I just get a lot of feels while watching this video.

This was before all the coverage.

Back when Darren was just excited people knew the song…and shocked.

Back when it was just some friends who stumbled onto something special.

Before all the paparazzi, before the PR, before the rumors and ship wars.

Back in a simpler time, and I just get a lot of feels okay.


A small tribute because it’s the 1st of September. See you all in Hogwarts! 


Oh, this made me smile.


My favorite Starkid boys (minus Walker) hanging out and being incredibly adorkable and funny.

There are so many awesome things in this one performance.

1) Darren’s hair <3

2) Brian’s “DARREN!” - which can me translated to “just play the damn song”

3) Joey eating the twizzlers and using them as imaginary drumsticks.

4) Darren’s amazement and joy when people know the words to the song. “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

5) “I just came in through… you know the door”

God, Joey, try to be more cute. I dare you.

6) Joey’s kick at “gonna kick some ass” and the floo powder hand movements.

7) Brian’s and Nick’s girl voice when singing as Hermione.

8) Nick being all hyper as Ginny.

9) All the boys singing at the Cho Chang part with a high pitch voice and Joey slapping his butt at the end (like the girls do in the play)

10) Darren’s “WOAH!” expression when everyone yells “Bitch, I ain’t Cho Chang”

11) Dylan as Cedric Diggory

12) Joey’s “Hey, Malfoy… Stop it!” Too cute.

13) Brian and Joey  doing the hand movements during the train part.

14) “Wait, I’m sorry. Can you try it again?” and Darren makes Dylan do the long note again.

15) Dylan swearing. “We’ve got this really fucking cool swimming pool”

16) Brian’s facepalm after that.

17) And Nick’s “This is why we had to edit the show”. XD


Here, have a Starkid hug –>