going to have a ball

To the average outsider, there is no melody,
no sound, nothing to dance to.  But in actuality, there’s a symphony of rhythm to be found.  The babbling brook, singing birds… even the pained cries of prey being taken down by a predator… it’s a wonderful song that is unique to this place, to this time and exact moment.

So naturally, they dance.  Thin pale frame
swaying and moving in time with the beat of nature.  It’s a fluid and graceful thing, something that only they can pull off with such beauty.  Other fair folk can do something graceful, yes, but this is what they excel in.  Music is their friend, their passion.

me @: bright lights, dim lights, loud sounds, quiet sounds, any sounds, the external world in general: please Stop. 

Feelings are so goddamn inconvenient

oh nO BTS has ruined my impulse control

In my post AMAs excitement I’ve reblogged way too many things too quickly and now I have to go back and tag them all. Like a hundred things. Plus I hate blogging on my laptop I basically am a mobile blogger. No regrets but thanks!!! i hate it


A friend of mine sent me a text and was all, “Hey you like snakes right????” and I was all, “IS THE EARTH ROUND?” and then she was all, “My dad breeds snakes (which I vaguely remember from the one time I went to her house in high school but I wasn’t really into snakes then)!” and then she sent me these pics of two BPs who’re het for albino and two HONDURAN MILK SNAKES WHICH I HAVE LOWKEY ALWAYS BEEN IN LOVE W.

Big Things...


Douglas had only been familiar with the Human-Covenant War for about a year at this point, but it was absolutely clear that the conflict had been a meat grinder. Humanity had been reduced from controlling an area about half the size of the Core Worlds, if that, to just here. Earth. Everywhere else was a burning wasteland, courtesy of the Covenant.

It came as a surprise to him, then, when news leaked of what the new, friendly aliens were calling the “Great Schism”. Something had happened in the Covenant, and now most of the Elites - along with many of their clients, such as Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, and a fair portion of Engineers - stood alongside humanity. Under a variety of names, but the biggest one he was hearing about at the moment was Swords of Sanghelios.

His service was at least enough for him to be on call for the official peace treaty as it was signed between UNSC Fleet Admiral Hood and an Elite known solely as the Arbiter. Of course, he wasn’t going to be close by, but he was going to have an overview of the proceedings from a nearby hill.

VEGA had a 40mm and two missiles launchers trained on the facility and the skies above it. If anyone tried to break in or come at it from any angle, Douglas could rest assured that he’d die trying.

So he sat on top of his giant robot, scanned the area, and felt very happy he wasn’t out fighting in the living hell his life had become over the past few days.

It all started with a girl searching for a mysterious magical balls that grants any wish and her encounter with a kid with tail.

Thank you for everything Tsuru Hiromi-san, we’ll miss you! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for all those fun years we had enjoying your roles. You mean a lot to me and I hope Enma-sama wasn’t that hard with you in the other world. 

May she rest in peace and we will never forget you, thanks.

man i hav no idea what i wanna do for the ball i just kno i wanna join,,,,ill def draw some formal outfits for the trolls im sendin but im not sure what to do past that. hmm. 

ill def be sending faldur sarkan + florem 

my dumb phone isn’t cooperating.. I went to update the Netflix and Snapchat apps, they both froze, which they did a few weeks ago, so I shut off my phone. When I restarted my phone, the icon for Snapchat was just a white square, and Netflix was called like com.apple.mobileinstallation or something, then to top it all off, Netflix is still frozen on …waiting and neither of them will delete from my phone so I can’t try and reinstall them, plus my phone is a 5s so I can’t update my software anymore so basically I think I have to get a new phone because apps aren’t deleting or updating anymore :)

Hi my name is Diego Dio “Banana” Brando and i have long blond hair (thats how i got my name) with green streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me i look like Dio Brando (AN: if u dont know who he is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Gerard Way but i wish i was because he’s a major fucking hottie. Im a dinosaur but my teeth are straight and white. I’m also a jockey. Im a jock (in case you couldnt tell) and i wear mostly green. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today i was wearing my hat which says my name on it, my teal green turtle neck with yellow crosshatch and brown boots with spurs on them. I was wearing green lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and bandages on my cheeks. I was walking outside the stables. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.

Early Birthday Present for my baby, that’s growing up before my eyes 😭💘 my daughter @asatomii who is drying to see the trio again! SO I quickly sketched them in disguise for her! Love you my little pumpkin! Have an amazing birthday tomorrow Siva! 🍰🎈🎉😘  Please leave her cute messages because she is a wonderful cinnamon roll that deserves them! (PS Errrbody got long hair - THEY MATCH)

Medieval/Robin Hood Kacchako AU fic idea

X Ochako is from a well loved royal family who fell on hard times. After a brief war, their modest kingdom was absorbed by the powerful Todoroki kingdom.

X The new rule is hard on the villagers, as king Enji immediately raises taxes. Many suffer because of this.

X To appease the masses that loved the Uraraka family, Enji decides to have his son prince Shouto marry princess Ochako.

X They have ZERO chemistry, not to mention Ochako hates his dad and desperately wants to escape so she can spend her life adventuring around the kingdom. She’s tried a few times but the guards always catch her.

X To show off his wealth as well as to announce the engagement, king Enji decides to throw a masquerade ball for all the royal elites.

X At the ball, Ochako strikes up a conversation with a dashing red eyed blonde in a black mask. He has an explosive attitude, but she prefers it to the polished smiles she’d grown used to. She spends most of the night trying to guess who he is. There’s definitely dancing.

X In reality he’s there to case the place and determine easy ways to get in. He’s annoyed with himself for being so distracted, but at some point in their conversation she reveals how easy it is to get in and out of her window, if only there weren’t so many guards. He files this knowledge away for later and finally pulls himself away from the irritatingly fascinating round faced princess to complete his work.

X In the nights following this there’s a series of thefts from the Royal treasury. Enji is pissed and moves most of the guards to the places he thinks the thief is sneaking in, thus moving them away from the grounds near Ochako’s window.

X As Ochako prepares for bed one night, she hears a soft rustling outside her window. Upon looking she comes face to face with the same red eyed rogue from the ball, still in his black mask.

X With nothing to lose and figuring she can call for help if needed, she allows him to hide in her room in exchange for telling her why he was doing this.

X “Isn’t it fucking obvious? I’m stealing from the rich bastards to give to the poor.”

X He ends up using her room to enter the castle for his nightly burglaries, and these evening chats between them become routine. This lasts until King Enji catches on and increases security around her quarters, locking her away as punishment for helping the thief.

X With the wedding fast approaching, the famed thief Bakugou Katsuki decides that he wants to steal something more valuable from the Todoroki family than his usual bounty: The princess herself.


- Bakugou’s band of merry men is absolutely the Bakusquad (maybe plus Deku). They’re a bunch of good hearted outlaws in tights

- Platonic Ochako and Todoroki bonding, and I haven’t decided who I want to pair him with because I love both TodoDeku and TodoMomo.