This iteration of the Beech household is necessarily very different from the one with which readers of The Conquering Nose are familiar. Sandy and Rhett’s son Wallys grew up calling Hamilton “Dad.” (Wally’s Beach is an archeological site.) Sandy and Hamilton sort of half-assedly worked things out, but skipped a lot of emotional work. Daytona is dead. Wallys knows the truth, but doesn’t think about it much. Valentine started coaching Little League and that’s how Wallys thinks of him. Virginia is at ALT. Rocky is going steady with Delta. And here we are on Wallys’s birthday.

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Hi!  I’m a spunky redhead, fifteen, and my friends say I’m very intense.  My interests include archery and taxidermy and long, romantic walks in very secluded areas where there’s no telephones and no one for miles and miles to interrupt us.  Please send me a photo of yourself, your home address, and your hat and neck size (it’s for a surprise!) 

Joe Simon, September - October 1960

So last night was a mess, I danced and sang in front of the camera until I puked but otherwise it was fine and dandy and fun, so thank you my friends for hanging out with me while i was drinking alone! <3


The Yardbirds and the Kinks on set during rehearsals for TV show Ready Steady Go, Wembley Studios, London, 1965. L-R Pete Quaife, Jim McCarty, Jeff Beck, Keith Relf, Dave Davies, Mick Avory of the Kinks is in the background. Photo by Stanley Bielecki

Going Steady

Request: Hello! Can you please write an AU Robbie imagine set in the 1950s in London where the reader and Robbie have an old school romance?

Warnings: AU

You got dressed in a burgundy Swing Midi dress. It fell to your knees, and had a round neck collar. Next you put on your black, ankle strap shoes. You did your hair was shoulder length, sleek and smooth. It had a wave on your fringe, and wave at the ends. Your kept your makeup simple, having lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and blush. It all looked natural and you were ready. You grabbed your handbag when you heard the doorbell ring.

“I’ve got it,” you announced to your parents.

“Who is it, honey?” You mother called. Both your parents got up to see who was at the door.

“Is it that Robbie boy you’ve been seeing lately?” Your father asked, skeptic of Robbie. He didn’t know much about him, and thought that every boy you spoke to wasn’t worthy enough. 

You opened the door and there stood Robbie. He was in black slacks, and a striped button up. His hair was swept to the side nicely, and he was wearing new shoes. He looked handsome.

“Does this answer you question, Daddy?” You giggled. “Hello, Robbie.”

“Evening, Y/N,” he grinned, small nerves picking up. “And good evening to you, Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N.”

Greetings were exchanged quickly. Your father jumped into asking him questions, like where he was taking you and how long you’d be out. You rolled your eyes at him. This was your third date with Robbie, and he asked these questions each time.

Robbie answered truthfully, explaining how he was taking you to dinner at a fancy diner a few blocks down. Though he didn’t have an estimated time when he’d bring you home.

“What time would you like me to bring her home, Mr. Y/L/N?” He asked politely. Your father thought about it. The time would fluctuate depending on the date.

“Bring her back no later than nine o’clock.”

Robbie nodded with a smile. Your parents waved goodbye to you and Robbie as you both walked to his car. He opened the door for you, letting you get in and then shut your door. He rushed to the driver’s side, hopping in.

“Ready?” He asked you. 

“Of course.”

“Have I mentioned you looked beautiful tonight?”

You playfully rolled your eyes. “Only always,” you giggled. 

Robbie laughed with you before turning on his car and driving off. 

Tonight was a big date. It was your third date with Robbie. He was taking you to a fancy restaurant, hence why you both dressed in nicer clothing. You both listened to some tunes on the radio, driving in a blissful silence. 

After ordering food, you and Robbie simply looked at one another. You two had been talking the night away and it barely began. You had a good feeling that tonight was going to be good. You’d never been on a third date with a boy, and you had never liked a boy this much. He was terrific. 

“Y/N?” Robbie asked shyly. You looked up at him. “I wanted to ask this at the end of the night, but…”

“But what, Robbie?” You tilted your head in small confusion. 

The food came as he was about to speak. Both of you grinned and thanked the waiter. You each took a few bites and sips of your drinks.

“What was it you were going to tell me?” You asked softly, smiling.

“Oh, right,” Robbie chuckled nervously. “How do you feel about going steady?”

Your hand that was holding your fork lightly dropped, clinking against the plate. Your eyes went a little wide. Although you were a classy and beautiful girl, you had never had a boyfriend. You’d never gone steady with a guy. You only went on a few dates before realizing this wasn’t a guy you wanted to be with.

“Really?” He nodded. “Are you sure?”

“Yes… Are you not ready for that?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat. “No, I’m ready. I’d love to be your girlfriend.” 

A huge toothy grin formed on Robbie. He was so nervous to ask such a question. Now you and him were official; serious business. You were no longer just going on dates. You and him were a thing, a couple.

“Come here,” you told Robbie. “You got a little something…” You motioned that there was something on his face. He leaned over the small table. You leaned, too, only to quickly peck him on the lips. Something you never did. 

Blush erupted from both yours and Robbie’s cheeks. You both giggled before eating more food. 

Throughout the entire night, you two laughed and mingled. You could never run out of things to talk about with Robbie. There’s was always something to share. He always made you laugh, too. Whether it be him playing with his food and making a silly face, or he had a funny story to tell. He always had you laughing.

By the end of the night, when the time reached 8:50PM, he parked his car on the side of your house. You didn’t want to go home though.

“I don’t want this night to end. I had such fun,” you exclaimed, looking out at your home.

“We still have ten minutes left.” Robbie shrugged his shoulders.

You raised a brow at him. “What can we do in ten minutes?” 

He chuckled, putting his hands up. “Lots of things. Like we can continue talking,” he suggested, leaning closer. “Or we can…”

Butterflies picked up in your tummy, their wings creating many tickly feelings. Robbie never finished his sentence as he rested his lips fully on yours. You hadn’t kissed many boys. And kissing them in their vehicles was so scandalous for you. But here you were, kissing your boyfriend in front of your home, sitting in his car.

His hand cupped your cheek to get a better grip. His mouth moved against yours while your hands moved onto Robbie’s thighs, resting there. 

“My goodness,” you pulled away to take a breath. “I’ve never done this before.” You admitted shyly.

“There’s always a time to try new things,” Robbie giggled, caressing your cheek. “Okay?”

“Yes, I’m perfectly okay,” you looked into his eyes. “Can we kiss again?”


Both of you kissed repeatedly. You kissed until it was 8:59PM. The very last minute. You fixed your hair and smoothed out your dress. Robbie opened the door for you again, letting you out of his car. He walked you to the front door, holding both your hands. 

“I will see you tomorrow.”He pecked your lips innocently.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” You kissed his cheek. “Goodnight, Robbie.”

You opened the door, closing it as you waved. The second it closed, you squealed, jumping carefully up and down. Tonight was perfect. Dinner was fantastic, you were officially with Robbie, and you did things you’d never done before. It was the perfect date. And you were seeing Robbie tomorrow which made everything even better.