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listen all i want is a marauder era tv series written by jk rowling like she’s proven to us that she can write screenplays so why not and it would be so great like the first season could be beginning of 5th year and the central theme would be how things in the wizarding world are getting bleaker and tensions are escalating and it could focus on lily and snape’s tense friendship and how they’re falling out and how he’s getting more and more involved in the dark arts and then it could also center around sirius’ home life and how it’s getting worse and then the marauders’ attempts to become animagi and towards the end of the year (the last few episodes of the season) their success. there would also be a focus on james and lily’s relationship and the animosity. the season finale would be snape’s worst memory and would end with all of them going back home for the summer. season 2 would begin back at hogwarts for their sixth year. the season would mainly focus on escalating tensions because of blood purity. we would see james growing up as a result of the changing world around him and just getting older. he and lily would start talking and by the end of the season be friends. we’d also see sirius’ rocky relationship with lily and how he doesn’t really like her too much because of her relationship with james the prior 5 years. halfway through the season would be the incident where sirius tricks snape into going after remus on a full moon and much of the season would be fallout from that. as a result of losing the marauders’ friendship sirius would slowly develop a level of friendship with lily. the season would also put a lot of emphasis on lily’s friendship with the girls in her dorm. the rise of the death eaters/evidence of students joining them would be a subplot. the season would end with the marauders reconciling and the students ending their 6th year. season 3 would begin during the summer before 7th year and would focus a lot on james and sirius and lily. in the first episode sirius would be shown running away from home and coming to stay with the potters and we’d get to learn about the work mr. and mrs. potter are doing for the order of the phoenix, which is a group that we would know very little about at the moment. we would also see lily in the muggle world and hear muggle explanations for what is going on. we would see both james and lily receiving news of being head boy/girl. they’d also meet at hogsmeade and there would be some cute banter and the viewers would be able to see how both james and lily have romantic feelings for one another, although they aren’t very developed yet and lily is in denial while james is trying to repress his. the third-ish episode would be everyone going back to hogwarts. although the last season was dark, this season would be even darker. it would focus on the influence of voldemort and the death eaters on the school and how lily and james must deal with this as heads. it would also largely focus on their budding romance although they do not acknowledge the fact and lily is still very much in denial. literally everyone in the school knows it’s bound to happen and people take bets on it etc as a way to lighten the atmosphere in the face of impending war. sirius and lily are now very good friends. over winter break (about half way through the season), one of the gryffindors in their year’s family is murdered, casting a very dark mood upon the second half of the season. there is a big fight against a group of slytherins that have decided to join the death eaters upon graduation in the hallway and either lily/james is sent to the hospital wing. tensions are at a peak. lily and james get together ¾ of the way through the season. the season ends with graduation and the marauders/lily & her friends being inducted into the order of the phoenix. season 4 starts in the middle of the war, maybe a year after the marauders have graduated hogwarts. we get flashbacks showing order of the phoenix training. the viewers see peter pettigrew acting strange. the season mainly focuses on the marauders’ friendship being tested by war and various missions as well as lily and james and their relationship. as the season goes on, people become more & more suspicious of remus despite the fact that there is nothing to be suspicious of. the season ends with lily telling james she’s pregnant. season 5 opens with snape telling voldemort about the prophecy and the potters having to go into hiding. we see tensions between james and lily as james hates the idea of being cooped up and lily is scared. however, they resolve things. harry is born. there is a larger gap between episodes as the second half of the season spans the whole first year of harry’s life plus a few months after. after harry’s birth, peter pettigrew is made secret keeper. the episode before the series finale is the day of the potter’s death. they’re getting ready for halloween. voldemort is finalizing his plans. we see peter tell him where the potters are staying. the episode ends with the murder of james and lily and defeat of voldemort. the series finale opens with celebration across england as people believe the threat has passed. we see sirius and hagrid at godric’s hollow and see sirius give hagrid his motorbike. sirius then goes searching for peter pettigrew, finds him, and attempts to kill him. he is arrested by the ministry of magic. the series ends with dumbledore placing a baby harry on the doorstep of the dursley’s.

I Don’t Want to Be The Reason You Get Hurt (Draco x Reader)

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Request:   Hey, could you maybe do a Draco and Reader during the Half Blood Prince timeline where Draco is given the task to kill Dumbledore and repair the Vanishing Cabinet and Reader finds out and he breaks down? If so I would love you forever!  - @hungergames-mrs-peeta-mellark

I wrote this in school and nEarly cRied

Also this is my second-longest imagine at 1100+ words wow

F/N: Friend name

It was the Golden Trio’s (and yours) sixth year at Hogwarts.

