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Whats your dark hufflepuff theory?

Why, Nonny, I’m glad you asked. My Dark Hufflepuff theory is also known as “My Case for Killian as a Hufflepuff”.

Killian is one of the most interesting characters I have ever played “Sorting Hat” with and that’s because he has traits that could land him in any of the houses. He’s brave and reckless, like a Gryffindor. He’s smart and witty (see what I did there???), like a Ravenclaw. He’s cunning and when we met him the only person that mattered to him was him, like a Slytherin (Well, that’s not quite true, but we’re getting there). But he’s also loyal and he believes in fairness, like a Hufflepuff, and once you earn that loyalty there’s no end to the things he’ll do for you. Think of what happened with Liam. With Milah. How he saved David even though they couldn’t really stand each other at the time.

The real kicker, the thing that solidifes Killian as a Hufflepuff for me, is what happens when you betray that loyalty. Look at what happened with Liam. Most people would have just been like “Fuck it, I’m deserting”. Killian’s like, “This king doesn’t deserve us, he doesn’t deserve this ship, I’m deserting and I’m taking you all with me”. And then with Milah, he doesn’t go drink himself to death in a ditch. He launches a centuries long vengeance quest, goes back to the last place he probably ever wanted to visit, just to avenge her death. But the thing that real cinched the deal for me, was his complete 180 when he found out what Emma had done, the way he focused on how, after everything, she betrayed him. And that got me thinking…which house would you least want to cross?

A Gryffindor would duke it out with you and then be fine (unless you’re a Slyrtherin). A Slytherin will leave you be as soon as you prove useful to them (unless you’re a Gryffindor). A Ravenclaw, well, one of us would probably be too caught up in our favorite project to care for long. But a Hufflepuff? You cross a Hufflepuff (or someone they care about) and I feel like they’ll remember. And if you took a Hufflepuff and twisted and warped them until they had shut everyone else out simple to survive, well then, you’d get a cold, cruel sociopath with a knack for reading people and a jarring belief in fair play.

And that was how my Dark Hufflepuff theory was born. Because I looked Dark Hook and compared him to S2 Killian and both times I saw exactly what I would expect from a Hufflepuff that had been pushed past the breaking point. I saw someone with a knack for connecting with others and a penchant for kindness–even before Emma turned everything upside down, we saw glimpses of his kindness through Bae and Ursula and his initial response to Emma and we’re seeing it again with Emma and Henry and Belle–but who had learned to distance himself out of necessity. I saw someone who had once been loyal to others, but who had learned that loyalty to anyone but himself would only end in ruin. His most dramatic shifts in character can be linked to his loyalty to someone. He became a pirate because of Liam. He became a villain because of Milah. And he became a hero because of Emma.

So basically, I think when we met “Hook” he was a Dark Hufflepuff and he’s been slowly making his way back to being a “True” Hufflepuff. And in my opinion, Killian’s reaction to Emma’s lie and what happened with the shears further confirms this in my mind. Because True Hufflepuff Killian would have done exactly as Emma asked, but in keeping the shears, Killian is veering back into Dark Hufflepuff territory. The major difference between this season and last is that now he’s doing so to protect her (and that’s fascinating because Emma has twice simultaneously played both betrayer and motivator) instead of to make her pay.

Despite everything going on outside and inside of hogwarts, being back at the school made her happy. Rose couldn’t stop smiling when she returned. She was finally with Scorpius and could be freely, well until he told his parents she guessed.

She was dancing to herself down by the lake, singing some muggle songs.



people are comparing Hogwarts houses with the new Ilvermorny houses, trying to find which Hogwarts houses = which Ilvermorny houses. 
But I think that the reason you’re sorted in to each house is different between the two schools, so there no way to just line them up right next to each other. 

Hogwarts goes by what traits are important to you and what you value in a person
where as
Ilvermorny seems to be more of what part of you defines who you are

these are two different things- sometimes they will match up, but not always. 

  • gryffindors value bravery and being daring,
  • hufflepuffs value loyalty and hard work, 
  • slytherins value ambition and being cunning, 
  • ravenclaws value intelligence and creativity. 
  • horned serpents are defined by their minds and what they think,
  • wampuses are defined by their bodies and what they can do, 
  • thuderbirds are defined by their souls and what they have found, 
  • pukwudgies are defined by their hearts and who they have helped. 

Horned Serpents

gryffindors can be horned serpents because they think about ways they can get out of a bad situation (think hermoine)

hufflepuffs can be horned serpents because they use their minds to help others and work hard learning ways to help others (I can’t think of an example of someone off the top of my head but I’m thinking of an environmental lawyer who uses their mind to help save the earth) 

slytherins can be horned serpents because they use their mind to achieve their goals and talk their way out of a bad situation

ravenclaws can be horned serpents because they use their mind to be creative and their intelligence is what they use the most


gryffindors can be wampuses because they push the limits of what they can do

hugglepuffs can be wampuses because they use their hard work to get better and better at what they’re good at and will fight for those they are loyal to

slytherins can be wampuses because they are cunning and will do whatever they need to get what they want done

ravenclaws can be wampuses because they use their creativity to come up with new ideas to get what they want done. 


gryffindors can be thuderbirds because they go out no matter the danger and what they have found along the way

hufflepuffs can be thunderbirds because they look at what’s inside someone and what they have found in their soul

slytherins can be thunderbirds because they care about what they think and what matters to them on the inside- not what others consider important. 

ravenclaws can be thunderbirds because they are creative and care about what’s inside your soul


gryffindors can be pukwudgies because they are chivalrous and want to help people

hufflepuffs can be pukwudgies because they care about helping people and think that what’s in the heart that matters

slytherins can be pukwudgies because they care about a few people that are really close to their hearts and want to make sure those they care about are above everything else

ravenclaws can be pukwudgies because they use their creativity to help people- it matters what’s in their hearts and how they use it to help others

I love how everyone thinks that McGonagall is gonna retire today after seeing James Sirius’ name on the list of first years. Do you honestly think that all of the Potter and Weasley kids don’t call her Grandma Minnie?? Like honestly Harry has so much respect for that woman and there’s no way she wasn’t around to watch those kids grow up. Hell she probably sent James a pack of chocolate frogs to enjoy on the ride to Hogwarts!

“Hey, Derek, don’t be so grumpy. We just put the scarf on you because you lacked school spirit.”

“I don’t even go here anymore.”

“But you did last year! Ha! And now you’re here to visit your boyfriend and take him out on a date to Hogsmeade.”

“Yeah, I am.”

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A small tribute because it’s the 1st of September. See you all in Hogwarts!