Ah, I wish I had taken a before picture! It was a mess in here. 10 minutes to go through everything.

Big changes: some of the dry goods (box of pasta, instant rice, etc) are moving to the pantry where they belong. And a random can of artichokes. Also, took the assorted bags of hard candy and poured everything into an old pickle jar so the bags aren’t everywhere.


I’m not sure how I feel posting this, I don’t like to prematurely unveil important projects. This is a song about dissociation and living with depression/fighting to get out of it. I’m recording a collection of songs exploring the progression of depressive thought patterns/hopeful futures and the path of actively fighting to heal my brain. Thus far I’ve gone under the Moody Womb alias, but I might move on from that project in an attempt to connect with a wider audience.

I serve my purpose and that’s fine, get caught up in the red light//I want to wash away with tide, intersect with sky//have you ever felt like you were searching for yourself inside your own body//scraping through a thick fog just for a glimpse out your own eyes

it is likely I’ll still be using the same soundcloud account, even if I do go through with the change.

Idk how taylor swift can keep up with having to change her number a lot im the laziest person alive id have a ton of fans stalking me bc I don’t wanna go through the pain of changing numbers

Eminem - Going Through Changes

Regardless of how you feel about Eminem nowadays, he’s still one of the best rappers in the game. That said, I don’t enjoy his newer stuff as much as his early works. Back in the day when he still had something to prove to the world, you couldn’t help but feel the intense energy and emotion behind his flow. He definitely still has the passion, but it’s noticeably less intact. Eminem’s newer songs consistently have a more detached feel to them, as if he is just rapping to rap, with no other immediate purpose.

Recovery is a damn good album, with Going Through Changes as its best song. It has the most personal perspective of any song he’s released in years. Since Eminem is lyrically delving deep into real emotions, it provides each bar with a true sense of legitimacy and personal relatability. Pretty much all of the greatest songs in hip-hop consist of an MC spitting their mind straight from the heart, since this allows the listener to comprehend their emotional standpoint on an extremely fundamental level. This song is no different. It’s a beautiful piece of audio art.


My Song Rating: 9.7 out of 10


Awwww~ Since Sho is out of range, the next Okada-chi victim is…

Music Station 28.08.2015


look, we understand this is a confusing time in your life. your body is going through many changes. what used to be normal no longer is. and what was once foreign is now your default. it can be overwhelming. the glands in your body are rapidly evolving, growing, secreting all types of chemicals that change the way you think, feel, even taste. the revulsion you once had to onions is now a craving that can not be satiated. broccoli is the delicious crunch in your omelette you once despised. nothing is wrong with you, you’re just developing ;)