Draco’s father had been released from Azkaban,  Bellatrix Lestrange was loose, And the Dark Lord’s Death Eaters were running amok. your parents were hesitant for you to go back to Hogwarts, but there was no way you’re going to miss a year of your education.

You were also dating Draco Malfoy.  Yes, you were aware his family has a bit of a dark history.  But that didn’t stop you from loving him nonetheless.  Draco had always been a sweet and loving boyfriend (even if he was a jerk to everyone else) and he loved nothing more than to talk and be close to you.

But in sixth year that all changed.

Draco hardly ever spoke to you anymore.  And when he did it was no more than simple mumble of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  He kept distancing himself from you, and every night you lay awake asking yourself… why.

It eventually got to the point where you didn’t see Draco in the Great Hall for meals anymore.  Draco did still love you… right?  You honestly didn’t know anymore.  You had tried approaching him in the halls in an attempt to force him to speak to you, but he shoved past you and continued walking, leaving you behind with tears pricking at your eyes.  

This confused a lot of other people too, even some of the professors.  They all knew you were Y/N L/N, the love of Draco Malfoy’s life.  They knew how protective he was of you and that there was hardly a thing he wouldn’t do for you.  But now people (including you) were beginning to question whether or not you and Draco were still in a relationship.  Merlin, you didn’t know if you could take this anymore.  Draco wouldn’t be avoiding you like this on purpose, would he?  There had to be a reason for this, and one day you got lucky.

As you were leaving the library with a friend after studying for a potions test you had the next day, down the empty hallway you saw Draco turn a corner and begin walking at a fast, brisk pace.  

Your Ravenclaw friend F/N noticed you looking at him questioningly.  “What’s up with him?”

You ignored her/him.  “Sorry, F/N,”  You said and took off after Draco, but quietly enough so he wouldn’t hear the clitter-clatter of your shoes hitting the floor.  You continued to follow Draco, until he entered the prefects bathroom.

What is he doing?  You thought.

You silently opened the door, when you heard sobs coming from the end of the bathroom by the sinks.  This concerned you.  

“Draco…?” you said cautiously as you made your way to the sinks.

No response, just more quiet sobs.  You turned the corner, and there he was.  Hunched over a sink, head in his hands.  He saw your reflection out of the corner of his eye in the mirror in front of him.  He lifted his up facing the mirror.  His face was a blotchy red with dried tear stains evident; and his normally well-kept hair was messy and tangled, like he had been tugging at it.

Draco turned to face you, where you were staring him with a saddened and confused look.  “You… shouldn’t be here…,” he said in a tired and gruff voice.

You slowly approached Draco, him watching your every move.  You carefully lifted a hand and lightly stroked his cheek, causing him to flinch under your touch.  That wasn’t normal.  “Draco… what’s going on?  Why have you been avoiding me?  What’s wrong?”

Draco shook his head.  “Nothing is wrong, I’m f-fine.”

“No, you’re clearly n–” It was then that you saw it.  A bit of black peeking out from

under his left sleeve.  You quickly grabbed his arm firmly and pulled up the sleeve.  You gasped at what you saw.  The Dark Mark.  Draco violently tore his arm out of your grasp and fell to the floor in a ball.

You crouched down and pulled him into your embrace.  Draco immediately latched onto you.

“I-I’m so, so s-sorry…,” he said between sobs and heaving breaths.  

You rubbed his back as a few tears fell down your cheeks.  “Shh it’s okay…”

You didn’t want to bombard Draco with questions too soon, so you sat with him on the floor of the prefect bathroom with him curled up in your arms.  Merlin, did it feel good to have in your arms again.  But not like this.  It hurt you to see Draco in this position.

You continued to whisper soothing words to him as you tightly held him incredibly close to you.  After about ten minutes of this when Draco started to calm down, you gently lifted his head up from your chest to look at him.  Your poor baby.  Red eyes and wet cheeks, messy hair and shaky body.  You grabbed his shoulders and kissed both his cheeks, his nose, his forehead, and finally, planted a sweet yet longing kiss on his lips.

When you pulled away, you took Draco’s face in your hands, making him look at you.  “Draco… why didn’t you tell me sooner?”  you asked him softly.

Draco began to cry again, only this time softer.  “I-It’s too m-much… I can’t h-handle this…”

“Sweetheart, what did they make you do?”

Draco’s body racked with a sob.  “I-I’m supposed to…,” he started crying harder.

You pet his hair.  “Shh, hush, darling.  It’s okay… can you tell me what exactly you’re supposed to do?”

He nodded, and desperately tried to stop crying.  You held his hands reassuringly.  “I’m s-supposed to… k-kill…”

“Kill who, Draco?” you asked worriedly.


You sat there dumbfounded.  Draco.  Kill.  Dumbledore.  He would never.  Draco didn’t have the strength or willpower to, which must be why Voldemort chose him.  Draco didn’t deserve to have this weight on his shoulders.

