free speech isn’t dead

the berkeley tag is filled with spitting little right-wingers so imma break my “my tumblr is a drumpf-free zone” to put in a word of support for my family of color:

milo yiannopoulos is a piece of scum who supports someone that threatens the safety of marginalized communities. students exercised by exercising their freedom of speech to tell him to get the fuck out.

maybe the only thing i have to say is - next time aim for barrows hall instead of the MLK student union??? barrows was named after a racist colonizer and it’s in need of a facelift anyway. 

it’s not freedom of speech if it only protects cis white scum.

free speech isn’t dead. it’s alive, kicking, and it’s hella pissed. 

i am a proud uc berkeley alum. go bears.