official hiatus notice

Hello my dearests and my lovelies! I regret to inform you that this blog is going on an indefinite hiatus. As much as I love Irunya and hetalia in general, the community tends to get a bit conflict heavy (both in rps and ooc), and given the state of my anxiety at the moment it’s just not healthy for me to remain here. Writing Irunya has become taxing and she’s such a beautiful and lovely character that I can’t just half ass it by writing her when my heart isn’t there.

I love each and every one of you and hopefully this won’t be the last you see of Irunya. Maybe next summer I’ll turn up one day and we’ll have a steady thing going of me disappearing for like 9 months and then being here for three.

If anyone wants to contact me, my skype is milkwiins and my LINE is milkwins.

I will be here and here for the time being, and if that changes, it should be updated on my muse tracker. 

Please feel free to contact me ooc and what not!

Thank you all so much for being there and supporting me! I’ve made really great friends this summer and I hope to continue those friendships outside of this blog.

original source: yana toboso // edit: me

|| @layaking ||

“Sebastian,” Ciel’s voice is deep and somewhat serious, “I…” he pauses unsure of how to say the words but knowing he wants to say them. He’s never been more sure of anything in his life, “You’ll be mine and no one else’s,” he grabs the lapels on Sebastian’s wool tail coat, “Sebastian,” his voice no less than a whisper, “D-don’t make me say it,” Ciel grips at him tighter, “I-I need you, you’re mine okay? No one else can have you,” he laid his head against the demon’s chest, “Not ever. You belong to me, and I to you, and this is just the way the fates have aligned,” Ciel looked up into the demon’s eyes, “You want to oblige don’t you?”