“Oh God… come here,” you said and pulled Draco into another embrace.  He buried his head in your shoulder.  “Draco, why didn’t you tell me all of this?  You don’t have to go through this alone.”

“I… I don’t want to be the r-reason you get h-hurt…”

So that’s why he had been avoiding you all this time.  To protect you.  To make sure none of the other Death Eaters knew you were Draco’s greatest weakness.  If you were killed, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing he was the reason you’re no longer there to hold him through his darkest times, spend weekends cuddling endlessly on the couch, and be his reason to get up in the morning.  Draco was going to marry you one day, he was sure of that.  Nothing would stop him from being with you.

“We’ll figure this out. We’ll get through this together, I promise.”

He couldn’t decide if that was true or not.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

“Hey, Derek, don’t be so grumpy. We just put the scarf on you because you lacked school spirit.”

“I don’t even go here anymore.”

“But you did last year! Ha! And now you’re here to visit your boyfriend and take him out on a date to Hogsmeade.”

“Yeah, I am.”

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Your Choice

Fandom: Harry Potter

Word count: 1784

Characters: Draco x reader, Viktor Krum

Warnings: Draco being a jealous asshole

Summary: Requested by @deeindarkwonderlandDraco can’t believe that you don’t love your ex-boyfriend Viktor any more.

You watched as the reflections of the candles around the room flickered and danced across your parents’ long oak dining table. Tonight’s meal had been good, but now that you were full, you were sleepy. It was getting hard to stay awake, and the persistent hum of the conversation your parents were having with the Malfoys wasn’t helping.

Checking that they weren’t watching, you curled your legs up and then leaned over so that you could rest your head on Draco’s shoulder. Thank Merlin your parents’ dining chairs didn’t have arms. Draco put his arm around your shoulders, and you closed your eyes contentedly.

“Are you looking forward to going back to Hogwarts tomorrow?” you asked him, without opening your eyes.

“I suppose so,” he said, sounding a little dismissive. “At least Potter won’t be able to show off in Quidditch matches this year, and he won’t be able to compete in the tournament. It’ll be interesting to watch him behave like any other student for a year.”

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I love how everyone thinks that McGonagall is gonna retire today after seeing James Sirius’ name on the list of first years. Do you honestly think that all of the Potter and Weasley kids don’t call her Grandma Minnie?? Like honestly Harry has so much respect for that woman and there’s no way she wasn’t around to watch those kids grow up. Hell she probably sent James a pack of chocolate frogs to enjoy on the ride to Hogwarts!

but just imagine remus lupin going back to hogwarts after what feels like a lifetime, to teach instead of learn

he’s prepared himself for seeing it again - the corridors that they used to walk, the places they would hide and laugh and joke together

but he wakes up on the hogwarts express and across from him is a kid who looks just like james

he’s got his face and hair, but lily’s eyes, and remus remembers a baby with those same eyes staring up at him with such warmth as he played with him, watching him zoom around the house on a tiny broomstick as james chased him and lily laughed, wondering with the rest of the marauders what that kid will grow up to be

and that kid doesn’t even know who remus is

Teacher Harry Headcannon AU

Harry teaching is my ultimate okay. Nerdy dorky 25 year old Harry who has seen so many of the horrors that the world has to offer going back to Hogwarts because it’s his home.

Teacher Harry who wears bobbly sweaters all year round with a crooked tie and comfortable suit trousers because why the shit would he wear robes?

Teacher Harry who gets REALLY SUPER INTO quidditch games and is constantly borrowing Luna’s lion hat

Teacher Harry being a smug little sassy shit to literally anyone who gave him shit.

Teacher Harry reading the quibbler upside down in the DADA classroom wearing Luna’s huge purple glasses over his own and knowing he looks mad a loving the look on the kids faces when they see him.

Teacher Harry who has tea with Neville and biscuits with McGonagall and talks about the postcard he got from his friends who are in Spain for a holiday.

Teacher Harry who lets Luna paint the ceiling of his class room because it has so many bad memories and he wants the room to mean learning and love of magic and he knows no better person to help him with that.

Teacher Harry who is just so relaxed in his calm, safe, normal life and has holidays with his girlfriend and his best friends and has dinners with Minerva and has to see Molly heaps and his biggest issue is keeping his hair under control.

Teacher Harry who is loved and respected, not for what he did, but because he’s just the best teacher ever okay I know he looks like a huge nerd but give him a chance.

I’m imagining the Triwizard tournament coming back with Ilvermorny house going to Hogwarts and anytime their champion comes on they all start doing the ‘stomp stomp clap’ for We Will Rock You and just start singing it as their headmaster tries to stop them.