going to hell with this ship idc

Raura shippers....

This fandom is constantly saying “idc who Ross or Laura dates as long as they are happy.” But the thing is, it still hurts like hell. Ross and Laura deserve each other. Everyone knows that. If we get a picture of them together, we go insane. Over one picture. It makes us so happy.That’s what our ship has come to. We have literally put so much hope in Raura in the last 4 years…it’s come to the point where we are almost pathetic, and slowly giving up. Even if we don’t want to. All we can do is let fate decide if this power couple will end up together. We know it’s right…but do they?

So like, I hope everyone knows I’m never going back to the dtmg fandom right?? Like I’m so uncomfortable with it. It bothers the absolute hell out of me and I’m disgusted with myself for shipping ectofeature like what the actual hell was I doing? IDEC THAT I WAS AGING UP SPENCER ITS STILL NOT RIGHT UGH. HE STILL ONLY EVER EXISTS AS LIKE A 14 YEAR OLD IN CANON. HE’S A BABY. HIS PERSONALITY IS THE PERSONALITY OF A 14 YEAR OLD. HE’S NOT EVEN REALLY MATURE? god idc if billy acts like a dumbass teen he’s overage and it’s wrong and i cant. im not sorry about that either like its gross and awful and I’m so not ok with it. Sorry not sorry.