I love how everyone thinks that McGonagall is gonna retire today after seeing James Sirius’ name on the list of first years. Do you honestly think that all of the Potter and Weasley kids don’t call her Grandma Minnie?? Like honestly Harry has so much respect for that woman and there’s no way she wasn’t around to watch those kids grow up. Hell she probably sent James a pack of chocolate frogs to enjoy on the ride to Hogwarts!


I just get a lot of feels while watching this video.

This was before all the coverage.

Back when Darren was just excited people knew the song…and shocked.

Back when it was just some friends who stumbled onto something special.

Before all the paparazzi, before the PR, before the rumors and ship wars.

Back in a simpler time, and I just get a lot of feels okay.


A small tribute because it’s the 1st of September. See you all in Hogwarts! 

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