it has to be painful. Ingrid doesn’t complain, though, she never complains. She just pats Emma’s back reassuringly as she leans back to look at her.

“You’ll do just fine,” Ingrid promises, hand coming up to push back a strand of Emma’s hair behind her ear. “You always do. I’ll see you again very soon.”

“I better,” Emma retorts, a bittersweet smile on her lips.

Killian lingers behind them, leaving mother and daughter to say their farewells as he shakes the hands of Lancelot and Guinevere. Emma wanted to get to Ingrid first because she knew that she’d be the hardest to say goodbye to. If she can get it out of the way with her first, she’ll be less tempted to cling to this damn camp by her fingernails in the soil and be forcibly dragged out by Killian so they can find the damn compass.

(Not that he’d drag her out, of course, but the point still stands.)

“Be careful,” Ingrid cautions her, patting Emma’s back before removing her arms from around her. “Alright? I don’t want to have to give a lecture to Killian about -”

“Goodbye to you as well, Ingrid,” Killian interjects dramatically, but there’s no real malice in his voice. He’s grinning, to boot. “I’ll make sure she’s alright. Just as she’s done for me this journey.”

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Decision Game Dilemma

I posted this in a skype chat whilst tired but now I’m fixing it up a touch- a bunch actually and reposting it here:

‘So the gravity of the decision games has only just hit me.

I mean, when you say it, a simple what they are and state the Sigma and Phi example shown in the 9 minute gameplay video/GDC demo, it’s sort of just words.

But now remember that in 999, the game was just sprites with small animations and text, and only three people died on screen in front of you. Everyone else was already dead.

In Virtue’s Last Reward, you once again never saw anyone actually commit the crime, just a sepia flashback in a series of frames that weren’t a moving image. And the only characters to die in front of you were cases of bloodless carnage and for lack of better terms, physically painless deaths. Whilst there was voice acting, there wasn’t physical pain in the lines. On top of this, the deaths themselves that occurred in front of you were still still images

In Zero Time Dilemma, Phi will burn if the trigger isn’t pulled. We will watch her burn. We will hear her burn and there will be pain. Probably screaming and yelling, of course. And of course, Sigma’s immediate reactions to your decision. Unable to do squat as his friend burns. His friend, a character we are already close to due to her being a major protagonist and ally to Sigma in the previous game. This is without taking Diana’s response into account.

On the flipside, if we DO pull the trigger we could kill Sigma. We will actually pull this trigger and fire a bullet that could strike the character we know, love and played as in the previous game. If it does happen, WE, will have killed a character, performed the action that killed them and watch them die. Along with another character who is also close to them will also watch them die and be entirely helpless. And of course we will see Diana and Phi’s immediate responses to his death. This is far more intense than seeing him already dead or dying, this is him dying right in front of us and WE, the player, did it. And for Diana, well she just killed someone. People don’t usually respond well to that.

Suddenly, I am very afraid. This doesn’t mean I will select to leave anyone die and I am even more likely to pull the trigger. I have only just grasped the weight of these games. And it scares me. I am legitimately terrified. 

So there seems to be this argument among Frozen fans as to whether Elsa should get a boyfriend or a girlfriend in the sequel. It is kind of important considering the Disney Princess franchise is practically based off of love interests and romance among its characters and those bad guys that don’t want them to be happy. But for all we know, Disney might take a completely different direction and let Elsa die an old maid, Anna and Kristoff and their 15 children inherit the kingdom and then they leave us with this gem of an end credit scene: 

I suggest you let it go, Mister.


the interview went well (it was a whopping hour-long interview holyshit) and I’m already assigned to assist a a group! They’re starting me out on one group, but I can sign up for more. It’s mostly a child bereavement therapy service, but they even have groups for children with cancer, which I’m interested in helping out with as well.

I’m still really really really nervous, but now also really excited???

[[ you know…I feel like whatever Unicorn is going to do with the executions in this verse, I am going to have to end up using ^^^^ that icon as a reaction. ]]

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hey so this is just for clarification, in your original Round Three info post you said "There is a limit of 4 extra artist per fic, with a total of five working on a single title." Why did you change it?

fuck. i went back and looked and. shit. i am so sorry everyone for the confusion, that was a version of that post i never meant to save. I had two drafts open and i hit save on the wrong one. fuck. 

shit everyone i’m real sorry. It was intended to be 2 extra per fic with a total of 3 artists possible. 

I literally do not have any energy left to deal with this in intensive detail today like i keep on nodding off rn so I’m gonna make an executive final decision: We’re sticking with 2 extra with a total of three because everything logistics wise is set up around that expectation. 

I’m really sorry that i made that mistake and it confused everyone but we are going to be sticking with 2 extra artists per fic with a total of 3 max.

Alexis “Lex” Forrest / Infernander (Inferno Salamander)

A young carefree mutant that shifts into a partially lizard that controls fire
17  | they/their | non-binary 

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Honey, are you supposed to be here or are you on the cut list? Look, I’m sorry. If you’re on the cut list you have to leave the field. Well are you cut? Just look on the list.